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* TONS OF TOOLS!!!!!!!!!

"Improve YOUR Singing Voice NOW!"
Any Experience Level, Any Age, Any Country.
Get Control Of YOUR Voice And Make It
Do What YOU Tell It To!


"YOU Are About To Learn How To Sing Like A Pro!
Improve FASTER, Flow With FULL Control, Expand
Your Range, Get RID Of Your Flaws NOW!"

MyKal & Norbz Have Been Teaching 1000's of People
How To Sing, Rap, And Produce Over The Years.
Now We've Bundled Their Secret Methods Into A
Full Blown Software! Available To Anyone!

"Let's see what we can do for YOUR voice today... . . ."


First - let's skip the fluffy sales pitch stuff.. ..

. .. . we know YOU simply want to improve your singing voice ASAP - and you want to learn from real pros.

Objective: Teaching YOU - how to be an incredible singer - as fast as humanly possible - start now.

Our Secret? It's not about 'how much' you practice - it's 'what' you practice.

Think of a great basketball coach vs a crappy coach. Both teams are sweating 2 hours a day in practice but one team is a MUCH stronger championship level team because the coach got them practicing effective winning strategies in repetition until it became natural. Often times using unnatural and innovative methods.

Well - we're going to be coaching you with an intense interactive WINNING strategy starting right now!

It's WONDERFUL isn't it?

When you hear an absolutely beautiful voice sing loud and proud - to the point of the hair on the back of your neck or arms standing up, or your eyes starting to water, or other spiritual 'thing' or 'connection' happening to you... It's all 'vibrations' from the soul.

Often times even when a great artist gets asked 'so how do you do it - can you teach me?'

The answer is usually "I don't know, I can just 'do it' - ya know?, kinda like some people can just jump higher than others or approach a stranger confidently, I can just.. .. sing on the spot effortlessly".

Truth is - there are always going to be those that are simply 'born with it', lucky buggers ;).

However we've seen COUNTLESS, and I mean COUNTLESS people who started with nothing but a smidget of interest, some passion, and a spark of being able to hold a melody - turn into absolute stage ready emotion pulling powerhouse performers who can now also 'just do it - on the spot - effortlessly', some are even better than naturally gifted performers and or the line to differentiate them is darn thin!

Our students LOVE the learning curve and when we get asked why they learn so fast - we tell them:

"It's from the subconscious things they absorb as they utilize our interactive tools on top of taking the curriculum".

This is our first harmony room - you get six of them, along with piano, chord chart, and recording tools.

"There are SO MANY things your brain sponges up when you interact with mixer faders, layers of vocals, piano notes to tune your voice, chord charts to melodize, exercises that are untraditional to open up your range and dynamic ability, a recording function to analyze your performance, it's nothing like traditional learning".. ..

By the time our students take a few passes through the curriculum and start using the metronome and piano alone - they are hitting higher notes, understanding timing and structure much better, fitting their voice into pockets of compositions much faster, and not having to 'sway' their voice into the proper note slowly - they just slam them on first attempt - LOUD - ON KEY - AND PROUD.

So even though the actual learning curve does come to an end on our behalf as teachers, we give you enough tools and updated curriculum that your talents and abilities will basically continue to improve forever with no cap other than what you set for yourself.

The tools don't have a final boss level, it's you, and the tools have a lifetime of value!

You may become even better than we are in every aspect.

We have a saying - "Once you repeat this powerful daily routine enough, being a great singer is simply a side effect of understanding what your voice can do".


With AudioDaddy - vocal improvement isn't as challenging as it is fun, and often times you reach your results with inadvertent paths (meaning we might make you sing higher notes than you ever have, while teaching you something totally different or so you think).

Our direct, abstract, and interactive way of teaching is totally new and not even video courses stand up to these results!
Your brain sponges up all your interaction
within our software + tools & you improve fast.

Our System WORKS!
FASTER & BETTER Than Any Other Course.

"It just works" is something we hear a lot when we watch people use it for the first few times or get totally new students to take their first pass through it. One thing we've always noticed is that 80% of the time the only thing holding people back is their own insecurity to sing loud or in front of others in fear of sucking.

This can actually last most of someones lifetime.

We've had elderly students quite upset with themselves once they take our course - because they couldn't conquer this seemingly life threataning fear of being criticized for singing when they weren't all that bad to begin with and just needed some quick guidance...

.. . feeling like they potentially ruined an amazing career or hobby or beautiful gift to share with the world... we tend to agree, don't waste your talent and don't be scared of yourself if you feel you have a gift or desire to learn.

Once this fear is out of the way, people tend to fly to new levels quick - so WE ENCOURAGE SUCKING, ASAP!


Because the faster you identify what you suck at, the faster we can eliminate said suckage, and replace it with full control and impressive stylistic accents.

Let's take an example: We make you go from singing loud until you feel awkward (which usually makes you shut right up because you don't have practice up there or any control, so you go back to singing quietly where you have more control), then we make you sing even louder/higher - and start to shape where you crack, why you crack, how to control yourself up there and even add more style to that controlled power.


We've invested most of our lives into music, hudreds of thousands into studios, curriculum, education, gear, instruments, experience, and our over-all craft.

Now - we're taking the best of the best of what WE would have loved to learn, and in what order, and how we would have liked to learn it - and passing it onto YOU!!

We get you inside an amazing multimedia platform that allows you to absorb the lessons fast, and mimick, record tests on the spot with us guiding you to compare, improve/practice, add your own style, record more test tracks (we give you the record function good on PC and MAC right IN the software as you listen), analyze against our tools, improve mic control, test again, etc. etc. until you are a pro - and it happens FAST.

Another cool side effect of our powerful daily routine we get you on - is that if you've never been in a studio recording environment before this will fully prepare you for it!

When you work with a producer and you understand layers, how a compositions timing works, where to punch you in and start recording your second layer on, how much reverb to add to your voice, etc. etc. you very quickly become a studio favorite and produce much better quality music and end product because you understand what is actually happening in every way and even the lingo and terminology becomes second nature...

"Hey Norb, give me a 100bpm beat with a C-chord and set up 4 vocal layers for my harmony tracks first" starts to sound as natural as ABCDEFG instead of studio geek speak.

Even those with no experience start to improve faster and faster as they bypass a lot of beginner steps without even knowing that they've learned them, the foundation is set on many levels when you are in an interactive room vs just watching a video or listening to audio. It might not make sense just yet but when you use it you'll understand.

It's also a little addictive!!

Just like when you workout and start noticing a difference you tend to become a gym rat for a while :) - So don't be surprised if one week from today you've overhauled your voice and jumped a few skill levels with your confidence and vocal abilities.

This isn't some 'I wanted to learn to sing, so I did, and now want to teach you!' gimmicky video system (we give you loads of videos too though, free actually, with great visuals to learn from).. .. .

This is a culmination of 30 years worth of knowledge and experience being packed into a VERY powerful and interactive software. It's filled with exercises & tools that are going to make you sing with incredible accuracy, tone, pitch control, and much more overall confidence - in a very short time!

AudioDaddy Makes Learning To Sing, Rap, And Create Music
Let's Take A Look At The Software In Detail

Singing Course:

Interactive AudioBook tutorials covering EVERYTHING
Practice Pads (instant audio samples to practice with)
Loops & Tunes (instant beats to practice with)
Metronome (MyKal interacts with you + tempos)
Music Keyboard (triggered by the keys you type on)
Chording Tool (Used To Harmonize & Make Melodies)
Recording Tool (Record Your Voice - Save As .mp3)

Take the course through our interface and interact with the artists - OR - Take all the course materials and the beats, and transfer them to your device, ipod, phone, tv, whatever you want! We DO encourage you to use the interface as we interact with you and the tools quite a bit during your journey.

This is the first of its kind and we are proud to say that it has been the most effective package we've developed that helps new and experienced pros alike reach new heights with their voice!

Harmony Room :

6 Exercises That Will Show You How A Harmony Works
Each Song Is Separated Into 8 Faders, 1 For Each Layer
Record Yourself Practicing To Any Layer, Save as .mp3
Play The Piano To Figure Out Each Layers Note(s)
Improve Mic Control/Volumes

AudioDaddy shows you layer by layer what is going on with the harmonies, and with music in general. Drum layers, instrument layers, and usually 6 or so vocal layers spread this section into an amazing learning tool. Just by being interactive with each layer and song type, you can instinctually understand what is happening much faster and better than anyone trying to explain this.

There's also a voice tuner which acts as a training tool that helps you shape your mic control. Basically it's a big ball that will grow as you get louder on the mic. You can train your voice to make the ball stay the same size, stay big, stay medium, stay small, grow and shrink to a beat, etc. It's seemingly over simplified but you and the ball work together to gain control of your powerful voice (power is nothing without control).

Beats & Music Room :

Over 40 Exclusive Beats And Music Compositions as .mp3
Loadable Into Your iPod/phone/devices
Every Genre And Music/Instrument Type You Can Imagine
Record Your Voice Singing To Melodies/Practicing
Play The Chords/Notes (To Learn The Chords of The Track)

It's easy to understand how measures, timing, melodies, quantizing type, tempo/genres, etc all work together to make great music when you have a good library to start from.

Your own music library obviously has all these components as well - so next time you're singing along to your favorite tunes keep in mind how each layer is working. Figure out what melody lines each layer is using and how the vocals are contrasting or matching them.

Most of all - have fun!

Chording Room :

All Chords Are Interactive And Clickable
Major, Minor, Diminished, 7th, Major 7th
Two Octave Keyboard, Lights Up w/Chords Are Clicked
Keys Also Triggered By The Keyboard You Type On

ALL Music starts here - this is the foundation of every note and chord that we as humans identify with, as a universal standard. Truth is there are still many tones between each semi-tone on the keyboard, however they are so subtle that having 12 tones from 'C' to the next 'B' are what we use and identify with.

Learn these chords, and you're going to pretty much understand all there is with music. That goes for every instrument, any vocalist, rapper, MC, and anything that makes noise :).

Making melodies from scratch just got a whole lot easier!!

WorkBook/eBook :

Some people simply enjoy reading and learn faster from print vs software - we've made sure to cover all our curriculum AND we threw in a few extra bits of knowledge that may not be in the software so we encourage everyone to read through this in tandem with doing the interactive course.


Analyze What Mykal Is Doing With His Voice, Mouth Shapes, Dynamics, ETC!


YOU, right now, are probably suffering from one or more of the following: Don't be shy - admit it - when you read one you have trouble with - embrace it because we're going to get you to burst through EVERY plateau.

The 9 Most Common Mistakes Up And Coming Singers Tend To Make

* Tone Deaf - you 'think' you're singing the right notes, but everyone else is making screw faces at you.

* Nasal Habits - You start and end each note with off key nasalness OR you sing with a nasally sound in general.

* Head Voice - You quickly get stuck in your head voice and start to squeak, yodel, can't hold a clear strong note.

* Timing & Measure signatures - You don't know where to start your singing, you lose count of the beat and flow.

* Melodies - You get certain notes right, but then go cat & dog on others, ruining your confidence in melodies.

* Singing high(er) Notes - We all want to hit those high notes without having to strain, don't worry - we get you.

* YouTube videos have helped a bit but not as much as you hoped - going to a vocal coach is costly & intimidating.

* Tech You don't have software or experience with recording your voice to analyze where you're going wrong.

* You CAN sing/rap, and you're actually pretty good! You just need a final layer or two of stylistic tips and tuning.

In fact, I can probably list off 20 more things that you might be doing wrong very easily.

The good news is - I see this every day with my students and I help them get over these problems about 90% of the time. The other 10% is usually people with low registers trying to hit high notes that they will never be able to hit OR the other way around trying to get low like Barry White...

There's hope!

Not just hope - an actual systematic formula that's been proven to work time and time again!

We're giving you all of our studio and singing knowledge - and putting it into a powerful easy to use software that makes it like we're RIGHT THERE with you.

Actually - it's like you being in the studio with us as you get to use instruments, drum tracks, learn how to layer your vocals, and you can actually record yourself singing or rapping while you go through the course.

It's not as much about theory as it is about practicing with exercises and people that are effective, on the spot, and nail the foundations of music fast.

From there, your voice becomes an instrument that you can shape, sculpt, beatbox, do bass tones, and mimic (or improve) any style out there from classical to today's most up to date modern hits.

Most people don't give themselves the opportunity to 'really' learn how to sing because the first few things they do wrong make them feel uncomfortable and akward.

This is usually enough to prevent the next potential great vocalist from pursuing their dreams, and you just stick to being a closet singer and shower superstar :). We're going to help you unleash that monster voice hiding inside you who can't wait to come out! RAAAAWWWRRRRRRR!!

Let's Take A Look At What You're Going To Learn With Us:
This Is For Any Experience Level - Even Pros Will Learn A Lot!

1. Introduction To The Series.

Mykal and Norbz walk you through a quick intro to the series and get you into a musical mood with some quick riffs and basics. Once you're done with this - get a glass of water or room temperature tea, and get ready to sing!!

2. Understanding Music And Maths

It all starts with math! Math and time - structured to a specific pace - a BPM (Beats Per Minute). BPM is basically how many times you can bob your head to a song in one minute (that's about as basic an explanation as I can give you:) ).

Once you understand how to count out a beat and structure of a composition - you are going to have a much easier time with the rest of the tutorials. You'll hear beats, Mykal singing, rapping, and explaining how to fit yourself into anything. We walk through common tempo's in music and how they work.


3. Triads - Breathing - Theory

Usually this type of stuff is boring - reading, learning, understanding, practicing.

Everything that is music - is already in you. Learning how to breath and expand your triad exercises is going to be taught in many ways throughout this course. We're going to be doing a few simple things here to help you guys polish up your beginner level riffs and breathing exercises.



4. Warmup Techniques - IMPORTANT

Chances are, by now, you have already warmed up a bit by doing the previous exercises. Still - this is going to get you over the plateau's that most people have before getting into a semi pro level - warming up is NOT to be messed with.

5. Stretching Your Voice 'Properly'

Once you're done this, you are ready to record/perform. This is going to help you
FULLY expand your voice and be ready to WORK it without limits. No more snap crackly popping your way through the scales or jumping up an octave. No more breaking your high notes, and no more crackling or yodling unintentionally!




6. Melodies Made Easy

All tracks and popular music have amazing melodies that are catchy, easy, and effective. You'd be surprised how FAST you can write melodies and create them from scratch if you keep a few simple rules in mind when doing so. We are going to get you to find and compliment any melody you hear - or use the keyboard and chord charts to create them asap.

7. Singing With Your Throat

We all tend to trap ourselves into throat mode here and there. Sometimes it sounds GREAT. Most times though, you're not doing it on purpose with control but rather by accident as a go to lazy way of hitting notes. We will fix that.

8. Understanding Falsetto Inside Out

Falsetto can be hard if you're not comfy singing past your usual range. Do you squeak your way through it? Do you mask your energy and powerful potential with underdeveloped head voice insecurity? We will fix that too!

9. Finding A Flow In ANY Music Or Tempo

This one is great - we play through a bunch of drum beats and create flows, without having melodies or guidance from other sounds(sometimes having too much creativity or no restrictions can work against you).

Then we take those same drums and add melodies/compositions to them and create actual songs/flows fast!

10. Riding The BPM - Catching Your Vibe

This exercise covers a great simple way of grabbing a tempo/bpm, a melody/groove, and starting to understand the dynamics of your voice vs just the sound and correct notes being hit when you want to hit them.. It's fun!


11. Do YOU Sing Nasally?

Another popular plateau that most singers/rappers tend to end up at. Truth is - if you can control it and perform it to a composition that makes sense (country/twang), then it can sound great. Anywhere else though, yuk.

Singing nasally overall and or starting/ending your notes with a nasally twang can really stump your progress as you trap yourself into a corner. You think you're doing great but you're going off key, closing your throat/air, ending poorly...

12. Power Is Nothing Without Control

Another QUICK way to have people tell you not to sing ever again - is to try going powerful on them without being properly prepared. When we sing loud we tend to 'go with it' and sometimes it's akward but it's ok and we keep going. It's NOT ok though - your powerful voice needs control, conditioning, a layer of femininity, finesse, contrast, all that good stuff :)

13. How To Harmonize Like A Pro

Probably our most popular section - in fact we made a whole room dedicated to it. You can listen to separate layers and practice each piece (and record yourself practicing so you can analyze it later!). We take you through 5+ examples of harmonies and then we build one with you with 4-5 layers plus drums/effects/piano. If you can chord on the piano (you CAN, we give you one, and we give you clickable chord charts), then you can quickly understand harmonies.

14. How To Sing High(er) Notes


LALALAAAAAAAAA^ ^ ^ up up and.... ewww what was that? Are you ok? Coughing?? Choking up?? We've been there.
Practicing going higher and higher to reach new vocal ranges (or lower and lower) can be quite strenuous on your voice
and have little effect on improving if you're doing it wrong. We teach you how to get higher without even knowing when or how :).

15. Songwriting 101 - Explained Easily

There really isn't a formula, and we teach you why. We have 'formulas' that are popular, and take you through how we do and how people in our studios have done it over the years. Often times it strikes you when you least expect it. We teach you how to take a mood, a vibe, a recent experience in life, a relationship, and other subjects, and turn them into hooks fast.


16. Learning Vibrato Naturally With Piano!

That beautiful tail on that high E, ahhhhh and it's vibrating almost like an opera singers voice would - now THAT's a singer! Usually that's the reaction you'll get once you master this skillful craft. Here's a secret though - IT'S EAAAAASY! We are going to teach you how to do vibrato's using nothing but a few piano notes and some timing/quantizing practice.



17. Amazing Stylistic Tips For Any Voice

By now, with enough practice - you're ready to start singing over your favorite tunes with a few new layers of polish on them. This exercise focuses on dynamics, ways to shape your voice around certain ranges and music genres, the little subtle things you can do like inflections, air/mic control, little tails and or intro's to 'each' new sound, how to double/triple time + more!

18. DubVocal Exercise

Taken from our previous lessons, this gives you a modern music beat in the dubstep/trap/dirtySouth/ska genre, and two easy to follow riffs that strain your voice at 'mid level'. Note the first time you practice this, and how long it takes before your throat hurts, and then note how long it takes once you master your breathing and scales/postures.


19. Advanced Scatting Practice

Done at a 1/16 and 1/32 with 1/64 accents - this scatting and scale repetition is going to get YOU to stay on beat even when you're doing really complex lyrics, rapping fast, or hitting those riffs as you get through your songs.


20. Advanced Scatting Rap Flows

Similar to the above, however sticking to rapping mostly and using a flow that compliments a fast tempo beat (130bpm). This was also in the tutorials and Mykal actually freestyled this - once we listened back to it a few times we decided it would serve this part of the tutorial really well. There are a TON of different dynamics going on for you to learn from here.


21. Urban Music Vibe Practice

Most people would love to be able to sing the top 10 'current' radio hits in their respective favorite genres. These days the hip hop, reggae, RnB, House, Contemporary, Pop, and similar genres are what we notice students wanting to learn most. So this exercise is a good example of taking you through many flows and modern genre types to practice along to.


22. Practice To A Soft Flow

Soft flows are important, it's not a showcase of just words or just catchy melodies, it's a guitar player sitting down for an hour and just 'playing because they want to'. Your singing is just the same. You are an instrument, even when you talk you carry a flow you don't just talk monotone. Singing is carrying a flow but with timing and structure.


23. Harmony Exercise - Layered

This is Mykal doing his thing over 6 vocal layers that will help you guys understand the wall of sound (surround sound) as well as how to layer octaves, contrasting notes going up and down in the melody, and seeing a lot of layers working together gives you a very original and sonically favorable end result.

You will practice recording each layer.


24. Practicing LONG Notes

Those holds matter, those accents while you hold the notes matter, your breathing matters, it all matters! Don't plateau just yet - this one is tricky, as most aren't used to having to hold so much air or how to balance loud/soft/long/tail/etc. This exercise is an easy to follow melody and note hold piece that will help you with all of the above.




Riffing And Scatting Package!

A great package of scatting and riffing exercises you guys can loop and listen to as much as you need in order to improve your skill. These will not only get you to broaden your range, but improve your dynamics (what you do with your throat and voice box overall).

Do these enough and you are going to start nailing notes naturally.


Scaling Exercises

Traditional scales with easy to follow beats, pianos, guitars, and of course Mykal helping you practice. These also take you from octave to octave expanding your abilities and confidence.

Some might sound silly, some might sound basic, once you get bored we recommend trying to harmonize with them in different ranges.



"I pay $25 up to $120 PER SESSION for vocal coaching by the pros, and that isn't even that much compared to the industry leaders. This is like having two of the pros by your side whenever you want for less than the cost of a handful of lessons."

^ Yep, we were first going to break this up into a 4 or 5 step program and charge closer to $399 as we do for our four week 'one on one' in person sessions - however we figured that making this affordable to everyone at a 'one time low fee' would probably STILL make us the same amount of money because now a lot more people can buy it... Plus I think you are going to be incredibly happy with your purchase so there's also the good karma thing :).





"Yes, I'm ready to get my AUDIODADDY package & start learning to sing now
"Yes, ensure that while I'm on this page, I claim this crazy low price"

Here's Another Look At What You Get:

AudioDaddy Software - Download on next page $399.95 $89.95
Over 30+ Detailed Exercises - Extremely effective .mp3 - load on any device too
Harmony Package - How to understand each layer of a harmony or composition
*NEW :: Exclusive Beats Made Just For AudioDaddy Students ($97 value)
*NEW :: Chording Room Tool - All Minor, Major, Diminished, 7th, Major 7th ($47 value)
*NEW :: Voice Recording Tool - Record yourself while practicing- ($Priceless!)
Metronome Tool - From 50bpm up to 150bpm - practice to any genre/tempo
Two Octave Interactive Keyboard - triggered by the keyboard you type on
---- eBook documenting your journey with great exercises throughout
---- BONUS - Scatting & Riffing Exercises - ($37 value)
---- BONUS - Scaling Exercises - ($37 value)
---- Mic Control And Trainer - Simple Tool That Will Help Tune Your Voice - ($67 value)
---- Test Room - Quick Interactive Tests To Review Your Knowledge
---- Full 60 Day No Questions Asked Refund Policy


[Today - $89.95 NOPE - $49.95!!- GO >> ]

What happens when I order?
You will go through a fast and safe checkout process, paying with a credit card or Paypal, and on the
final page you will have access to instantly download your product - no waiting - no mail - no shipping fees.
Your download link & invoice are also sent to your email. You will have 24hrs to download your product from anywhere.
(meaning you can buy now, and download later to your home computer).
We also honor a full 100% refund for 60 days if you're not satisfied!!

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This Is A One Time Payment - Made For MAC & PC
This Offer May Expire Without Notice.

:: System Requirements ::

Intel-based Macs only
1 GB RAM (or greater)
OS X 10.6 (or greater)
900 MB free space on OS drive
Flash Player

Pentium 4 (or greater)
1 GB RAM (or greater)
Windows XP (SP 2 recommended)
Windows 7 & Vista (32 and 64 bit)
900 MB free space on OS drive
2 GHz (or greater)

:: PLUGINS/PLAYERS :: You'll Need The [Flash Player] & Internet Browser
(if you can see the software demo on the top of this page. then that means you have flash installed and are good to go)



**NOTE: YOU ALSO GET TWO (2) LICENSES TODAY - So you can give somebody else a fully authorized copy, or you can run it on two of your own machines - both are identical without any limitations or differences. Enjoy!!
[Click here to see our EULA ]

Transparent installation:

You'll always be given a meaningful opportunity to review all proposed installation options and system changes when downloading software. You will NEVER be misled or deceived by our software products or be asked to install any extras..

Simple removal:

All AudioDaddy products can be removed by simply deleting the folder that you downloaded. Nothing extra gets installed, no third party content is installed.

Clear behavior:

During installation - Absolutely NOTHING is changed on your computer. The only exception is for computers that do not have the flash 10 or later player on their machines. over 99% of machines and browsers use Flash, if you don't have it installed, simply [click here] and install it free straight from the adobe website.

Respecting privacy:

Our applications DO NOT collect or transmit any personally identifiable information from any of our users for any reason.

Keeping good company:

AUDIODADDY condemns the development and distribution of harmful or malicious programs or scripts. We DO NOT include any such scripts in any of our software applications, nor do we keep company or bundle our applications with any such programs from any third parties.

The bottom line:

With AudioDaddy you will always get high quality reliable software products that respect your privacy.

Contact us directly with any questions or comments you may have: [support@audiodaddy.com]




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Still Not Ready To Order?

Will anything be sent to my house? Can I get DVD's?
At this time - we offer our products for INSTANT DOWNLOAD only. This is the main reason
we are able to pass along our cost savings to you and offer a great price today.


How long do i have to wait until I can download?
You will literally download the package on the same page as you get your online reciept after the checkout process.
It's instant, and you will be using the software within 10 minutes of your purchase.


What if I have no experience? Can I really learn how to sing from this?
YES YOU CAN! Like we say, sometimes it's better if you have no experience - we get to start fresh vs trying to undo any of
your bad habits. Interactive content also gets you to learn at your own pace, makes it fun and easy, & you retain more!


How long will it take for ME to become a pro?
This is subjective and everyone has their own path to success and timelines they work best with. If you have a lot
of free time on your hands and can practice for hours on end for a few days right away, you'll notice a big improvement very quickly.


Do you guys plan on making more content?
Yep! We already have another VIP video course in the works, and a big members area being prepared for everyone.
This will also have a VIP monthly sound pool club where we develop & deliver a batch of new exercises & content for you every month.


I've tried other programs and didn't get much from them,
why is yours different and will my voice really improve?
We're different because we use modern techniques and house them in a fun software.
Sequenced in a systematic split tested formula for best end results - students show improvements right away.
When you have audio guides, videos, and ebooks - that's one thing. When you combine it all and house it in
a software - add interactive tools, recording studio functionality, and two hosts that have 30+ yrs experience hosting it,
you get something extraordinary and unique. That's why our students learn as fast as they do and why they improve so much.

**Lastly - We are different beacuse we have REPLAY VALUE VS FLUFF!
In our research - we noticed a LOT of fluffy content. What is fluff? It's when we see an 'industry leader' teaching vocals, and we
buy it to check it out - and we hear 2hrs of the same scales over and over with Doooo instead of Meeee as the only difference.
They do this do 'bulk up' the package so you feel like you got a lot of stuff - but really it's bland and repetitive (we offer a 'loop' function lol).
We have replay value and offer direct interaction. Less is more and our package is packed with unique content and NO fluff.


What if I'm not happy with my purchase?
WE TAKE ALL THE RISK AWAY TODAY! You have a full 60 days to use our system and if you're not 100% satisfied,
we give you a 100% no questions asked refund - even if you do it on the 59th day! All We ask? Is that you give this
an HONEST AND FULL EFFORT for at least a month and take your time to really commit to yourself,
you'll be pleasantly surprised how amazing you're going to sound - starting today.


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