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Do You Want To Become A Professional Bass Fisherman? Good Luck With That.

However, If You Want To Catch More Bass Than Anyone Else In Your Fishing Party, Keep On Reading......

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Date: ")
From: Fraser Wheaton   

There are some things in this world that will never change. Every fisherman has caught the biggest fish, every year you will make some resolutions only to break them later and every golfer wants to get better.

With the golfing and resolution part, I’m just as clueless as anybody. With the fishing though, I can help. My name is Fraser Wheaton and I began bass fishing in the spring of 1995.

Welcome to the land of raised eyebrows. What is this guy selling?, you are probably wondering. I am selling a guarantee. True, guarantees on the web are rarely worth anything. Ever since I purchased that e-book on how to become a “chick magnet” in 5 minutes, I rarely believe these stories anymore.

Eight years later, I think that I have wizened up a bit and you have probably too. Read on, inform yourself properly about the offer, then make a choice. The best things in this world are the simple ones, so I will try to keep just like that.

The guarantee I am offering is that after reading this e-book and practicing a bit (between 10 to 20 minutes on the lake) you will start catching more bass than you normally would have. This tends to vary a lot depending on the skill you already have.

Typically my clients have seen their bass catches increase sharply on the very first fishing trip after reading my ebook and afterwards they have seen a continuous improvement on each and every fishing trip. Within just a few trips to the lake you will be catching more bass, and bigger bass than anyone else in your fishing party. Even if you consider yourself a good bass fisherman, the guarantee stands. Why? Because there is always place for improvement.

Why Another Fishing Ebook?

When browsing the literature dedicated to this sport, you will see quite an impressive array of titles. This particular e-book was created with a purpose in mind. I wanted a complete reference guide for this wonderful sport.

If you start looking through the same literature for a comprehensive, full guide you will see the number of titles sharply decrease. I am very familiar with this field and trust me I know what I’m talking about.

The main thing you will achieve though, is not the improvement itself. Have you ever experienced a backlash? A wonderful day on the lake, followed by four miserable ones? Not anymore. You will obtain consistent results on every fishing trip and it is not the tips and explanations that will achieve that.

Think about it. You have never read a bad bass fishing ebook. That’s because there aren’t any. Every author did its best to show you some tips or some advanced techniques. However again and again you find yourself struggling to consistently catch more bass and bigger bass. Why? Because you need to improve as a whole and you must follow certain steps.

Focusing too much on the cast can detract you from good lure placement, focusing too much on your bait can keep you from catching the whopping big ones. What you need is a recipe you can follow that doesn’t leave anything untouched. Every aspect of Bass Fishing must be taken into account. And this ladies and gentlemen, is exactly what I’m offering. 

Introducing:  Guaranteed Better Bass Fishing

Guaranteed Better Bass Fishing is a revolutionary guide which emphasizes a thorough approach in dealing with the sport of bass fishing and shakes down useless theories concentrating strictly on what works.

The approach itself consists of solid steps, each one firmly connected with the one before it, giving you a framework you can actually use.

While the ebook alone won’t make you a professional it will give you the foundation and the edge to become one. You still need practice, but the stumbling in the dark will be over. That is a guarantee I make and by which I stand firmly.

Of course that you want to know more specific details. What are the exact steps and what do they actually do. Read on and you will see. 

How Complete Is Complete?

Strangely enough, the mere simplicity I was aiming when writing this ebook proved the hardest hurdle to overcome. There are literally tons of advice out there, contradicting at times, saying the same thing in a different manner or usable only in certain circumstances. So what I tried to do was to put the exact same questions as you would and answer all of them, one by one.

I started from basics, moved on to more advanced topics and finally answered the most common questions you as a golfer might come with.

Browse the chapters of this resource and you will see each and every question of yours answered:

Chapter 1.


If you want to catch the big ones, you had better understand how they think :

1. Learn Why They Go Where They Do
2. Learn What and Why They Eat
3. What would you do if you were a bass

But an order is very important for these three factors , a delicate sense of timing which so many fisherman miss.


Chapter 3.


If you truly want to catch the big ones and a lot of em, there are several things you much have in your arsenal. We will tell you all of em!

1. Sorry, can't list them here for you!


Chapter 4.


A complete and detailed explaination of hooks and bait that you need and some that you only think you do.....

1. Jigs
2. Grubs
3. Spoons, Spinnerbaits, etc...

This chapter is awesome and will leave you with a better understanding of what type of tackle you should use in almost every situation you will ever encounter.


Chapter 5.


This chapter has amazing detail that will teach you the special intracacies of bass fishing that seperate the wanna be's from the go-getters.
It covers casting techniques, how to recognize a solid bite and setting the hook, tricks to landing the bass that will ensure the big one doesn't get away.

This is a chapter on the basics and the tips, tricks and techniques that will have you landing more and bigger bass almost immediately!


Chapter 6.


This chapter is worth the price of this ebook all by itself. I am being honest here.

It covers tricks and tips, information on night fishing, ice fishing, where to fish in windy weather, where to fish at various points in the day, super tackle, awesome bait, etc...

All of this is only a small portion of what you will receive instantly upon download of our complete ebook.

[Start using this knowledge right away](http://www.clickbank.net/sell.cgi?betterbass/1/Bass_Fishing_Secrets)

A quick look over the description of the first few chapters does not fully show how much this ebook can help you.

What you have in front of your eyes is a resource center that does not require additional reading, period.

Apart from tackling the phases of the sport itself in their natural occurrence and connection, you will also have a way to avoid common mistakes that about 90% of all anglers encounter.

There is something wrong with your fishing technique. You know it, but you can’t quite pin it. You have to because everyone does. There are mistakes you are making over and over again. You are not fully aware of them and you know it. This must end and it will end. Right now and right here. No hype, no strings attached, they simply will because I will show them to you and what you can do to avoid them.

Beginners, believe me or not, are perhaps the most advantaged category of anglers. Why? Because they fish without prejudice and misconceptions.

I will shake down all the moves you copied exactly from other anglers without knowing why and teach you how to create your own moves, based on your strengths. You WILL catch more bass, you WILL catch bigger bass and you WILL become a better angler.

The contents of this e-book do not attempt to teach you something blindly, but rather encourages you to look at bass fishing with fresh eyes and understand on your own how you can improve.

Did I manage to do that? Please read what other customers think:

"Caught More Bass Today Then Ever Before"

"I was originally a disbeliever when my wife bought me your ebook. But you are right on the money with every one of your ideas and tips. I caught bass today then ever before even though the conditions sucked. And we fished the same water as I always do. Thanks for the info"

Dave Johnson - Deerfield, MI

"Far and Away The Best"

I bass fish every year, have since I was a kid. This ebook is by far and away the best I have read on bass fishing. Your "learn to think like a bass" approach works like a charm. 

Dale Chipping - Ontario

"Caught Bass Even When Noone Else Was"

I just got back from a day fishing and I am so impressed with how well the day went, I had to email you. I caught more bass today then anyone else in our fishing party, and I caught fish even when noone else was, just like you guarantee. Awesome!!

Frank June

"I AM...or Was..A Beginner"

I had never bass fished before reading your ebook, but my friends wanted to go when we were on vacation. In a panic, and not wanting to look like a fool, I searched the net and found your website. I scored big time. We went fishing 3 days later and I actually caught the most fish! Thanks

Mark Pauling

Imagine a resource so powerful that effectively covers everything. Impossible? No. You have it right under your nose.

The basics of bass fishing are defined and explained, so you can see them in a fresh view, exactly like a new start.

The most common mistakes in angling, one of the most useful parts it will certainly apply to you. As a matter of fact you will probably discover at least 4 mistakes, if you discover less than three, you are already on the road to become a pro.

The Ultimate Guide On Tackle. Sitting at the heart of a good day on the lake, this is part of the very foundation of your new acquired skills.

Proper explanation on where and when to fish. Understanding this is key to you wasting hours in the wrong place!

Learn To Fish In Any Situation. Morning, night, windy, calm, winter etc...we cover it all. You will know how to catch more and bigger bass no matter what the conditions.
This and much, much more sits here waiting for you to act. How much will you allow some technicalities forbid you to achieve your truth potential? How much longer will you copy others? Every second that passes is one second too many.

A fine deal is a fine deal until you see how much it costs.

Oh really. How much do you figure that I charge for this ebook? Think of a price, any price. Let me give you some pointers: a tuition fee starts with as low as $197. Not per day, not per group, but per hour. I’m awful at math, but that doesn’t strike as the best deal around. I believe in self teaching and I believe that the cost should be measured in tens of dollars not thousands.

Choosing your own path and following it, is cheaper and more satisfying. This is why this deal comes like this. The entire program comes at a fee of 37 dollars That's less than the last tackle box that I bought and later threw out when it broke!

And just as an added bonus you can avoid the smirk of that “know it all” that fishes every second they are awake, learn the basics in the comfort of your own home and then practice them alone or with your friends.

Sounds reasonable now doesn’t it?

But wait…

In order to kick start the sales properly, the next 500 242 will have an awesome deal. Now I don’t tread my words lightly. This discount is a hefty one.

Instead of the regular $37.00 price you can benefit from a discount of 10 bucks.

That’s right, you can purchase the whole e-book for


It is for real and it is now. Make up your mind or move along. When these copies are finished you will have to pay like everyone else.

I stand with my integrity behind the value of this book and I am fully convinced that on your very next fishing trip you will see the first results. Just to make the deal a little better, here is an additional bonus:

The Anglers Assistant ($49 Value)
The key to successful fishing is consistency. Anglers Assistant has these features that help you stay consistent!

Store and retrieve lake information, Store catch information including... Fish species, Weather conditions, Lake conditions, Fishing lures used, Retrieves, How the fish struck the bait, Fishing rig information, Topographic map location

Detailed and high level reporting
Extensive online help system
Store and retrieve fishing guide information
Store and retrieve lodging information

This is my deal. You get a certainty that you will improve and a small price to go with it. I could ramble a lot of how many things you will win, but the most important one remains the certainty. The certainty that your results will improve and the certainty that once you get rid of mistakes, they will not come back to haunt you.

Still on the skeptical side? Certainty and guarantee come hand in hand and the guarantee I’m offering is measured in solid cash:

8 Week Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee

100%? Yes, you are reading right. If for any reason during the 8 week period you decide that this book is not for you, you will get All your money back. Some people may call me stupid, but I prefer to think of myself as confident  I’m risking more than a failed delivery here, I’m risking my pocket, so you can have absolutely no excuse for not buying this course.

No questions asked. No forms to fill out. I mean it. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Simply return by email the ebook as attachments to the email address provided on this site.  

It does make sense to give a try to Guarantted Batter Bass Fishing. There is no way around and you have absolutely nothing to lose and a lot to win. I do mean that in the most literal sense.

Your purchase is backed by my guarantee and what you are purchasing is a firm promise that you will improve your angling. If you feel that you haven’t improved, you get your money back. That simple. And simple things are the best in this world.

You must try this deal and you will, there is no way around it:

Yes! I will give your e-book a try because I want to improve my bass fishing and catch more and bigger bass. I’m aware that this is quite a nice bargain and I want my e-book now.

I understand that my purchase is more than protected, by Fraser Wheaton’s “confident” 100% money back guarantee.

I also understand that I have 8 weeks to test just about everything in the e-book and if I feel that things are simply not improving I will get my money back. Even if I choose to get the refund I still get to keep the bonus.


Purchase Online with Credit Card or Paypal by Secure Server
It doesn't matter if it's 2:02 a.m. in the morning!

Once your credit card is approved, you will be taken to a special download page where you can download Guaranteed Better Bass Fishing.

When I last updated this page there were only 242 discount copies left, so if the sales go in the same rhythm I will soon have less than 200. Think about my offer, but for crying out loud think quick, because good deals don’t stay good forever.

Imagine a day when you will return to this page and you will have to pay the full price to get the e-book. That day is close, closer than you think.

To your success in Bass Fishing,
Fraser Wheaton

P.S. Keep in mind that besides the thorough “tour de force” in the world of bass fishing you will also learn how to rate yourself and see if you are truly improving.

P.P.S. If you like the ebook and you think that other friends of yours might need it, you can always use the affiliate program and easily help them and yourself.

P.P.P.S. Don’t forget about the bonus, they alone are worth the price. Also keep in mind that there is no risk attached. You have the certainty, I’ll get the risk.


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