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As an Internet Marketeer, you are regularly attempting to interact with your clients on so many stages that developing an QR Code often drop off your point of attention. But if you are not doing this right, it can price you a lot in the lengthy run. Having a powerful QR Code is the most essential object you need to get your website observed and visited on mobile devices and tablets.

But Isn't QR Code Marketing Kind of Dead?

                                   No, it is not. Actually QR Code marketing  had never been more existing as it is nowadays. Every website wants you to visit them on your mobile and or tablet, whether it is Facebook, Twitter or New York Times. Why QR Code marketing is so relevant and important?

                                   The answer is very simple. Everyone's got an mobile device which they use to visit several websites a day. Most people with smart phones are typing website url's on there devices. Scanning a QR Code is much more direct, and a reliable way to get new visitors to any page of your website you want. Saving your vistors on mobile devices and Tablets and mispell your URL!(or your clients URL)

"If you aren't using a QR Code", you're missing out on the most powerful a and consistent way to drive repeat visitors and customers to your websiteor blog give them some kind of discount for optin through the QR Code. With an QR Code, you become less and less dependent on external sources of lead generating, and gain more ability to interact with your visitors"

Also the usage of mobile devices and tablets for visiting website's and buying things online is increasing every minute! So tell me QR marketing is dead!

QR Code Marketing Is Still An Upcoming Technique Used By The Largest Multi-Million Dollar Companies Out There.

So create a QR Code, Get visitors. Where is the Problem Here Mate?

The problem is that it is getting harder and harder to get people to your website. People are so hammered by using Google that it's really hard to get them visiting your specific website or blog.

Research shows "Custom Made QR Codes" are being scanned more, than the regular ones!

It doesn't get much easier than this. This Software automatically cranks out Custom Made Dynamic 3D QR Codes branded with any logo you want inside to instantly bring visitors to were you want them to go.

Create Unlimited Dynamic 3D QR Codes for yourself or for your customers.(custom created qr codes are being sold for $49 / $99  a piece)

I have made the Software extremely easy for you. Take a look at what you actually need, to crank out "Custom Made Dynamic 3D QR Codes"!


"OK That's it … You have seen the Ultimate 3D QR Code Generator Of This Decade."

Similar software like this sell for $47.00 a month (even limiting your number of generated qr codes) or more just because of the power this thing has. That too a single site license. I don't want to be that IDIOT who charges an arm and leg for providing you QUALITY.

"It's been my business model for over a year!"

So I am offering this killer software for the most Minimal Price

You know the power of having targeted visitors and if you wish to be successful you should be doing everything to get them to your website. You know how easy it is now to create a "Dynamic Custom 3D QR Code" and guide "SUPER LASER TARGETED VISITORS" to any website of your choice.

"You can use the software to create 3D QR Code's for yourself,
your clients and sell them or give them away for free!"

 I sell them to any business I know that uses those ugly "Black & White" QR Codes that don't convert! Or you can give them away for "FREE" to businesses. Maybe as a bonus for ordering a mobile website with you, or just to get your foot between the door, creating a targeted stream of visitors to your own or your clients website.

To Your Success,

Alex van Eck

Should you have any questions about the product, please contact support.


ps. You are also in the position to place them everywhere you want! Like business cards, t-shirts, posters, brochure's, cars, trucks & all other places you can come up with!


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