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Are You tired of Huge Phone Bills? Tired of
Buying Calling Cards That Steal Minutes From You?Tired Remembering
Pins and Access Codes? Do you wish you could afford to hear the
voices of  LOVED Ones abroad every time you think of them?.....Then
is your solution....

-The industry leader for

international cell phone calling plans starting at just
2.2 cent per
minute. Utilizing the latest in VOIP technology
passes these huge savings on to YOU.

Imagine the convenience of making international
calls directly from
cell phone
with no contracts, hassles or headaches associated with Calling

Stay connected with loved ones Anytime and
Anyplace that you Have your
Plans Starting at just 2.2 cent a minute will save you $1,000's on
expensive AT&T and Bellsouth international calling plans. With these
HUGE  savings  you can plan a nice trip/holiday home to
see the people that you have been dying to call.

STOP wasting YOUR HARD EARNED CASH on expensive
phone cards Today there is no signup fee so join the hundreds of
other happy customers at
Unless you enjoy Calling cards that STEAL minutes from you and like
online phone services that don't meet YOUR needs. Other wise give
a try....... Sign up for
today by
clicking here.

2.2 cent a min international
Calls......FREE 90 Minute Startec Trial....Sign-up
with no RISK Today


Call Indian Call China Call Jamaica Call Cuba
Call Russia Call Europe Call England Call Home...... As low as 2.2
cent per min using the

STARTEC.COM International Cellphone Calling service
Cell Connect  For Cheap International
Cell Calls. Try it Risk Free.

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