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ODDSONUWIN: A DEAD CERT Bank Builder Using Facts for PROFITS   


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Averaging 76.5 points a month TAX FREE using £10 Stakes 

Horse Racing Expert Causes a £55,320 Storm after Discovering a Revolutionary NEW Method.

No experience necessary! We do the work, you make the investment

Check out the PROFITS we Average from both the UK and Irish Horse Racing Disciplines..... 



The last 6 years has produced a mind boggling 5,532 points PROFIT, averaging 922 per year 


NOTE: All figures are at Betfairs SP after 5% commission has been deducted. 


Hi fellow investor,

John is my name, FACTS are my game.

As you are here, i can only guess that you are looking for a system which makes regular profits and does exactly what is says on the tin. If so, we at Oddsonuwin CAN and DO deliver.

We are all guilty of purchasing a system in the past which is now buried deep within the annuls of our computer. It could be a method for horse racing, tennis or football. But we have all got one.

I have seen systems sell by the hundreds because of a sales page that Picasso could have written himself. They were works of art that would not look out of place in the Tate Gallery.

But guess what. THEY DID NOT WORK!

Well that's not totally true. They worked just fine for the designers because they made a LOT of money from people not looking beyond the sales pitch. Now i am not saying that every method on the market falls into the same category. There are some very good systems and services available, but inevitably you will probably purchase quite a few before you find "the one" that works.   

You GOTTA do the maths peoples. The figures have to be stacked in your favour to GUARANTEE a profit long term otherwise any betting bank will become depleted in a very short space of time. Simple.     

ODDSONUWIN: Investing in Fact Not Hunches

At Oddsonuwin we don't believe in doing anything conventionally. Relying on facts over fiction is our preferred approach. A method that has served us well in the past and continues to do so today.

Our system which incidentally took 6 months to perfect, is one that targets UK and Irish short priced favourites in both the BACK and LAY markets. For this reason we prefer to use the Betfair Exchanges because of the LAY factor and the liquidity (amount of money) that is available.

Using the FACTS and STATS of individual horse racing tracks across the UK and in Ireland, we are able to pinpoint when a favourite is likely to win, or most likely to lose using a number of various parameters. No investments are made based on a tipsters selection nor a gut feeling. Facts and facts alone decide when and where we make a selection to either win or lose its respective race.

The FACTS are that every race track produces a higher or lower number of short priced favourites that go onto win their races than those of other horse tracks. We at Oddsonuwin use these discrepancies along with seasons and weather conditions to factor in the highest probability regarding favourites in particular types of  horse races. Whether it is on the All Weather at Wolverhampton or at a prestigious meeting such as the Cheltenham Festival.

Using this unusual but successful approach we have been achieving over a 6 year period, an average PROFIT per month of £765 using £10 stakes.


If you were currently using a system that made an average 132 points profit per year, or around 10 a month, that would be a good return on any investment. But at Oddsonuwin we achieve that from the 5 All Weather tracks alone.

What if you were using a system that achieved over 300 points per year or 25 per month. I expect you would be doing cartwheels. Yet at Oddsonuwin we make an average 316 points per year from just the Irish and UK FLAT racing.

Even that 316 points figure is topped by the average 474 points made from UK and Irish JUMP RACING. In fact we produce more profits from National Hunt racing than the All Weather and Flat racing combined.

The profits achieved using our revolutionary approach have taken a LOT of hard work and hours. Nothing has been left to chance as we do not believe in gambling but making educated investments that have the highest probability of being successful.

The average £9,220 PROFITS per year were done so using a £10 stake. But this can be improved upon vastly by placing all stakes in accordance with the size of a betting bank.
In other words, as our bank increases so do our profits to the point of making life changing sums exceeding £90,000 per year.

Extremely Profitable and Revolutionary: Buy Now!

This service is available on a first come first served basis. Do not let someone else take your place, act now.

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Now before you jump right in and push the BUY NOW button, is this truly for you. Not everyone wishes to be part of a system averaging 76.5 points per month and once you take the plunge and begin to see your betting bank rapidly increasing, it will be hard for you to change your mind. So make sure this service is what you are looking for.

ODDSONUWIN: Investing in Facts Not Hunches is averaging us £9,220 TAX FREE PROFIT per year using small £10 stakes.  



ODDSONUWIN has made £55,320 PROFIT over 6 years with £10 stakes by using methods not used before in any other system.  


The question is "How much can i be expected to pay for access into the Oddsonuwin community."

At Oddsonuwin we would not expect you to find your own investments as using all the data we use to determine the day to day selections, would be too much for most people to take in. And quite frankly we would rather keep our methods a secret. 

For this reason our service is offered on a monthly subscription basis.

On assessing what would be a reasonable monthly fee to charge, we based our decision on the average £765 profit from using £10 stakes each month brings. Therefore our monthly fee for supplying you with Sound Investments on a daily basis is 4% of £765. A figure which you can fully expect to recoup after just 2 days of following our advise.

£30.57 each month  

Let me tell you what £30.57 each monthly cycle will give you......

Upon subscribing you will receive an e-book in PDF giving you instructions, along with links to the 2 main websites we use. 

You will receive an email before 8am Daily, informing you which races we are targeting for that day.
No long losing runs Guaranteed.
Professional Service offering Personal email Support. Any help or advise needed, just ask!

Access to a service where ALL the hard work is done for you 


Pleasure comes in many forms and ours is being able to help those in need of a little respite in an unrewarding economy. Where any savings you have are earning almost zero interest, while the banks continue growing their vast wealth from investing YOUR money to do so. This is a one-sided relationship.

NOW is the time for YOUR money to work for YOU.

So here is the upshot. For a fee of £7 a week, you could have access into a highly successful system which has been averaging us £765 a month TAX FREE for the last 6 years. A GENUINE racing service that does what it says on the tin.


Limited places available: Act Now!

Can you really afford for someone else to take your place?
Grab your spot and start making PROFITS tomorrow.

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Please be sure to read the FAQ below to ensure this system is truly for you.

Q. Can i place any bets in a bookmakers or would i need to go online?

A. Because around 60% of our investments involve LAYING the favourite, we advise using the Betfair Excange market to do so.  
Q. When can i expect to receive an email instructing me on what races to target? 

A. We endeavour to email the information out the night before Monday to Friday. At weekends you shall recieve it before 8am.
Q. Can the bets be placed the night before or before i go to work?

A. Because we target the clear favourite ONLY, the market will not be formed until close on race time. Therefore we advise placing any investments in the final minute before a race is due to start.

Q. What size betting bank would i require to make an average £765 a month?

A. Using £10 stakes to begin with, we recommend a starting bank of £1,000

Q. How many recommended races will i receive each day?

A. That will depend upon the number of race meetings. Normally from as little as three up to fourteen. However, you generally only end up investing in less than 50% of those races due to our criteria not being met.Q.What payment methods do you accept?

A.Our payment processor clickbank accepts PayPal and all major Debit/Credit Cards.


Buy Now!

Only £30.57 per month

A Genuine Service making REAL Money

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If you need any help, please contact us at [jjrw2009@gmail.com]

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ODDSONUWIN: Investing in Fact Not Hunches.
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