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Dear Aspiring Screenwriter,

If you’ve ever dreamed of making it to the Big Time as a hot, sought-after screenwriter with the kind of ability to turn everything you write into gold, so much that it makes other screenwriters want to go home and tear up their manuscript… then this is gonna blow your mind.

Why? Because one of the hottest scriptwriting professionals in the biz has decided to share the secrets behind his meteoric rise as a screenwriter in Hollywood… and finally let guys outside the “locked up” world of corporate studios and big wigs learn the secrets of writing a screenplay and selling it in Hollywood for serious money.

This is beyond just learning how to write a screenplay. This is about becoming the kind of screenwriter who can write in popular genres, pitch to any suit, and make it sell faster than a jack rabbit. In other words… becoming a true professional!

You could be THE screenwriter who gets asked to work on cool screenplays… who gets asked to fix other peoples miserable excuses for a screenplay.
You can be the TOP screenwriter in your city. Where you start selling your screenplay and earn a name for yourself among the best. Your choice!

You learn these few secrets… and you can just about write your own ticket from here on out. It’s what the working (and high-paid) pros know that you don’t yet.

The result: Money, fame and a career as a respected screenwriter. It CAN be yours, faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible.

If you want… I’ll show you how to get your hands on these simple secrets.

Here’s the story: If you don’t know who Vince Carter is yet, you just haven’t been paying attention. During his years of experience in the film biz, he’s earned a reputation as a screenwriter who can turn words into serious dollars.

This guy has the deepest “bag of tricks” of ANY pro screenwriter out there.  Because he can take a raw rookie kid with no screenwriting experience whatsoever… and have them churning out scripts  with amazing stories, incredible feature films and characters that have people on the edge of their seat.

This is how you get instant respect from other screenwriters. Once you learn the “insider” secrets of pro-level screenwriting, people will be in awe of you.(They’ll bend over backward to learn what you know.) You’re suddenly the guy or girl who can take any script and bring it to the TOP. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a creative bone in your body, or can barely string two words together without hitting delete.

Vince Carter knows his stuff. He loves to teach, and especially gets off on helping newbies fulfill their dreams of becoming a Hollywood screenwriter.

He’s a rebellious dude and thinks the corporations currently running the film biz are savages… who will BLACKLIST screenwriters at the drop of a hat unless someone delivers the goods first time. He wants to be that guy who unleashes a small, tight army of amazing screenwriters on the scene. (This is the invitation he’s extending to you.)

And guess what? He knows how to boost your screenwriting skill FAST. No matter where you are now with your writing… he can instantly bump up your chops and give you the hidden skills to be able to write in ANY genre. In TV or FILM too!

That’s the ONLY reason you’ll sell a script — if you can write in a genre, create a great story, format it correctly, create amazing characters, write brilliant dialogue and know exactly how to pitch it.

Almost every other screenwriter out there does one of these wrong. They think they just need to write any story, mail in the script and wait for the money to roll in.
But it doesn’t work that way.

Nope. The screenwriter who sells scripts all have just ONE thing in common. They know how to make a screenplay that sells for a heck of a lot of money.
It’s called having EXPERIENCE. I don’t want to shock you… NO ONE in Hollywood wants any old idea. Ideas are a dime a dozen. They want someone who has their pulse on the market and can write and pitch like a professional.

You do NOT know how to do this yet.
But if you have about an hour to spare, Vince will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to about how to be a professional screenwriter.

Here’s the deal: Vince is quite willing to teach you personally how to put your screenwriting career on the fast track. But it would cost you a small fortune.

However… he’s found a cool alternative way to teach you. You get the same personal instruction as you would privately… but you don’t have to travel to where Vince resides, and you don’t have to pay his outrageous fees.

Vince has distilled his experience in screenwriting into a digital book that provides his famous “Script Method.” What is inside this book is nothing short of astonishing, intensive, “quick-learning” instruction that can take even a beginner, a complete raw rookie from newbie to writing scripts that literally sell!


And it’s all downloadable and can be viewed instantly on any Mac or PC so you can “test drive” without risk or hassle. For a tiny, tiny fraction of what you’d pay for just ONE private lesson.
The second you see this complete scriptwriting package you will understand why your dreams are now within your reach. You can HAVE that life as a full-time screenwriter, the one you’ve been lusting after. That one that has you making money each and every year!

This amazing scriptwriting package is going to teach you, literally overnight…

49 instant script ideas so you never get stuck for winning ideas
The 15 step beat sheet to take you from first page to complete draft
10 proven ways to overcome writers block and finish that script
7 critical elements you must include in your pitch
6 things you must avoid when you pitch your script
The truth behind writing a screenplay
The complete and most up to date list of genres
5 essential questions you should ask before choosing a genre
How to satisfy the audience’s expectations every time
The 10 important factors of a great story
The surprising reasons why all scripts are not the same
15 things you must know about formatting your script
The secret art of creating characters that work
How to easily pull of writing brilliant dialogue
The 17 screenplay do's and don'ts that will stop a script from selling
How to pitch your screenplay like a professional
11 little-known things to remember when pitching

And a ton more!

Even better… it doesn’t matter where you are now with your screenwriting.
Or what your experience level is.

Or your age, or even what kind of screenwriting software you use.
NONE of that matters. Vince is famous for taking rookies with no clue on how to write a screenplay… and turns them into screenwriters with serious bite.
So just think what he can do for YOU. If you have any screenwriting talent at all, he will instantly multiply your skill to…
Get you “-ready,” and hone your skills to the point where you will be ASKED to produce scripts Put yourself at the TOP of your game… where you can finally showcase your script to producers And finally master you screenwriting ability at the most practical and exciting level — so you become the kind of professional who is respected in the industry.

This special book is your TICKET to being the best screenwriter you can be.

But here’s where we are going to sweeten the pot for you. When you take action, our system will unlock access to 2 valuable additional bonuses. These alone, are worth buying this today!

50 Greatest Screenplays (Valued at $30)
There is nothing better than learning from the best of the best. This list of 50 of the greatest screenplays of all time will give you insights into writing from the soul. Why invent the wheel, when you can see what made these scripts magical!

Screenwriting Agencies (Valued at $30)
Take advantage of this list of 50 screenwriting agencies and save yourself time and hassle. It provides you with the website to each of them.
And guess what else? You can…

Here’s your guarantee: This special eBook revealing the “Scriptwriting Method” is finally available. When you do, you will be sent immediately to the download page where you can download the entire package which contains hours of content, plus all the additional bonus material valued at $60.
You don’t risk a penny. Because, when you order this package today, you are immediately covered by the most generous guarantee in screenwriting teaching. It’s a…

Here’s how it works: Click the button below and order your package now. Take a full two months to check it out. Learn all that Vince has to teach you… master the skills… and go out and “test drive” everything to your own satisfaction. And… if you aren’t completely convinced that what Vince offers you is the KEY to reaching pro-level mastery in screenplay writing… simply contact for a full and fast refund.

No questions asked. And no hard feelings, either. Vince has been in business for years now, supplying “insider” secrets to regular people all over the world. And he’s earned a solid reputation as a guy who treats you the way you deserve. With respect — your word is all that is needed.
Vince is trying to spread the word here. He loves scripts and he thinks the world needs more pro-level screenwriters who know how to make stories that people love, and scripts that Hollywood wants to pay for!

Here's What To Do Now

The cost of this package is $120, just $59 — a sliver compared to private instruction from Vince. But again, every penny is guaranteed. If you don’t like what you see, you don’t end up paying a penny to see what it’s all about.

Go ahead click the order button below now and instantly access this in the next 60 seconds.


If you love screenwriting, you KNOW this is the key to your future as a screenwriter. Most screenwriters starve…. But the few pro’s who know the tricks that producers, directors and actors want, get RICH.

There’s a TON of money out there for screenwriters who know how to make screenplays that sell. Ninety-nine out of any hundred screenwriters ignore these skills… and remain in the “herd” of mediocre writers.

Here’s your chance to break away from that herd… and start earning respect, a name… and making serious money as a pro-level screenwriter. You can stay where you are now… or move up to the big time. Your choice!

But first… you gotta learn these secrets.
So buy now. Don’t miss out.


Vince Carter

P.S.  Just think! You’ll never have to suffer through the pain and hassle of trying to write a powerful screenplay. Or pay big bucks hiring a screenplay doctor to fix your mistakes. Now, you can get everything all done for you, practically handed to you on a silver platter. You simply follow the instructions and advice and you’re on your way to selling your script.

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