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 "Give Me Just ONE HOUR Of Your Time... And I Guarantee You Will Never Look At Texas Holdem The Same!  And If I'm Wrong... I'll Give You Every Single Penny Back... No Questions Asked!"

From: Master Poker Coach Curtis E Williams                                      


Dear Future Poker Shark,

If you want to learn how to completely dominate the game of Texas Holdem Poker for maximum profits then this is going to be the most important letter you will ever read.

Here's why...

The Black Hat Poker Coaching Program will release ground shattering techniques that have never been revealed to the public before.

No-one (I mean no-one) has ever had access to the exact strategies that I and "Mr. X" use to constantly build intense bank rolls with ease!

Imagine being able to play poker part time, yet reaping cash injections so huge that it makes most monthly paychecks look like pocket change.

Wouldn't it be great to earn cash from home, playing a few hours a week, never having to deal with rush hour traffic, time clocks, or bitchy bosses that annoy you?


This is no hype. 

There is a perfectly legitimate reason why the Black Hat Strategies work so consistently well.  It's almost like you can't lose when you employ these underground tactics.

Even poker professionals that you see on TV, and in the World Series of Poker are scared to death to run into players who are equipped with this knowledge.  They know the power that lies behind the curtain, but you will never hear them talking about this stuff at all.

Care to guess why The Grandfather of Poker Texas Dolly, Doyle Brunson himself is ringing up my telephone?


It's because I have leverage that most people just don't know about! 

Don't you ever wonder why some players consistently hit the final table, time and time again, while others continually suffer the bad luck of weak opponents sucking out cards on the river all the time?

There is a perfect explanation for this, and if you have been getting worked over by these reckless players who call any bet, I want to let you know...


I am going to show you how to ruthlessly punish anybody who is a horrible player.  Sure, they may win a hand or two from you, but after this week you will understand how to leverage these super weak and put tons of cash into your pocket.

Not only can you win tons of cold hard cash, but I'll show you how to win prizes, Entries Into World Series of Poker, and even CRUISES AROUND THE WORLD (Just like the one below!).



FREE VIDEO Reveals The UNDERGROUND SECRET That Allowed Me To Easily Win This Cruise To The Sunny Carribbean.
Name: Email::


Anyone can find the fish at the table, it's understanding how to extract the most amount of cash from them that is the true secret.  Luckily for you, this is a cinch!




You will learn the real story about ONLINE CHEATING SOFTWARE, how it works, which ones are REAL, and which ones are a total waste of time and money. The GUARANTEED DOUBLE UP strategy that will instantly double your firepower in every game you play.  Take it a step further and you could easily have the TRIPLE UP, or QUADRUPLE UP for even more POWER!  It's all up to you. Peek over my shoulder as I take you Step By Step through over a dozen live videos of me CRUSHING WEAK FISH!  You will get to see, hear, and live each step as if you were there, and you'll understand the thought process that led to each of the winning the matches. Intense Coaching Sessions that will bring you up to card-shark speed in RECORD-TIME.  There is no faster way to master the game of Texas Holdem Poker then to participate in my Black Hat Coaching Program. You'll get Daily Lessons, Tests, and Challenges to make sure you are a Laser Targeted Winner! Audio interviews with multiple Poker Professionals and even a interview with a World Series of Poker Final Table Contestant.  Learn from the best, who have been there, and done that before. Learn the true secrets to MASTERING SIT-N-GO TOURNAMENTS, and discover how you can finish in the top 3 more then 40% of the time. You will get to ease drop on my intimate conversations with MR. X and will be able to use these strategies to get LEVERAGE on many of the poker rooms across the internet. Discover the ruthless tools that let you spy upon your opponents past play, which can easily dictate their future behavior.  These skills are some of the core fundamentals needed to accumulate HUGE CHIP STACKS! Dynamic Spreadsheets that allow you to keep track of every penny wagered.  Deep analysis into your game will tell you whether you should be playing no limit vs limit poker, and high stakes vs low stakes poker.  Keeping accurate stats is crucial and I'll walk you through each step!
You will get Step By Step instructions the entire way through the process.  If you get behind, or want to skip ahead, you can do either.  You can complete the entire course at your own pace, with NO STRESS!
Insider knowledge that few people in the world possess, yet almost everyone wants.  You will know things that people will never even think of, and this gives you a HUGE ADVANTAGE! The SECRET to CAPITALIZING on other people's Brains, Money, and Motives.  This strategy is like waving a magic wand at the poker tables! You'll get your hands on Poker Databases that expose your opponents weaknesses, and strengths.  Having access to these numbers is almost unfair for the opponents who don't have it. FULL ACCESS to the entire video and audio poker section, with new videos being added all the time!
Peek over the shoulder of World Series of Champion Doyle Brunson, and "Book Of Tells" author Mike Caro as they clean-house on some rookies online.  You get to watch these guys win a few thousand dollars in just minutes!
And So Much More!


Hi Curtis, it's me Steve,

I haven't spoke to you in a while just wanted to let you know The Good News. Poker has turned for the good for me.  Not more then a week and a half ago i joined a tourny on Titan and it was a $10.000 GUARANTEED.

I ended up wining 1st place out of 575 people, winning over $3,000 dollars. I was pretty happy about that and i just wanted to say thanks for bringing me a long way.
Steve Williams

Dear Professor Williams,

I have been playing poker as an amateur for about 4 years now. I like the game very much, and I really thought I could become any good at it since I thought I had some good basic background. In fact, I have been a licenced psychologist for about 20 years now with loads of general practive, so I thought I had enough experience in analyzing people's behavior to implement those skills in my poker game too. Boy, was I wrong !

When I first came in contact with you through your regular emails, I must admit I was in part very sceptical. Poker has become big business over the last few years, and there are so many sites and people who claim to have "the ultimate secrets" to sell that it's hard to believe anyone would actually do so. After all, making money off people that want to make money is about the best scam there is. And you should know that, moreover, anything that comes from America in such money making contexts is looked upon as a major scam here in Europe. We are very critical and disbelieving at that point (and mostly we are right).

But the more I looked at your e-mails, especially those with video fragments, I became convinced that you might perhaps be "the real deal". It was not only the information that you pointed out in those e-mails that was so very much to the point, but more importantly : the way in which you explained things in your spoken messages was so very "natural" that it was clear you were speaking from a vaste experience. You talked as if you were talking about the weather, with such easy and clearly without having prepared some "speech" to go along with your videos.

What I learned from those free e-mails alone has completely turned around my way of playing poker, and what I couldn't accomplish with my own psychological insights, I managed to do with your tips and hints : for the first time I managed to get into the money in a 10.000+ person freerol, placing 37th. I was thrilled at that point, and it was the proof that your information was spot on. Heck, I was so proud of myself I even made a screenshot of the result table, lol.

I didn't need any more convicing than that. After all, what could be more like "the real deal" than something that completely annihiliated the value of my own long tgerm psychlogical expertise. It was clear and obvious that playing poker required some kind of special expertise, and you seemed to have that.

So I was thrilled when I finally got my hands on your Poker Nutz course, and geez, was I overwhelmed when I saw that enormous maount of information to be downloaded. And all that for a really ridiculous price. I can imagine your fellow pro poker players must hate you for doing that.
In any case, this information is worth gold, and even if I'm not even through with reading all of it and watching all the videos included (see, that's a great thing : you even PROVE your points by including videos of your own play and results in real play situations, so who can still disbelieve or doubt you ?), I already know for a fact that it will improve my game in a way that I would NEVER have been able to achieve in many many years, and now that seems possible in a matter of weeks.

So Professor, a simple "thanks" is far from being enough. I am honoured to be a Poker Nutz student !

I can only advise anyone who reads this to go ahead and not waste a minute to buy your Poker Nutz course. I know they won't regret it for one second, and the money is well spent and wil earn itself back in no time.

So, I hope you will see me at the tables soon, so you'll see the effect of what your course has done for me.

Paul Peeters (Belgium, Europe)


I have never seen any book anything like this one, and it happens to be an E-Book, which I had never seen before. Amazingly, this book by Curtis-E will change the way you play and even view poker in general. It's complete with many graphics and it's very pretty. But beyond that it seems Curtis-E is very much geared to helping others. He is not about just making money. This book is worth every penny, and if you are short on pennies, talk to Curtis-E and he will make it easy to obtain this vital information. I am proud to endorse this book.David Spriggs
(Poker Book Salesman)

Curtis-E's experience and research has paid off. His course provides both beginners and experience poker players a wealth of information about the game, and articulates a thoughtful approach to winning. While the strategies found in this course focus on online poker, they can easily extend to provide readers with a solid approach to any poker game.

Andre' Mansoor
"Mansoor Poker Tables"

Hi Curtis,

I just wanted to write to you & thank you. I bought your Poker Nutz course last week & have been using the information included. I won my first large tournament (2016 people) just about an hour ago on PartyPoker. It was only the $1 + 0 tournament, but it paid out $424 so it has more than paid for itself. Thanks again very much.

Your new best friend,Scott Douglas

"I watched Curtis dominate a Texas Hold Em tournament one day with about 1450 players. He ended up placing 3rd and winning about $1800 right in front of my eyes. He was so non-chalant about the whole thing and was promising me that he would at least place in the money. Skeptical, I kept watching. It was obvious about half way through the tournament that Curtis had a huge advantage over 99% of the other players. Instantly I applied his methods and was thouroughly impressed with how easy it really was. If a young guy like myself can win, then anyone can. I was only famaliar with video poker slot machines. I'll never play those things again, now that I now this stuff. Thanks so much, you've really opened my eyes to such a easy way to stack cash".

Steven Russell

First i would like to say thank you Curtis-E

I have been a consistant money earner on empire poker winning currently 44% of the sng i enter . Your book has open my eyes to some new and exciting plays, especially taking advantage of deposit bonuses .

I had never thought much of free rolls to build a stake but today i won the first free roll i have entered at absolute poker it was full at 2000 people and i now have some free money to build on. Great book keep up the good work!

Thanks,Alan Lunghi


I want to let you know though that being a member of the poker nutz course has helped my game play out alot. I am making it to final tables in multi table tourneys alot more now then I was before joining. In fact i took 6th the other night in a REBUY tourney, yes i did say rebuy...the type of game that could be worse then a donkyfest freeroll at times. Well just wanted to let you know how your course has helped me. Thanks alot!T.O.






If after 8 weeks you don't feel like this course has dramatically improved your skills as a poker player, then you will get a full refund for the cost of the course, no questions asked!

All you have to do is take part in all the challenges, and give 100% effort to learning the contents each and every day.


This class is not for everybody.  This class is only for those people who are interested in becoming a pro level player.  If you take this class seriously, and apply yourself then you will be on that pro level.

We don't want anyone to take up the limited amount of guaranteed spots unless they are 100% sure this is right for them.  This is not childs play, and is serious work.

So that's my guarantee to you, but please don't take the class unless you are completely serious about WINNING NOW!

You have no reason to not [sign up and change your life today](Agree.html)!


Curtis E Williams (Master Poker Coach)



ATTENTION: Previous attendees into the SOLD-OUT Black Hat Poker Coaching Program paid $798.00 (No Foolin, $798) to gain entry.  Here's PROOF! (This is just a small sample )


You Are Getting Access For Nearly 8 Times Less!



[](Agree.html) [](http://www.neteller.com/)  
Remember, we reserve the right to pull this course off the shelf at any moment. 
I wish you the best of luck, and I can't wait to work with you during the class,
Curtis E Williams

PS:  This is your last chance to seriously change the way you look at playing poker.  This opportunity may never come again, as we doubt this class will ever be taught again.
PPS: When deciding whether this or right for you, think about the value you are getting!  You could either dink around the poker tables winning and losing a bit here and there, or you can become a consistent winner who constantly annihilates the tables.
This is not for the casual player.  You will be a HARD-CORE poker machine after the end of the week!
PPPS: Classes start IMMEDIATELY after sign-up!!!  Let's Get Ready To RUMBLE!  [SIGN UP NOW](Agree.html)

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