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Do you want to put your fundraising problems behind you?

Learn how YOU can raise $50,000 (or more) for ANY organization!

Does your organization struggle to raise enough money each year?

Do you have a hard time putting together a solid fundraising plan?

Are the programs and services your organization offers suffering from lack of funding?

Have you tried a variety of fundraising approaches with the same lacklustre success?

I had the same problems - until I put together a better way to fundraise!


Learn how I increased the amount I raised by 2,000% - just by changing my fundraising approach!

Learn how I made $250,000 in 5 years - just by fundraising with a small group of friends and family

Learn how to increase your donor's write-off by up to 70% (this makes your organization HUGELY attractive!)

Learn how to effectively double the current take of your fundraising event

Learn why you are wasting your time going door-to-door or sending portfolios out

Learn which events are going to bring in big donations - and why!

Of course, there's more...

Dear Frustrated Fundraiser,

I know your plight all too well. I spent a great deal of time at the beginning of my career as an amatuer athlete struggling to find enough money to keep my dreams alive. You see, I wanted to reach the Winter Olympic Games in the Bobsleigh event. If you've ever seen bobsleigh, you know that equipment needed to race isn't just a set of skis, or a curling broom and set of sliding footwear.

No, the average bobsled cost $50,000... not to mention the cost of the blades, which was around $8,000. That meant that if I wanted to have my own top-quality sled, I was going to be forced to find my own funding. No, problem I thought. That is what fundraising is for, right?

Did I ever get a wake up call!

For some reason there is this 'expectation' of how fundraising should be done. Been there, done that... and would have gone completely broke doing it! I sent out portfolios, made phone calls, contacted large corporations... yada, yada, yada, and I got little to no support (that's an entirely different topic for another day). So, what did I do? I devised a plan that went against some of the standard fundraising conventions and...

Ended up raising $50,000 a year!

I've decided that instead of keeping this method to myself, that there was an opportunity for me to share it with the thousands of individuals and organizations that struggle with fundraising each and every year. It's in my 95-page book called Fundraise $50,000 that you can purchase for $19.95 USD.

Honestly, where else are you going to be able to lay down $20 and get a return of up to $50,000 or more? Follow the steps and I guarantee your fundraising improves dramatically!


Here's a glimpse of what you are going to find inside this 95- page book:

How you can easily make $25,000 (or more) in one event like I did

How you can get donors to keep giving and giving and giving and giving - at each event they come to!

The big 'fundraising' secret to increasing donations that nobody ever tells - I am about to tell you! (page 30 - it's a Major Note on the page!)

How the people you select to help you fundraise can affect the amount of money you raise

How you can make your organization more attractive to potential donors (it isn't what you think!)

Fundraising ideas that will maximize donations!

How I was able to turn a $100 donor into a $5,000 donor just by talking with him!

How you can benefit your organization and your supporters by turning yourself into a business.

Why improving your exposure to the community is essential for increased donations - and I'll provide you all the tools to do it!

Steps for putting together a winning fundraising plan.

How to build personal relationships with supporters - one meeting at a time!

Build community profile, improve your image, set up a website, public speaking and why all of this is going to help drive your fundraising

4 tips for getting your organization's article in the local newspaper - and why it matters! (page 48)

Write a press release that gets your fundraiser noticed by the media!

7 essentials for building profitable relationships! (page 58)

6 keys to a great promotional and informational website and 4 tips on how to drive traffic to it! (pages 50 and 51)

The key to unlocking the MOST potential in a sponsor / organization relationship

4 steps to planning an annual event

7 criteria for choosing a fundraising event that is sure to bring in thousands of dollars (page 67)

What happens when an event goes poorly and what you can do to avoid this at all costs!

5 tips for executing your event day plan to perfection (page 80)

And, you can see the great bonuses below! All for $19.95 USD

Imagine the potential of your organization if it had an extra $10,000 or $25,000 or even... $50,000 or more!


That's really just a start. We haven't even started discussing the finer details of my method for fundraising success and why it is sure to work with you. I can virtually guarantee that if you implement the steps in this system, you'll be able to enjoy the same fundraising success I have! I've compiled 95-pages (plus bonuses!) of information, along with a huge compendium of fundraising, business building and planning resources that you can use to get your organization on the right track to finding those people who are willing to support your cause!

[Here's an excerpt from Fundraise $50,000 in PDF](http://fundraise50k.com/Excerpt1.pdf)

This isn't an academic, hypothetical method either. I used this method over the course of 5 years and in that time, I raised an amazing $250,000. No joke! I can show you what my taxable income was each and every year (after expenses), and you will see that I was not only able to afford an honest living, but I was able to finance my athletic exploits for nearly 8 years.

Can I let you in on a secret?

"Don't spend the time to go out to each prospective supporter, when you can bring them all together to make fundraising so much easier."

Unfortunately, that's all I can tell you, right now. But, if you think about that statement for a moment, you'll probably begin to understand the fundamental strength of the method that I have put together in my book. The interesting thing is, most of it is NOT a secret to those who already know how to successfully fundraise! And you can have the information for only $19.95 USD.

Don't Just Take My Word For It! Here's What Others Have to Say:

You might be wondering what exactly I am going to show you that you don't already know about fundraising. That's exactly what I thought when I first started raising money for my amateur athletic career... How tough can this actually be? Trust me, without a good plan, and knowledge of how you can maximize the support you get from the people you come into contact with - you aren't going to get anywhere with your fundraising strategy.

Here are a few more things I am going to show you how in my fundraising book:

How to build a network of support that keeps on giving!

How to target the RIGHT donor for MORE funding

Building the profile of your organization in order to maximize the exposure among potential supporters

5 reasons why organizations fail to make money! (page 35)

I'll show you how to turn a lukewarm supporter into a huge donor!

5 steps to building a larger network of support (page 37)

Recruiting great fundraising team members to give you a greater chance for fundraising success

The 4 essentials for marketing your organization at an annual event (page 83)

Why you MUST target your donors instead of using a 'blanket' coverage

The different forms of fundraising and how each of them helps to reach the end target (page 37)

And more!

[ Here's a second excerpt of Fundraise $50,000 in PDF ](http://fundraise50k.com/Excerpt2.pdf)

I have learned everything I know about fundraising through trial and error. That's what makes this information so valuable! It has been tried and tested and put through the wringer, and once the method was perfected, I was able to raise $50,000 a year!

Not to mention over $25,000 in just one event!

The beauty of this method of fundraising is that it can be repeated year after year... and you still achieve the same results. In fact, the more fundraising fundamentals you incorporate from my book, the greater the chance of you securing the funding you need to keep your organization thriving!

Oh, and one more thing...

Anyone can use this fundraising plan successfully!

Sure, I was an amateur athlete, and I had a specific goal in mind - to reach the Winter Olympics. But, you could be the local daycare looking to put together a better fundraising method to increase the money you have in your coffers - so you can offer better programs and services. All you need to do is set goals, put together a fundraising plan, and no matter what the type and direction of your organization is, You Can Make This Method Work!

It doesn't even matter what country you are in! You can use this method to fundraise ANYWHERE!

Where you are in the world has NO bearing on applying this fundraising strategy. The fundamentals are in place, and all you may need to do is adhere to local laws regarding running a business and filing your taxes. The fundraising strategy itself can be applied in any fundraising situation, regardless of location, size of organization, or people involved.

The steps in this fundraising plan can be applied globally!

I called this book "Fundraise $50,000" because that is how much I was able to raise. While my fundraising effort was focused around one fundraising event per year, there is no reason why this method cannot be implemented over and over again to achieve the same results. $50,000 was just what I made - with a small group of dedicated individuals on my fundraising team.

I have no doubt that if you set an achievable goal with your fundraising, and you put in place the resources to effectively execute that plan, then the sky is the limit for how much you can make!

Here's the bottom line folks:

"An organization without money is like a car with a flat tire - You can't get anywhere you want to go!"

Now your organization can chart its own course! The reach of your organization goes much further if you have money in your coffers!


As I mentioned earlier, anyone can make this system work! You can be a part of any type of organization. Those organizations needing money and who could benefit from an injection of $50,000 might be:

School fundraising committees

Church groups

Community Associations

Athletic clubs

Charities and Non-Profit groups

Community groups

Perfect for those wanting to raise money to help others worldwide!


Infrastructure construction - target fundraising groups (maybe to build a new community center or to raise money for repairs to the local swimming pool)

Youth groups

Trip fundraising for athletic groups, community groups, music groups and others!

[Now for the THIRD excerpt of Fundraise $50,000](http://fundraise50k.com/Excerpt3.pdf)

Just imagine for a moment what your organization, club, or community group could do if they were able to fundraise $50,000 in four simple steps!

It's tough to run an organization when you are handcuffed by lack of money. With the fundraising plan I have inside this 95-page guide to fundraising success, you are going to learn more than just the fundamentals. I provide you with real world examples of where I failed (so you don't make the same mistakes), but then I show you, in detail, how I made $50,000 per year - including $25,000 in one event!

Let me give you a few final reasons why you need to make "Fundraise $50,000" a part of your plan to raise money for your organization:

The cost of this book is a write-off for your fundraising 'business'.

This method can be applied to ANY fundraising event or fundraising strategy.

You will receive the blueprint for fundraising success for only $19.95 USD - and the return on investment could be 1,000 times that... or more!

It doesn't matter if you incorporate, become a sole proprietorship, or even if you are a non-profit corporation (even societies and associations), you can apply the fundamentals of this method to increase your fundraising potential.

Before I forget!

With the purchase of the book you will also receive:

"10 Great Fundraising Events" - A quick-guide to 10 events that make great fundraisers, including event basics, event overviews and ways to make additional money at each event.

Bi-weekly fundraising e-mail newsletter - Every two weeks you will receive an exclusive copy of our newsletter that provides you with fundraising tips, fundraising ideas and how you can get the most out of your fundraising event. We'll even answer some of YOUR fundraising questions in each issue!

Now, you just need to ask yourself how valuable this information could be for your organization. Then you can make the decision of whether or not you can afford NOT to have this book. For $19.95 USD, you are going to get the main book (and the return on your investment is HUGE), the bonus items and the bi-weekly e-mail newsletter.

Plus, I am going to offer you an 8-week, 100% Money Back Guarantee! That means if you are not satisfied, for any reason, with the results of this book - then you can get a 100% refund - and you can even keep the book! I think you are going to find a wealth of information inside - but if you don't - return within 8 weeks for a complete refund - no questions asked!

Isn't it time to take control of your organization's financial destiny?


Once you click on the links above, you will be redirected to a Clickbank secure payment page, and then directed to the download site once payment has been approved. Thanks so much for making Fundraise $50,000 a part of your organization's future.

Questions, concerns, queries about our book? E-mail us at [admin@fundraise50k.com](mailto:admin@fundraise50k.com)

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