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Finally, Imaginative Baseball Coach Reveals His Unique Teaching Secrets For Kids!


From the desk of Richard Duncan

Dear Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle, First Time Coach, Experienced Coach, etc:

Let me guess. You really want to teach baseball techniques to your kids or other youngsters but you are quite hesitant because you think you don’t have the background or knowledge. Or, that it is quite expensive – hiring a “professional” baseball trainer.

You may have even already tried a trainer but your kids find it hard to learn this fun game because of terminology etc. They have that extreme desire but other factors are not falling into its proper places.

Well, I understand your agony and frustration. As a baseball player and coach for 45 years, I am quite familiar with those kinds of scenarios. And with my passion with Baseball, I have decided to share my knowledge and skills in teaching some Baseball techniques the easy way.

…Anyone who can count to 6 can teach the fundamental techniques to anyone…

I have learned a valuable baseball lesson; ANYONE who can count to 6 can teach the fundamental techniques necessary to successfully play the game of baseball. Why would you want to pay the expense of having a “professional” trainer teach your child the basic fundamentals of playing the game of baseball when you can do it yourself, all while spending time with your child.

Yes, that’s correct. I believe that the secret to baseball instruction is numbers, sequence and rhythm. All of which can be taught by YOU.

I am pretty excited to be sharing this information with you. Why? Because it really works!  So pay close attention – what we’ll cover in this page contains some meaty info that you can benefit from instantly. From heading to the stadium to cranking up the speed at the local batting cages, there are numerous ways to develop your kid’s or student’s skills while keeping it fun.

Baseball players are always searching for a competitive advantage.  The dilemma is that most of them come across things that don’t make a TRUE IMPACT on their performance on the field!

If your son or student has ever been told that he is too slow or if he’s simply looking to improve his speed so that he sticks out more and get noticed by scouts at showcase camps…, Teaching BaseBall by Numbers is just for you!

Yes! I understand that most of the coaches may not have been the best hitter back in the day, maybe they were just an average hitter or a pitcher and that’s why “Teaching Baseball by Numbers” is perfect for you. It’s simple to leverage my own experience with over a decade of wisdom and knowledge in the “Teaching Baseball by Numbers” product that was passed on to me from some of the greatest baseball players I know. Many of which are current major college coaches. I took and refined the information even more through my obsession of mastering the baseball game, through virtually taking over 400 swings a day for over a decade testing each and every hitting theory out, along with analyzing frame-by-frame video slow motion replay of all the baseball greats which I am able to pass on to you in just a fraction of the time it took me to learn it and master the baseball game!
By reading this amazing ebook, you can teach your kids/students:
The Way to improve any specific area of their game The Way to step up to the plate and be the Clutch Hitter Strategies to enter into “the zone” at will… and stay there! Tips to help you catch up to the speed of the game How to play to your true potential How to silence your “inner critic” forever. If there’s 1 thing holding them back from playing perfect baseball today, this is it. How fingertips can help the game (trust me – you’ve never heard this before!)

This highly effective program is based on sound techniques and science which virtually guarantees results where it matters most – on the ball-field. And if you’re like me, you wish something that actually works, without the hype and false claims.

Although some of the particular game challenges are completely different for beginners and elite players, our tactics and techniques are easily adapted to your specific needs. You’ll teach each and everything even if you don’t have any experience. A lot of parents are taking advantage of this incredible guide to teach baseball their sons! In order to teach baseball running instincts and skills, you also need to learn the skills and mental strategies which create these instinctive reactions, themselves.

Every baseball team has a certain amount of raw natural skill levels built into the players. Some teams I coached had an abundance of power hitters, some over powering pitching, others strong defensive players, but one thing in common all the teams had was Baseball Instinct when running the bases.

I’m sure it happened, but for the life of me I do not remember one single player of mine being thrown out attempting to advance an additional base, not including a straight out steal attempt, due to the base running skills they were taught. This Product will clear all the doubts! This e-book can be used individually by the player, parent or coach. The strategies are taught in a way that helps the player to easily take the information and apply it on them self, as well as the coach or parent to be able to take the information in the product and apply it to their son or player on their team.

I do understand this is somewhat technical in nature, however, if totally understood it will make a HUGE difference in the world for the consistency of a young athlete. It’s worth learning for sure.

What Others Say About This E-book Manual?

“My son loves baseball, but as a beginner needed more help than the school coach was offering and I could see he was feeling anxious about it. As a parent, I could not imagine a better teaching tool than Baseball Techniques by Numbers. The information supplied gives full attention to our son and provided all the drills and techniques he needed to work on and improve.”
“It certainly taught him the technical and physical fundamentals of the game. He has been practicing for quite a while now and the last few games he has played you can see a vast improvement. Teaching baseball though a numbers aspect is the absolutely best way to teach beginners how to properly play baseball. He is doing what he really enjoys while improving and is not a beginner anymore. You can see how proud of himself he is and we are too.”
Bonnie R., WI

“The Baseball Techniques by Numbers manual and videos has provided a wonderful learning experience for both our sons and they really love it. It’s obvious! Both boys got to learn step-by-step all aspects of baseball at their own pace and in their own comfortable environment. Because of this new found motivation they’ve got the drills down to a fine art and have definitely improved.”
“They also have more self-esteem both on and off the field than before. When the neighborhood kids that come over to play a game they are having more fun then ever and are really enjoying this great experience. I couldn’t believe I got this for the price it was. I would have paid more! Baseball Techniques by Numbers is packed full off everything your child needs to improve their game in an educational and fun way.”
Lynn Frederickson, OR

“I thought it was wonderful..informative for people who understand the game and also for those of us that don’t!! Its short & to the point which is what readers want in an information format. The pics & drawings are clever.”
Sandy, I., OH

How much it costs you ask?

I’m very excited to get this ebook into widespread circulation that I have decided to make you an amazing offer that is irresistible – for a limited period of time, claim your ‘Teaching Baseball by numbers’ at a low cost of just $7.99.

My clients (many of them successful baseball coaches) think I’m completely nuts for practically giving this incredible information away. But I’m sure, this price will not last long (we’ve been advised to sell this amazing e-book for at least $97. And as much as we shun authority and being told what to do, we’ll follow this advice…very soon). But, if you TAKE ACTION RIGHT NOW, you are able to take advantage of this introductory price!

So you don’t have to wait another second to start teaching amazing baseball..!

What Are You Waiting For? Spread the Fun Now and Teach Baseball the EASY WAY!

These are all AMAZING! Are these AFFORDABLE? Definitely YES!

Click The Button Below To Get Your Copy Instantly Via Download for only $7.99.

This entire manual that shows you the secret to beginners baseball instruction is normally $9.99. But for a limited time get 25% off. Get it all including the special bonus for a one-time payment NOW!


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To your success,
Richard Duncan

P.S.  The low price will only last for a short time. Take advantage of this special pricing now before the price does go up.

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