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"Discover The Exciting Fun and
New Taste Combinations With Fondue!"

Only $29.95

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If you have ever wanted to know how to 'do fondue'...
you will find all the newest trends and
tasty fondue recipes right here!

Looking for a new and fun activity to do with friends, family or an intimate dinner? Then do a fondue!

Fondue is easy when you know all the secrets to how to do a Fondue Party!

Just think all the tasty combinations of cheese, wine and chocolate you can show off to your friends, family and with enjoy with your intimate partner.

Today, fondue has experienced a resurgence in popularity in the US, Canada and Europe.
The versatility of the fondue pot and the many and varied tasty choices available will bring to your table a diversity that few other 'fun party additions' do!

Plus when you add melted fondue desserts with fruits and melted chocolates - most any person will have loads of fun and will experience taste combinations they have never sampled before!

Throwing a Dinner Party and finding something 'new' to do to
thrill your party goers can be frustrating, when you are trying to do something 'new, and unique' to Wow them and
RAVE about you as a host or hostess!

Until now...! Let's Fondue!

As a host myself, I am constantly on the look out for new and interesting ways to throw a party. When I wanted to find easy-to-do, fail proof fondue recipes I was hard pressed to find a good book to give me what I was looking for.

With that thought in mind, I went on a hunt for a fondue book for fondue information. I was looking for the best fondue recipes, how to select a fondue pot, how to find and buy fondue accessories, and how to throw a great fondue party!

Then I compiled all my favorite fondue party tips into an easy-to-follow fondue entertainment book -- with everything a new host or hostess needed to know on how to do a fondue party in style!

My new fondue entertainment book is available to you right now.

Imagine being able to know how to do fondue! Wouldn't that be great?

Or what if you could wow your family and friends at your next gathering with a fondue treat. Just think how they would rave about your fondue party with their friends! Sound Good?

How good would it be to finally know how to fondue and select the right fondue pot, fondue accessories and even have my favorite fondue recipes? It is right here, I've put everything I know and could find about throwing a memorable fondue party in this book.

And that's what you get when you get when you read my new fondue entertaining book, called "Fonduementals" will do for you.



Fondue History: 

Find out all about how Switzerland is considered to be the birthplace of all things fondue. Discover little known fondue facts about how fondue can be dated back to the early medieval times in Europe and how the French fought with the Swiss about who was the original creators of fondue!

Fondue Pots:  

There are three main types of fondue pots and they are differentiated by the way in which they are heated. Some pots use sterno heat fuel to warm the pot, while others are electric, while others utilize a simple tea light. Find out what type of fondue pot you should buy depending on the size of your guest list, the type of foods you want to fondue and how to select a fondue pot that fills all your fondue needs.

Fondue Accessories:  

I list my favorite fondue accessories, from skewers to plates to how to make your fondue pot accessible to everyone with this neat accessory you don't want your fondue party to be without! Find out how I select what I need to be sure my party goers have the right number of plates and skewers to make sure they are happy and well satisfied!

Fondue Preparation:  

The first step is to ‘prepare’ the fondue pot and have it properly warmed depending on the type of fondue sauce you are creating. I give you my secret fondue pot preparation tip to be sure your fondue does not stick to the pot!

Fondue Food Selection:

Thinking of doing a cheese fondue? Then you need to read all about the best cheeses to buy, and what are the best wines to mix with the different cheese varieties
and why one cheese will be a better match with
your wine choice than another. 

Fondue Recipes and Entertaining:  

The wide variety of recipes that can result from the combining of cheeses, sauces, herbs, and spices is mind-boggling. I reveal my favorite tried and true recipes for those new to the art of Fondue as well as old fondue favorites.

Fondue Resources: 

I've also include fondue terminology so you can become a 'fondue expert' after you read this book! Get ready to WOW your friends, family and intimate partner with your fondue knowledge and expertise!

The Fonduementals Book is not like anything else you may have seen or read about Fondue before...

Why? Because you see, everything you are about to get today has been thoroughly researched by me and tested in my own fondue parties! I ONLY want the absolute BEST fondue information for my friends and customers, like you.

Which means, "If it isn't the best I didn't include it", so I personally hold myself responsible for delivering only the highest quality product to you to make sure you have only what you need to throw your next fondue party!

When you read the Fonduementals Book you will become a fondue expert!

Here are even more fondue tips you will discover about my "real insider fondue secrets"... 

Find out critical tips on the different types of fondue pots and why the most expensive one may not be the best deal -- I'll let you in on little known fondue pot tips to be sure you buy the right one for your next fondue party!

Fondue accessories and what ones you need and which ones you don't.

Become a fondue expert and select the right foods that go well together and don't make a mistake!

TESTED AND PROVEN FONDUE RECIPES! I'll reveal my favorite Fondue recipes which are sure to please most any picky eater!

Discover my 5 money saving tips and how you can throw a great fondue party on a budget!

Amazing Right?

YES, this is just a small taste of what you'll get when you order "Fonduementals" today. That's why you should to get your own fondue entertaining book before you plan your next party or family and friends get together. (And for you that want to entice the palette of your intimate partner, the chocolate recipes are sure to please!)

What's A Resource Like This Really Worth?

To research this kind of information would probably cost you months of your time, because I know that is what it cost me! You don't want to waste your time surfing all over the web or buying several fondue books to find bits and pieces of the fondue information you are looking for do you?

You can get everything you need right here, in one concise, easy-to-read book that gets you started on giving your own fondue party in just minutes after you finish reading it!

I am giving you the "Fonduementals" book at a bargain price which I will reveal below, but I'm not done yet with wowing you with what I have for you today!

First I want you to rest easy on your purchase. The price of the book is just a drop in the bucket compared to the fun you will have at your next fondue party!

Plus you can share what you know about fondue with your friends, family and coworkers! You can be a fondue expert after you read the book!

Try It For 60 Days, Your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Not Sure Yet? Here Are Some Great Extras For You!

Here's what I'll do to prove that I'm genuinely here to help you throw a great fondue party and make sure this is one of the best investments you can make!

I'm going to throw in some FREE BONUSES that will help you out, as they have helped myself and many others, just like yourself.

Simply download your copy of "Fonduementals" today, and I'll also throw in the following Free Bonuses with my compliments.

Free Bonus #1: Culinary Delights!

This amazing bonus is gives you 220 Masterpiece Dish Recipes!

220 Masterpiece Recipes:

You would have to buy several cooking books to find all these favorites and I have found and combined then in one book just for you!

Taste Tempting Salads and Sauces:

Alpine Mushroom Salad, Baby Spinach Salad With Grilled Onions, Tomato Vinaigrette, Sweet Onion Sauce

Mouth Watering Favorites:

Grilled Beef Tenderloin With Red Wine And Pistachios, Black Bean Soup, Cajun Barbeque Shrimp, Chicken Picardy With Dill Sauce, Texas Wild Duck Gumbo

Chef Inspired Cooking:

Roast Duckling A La Orange, Breast Of Pheasant With Grapes And Pine Nuts, Chicken Picardy With Dill Sauce, Crab Cakes With Sweet Peppers And Capers, Fillet Of Salmon With Anchovies And Tomatoes, Garlic Soup With Shiitake Mushrooms, Scallops Newport, Stir-Fried Spicy Lobster

Desserts to Diet For!

Chocolate Mousse, Bruno's Chocolate Cake With Chocolate Cream, Almond Meringue, Frozen Raspberry And Macaroon Soufflé, Hot Fudge Sauce For Dessert Tostada, Locke-Ober Indian Pudding, Raspberry Honey-Almond Parfait!

And over 200 More!

Free Bonus #2: Good Food & Drink Ideas!

This amazing bonus is gives you just what you need to know to throw a Dinner Party on a Budget!

The Dinner Party On A Budget

How To Be Ready For Drop-In Entertaining

How To Have a Successful Pot-Luck Dinner

Christmas Baking With Kids

How To Turn Any Dish Into A Diet Friendly Dish

How To Be Ready For Drop-In Entertaining

How To Have a Successful Pot-Luck Dinner

Christmas Baking With Kids

Tips For Making Gourmet Coffee

Ideal Cocktails For Brunch

Make A Kid Friendly Dinner Party

Quick and Simple Dishes Using Chicken

The Art of Making A South Western Burrito

Beef Bourguignon: The Old Favorite

Unique Dinner Party Themes

Tips for Christmas Cooking

Vegan Alternative Main Dishes

How To Keep a Well Stocked Bar

And much more!


Great deal right? You bet it is!

These free bonuses they're yours Free. Congratulations.

I am giving you the "Fonduementals" book and the two free bonuses at a bargain price of only $29.95. That's only pennies compared to the cost of throwing your next party, isn't it?

I'm not sure how long I will keep the price this low, or how long I will keep the bonuses included at this low price when you buy today.

You might be wondering why I would make this so affordable. Because I know how it is, people are on a budget these days and it is hard to throw a party when you have to watch your budget.

For only $29.95 you're getting everything you need right here, to throw your next fondue party! (Even if it is for an intimate party of two!)

Get this now, and you can stop hunting for ideas for your next party! You can download this in just minutes from now and can be ready to start planning your next fondue party this evening!

I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the high quality of the products you're about to receive and this incredible package deal will make YOU the host or hostess who throws those exceptional fondue parties that are so much fun!

Let's Party With Fondue!

Just click on the buy now button and you are on your way! Happy dipping!

Yes, Dean, I Want to throw my own fondue party! I understand I get all these listed below which includes my two free bonuses!

Fonduementals Book:
With Fondue History, Buying Tips, How To Select The Right Foods to Fondue Together and Fool Proof Fondue Recipes

Culinary Delights Book:
220 Recipes for Masterpiece Dishes

Good Food & Drink Ideas Book:
My Favorite Food and Drink Tips For Throwing Parties on a Budget!

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Only $29.95

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(All products are in instantly downloadable format and can be viewed with Free Adobe Acrobat Reader on Windows and
MacIntosh Computers.)

Here's to throwing your next fondue party!

Dean Doucet

© Fonduementals.com

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