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Hi There,

What if I handed you a book with 50 habits of highly ineffective people to learn from their mistakes and avoid making the same on your way to success and living your dream life

Would you be interested?

How can I make such a bold statement?

Well, here are two reasons:

Stephen Covey, author of the acclaimed “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” said,

“To understand and appreciate effective habits we need to study their ineffective counterparts.”

Here are 50 powerful but ineffective habits chosen from two decades of research, experience and observation. They all limit success. To succeed, successful men and women have learned to overcome and avoid them. Today you can join them.

Those in our research examined these limiting habits and become aware of their own limitations to success. They resolved to change and with determination they changed and went on to succeed. Therefore the strategies are proven to work.

You see my friend,

“Successful people are simply those with successful habits,” said Brian Tracy

Unsuccessful people are those with ineffective and limiting habits. Which are you?

But is this book for you?

Look, I know how discouraging and distressing it feels to be so close to success and have it slip through your fingers because of those common but ineffective habits that limit you.

I understand how frustrating it is to often give in to those tempting habits and feel guilty afterwards hating yourself for your weakness. You didn’t get to this site by accident.

I used to indulge in some of those ineffective habits myself until I discovered that they were limiting and holding me back from my hopes, dreams and desires.

I know how painful it is to search for help and find none. That’s why I started studying people and their habits, both successful and unsuccessful people.

I wanted to know why some people succeed in life while others are held back. Why many struggle to make it happen while others just seem to sail through life like a breeze.

I wanted to understand what it takes to succeed and after years of searching I struck gold!
I discovered and distilled these 50 common but ineffective habits that limit success.

From the knowledge I gained, I ditched all my own ineffective habits and have counselled countless others for six years to help them overcame their destructive and limiting habits. Our combined experience, research and studies gave birth to this book.

You see:
The strategies in this book have been tested and tried. They are still working miracles for those who use them to banish their ineffective habits. You could be one of them today.

Ineffective Habits steal your dreams and
Ruin your life
They destroy your chances of success

How would you like to…
Vanquish your fear of failure and skyrocket yourself to success? Get rid of guilt and frustration from self-limiting habits now and forever? Uncover the sources of your negative destructive habits and eliminate them? Stop hating yourself for your weakness and start accepting to love all that you are? End procrastinating now and start achieving your goals and desires? Overcome fear of rejection and go out to enjoy yourself, meet people and have fun? Eliminate high levels of stress that is ruining your life and killing your dreams? Eradicate self-criticism and those negative “voices” in your head for good? Overcome social anxiety, eliminate perfectionism and regain self-confidence? Feel loved and lovable, confident and competent in crucial situations? Banish approval seeking, blame shifting and build dynamic self-esteem? Feel comfortable, resourceful and strong at all times? Reclaim your true authentic Self, full of joy, energy and much more? Become a worthwhile person who achieves worthwhile things in your life
There is help.

Stop beating yourself up!
There's a short cut to the successful life you always wanted.
And it begins right Now! Right Here
Your Dreams can Become Real Today


$27.00 Only


In this Book, you’ll discover:
100 pages of distilled information packed with helpful tools, tips and techniques that have helped others avoid those common but ineffective and destructive habits How ordinary people, just like you, broke free from their ineffective habits How you can stop feeling guilty and hating yourself right now because you still indulging in those habits How to ditch those habits that attract criticisms, ruin your life and kill your dreams Amplify 15 simple but powerful strategies, others have used, to help them overcome destructive habits and make them your own How you can be admired for your freedom from ineffective and destructive habits How you can be joyful and happy without feeling helpless and miserable How you can harness the power of effective habits to succeed in any area of life How you can reframe your life and feelings to live the life of your dreams How you can attract opportunities, nurturing relationships and promotions because your habits are now so attractive and magnetic everyone wants you on their team Adopt 10 proven habits of highly successful people to maintain your success and remain happy, joyful and dynamic at all times
You can have all these today. Purchase this book – 50 Habits that Limit Success

Plus Bonuses:

FREE Bonus #1: Success Secrets: You'll discover 10 Positive Attitude of Highly Successful People. Just try a handful of these secrets and watch as new opportunities pop up in your life. I've seen people use these secrets to get a new job and launch a new career. You can create whatever you want with the positive energy they generate $39.00 Value

FREE Bonus #2: Business Strategies: Use these 5 Easy steps to start your own online home business to help you regain your confidence and financial freedom as you recover. Many people have expressed their gratitude for these easy business steps that helped them to rebuild their lives $29.00 Value

The combined value of these bonuses is over $60 but you can have them absolutely FREE

Think about it like this…

You could be reading this book in the time it takes you to click your mouse.
If you want to succeed in life and I know you do, wouldn’t you want to ditch every baggage that weighs you down on your journey?
Well destructive habits are dead weight baggage.

You can lay them down once and for all and never pick them up again.
This book shows you how and what to avoid to stop repeating past mistakes
You owe it to yourself to succeed in life and have fun and here is a way to live your dream life. Be FREE from destructive, ineffective habits of the past. Wave them goodbye forever!

So how much does this incredible book cost?

How much would you spend on a personal coach to help you overcome your weakness - perhaps a few thousand dollars for a year’s work?

Add to that the price of materials you may have to buy. Perhaps you would spend a few hundred dollars on books, tapes, CDs and other materials.

Well, you're not going to pay anything near that. This amazing book usually sells for $47.00.  But for a limited time only if you order it as an eBook - Your investment in your future with this Unique eBook including personal support is just $27.00 But only if you buy it NOW as a downloadable eBook.

With this book you can: Change Your Life and Keep the Change!



$27.00 Only



If you are struggling with self-destructive and success-limiting habits in life, this is a must read

Marianna May, London

Habits are important in every area of private and public life, business, work and relationships. Everyone can benefit by studying and implementing these simple strategies to overcome self-destructive and limiting habits in order to succeed in life. I thoroughly recommend this powerful book.

Nicole Normand, Author of Why not You?

Reading the 50 Ineffective Habits will change your life. It opened by eyes to my limiting habits and can do the same for you. It will motivate you to take action daily, weekly and monthly that will eventually compound into changing your habit and your life into the courageous and successful champion that you are. A great read.

Wendy Baudin, Author of Beam Me Up Hottie

50 Ineffective Habits will show you how to ditch self-limiting habits and develop success habits that energise and galvanise you to success whatever your current profession or status.

Irene, California

After I read the book, I kept referring to it again and again to remind me of those little ineffective habits that derail success and dreams and leave one miserable, regretting those bad habits for the rest of one’s life. Now I get a red flag every time I stray into those old habits. Thank you

Jennifer, Manchester

These people and others like them have succeeded using the simple but sure-fire strategies in this book to kick their destructive habits. Why not you? Why not now?

How to get Instant access today

Click on the button below to download your copy instantly

This eBook is just $27.00

(All you need is a credit card or a PayPal account. And it's totally secure.
Your credit card data is passed directly to the bank and no one but the bank has access
to your sensitive information.)

For such a small investment, you’ll have everything you need to move on with your new life.

No more embarrassing guilt-trips after each failing to resist the temptation

No more wondering what went wrong and hating yourself and your life.

No more feeling inadequate, worthless or less than others who succeed

And no need to waste thousands of dollars on therapists either.

And to make sure you’re entirely satisfied with your investment today, I’m going to back this up with
‘Read these simple strategies and follow the practical
advice inside, and if within 60 days you’re not totally convinced this will help you overcome your ineffective habits and start a happy new life of joy and success,
I will give you a full refund.

(no questions asked, simply go to the support page and request your refund, easy as that!)

Grab this book now and get your life back. You deserve success and happiness

If you’ve made it this far, then you’re obviously serious about getting over your ineffective and destructive habits. This book will show you how, by using a mixture of strategies and practical help steps.

Grab this book now and get your life back. You deserve success, joy and happiness

Click here to order now!


$27.00 Only

P.S – You do NOT need to wait another day to get rid of your bad, ineffective habits People who don’t know the secrets inside this book may advice you otherwise. The truth is, you can join other overcomers by using the simple but practical strategies in this book and with determination you can get rid of your ineffective and destructive habits in a matter of days and weeks.

And you don’t need to spend time beating yourself up or feeling discouraged and miserable because of your destructive habits. So download this book today and put an end to your self-destructive thoughts and feelings, and move on to a new and exciting life of joy, happiness and success you deserve.

Click here to order now!


$27.00 Only
You can be reading this e-book in as little as 5 minutes from now!
This is an electronic book (e-book) that can be downloaded to your computer in a flash!
Produced in .pdf format and available for instant download. Delivery time will vary depending on the type and quality of your computer equipment and internet connection


Very Warm Wishes from
Dr. Joshua-Amadi


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