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World of Warcraft Guide Brian Kopp's 1-70 Alliance

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"What If You
Uncovered A Secret Breakthrough
That You Could Use To Legally
Dominate Your Leveling Time On
Any Server? Would You Tell Anyone? Well I Have! So Stop
What You're Doing And Grab This
Amazing Guide Before Your Competition Does!"

Get Ready To See Proven Results Faster, Easier And With
Even LESS WORK Just By Using A Secret Path That Blizzard
Doesn't Want YOU To Know About.

1-70 Playing Time

Martin of www.wow-strategy.com

"I spent 38 hours and 11 minutes at level 60 before TBC was out (proof is on my blog from the site
name below the picture). The only relevant things I did was teach
my pet bite rank 7 and clear the bank. Let's very liberally say that'd take 3 hours... so to get my final /played time you'd have to subtract 35 hours and 11 minutes from the 10 day 7 hour and 49 minute total which gives
8 days, 20 hours, 38 minutes to level 70."
Martin Malmberg
Professional Gamer Shares Amazing Strategy!
It's about time isn't it? This guide was made because there were
so many World of Warcraft guides out there today that it was
hard to pick a good one, let alone a good leveling guide
that is legal. Many of them are far from worth even considering.
Any of these guides range from being found on ebay to personal
websites, and from gold to leveling guides to pvp and more.If
you're like me then you're sick of seeing the same old thing that
people post on the forums or try to sell on ebay for a quick
dollar. What they're actually doing is giving you an ineffective
grinding guide. It was thought that grinding was the
fastest way to hit 70 in the past because that is what all the
bots and leveling services do. Grinding has been since proven
to be not only slow but bad overall. Not only do you get bored
very fast from grinding, but it takes the fun out of the
game. Just
Ask Yourself This Simple Question:

Would you rather kill things endlessly in
the middle of nowhere for 15 days to hit 70?

or .....

Would you rather have to do less work and
have more fun as you level by questing, gaining faction,
and making friends along the way?

If you chose B then keep reading because you're going
to discover the best kept secrets
If you chose A then keep reading as well because you will
be shocked when you see the amazing difference


Recent Comment:
Just wanted to say thanks to you and your guide. I have all the "official" guides and books that the big stores sell, and your guide is seriously the best investment I've made since buying
It saves me so much time, especially since I work 50+ hours a
week and I don't have a lot of time a week to dedicate trying to level up and keep up with my guild mates. Your guide has helped me keep up with them and their levels, while spending half the time or less than they do. The quest guide coupled with the map add-on and preset waypoints literally saved me hours and hours of having to search for items as well as choosing the right quests and staying away from the trash
Thanks Brian, you rock!
-Chucky Walters

to 70 Faster or Easier
The truth about World of Warcraft, as well as
every other MMO on the market, is that the process to hit the end
game level isn't as easy as you might hope but it is a lot faster
and easier in WoW. They all start out very promising, allowing you
to gain levels very fast, and then it just tapers off and becomes
a long process of steep leveling curves. WoW itself doesn't
participate in the steep curves to level. 
By the steep leveling curves I mean the amount of
XP required to reach the next level and how it exponentially jumps
up a lot to reach the next level. It generally starts off allowing
you to level very fast and then at a certain level the XP jumps up
at a faster and faster rate until you're grinding for a week or
more just for one level.
This is where WoW takes the cake. Not only is
the leveling curve extremely minimal by jumping up at nearly a
small set amount of XP per level, but there are nearly endless
quests for you to do from when you first start a character to when
you hit 70. This in turn allows you to level faster than you
could have in previous games and to have a lot more fun while you
do it. That is something that no other MMO had to offer and it is
what they're all trying to copy now, but with little success. The
large amount of quests in World of Warcraft are also what make it
possible to have such a revealing leveling guide unlike any other.

Questing Is What Makes Such A Revealing Guide
If you chose Option B above then you
already know WoW is a lot more fun and easier than other MMO's
mainly due to questing.
If you chose Option A above then you're
just so used to grinding from other MMO's that had little or no
quests for XP gain that you think it is how WoW should be played.
Questing Not Grinding
The truth is that World of Warcraft is meant to
be played by having fun questing all over the world and not
grinding in remote locations everything you see for hours.
Sure you could grind all day but you take all the fun, and the
storyline, out of the game.
Before The Burning Crusade Expansion was released,
I have speed leveled many characters by questing. I also tested
out how fast you could grind. There was a shocking
difference in the times, faction gain, friends made, and the
overall boredom. There was nearly a 4 day difference of the actual
time spent in game. If that doesn't already sound bad enough,
since The Burning Crusade Expansion was released, Blizzard
severely upped the XP rates for 2 reasons.
The first reason was simply logical, they
wanted to make the content last a while since you had 10 more
levels instead of 60.
The second reason was to stop people
from grinding and actually enjoy the games content. The target
ranged from the average MMO consumer who is used to grinding on a
daily basis, as mentioned above, to the leveling services that are
frowned upon and is a bannable offense.
This not only makes grinding extremely time
consuming, but will never allow you to level in an efficient
manner. The only possible thing you could gain from it is a lot of
gold, but it makes a lot more sense to hit 70 first before you
farm gold. Particularly for the fact you get more gold from
higher level monsters and so that you can farm anything you
want and at a lot faster pace.
I Am Now Revealing My Secret
Step By Step Leveling Guide
I have followed this path in my head since my
first alliance character in WoW and I finally wrote it down
on paper in an extremely easy to read, Step By Step
guide that anyone can use. You can now get the results
that you want and have fun while you do it, with less work
than ever before.
You no longer need to deal with the frustration
of not knowing what to do next, where you should be questing,
or doing things like far away quests to only find out 5 minutes
later that you found another quest that you could have done at the
same time. This outstanding guide will show you what should be
done next, exactly where you should be for your level, and will
keep you from doing quests that are too tough for your level.
Every step is numbered and sorted by each
zone that you will quest in from level 1-70. Nearly every quest in
the game is covered from the start to the end and is linked to the
widely popular World of Warcraft database, Thottbot. You will be
able to easily follow each step to achieve your maximum efficiency
of the time spent playing and your level.
What I did with my years of speed leveling was
chart down the fastest way to complete multiple quests in
one running. In most cases you will able to do big loops around a
zone and knock quests off left and right so that by the time you
got back to town to turn them in, you had a nice experience boost.
This was especially great if you just leveled out in the field and
had 5 or 6 quests to still turn in and are now 30% or more into
the next level. 
The Best part about this guide is that you
can solo all the way to 70. You may need to group a few times
throughout, but you'll never be dependant on needing a group
again. Needing a group is also the most common mistake that
people make and is the reason they resort to grinding. Most people
try to complete every quest in a zone before they move on when
what you should be doing is all the easier quests and come back
later when you level up for the final quests.
Pictures Are Included
I took pictures of nearly everything you
have to interact with in one way or another. Pictures of what
you need to pick up, odd quest turn ins, special techniques, etc. I
have pictures under the step it corresponds to so that you
will fully understand what you're doing, and what to look for.
Use Any Race Or Class, They're All Here: Draenei,
Night Elf, Human, Dwarf, and Gnome, or Shamans, Rogues, Druids, Hunters, Mages, Paladins, Priests, Warriors, and Warlocks
I wrote down all the steps as well for the
starting zones for all 5 races: Draenei, Night Elf, Human,
Dwarf, and Gnome. These guides cover your starting race
specific zones. After you do that every race has the same path to
You can also pick any class and use the same guide
without worries. So whether you're a Shaman, Rogue, Druid,
Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Warrior, or  Warlock, you
can rest assured that you will benefit from all of the features
in the guide the same.

Blizzard Doesn't Want You To
Know This...
... and they will never let you know this. Why you
ask? Well it's all about the big money. The less you know about
leveling, the more you play, and the more money Blizzard gets.
Every month they're making roughly $120 Million in monthly
subscriber fees alone. If you've seen any of their official guide
books then you know that they don't reveal anything you couldn't
find out in a week of playing around. They might list all the
items in the game but it is obsolete in a month because they add
patches with new content and items, as well as change stats and
character builds.
Blizzard's official World of Warcraft Strategy
Guide doesn't show you how to do anything really. This guide
helps you achieve getting from 1-70 faster. 

The Guide To Life
This is an amazing mod that will uncover your entire
map so that you can see everything before it's uncovered. It also allows you to
import the special waypoint system that has every coordinate in
from the guide incorporated into it for even faster leveling so you don't have to search for
coordinates with your mouse.
Since every coordinate is documented onto your in
game map, you can easily set a waypoint and an arrow will show you
the direction and how far it is to that destination. Then once you
get there it automatically clears itself. Best of all this mod
itself is 100% legal, it is not a cheat or a hack. I do not
give you this installation file, you download it from a highly
known WoW Gaming Mod site so you have zero risk of being hacked.
Click The Picture Below For More Information On
This Amazing Mod

100% Legal, No Cheats, No Hacks
There are absolutely no cheats and no hacks in
this guide. Everything you do is all you. I have the
fastest, most efficient path charted out. All you have to
do is follow it, have fun, and level faster than ever before. You'll
be leveling so fast that people will swear you are cheating.
That is where you can have even more fun. When someone asks
how you are x level so fast, just tell them you're hacking. They
might report you but the GM will know you're not. =)

Secure Your Copy And Discover The Best Alliance Guide
Now these secrets being revealed are so startling
and shocking that it is in danger of being taken off the internet
as we speak. This guide is 100 times greater than that of the
official strategy guide. Why? Well because it's an online only
game so Blizzard will not make a guide anything like this and they
will never officially support it. As I said they want you to pay
more and play more to level.

Actual Testimonials



I got your leveling guide more then a month ago
(April).  I truly feel that I'm getting more than I
bargained for.  You update your guide quite often and
you always provide those updates to existing customers. 
It's emails like the one of your most recent update that
show that you're dedicated to customer service and want
every one of your previous members to enjoy the benefits of
the latest information.


That, combined with just the amazing quality of the
guide has made me a customer for life. 


Thank you for all your hard work, it is truly


Gary Weber

Icecrown:  Deelmackey (70 hunter), Fubarian (61
Warlock), Opatamoot (40 Druid)

Hey Brian,

Thank you for an excellent guide! Getting what you pay for
these days is more rare than an epic drop, but I can honestly
say that your guide is worth every penny!

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Brad C.

Thanks Brian!!!! I use this guide like a Bible!! I have been playing mmo's for about 8 years, and usually when I level I hate it, but this guide has made the game more interesting now that I don't have to grind every level. This guide reduces SOO much downtime, you would have to be crazy NOT to
grab This Guide!!!!

Jason Kujo

Dear Brian Kopp,
I'd just like to comment your excellent guide. Never have I seen a better use of a internet
video game guide, mixed with the great instructions and tips you give. I must simply say I'm amazed that the entire world of world of
warcraft doesn't have it yet.
I've taken the liberty of showing off a couple pages at school, as some of my friends thought it was a scam and that I was simply lying. When they saw the two pages, they were still a bit uncertain, but when I invited them home to see it in
action, they too were amazed at the efficient leveling that could be achieved with your wonderful guide.
Joakim Tobiasson - A VERY satisfied costumer.

I wasn't quite sure where to put Feedback, so I decided
to send it to you this way. My cousin bought your guide for me
for my birthday. When i first got it I wasn't sure whether I
should use it or not, or whether it was counted as cheating.
But I had a go, and I just couldnt stop using it. It's
brilliant! Since I've started using it, I've got 2 level 70's!
I told my friends I had it, and I showed them a preview. And
they were dumbstruck at how fast I could level. Thank you very
very much Brian. Really appreciate it!

~ Aisha Luckie

Dear Brian,

I purchased your guide and have been following it step by step since my purchase. I'm extremely pleased with it and I just had to tell you.

It's perfect for someone like me who used to run out of quests and not know what to do next. You hear the word "guide" used often, but it truly is a guide. You take us step by step how to utilize the most of our online time. And for a stay at home mom, it's great to finally catch up with my friends!

I can't wait to use it for the Draenei I plan to create and use your heavily anticipated upcoming guide for them!

Thank you so much for your great work. This was worth every penny!
Mya - Priestess of Bloodscalp
More feedbacks are available, I try to not spam you with them.


Here Is A Brief Recap

This is a digital guide that you can view and download
in the members area. The members area also helps with updates and new releases

pages from my 1-70 "Set In Stone" route with links to every quest and covering every
class and race

Every step is written down from 1-70 showing you when to accept/turn in quests, where to go, etc so you can easily follow with any Alliance race

I have a tips section for basic information such as which Mods I use and
general leveling tips

Interactive Map Coordinates for 1-70.
This is an amazing mod that you install that will uncover your entire map, like Diablo 2 maphack, so that you can see everything before it's uncovered. It also allows you to import the special waypoint system that
shows every coordinate in the guide on your map for even faster leveling so you don't have to
manually search for coordinates.

I Include class specific
solo talent guides for Shamans, Rogues, Druids, Hunters, Mages, Paladins, Priests, Warriors, and Warlocks
Yep all 9 classes

This guide is 100% legitimate and
WILL NOT get you banned. No hacks, bots, or cheats are used

This is not a gold making guide, but my original guide is free on
but remember that solo you will find many blue items and have a lot of money
naturally while using this guide

This is a digital guide so you can click each
quest if you need additional help and information

From noobs to veterans, this guide will help you on all levels.

Whether you want to just know what quests to get or avoid or you want to follow this 100%,
you will be amazed at every turn

Whether you are using this guide to level as fast as you can or just casually so you don't get stuck, this guide will help you level so much faster than if you didn't know it.

Guide and Interactive Map Mod are
compatable for Mac users.

If there is anything else you want to know just e-mail me

Secure your copy today and you'll get all updates FREE! So you get all the class guides,
any updated tweaks to the guide, and any updates to the 1-70 Burning Crusade Guides

I Want To Secure My Lifetime Membership To
"Brian Kopp's 1-70 Alliance Leveling Guide"

I Understand that I will have access to the
members only website where I can download and print out the entire 1-70
Alliance Leveling Guide. I also understand that the guide
will help me level with any Alliance race or class faster than I
had ever dreamed or even just help to keep me on the right path. I
will also get complete access to every "Solo Talent Build" for
all 9 classes in World of Warcraft; Shamans, Rogues, Druids, Hunters,
Mages, Paladins, Priests, Warriors, and Warlocks
I also understand that this is a lifetime
membership and a 60-day guarantee. I also have no obligation to
pay ANY monthly fees to gain access to new and updated content to the 1-70
Alliance Leveling Guide or the 9 "Solo Talent Build" class

Yes, I Agree! I want my lifetime membership for a one-time
low investment of only...

The 1-70 Alliance Leveling Guide is downloadable, you will
be taken to an account creation page to create a login for future
updates immediately after clicking
the button below where you can download your guide. You WILL NOT receive anything in the mail regarding the
creation of your account.

Don't have a Credit Card, Paypal, or Echeck? Click Here

will be taken directly to the account creation page immediately after
you click the create account button. 
Once you create your account you can then
make your
one-time investment and download the 1-70 Alliance

What are you doing reading down here? Why didn’t you order yet?...Oh, you must be one of those skeptics thinking my guide still sounds too good to be true. Probably because of the
price or because you've seen other guides out there. I'll
tell you what. I'll directly link you to some other guides
and I guarantee that after you try them out that you will
not like them and you will be back to try this guide out. Check
some of these guys out and see the quality difference in
my guide compared to them:Killer
Guides: An overpriced collection of basic guidesUltimate
WoW Guide: Good site but the leveling guide section is
pretty bad. Very unorganized and hard to follow.WoWhints:
This is by far the worse leveling guide I've ever seen.
First he tried to steal my guide and now his guide has 10
steps per level. If you've played 10 minutes in outland
then you will know why this is garbage. Why
would I tell you to just go buy another product? Well
because I believe my guide is the best one available for
leveling an alliance character 1-70 that I offer a 60 day money back guarantee
so if it's not for you then what do you have to lose?


Brian Kopp © 2006


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Brian Kopp's World of Warcraft Guide is not authored or endorsed by Blizzard Entertainment or Vivendi Universal Games, and any Blizzard or Vivendi trademarks displayed in the guide are the sole and exclusive property of Blizzard or their respective owners. This is not a copy of Blizzard's official World of Warcraft strategy guide


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