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Finally! A Fitness Program That Let’s You Tap Into The “Secret Powers” That Make A Hero Super.

That Will Unleash The Hero Within You!


Already own it? Access your program [here](http://daretoevolve.tv/members/).
Warning: This journey is wrought with fun, excitement, challenge, mystery, discovery, creativity, joy, tears, leotards, inspiration and sweat.
So long as you’re okay with the potential of meeting arch-villains and wizards, having more fun than you ever have before training hard and being unable to resist the incredible urge to launch yourself from where you stand to fly……

Then by all means…


Myth and Legend

The stories of the adventures and deeds of great Hero’s have been an integral part of cultures the world over. Interwoven into our history, passed on from one generation to the next. Stories that teach us lessons, inspire us to greater versions of ourselves and warn us of more destructive paths walked if not cautious.

These stories are the stuff of myth and legend. Yet they have followed and survived the history of man, with just as strong a foothold as actual events, and just as much influence.

Why? Because there is a truth in them. A universal truth.

That our capacity is beyond what we believe we are capable of. That our purpose is beyond the day-to-day lull of just getting by. That we have the strength, courage and fortitude to withstand and overcome immense challenges and obstacles that stand in our way.

For some that will mean climbing a mountain. For others it will mean going out their front door and walking around the block. The actual “feat” is not what’s important. It’s the journey the hero has had to go through to overcome. Both scenario’s will bring us to tears and make our hearts pulse, if the journey is true.

For many of us in this day and age, the journey to unlocking our physical vitality, vibrancy and vigor is quite the undertaking.

An adventure in and of itself, with beasts and demons to be faced, traps to be outwitted and victories to be had. So why do many fitness programs out there appear to just add to the difficulty of achieving those goals, rather than empower?

How You’ve Been Held Back from Your Potential

It is due to the culture of influence. The culture of influence at this time speaks to the superficial, the surface of the pain we feel. No matter how it gets dressed, the message continues to be:

“Build the Body of Your Dreams”

A body whose ideal is dictated to you by the very influencers of that culture. Yes, self esteem and confidence gets spoken to. Sense of self worth and value, are addressed. Getting the guy or gal you’ve always wanted, the job that will make you millions, loads of adoring friends. These all get presented as what you will receive….upon achieving the ideal physique.

Without even realizing (or maybe I’m wrong, maybe it’s all being done completely on purpose) they are feeding and strengthening the very demons we struggle with and creating the trap to keep us stuck in the mire of mediocrity.

I’m going to give the benefit of the doubt this round and say that most are well intentioned. But due to the culture of influence around physique being first and foremost, the lowest common denominator that will attract us to them because of our actual desire to have an incredible physique, they get trapped in the cycle as well.

The irony is that Heroes have always stood in the face of common culture!

It is their willingness to step outside the safety and comfort of the mass mentality that made them extraordinary. It was their refusal to submit to the status quo if it was in fact detrimental to the whole. Having to struggle against their own internal inertia despite the seduction and torment of those around them.

Hero’s are not without doubt, fear, anxiety and uncertainty.

Standing up to the loudest voices of dissension (the ones in their very own heads) and moving forward are what make their actions heroic. Heroic in all of our eyes, because deep down we all want to do the same. Deep down, the hero within each of us is crying out to be freed.

The Clubbell Hero Evolution will help you become the hero in your own life.

Think about this. Hero’s are often depicted as these incredible physical specimens. Lean, ripped, curvy, smooth, taught, strong, flexible, dynamic. Any of us that looks at their bodies (whether we believe it to be realistic or not) can’t help but think “Dang. I wouldn’t mind looking like that.”

But are those who arise, heroes because they have these incredible bodies? Or do they have these incredible bodies because they are heroes?

There is a basic universal principle that applies to all physical results in our training. It’s called the SAID principle: Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands. Our body only ever adapts specifically to whatever we are doing. If we sit at our desk all day, our body will adapt to that and physically manifest what is required to perform that function. If we stand all day, same thing. If we sit on the couch all day, do hard labor or drive a vehicle all day, same thing.

And these Heroes had these physiques as a result of the demands put upon them. So if we are striving to unleash the hero within, we need a program that matches that intention.
“Just wanted to share a win with you-when I started TACFIT, almost 2 years ago, I couldn’t do the lunges, my injured foot/leg wouldn’t allow me to do more than about 20 % depth. Same story thru Mass Assault, Drift/Accelerator. Hips got better from P1. Had trouble with lunges in CBME. Did the Spiderman Mobility, but I was dying to swing the clubs. Stuck with it though, and man, what a great program Clubbell Hero Evolution is, it’s like I have a new body! When I started Thor cycle, I was surprised how strong I still was, and how good my form was-in control. And, I can easily lunge to full 90 degrees and spring up! WOOOOHOOO! the injury was 30 years ago, and this is a huge, huge step! Just wanted to share, and say “THANKS COACH!” ~Peter R.

To Get the Hero’s Body, Be the Hero.

Merely LOOKING like a superhero will do you no good. You need to have the ability to function like a superhero.

To access the physical exuberance and energy of a superhero is to support unearthing the mental, emotional and spiritual exuberance and energy of a superhero.

I mean, that is something you’d like right? No? Am I off base here? Maybe living your most vibrant and dynamic life isn’t really your cup of tea?…..

“Shane! I’m here aren’t I. Give me the cape and mask already. Lets DO THIS!!”

Well in this modern day and age, where movement is required less and less to function in day-to-day life, we need that support system. Resources and tools we can incorporate so we don’t completely fade away into obscurity.

Clubbell Hero Evolution provides just that.

The program is a full 4 months and is designed specifically to assist you as you walk the Hero’s path.

You want to gain access to all the strength and power you are going to develop? (Attributes that are no good if you are locked up in a self imposed cage.)
You need release of excessive tension and to reinstate proper structural alignment.
You want to improve your performance, whether as an athlete, a weekend warrior or for the first time exploring a physically vibrant life? (You won’t be leaping over tall buildings from bicep curls.)
You need functionality.
You want to be free of debilitating pain that results from training, stopping you from being able to enjoy the rest of your life? (Every super-villain would love to see you stuck in your chair.)
You need full range of movement and specific, active recovery.
You want to be excited about your training, rather than dreading it or becoming bored? (A Hero’s life is anything but boring.)
You need progressive levels of increasing movement sophistication.
You want the time, effort, sweat and tears you’ve put into your training to open up opportunity’s for you to do more beyond the gym doors? (The life of a Hero goes beyond themselves. Unleash the hero within and you provide the opportunity for those around you to do the same.)
You need skill building development that stimulates and brings your nervous system to life.
The Clubbell Hero Evolution is a program that utilizes the revolutionary system of Circular Strength Training, and the innovative tool, the Clubbell, both created by Scott Sonnon, to augment the development of strength, speed, coordination, flexibility, power and a metabolic (fat burning) blowtorch to give you the attributes and body worthy of carrying the Hero (you) to the heights of your utmost capacity, living the vibrant life you deserve to live.
Move through all 6 Degree’s of Freedom that our bodies are meant to, for muscle you can actually use. Master body awareness through mastering the most “inefficient training tool”, and master your relationship to a constantly fluctuating environment. Develop the super-strength that the gained muscle is meant to support. Torch the fat while drastically improving your ability to move. Say goodbye to “I do a bit of cardio….because I have to.” Say hello to pain-free training that will let you do more, gain more, live more! Maximally recover through specific compensation and movement flows to release tension and maintain overall structural and muscular balance. Translation: Avoiding injury! Create a solid network of connective tissue that won’t fail you when calling upon the reasons for having a strong physique.
Last but not least?
Feel the fire light up inside as you finally tap into a program that frees you to access more pieces of yourself than ever before.

You Didn’t Come This Far To Back Down Now

You are here to tear down the bars of debilitating imprisonment.

You are here to discover the gems within.

You are here reach for the stars and create a legend of your own life.

You are here for the Hero within.

Dare to Evolve!

Clubbell Hero Evolution™


Complete Details Below

The Clubbell Hero Evolution™ training program includes the following components:
Implementation Components CBHE Training Manual – The CBHE training manual lays out everything you need to implement the program. This PDF guide contains four months of training programs that will take you from wherever you are now to the cusp of your potential. Not just a simple Word doc, the Training Guide includes a strong dose of inspiration (because heroes need inspiration) and original hand-drawn artwork to bring the power of your imagination to your training in each and every session.
Introductory Training Concepts Video – Watching this introductory video is like learning the secret password to Superhero HQ. I’ll take you behind the scenes of what it means to be a superhero and how to get started on your journey.

Three Attribute-Development Flows CBHE introduces you to three Superhero Mentors (and you can choose others if you like) who will serve as your inspiration to develop different facets of your own inner hero. Each of the three flows below will bring out qualities that are hiding within you already.
Primer – Designed to build your agility and remove the restrictions in your movement that are making you slow and weak.

Strength – Hard core strength building to bring the Thunder and command authority and respect in everything you do.

MetCon - Metabolic Conditioning style training to shred off the fat and increase your ability to recharge and recover in minimum time.

23 Clubbell Instructional Videos The Clubbell component is obviously a huge part of this program – it’s the CLUBBELL Hero Evolution, after all. The 23 Clubbell movements in CBHE are broken down into two categories.
Exercises – The basic component parts, the individual exercises are like different tools in the utility belt, ready at your disposal to meet specific objectives in each session.

Combos – Combo routines connect the individual skills to develop complex abilities that separate the beginning hero from the full-on superhero. This is where Clubbell work gets fun.

Follow-Along Videos This isn’t the “Clubbell Hero Hobby Kit” so I’m not leaving you to put the pieces together on your own. Every component of CBHE includes a follow-along video version that you can download to your iPhone or other device and take on the road. Just workout with me.
14 Clubbell Workouts – I’ll walk you through each training session with enough coaching to make sure you can work each exercise to create maximum impact on your performance.

Warm-Up and Cool-Down Videos – Pretty self-explanatory, but again, these videos are designed to ensure you get the most out of CBHE with the least amount of uncertainty and injury possible.

Lifetime CBHE Membership Superheroes don’t get to retire.
You’re in this for the long haul, and I am too. I’m committed to supporting your quest to unleash your inner strength on the world, that means free updates for life.


Did someone say “Bonus”?

If you want to get the best results and make progress at the fastest rate possible, the following Extras will give you additional tool to ensure you have a great experience with CBHE.
Bonus #1: CBHE Nutrition Guide CBHE Nutrition Guide – For proper care and feeding of your inner hero. A lot of programs out there include a quickie “diet” ebook or something that usually amounts to a few pages of saying “eat good food” in overcomplicated language. Not here. This guidebook is full of practical tips that make sense and are actually useful. Bonus #2: Clubbell Hand Care Video Clubbell Hand Care Video – If you’ve done much weightlifting, you’ve probably developed callouses from gripping barbells. Clubbells work your grip in a very direct way, so you’ll definitely want to watch this thorough video Clubbell athletes have been asking for for years. If you’re new to this kind of training, keep your hands in good condition by applying the practical advice in this bonus video.
For everything included in this program, you might pay up to $100.

Think about it: The Clubbell Hero Evolution program includes everything you need for a full four months of training. This is an investment, not only in your health, but in your self confidence and your ability to stand up to the challenges in your life knowing that you’re bringing nothing less than your full inner resources to the situation.

It’s easily worth C-note.

But you already know I’m not going to charge you that much. You can’t do this program without a clubbell, so I’m willing to cut you a deal and let you download the Clubbell Hero Evolution program for less than you might expect.
“Bought [CBHE](http://daretoevolve.tv/products/clubbell-hero-evolution/) last night (UK time) – I love the way you’ve designed the program, and is awesome how I can start it before I get the correct weight Clubs Great job, many thanks.” ~James L.

Ready to do this?

Download the Clubbell Hero Evolution for Just $75


As soon as you complete your payment through ClickBank, you’ll be redirected to register for my Fortress of Solitude, the super-secret members-only download area. Once there, you’ll have access to all of the course files, video downloads, and updates as they become available.

Clubbell Hero Evolution is a download-only digital product. Nothing will be shipped to you. The Course Manual is delivered as a PDF ebook that can be opened with the free Adobe Reader, found on most computers. The Instruction Videos are in iTunes video format and can be played on PC and Mac computers as well as portable devices, such as iPods.

Heroic 60 Day Guarantee

I’m absolutely confident that the Clubbell Hero Evolution will have you feeling like a hero. In fact, I’ll give you a full 60 days to test it out thoroughly. If you don’t feel more confident in your powers by the time that 60 days is up, I’ll give you your money back, 100%, no questions asked.

Like any good sidekick, I’ve got your back, so don’t be afraid to call on me if you need a little help.

Clubbells For Everyone

The “Club” is said to be the most ancient training tool to be used by man. It‘s effectiveness and value has withstood the test of time. So why mess with a good thing, right?

As with all good things, there comes a time when it must be re-visited, re-scrutinized and re-evaluated if it is to become better, and in the last decade that time has come once again. With it’s most recent emergence and evolution coming in the form of the modern Clubbell!

Now, yes, being forced to develop superior efficiency in movement via slinging around the world’s most “inefficient” tool (not easy to manage or move as a result of it’s extreme leverage disadvantage) will give some positive results. But unless married with a delivery system that takes the fullest advantage of what the Clubbell has to offer, it remains just that, a tool.

That is why I created the Clubbell Evolution series – to utilize one of the most effective training tools, with one of the most effective training systems, in service of bringing your hidden strength to the surface.

Clubbell Hero Evolution is a great introduction if it’s your first time training with Clubbells. It’ll provide a fresh look and added depth if you are an old hand at it.

And it is the perfect follow-up if you’ve previously trained with CBME, building on and capitalizing on the results gained with that program.

Get CBHE and Unleash Your Inner Hero Today
The Clubbell Hero Evolution includes: Over 40 Video, explaining every step of your own Hero’s Journey 4 Months of Workouts, carefully programed to bring out the superhero attributes you’ve kept hidden inside Implementation Manual laying out the entire program with clear instructions and inspiration Lifetime CBHE Membership entitling you to periodic bonuses and free updates for life CBHE Bonuses includes the CBHE Nutrition Guide and Clubbell Hand Care Video

Click Below to Download Immediately for $75


P.S. – You have great things inside you. You have great resources of inner strength just begging to be set free. You have the makings of a superhero inside you, lying dormant, waiting to be called forth in service of your true mission. I created CBHE because I believe in your inner hero, and I can show you how to let him out.

Have Questions? Be sure to head on over and [find your answers.](http://daretoevolve.tv/contact/)

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