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Attention My Frustrated Friend,

From the Man that has helped 150,241 People in 127 Countries!

“If you have been frustrated for years because of your short height…then this will be the most life-changing message you have ever read.”

Dear Friend,

Let me ask you..

Have you ever felt depressed or disappointed just because you were short?

Have you ever missed out on an opportunity because of your height?

Do you have a hard time getting a date because women dig tall men?

Have you ever been MOCKED because of your Short Stature?

I’m sure you feel that you aren’t just good enough!

You know that everything would be just right, if you could grow few inch taller..
YOU could get the girl or guy you adore! You could seize every opportunity! You do not have to be the one who misses out on life!
I know that because being Asian Sucks!


My name is Karan,

I’m an asian guy and so, I had been short for a large part of my life…

A few years ago I was just over 5′ 4″  and now I stand a pretty impressive 5′ 9″…and it feels amazing!

How did it happen?

“I just connected the dots!“


It all started when I was 23 and had just passed out of college, looking for a job in the corporate sector.

I had moved from India to Hong Kong for a six month internship in a multi-national corporation.

At that time I guess I was around 5’4″ and even though I was short, I had a pretty girlfriend and everything was going along just fine..

And finally my internship came to an end and it was time for us to get a real job and start out with our life.

But, something really weird (and quiet unfair) happened to me!


Even though I was one of the brightest interns (quoting my mentors), I wasn’t the one who was getting the job.

I was fully qualified and I had successfully completed every task that had been presented to me during the internship. Yet still, I never got the job.

Do you know who got the job and why?


He was a not-so-smart but tall guy.

And the only reason, on the basis of which, he was appointed was that he was taller, had a better a personality and thus could well represent the company.

Plus, my the HR guys thought that he had the potential to be a better leader.

Just because he was taller? That is so unfair!


Isn’t it?!

Well, it was this point in life that really forced me to realize that whether I liked or not, height was something that really making a difference in my life.

At that time, I was feeling very insecure and defeated about my height… more than ever…

I had tried everything… literally– grow taller programs, supplements, HGH boosters, pills, insoles, herbs, potions….

But I wasn’t gonna give up.


I was determined to find a solution and contrary to what everybody said,
I knew it was possible to grow, even several years after puberty.

I read through over 200 books, interviewed 97 nutrition and fitness experts, skimmed through libraries and 11 months 27 days later…

I was done with my *Secret Research*


and I had what I call my Secret Blueprint to success

It was Time to Give it a Shot…

I religiously followed every single guideline that
I had drafted in my blueprint for the next 4 weeks
And I was shell shocked!

within just 6 weeks of using this blueprint

I went from 5’4 to a whopping 5’7″.

My girlfriend thought I was on some kind of drugs or something and was startled on seeing this improvement.

She always said that she found taller men attractive and here I was..And yes! I did get a nice little treat from her…

After this quick success, I decided to try it out for another 4 weeks and the results were still remarkably shocking,

I just about touched 5’9″ and that was a huge change in my personality,

I had grown 5 inches in height, 7 years after puberty with my own blueprint…

I was absolutely fascinated.

Life seemed much more easier.

I was getting a lot of attention now and I could see that more women were attracted to me.

I was being treated with much more respect and now not a lot of people dared to get into a mess with me.

I finally felt what I had missed out on life, in all these years….

I was down to tears…


It was a very strange feeling indeed… I might have finally found something that would solve all height gain problems…

And it was not just about me…

I realized that there are people just like me and you..

thousands of them who are in depression, every single day of their life..

believing that it is something that they cannot change..something they have no control over and just accepting to live with it.

I could change thousands of lives and help hundreds of people feel good about themselves!

This could be revolutionary..

But was it just luck?

Maybe Yes, Maybe not! I had to figure it out….

I decided to put my blueprint to test and I tried it out 4 of my Indian friends who had been there with me for the same internship.

And as I expected….
“It was a startling Discovery”

I had the magic recipe…

The one thing that changed conventions and beliefs about height growth..

I mean..
“3 inches in less than a month; That’s unbelievable!!”

It was incredible.

And it was time to expose it to the world..

Bringing My *Secret Blueprint* to YOU

And as I already said, it was all about connecting the dots.

Yes, the information was out there, but it was scattered and I know getting it all together was more or less pure luck.

But the fact is it brings in results and results that have not been seen anytime before!

Even though at that time my blueprint was pretty much in abstract form and there were no set guidelines on how to go about it.

I spent another 18 months (while working at my day job) and around $2,000 in developing the blueprint into a compilation, which would be the ONE answer that people like YOU are looking for.

I was so psyched about getting this one solution to people that I wasn’t even worried how I was basically ruining my social life.
But it has all paid out…
More than 150,000 people have tried and seen results from my grow taller guide and I receive hundreds of thank you mails daily which just make me feel good about myself!



What makes The Grow Taller Guide better than anything else in the market?

Precise and Practical Information

Unlike other Popular Height Gain Systems that offer abstract “generalized information”, we have tried our best to make the information held within our guide to be as precise and as practical as it can get. It is something which you can actually get started with tonight!

100% Safe and Natural

We do NOT endorse or promote any supplements and all the tips, strategies and plans mentioned in the guide are 100% natural and safe to use.

Easy to Understand and Use

If you have already tried out any other system out there, you already know How dry and boring they are. The Grow Taller Guide has so many practical applications that it literally engages with you. It makes understanding the concepts and the implementation so much easier, you’ll actually love reading our guide again and again.

Unique methods that ACTUALLY work

Well, as I said above that when I started out with my quest to grow taller, I tried out over 15 grow taller programs available in the market and since nothing else really worked for me, I decided to create my own “blueprint” or a guide which could help me and others to grow taller.
I was basically pissed because even the highly popular grow taller guides offered such generalized information that it became an itch which I had to scratch.

But, Alas! We are NOT perfect!

Well, when I first started out with “The Grow Taller Guide”, I wanted it to be a free solution for every one out there and even though I spent around 3 years in total and around $2,500 in other programs, get specialists to answer my questions and skimming the libraries, I thought it would bring “Good Karma” to me to help hundreds of people solve this HUGE problem.

But just after the first month of starting out and giving away this guide for free to over 15,000 people…
And soon we ran out of money.

We had no money to do more research and improve this guide, we had to pay hundreds of dollars to keep the site up and manage it to serve thousands of people on monthly basis and maintain our support system to help people by clearing their doubts and giving them custom recommendations on how to go about the methodology mentioned in the guide.

So, finally we had to settle at a minimum price of $47 to make sure that everyone can afford it (just think about the expensive surgeries or health supplements, the only things which would get you the exact results) and should be enough so that the site was running smooth and we could develop upon our existing blueprint and PDF guide to establish better results and bring more good back to the people.

Plus, you never have anything to lose. We are so Confident about this guide that we give you a  60 day money back guarantee, either you gain the desired height or you get your money back.

Get it for just $47

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
We value you as our buyer and we are here to help you. So, if for any reason you feel that this guide is not for you or even if you don’t get the expected results then you can claim a FULL refund for the price you paid for our guide. Just send us an email and we’ll refund your money right away, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!
We just want you to give it ONE single try and feel the change yourself!

These People along with the Thousands other make us Feel Proud!

“In the past month I have already gained two full inches! Now this might not seem like a lot, but my co-workers have noticed on their own!”
Jessica Sharma - Age : 27

“Like a couple of the other reviewers of this book, I was kind of skeptical at first. But this book is actually worth it. I’ve been trying to grow in height for a couple of years now because it seemed to be that I was stuck at my lowly 5’6″.
But after reading this piece, I feel as though the exercises and advice given in this book were definitely on point and helpful to grow. I can kind of feel myself getting taller as I even read this book, This book breaks down the different aspects of height and what you can do.

The instructions were clear and easy to follow.  Also, some of these ways were extremely practical and easy to do. In all, this would be a good investment if you want to gain aa couple inches.”

Neil Scott - Age : 19

If you seriously want to change your life for good, then this is the guide that you OWE to yourself!

Without a doubt, this is the single guide present in the market that will get you the claimed results….

It has worked for over 150,000 users of ours and you are destined to succeed too…We really want to see YOU as our next happy customer…We want you to take the right step to help YOU change your life!

You won’t find a better and faster way to grow taller!
So Karan, How do I get My hands on “The Grow Taller Guide” ?

It’s easy!
All you need to do is just click on the order button below and it will take you to the 100% Secure Clickbank Payment Processor. .

Yes, I want to unleash my true potential! Yes, I want to be in the best shape of my life! Yes, I want to get the girls, be the leader and leave a strong impression!

If that is what YOU want, you know what to do!
Get Instant Access for just $47

You will receive the PDF guide .

Internet Security Notice

Your order form will look like the screen below and payments will be made through Clickbank which is the most secure and trustworthy online method of payment worldwide.

We Respect your privacy, The Grow Taller Guide will NOT show on your Credit Card/Bank Statement.  Nobody will ever know that you bought our height increase program.

Thank you so much for reading this message. And please do NOT forget to drop a testimonial when you have seen the true potential of our program.

To Your Success,

Karan Labra.

P.S. Remember you are covered by a 100% Money-Back Guarantee… If you don’t like TheGrowTallerGuide™ System for ANY reason at all… simply let us know and we will give you every cent of your money back… not only that but we’ll let you keep everything! …NO risk on you!  All risk is on ME! 

P.P.S. What are you waiting for!? Take control of your life… You WANT to be taller… MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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