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Summer 2007 

Financial Freedom Times
Special Credit Repair Edition

Give us 30 minutes
and we’ll show you how a new publication improves your credit score by 120 . . 150  . . . 200 POINTS or more!

Exposed  are Secrets So Powerful the credit industry prays you don’t discover and use them to your financial advantage!

Use these underground secrets to make your own Declaration of Economic Independence and Wildly Boost Your Credit Score!:
Wipe Out Bankruptcy! Remove Foreclosures! Clear Repossessions!
Sweep Away Tax Liens!
Purge Late Payments!
Now You CAN Start Your Economic Life Fresh
Don’t be haunted by your past one moment longer!

From The Desk Of: James


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Dear Friend,

What will you do with the extra $100,000
you save on your mortgage payments?
That’s right! The difference between having a credit score of 559 and having one of 760 means that you may have to pay $119,462.40 more for your house over the life of your 30-year mortgage! *
*Source:  The Ultimate Credi Repait Book, [www.theultimatecreditrepairbook.com](http://www.theultimatecreditrepairbook.com/)  

Just Imagine What You Can Do
With that Extra Money!

You could invest that money towards your child’s college education . . . buy a cozy little retirement bungalow nestled in the peaceful mountains or along the beach . . . you could take that dream vacation you’ve always dreamed of . . . or you could invest the money for yourself and not have a single worry about retirement.


Give yourself peace of mind and get rid of your problems and find out --

"How You Can Easily Keep On Top Of Your Finances, Keep Your Bank Manager Off Your Back And Work Out How To
Finally Afford That Car Or Holiday That You've Always Wanted!"

It will help you to track where your money is going , help you to make important financial decisions and work out how to save up for things you really want.

Here's just some of the features of this amazing brand new software...

Comprehensive monthly home budget tracker  allowing you to keep track of all your expenditure each month with a built-in feature to track how much over and under budget each item is, as well as automatically calculating all the totals for you.

Income/expenditure tracker to keep detailed records of your income and expenditure

Yearly budget tracker allowing comprehensive data to be tracked over the period of a year, with automatic calculation of all totals.

Investment projection calculator to calculate how long you will need to save up before you can buy something you want, like a car, a holiday or a deposit for a house.

Car loan calculator to help you calculate whether you can really afford that new car you've always wanted.

Car Leasing/Purchase calculator to automatically calculate whether you would be better off buying or leasing a new car. 

With all these powerful financial facilities at your disposal, you'll soon be able to keep your bank account balanced, your bank manager off your back and work out how to afford things you really want !

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In this special edition of Financial Freedom Times, we’ll reveal some of the most closely guarded secrets of the credit industry – secrets that bankers and creditors have so far successfully kept under wraps!

Please --for the future of your financial health --read every word of this special edition very carefully.

Do you ask everyday how in the world could you possibly dig yourself out of the financial mess you’re in?

You’re not alone.  Everyday good, hardworking people like yourself are turned down for mortgages, car loans and other types of credit, simply based on past misfortunes – many of them well beyond your control.

And if you’re not turned down, you’re faced with the hard decision of accepting a loan with an OUTRAGEOUSLY HIGH INTEREST RATE!  You know that over the lifetime of that loan you’re paying far more than you need to for that purchase.

The credit industry would like you to think that there’s only two ways to repair your credit:  wait 7 to 10 years until the offensive items are removed or pay off in full the past due accounts.

We know the dilemma all too well.  If you had the money to pay off the past due accounts . . . they never would have been “past due” to begin with!

And . . . well, waiting 7 to 10 years sometimes just isn’t feasible.  Especially when your oldest child is ready to enter college in the next year!

What you – and millions of other Americans trying to make an honest living – need to know is that there are . . .

Industry-wide secrets that you can use to your advantage to repair your credit FAST!

And the beauty of all these credit-improving secrets – they are all absolutely legal!

Far too many unscrupulous marketers are trying to sell you – for some outrageous amount of money – a quick fix that, they promise, will place healthy looking credit on your report.

Other predators are out there . . . are just waiting to steal your money . . . by selling you so-called secrets – and then delivering nothing but a bunch of platitudes.

But now Financial Freedom Times has blown the lid off these unprincipled shysters who only want to take your money . . .  and leave you in an even worse economic situation than you were in.

We have discovered that the credit industry has a host of secrets that they will never, ever tell you about . . .  because if they do it will . . .

Give You The Power To Repair Your Credit
Quickly . . . Easily . . . Affordably!

Finally someone has not only to access to this classified, top secret information, but the courage to publish it.  Everything you need to know about the how your credit is scored is now available in this one-of-a-kind book: 

The Ultimate Credit Repair Book is a breath of fresh air.

It cuts through the bull of legalize that consumers so often get mired down in.  It present in plain, everyday language steps that we can take right now to improve our credit score. And the best part is that you can start using these marvelous secrets RIGHT AWAY! 

T. Manhert, OH


The Ultimate Credit Repair Book

Inside this revolutionary reference book are a host of underground secrets – secrets that until now only industry insiders were privy to.  Financial Freedom Times was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of this publication, and quite frankly, we’ve never seen a book so chock-full of information, recommendations and most importantly SOLUTIONS to your poor credit status.

We feel that this information warrants your undivided attention.  And to prove it to you, we’re giving you a very confidential look at some of the dirty little secrets the credit industry uses.  The Ultimate Credit Repair Book not only reveals these shocking truths for the first time, but also gives you step-by-step instructions on how to use these very secrets to your advantage. 

Now, you can turn the tables on the heavy-handed reporting agencies and beat them at their own game.  Here are just of few of the unbelievable revelations, the creators of The Ultimate Credit Repair Book were able to uncover:

Underground Credit Repair
Revelation #1
One Simple Phone Call Can Stop
Harassing Bill Collector Calls Dead In Their Tracks!

Bothered by bill collectors calling all day long?  Wish they would just leave you alone already?  They will . . .  when you learn this little known secret!  And the stunning news is . . . it’s as easy as pie.  Now, for the first time,  The Ultimate Credit Repair Book shows you how to handle these unwanted, annoying calls.


Underground Credit Repair
Revelation #2
9 Incredibly Easy Steps to a Perfect Credit Score
Without It Costing You a Single Penny!

Unbelievable?  It’s true!  And it’s found in the pages of this blockbuster The Ultimate Credit Repair Book!  Just follow these easy steps and soon you’ll be looking at your credit score inflate 125 points . . . 185 points . . . even 200 points . . . or more!  And it’s not only perfectly legal, it won’t cost you a single cent!  This information is yours to use when you buy The Ultimate Credit Repair Book!


Underground Credit Repair
Revelation #3
The 4 Most Blatant Warning Signs
of Getting Scammed by a Credit Repair Company!

Knowing these before you approach a credit-repair company can save you tons of  money!  Don’t let yourself get swindled out of the money you worked hard to earn!  Armed with the vital information found in The Ultimate Credit Repair Book, you’ll learn how to instantly recognize a scam from miles away!  And once you can do this, you’re well on your way to financial freedom!


Underground Credit Repair
Revelation #4
Why It Benefits The Credit Reporting Agency
To Report A Negative Item than
A Positive One On Your Credit History!

As bizarre and irrational as this may sound, IT”S ABSOLUTELY TRUE!  Learn why the agencies are so keen to report your poor credit and so slow at displaying your good credit on your report!  Finally a publication has the courage to report this unfair and greedy practice.  And you’ll learn how to deal with these practices when you buy your copy of The Ultimate Credit Repair Book.


Underground Credit Repair
Revelation #5
The Sneaky Tricks and Traps Credit Card Companies Use
To Keep Your Credit Score Low
. . . and Their Income High!

It’s true!  And it’s all detailed in The Ultimate Credit Repair Book!  When you buy this amazing volume, you’ll discover the tricks of the trade and the traps the credit card companies purposely set in your path so they can charge you more . . . and more with each passing month.  But now – for the first time – their dirty tricks and unfair traps are being EXPOSED!  You’ll only find this amazingly candid information in The Ultimate Credit Repair Book!


Underground Credit Repair
Revelation #6
The Shocking Truth About Those
Debt Consolidation Companies
. . . What You Don’t Know Can Cost You Thousands!

Think that just because they label themselves as “non-profit” that they’re looking out for your best interest!  Think again!  Before you sign up with one of those agencies, you need to read their own dirty little secrets.  And you’ll find this juicy piece of advice nowhere but in The Ultimate Credit Repair Book!


Underground Credit Repair
Revelation #7
You CAN Pay Off Your Debts for Pennies On The Dollar!

Here’s another astounding disclosure that no one in the credit history dares reveal to you.  But yet it’s amazingly true and certain privileged people are taking advantage of this technique every single day!  But don’t expect that bill collector who’s harassing you to tell you about this.  And you certainly won’t hear this from your banker or credit card company either!  In fact, the only way you’re going to discover all the details (and it’s easier than you could possibly imagine) is to buy The Ultimate Credit Repair Book NOW!

There Is Proof That You Can't Go Wrong If You Order Right Now...







How Your Poor Credit Score
Is Costing Thousands of Dollars –
Or Even That Better Paying Job!

It’s sad but true!  Not only do potential lenders use your credit rating – often referred to as a FICO score – in assessing how high of a credit risk you are, now more employers are using these reports in determining your suitably for a job.

In fact, employers’ use of credit report has increased by a whopping 55% over the last five years, according to statistics gathered by Spherion, a nationwide recruitment and staffing firm.

Not only that, but many insurance companies are also checking credit scores before offering you that quote on your car or home insurance policy.

And that leaves the average consumer with little information on the workings of the credit industry at a distinct disadvantage. Here’s a little bit of background to help you understand just how your credit score is calculated.

First, you need to know there are three major credit bureaus:  Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.  They create your report based on an array of information they receive about your financial habits from companies that you’ve dealt with in the past.  They gather such statistics as your payment history, as well as the length of your credit history, the types of credit you have and the amount of money you owe – both now and in the past.

The Lower Your Score, The Riskier You Are As a Borrower . . . The Higher The Interest Rate You’ll Pay!

From that report, the bureaus calculate a score that could lie somewhere between 300 and 850.  This score then becomes a type of shorthand for lenders.  They can quickly assess how risky you are as a potential borrower.  The higher your credit score, the more likely you are to make the payments on time consistently.  The lower the score the more riskier it is for them to loan you money.

Of course, even with a lower score, lenders will loan you money, but you’ll be charged higher interest rates.  Consumers whose scores are above 700 receive relatively low rates.  The best interest rates, though, are reserved for scores of 760 and above.

Is your FICO score costing you more in high interest rates, high insurance premiums or even preventing you from getting that dream job?  If you thought there was nothing you could do about your poor credit rating, think again! 

Now, thanks to this incredibly information new publication The Ultimate Credit Repair Book, you can enjoy all the benefits that go along with a good credit score:

You CAN:

Live in the house of your dreams!
Drive the car of your choice!
See your son or daughter graduate from college!
Land that great-paying job!
Enjoy the financial freedom you
were destined intended for you!

How?  By unlocking the secret keys to credit repair . . . by discovering those dirty little secrets of the credit industry that have been hid from the public for far too long . . . by stripping the cloak of secrecy off the devious moves of those who hold the power of your credit rating in their hands.

Now is the time to reclaim the power to determine your own credit industry.

Right now is the time to rewrite your credit history . . . throw your past poor credit in the trash . . . and start fresh and new . . . living the life you and your family always deserved.  Don’t waste another minute crying over your financial plight.  Now that you know you can act to make your credit better.  When you buy The Ultimate Credit Repair Book you CAN repair your credit and enjoy all the rewards life has to offer!


Just How Valuable Is the
Information In This Book?

What would you pay for the chance to SWEEP AWAY your old, poor credit, to erase your foreclosures . . . knock out your bankruptcies like they never occurred . . . eradicate those judgments so lenders can’t tell they ever existed . . . clear out all those late payments that hound your score?

Finally, you CAN start fresh with a clean economic bill of health. 

Corporations charge $300 . . . $400 . . . even more than $1,000 to clue you in on the very same secrets you get in The Ultimate Credit Repair Book!

Before you answer what these exceedingly well-guarded – and time-tested – secrets are worth to you and the financial well being of your future, consider this:

When You Buy The Ultimate Credit Repair Book TODAY, you’ll also receive an...


These 7 Bonus Super Secrets of Credit Repair are much too POWERFUL to even hint at here!  The only way you can learn of these is to order or download The Ultimate Credit Repair Book TODAY! Just receiving these eye-opening 7 Bonus Super Secrets of Credit Repair would be worth the price of the book alone.  But, you also get wisdom and advice that you about methods of crediting reporting that you can use for the rest of your life.


For the staggering amount of knowledge jam-packed into one book, you might expect – and even be willing – to pay upwards of $1,000.  Many of my friends and business consultants, indeed, urged me to sell it for this price.

When I told them that I was offering The Ultimate Credit Repair Book for only a tenth of what they thought was a reasonable price, well . . . let’s just say they thought I had lost whatever good business sense I had.  I set the price of this remarkably well-researched book at only $57.

But don’t click to buy this book quite yet.  Because, quite frankly, I have a confession to make.  I feel an urgent need to get these potent, underground secrets into the hands of as many deserving families as possible. 

That’s why – for a very limited time only – you can purchase your copy of The Ultimate Credit Repair Book – including those life-changing 7 Bonus Super Secrets of Credit Repair – for only $47.00 IF you order on line!

Yes, you read that right!  That’s a full 20% off my already ridiculously low price of $57.00.  If you choose to buy The Ultimate Credit Repair  Book through the mail, then you still benefit from the special low price of only $57.00. 

When you buy The Ultimate Credit Repair Book, and you put these valuable revelations to work, you’ll clearly see your credit score soar effortlessly by 100 . . . 150 . . . even 200 points!
Foreclosures gone! Tax liens gone Repossessions! Judgments!
All of them erased – legally – and some within a matter of days!

It’s an absolutely indispensable resource.

I didn’t know that it was possible to “repair” credit – let alone that I could do it myself with just a little bit of determination and perseverance.  Thank you for a wonderful resource.  I’m urging all my friends to buy it. It’s an absolutely indispensable resource.  I wish I had it 10 years ago.  

M. Houser, PA



The Choice Is Clear!


Go ahead!  Download right now!  ... Before you leave this site and this incredibly generous offer expires. 

Read these astonishing secrets for yourself.  Use these amazing tricks of the trade.  Discover for yourself the priceless, much-sought-after knowledge that is jam-packed into every single page of this carefully crafted book.

If you’re not satisfied for any reason . . . if The Ultimate Credit Repair Book isn’t everything I’ve said it is . . . just email me and request a refund.  I’ll refund every penny of your purchase price – no questions asked.

But, I’m betting that you’ll discover at least one stunning revelation that speaks directly to your personal financial situation that can help push your credit score up literally hundreds of points.

Don’t’ delay!  This astonishing low price of $47.00 won’t be around forever.  I don’t know how much longer I can even keep the hard copy version of this book at a low $57.00.  Besides, the sooner you download The Ultimate Credit Repair Book, the sooner you can wipeout those foreclosures . . . repossessions … tax liens . . .  judgments . . .  late payments . . . and other items tarnishing your credit report.

The sooner you download The Ultimate Credit Repair Book, the sooner you can make your personal Declaration of Economic Independence!

If You Act Right Now, I'm Going To Include The Following Bonuses:

Building a AAA Credit in 30 days The simple way to remove a 30-day lat payment How to "Temporarily" increase your credit score 75-100 points in 48 hours. Increase your score then apply for a loan and you WILL be APPROVED. Take your Creditors to court and WIN!!! Credit Repair Attorneys Secret to removing Bankruptcies, Judgments, Foreclosures, and others. SUPER SECRET, never seen in ANY credit repair book yet. How to remove items in 5 days of less! Credit cards and loans for people with bad credit. Need cash NOW? Are you suing someone? GET A CASH ADVANCE FAST!!!!

Yours in financial freedom,


YES!  Send I’m ready to make my own Declaration of Economic Independence and watch my credit scores soar by 100 . . . 150 . . . even 200 points!  Enclosed is $47.00 in either a check or money order for my copy of The Ultimate Credit Repair.  Please rush me my copy right away. 



If You order beforemidnight  You can lock in
"The Ultimate Credit Repair" PLUS


P.S. I can’t tell you how much I wish I would have had a guide to the industry’s underground secrets when I was repairing my credit.  It would have lessened a tremendous amount of stress in my life.  And at only $47.00 . . . well, it’s a real steal!

P.P.S. Oh, yes!  One more thing . . . please, before you download The Ultimate Credit Repair Book, you have to promise you won’t squander this rare opportunity away!  Order this amazing compendium of credit information only if you truly believe you’re ready to make your own Declaration of Economic Independence!  But, please, don’t waste your money if you’re just going to buy this powerful book and let it lay unused in the dark recesses of your computer!  That would be a crime!


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