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CFL Picks

Hello and welcome to CFLPicks.org.  This website is run by two sports handicappers who consistently win money betting on a variety of sports, and are looking to help you win money betting on the Canadian Football League.

I am Ian Cameron and I am the CFL handicapper here, while Kevin will help him with running the website and releasing the picks out to everyone who is following.

Because 2012 is our first year in existence we don’t have any record from previous CFL seasons, but we can tell you that I have been successful betting on the CFL in the past years and look to win some money for us all again this season.

We believe in transparency and all of our past picks and record for the 2012 year will be displayed here on the homepage.

2012 CFL Picks Record: 

Record = 0-0-0
Units +/- = +0.00

How will we keep track of units +/- for the CFL season?

I will be releasing 1 unit plays throughout the season on a regular basis, and sometimes 2 unit plays when I really think I have found some good value in a pick.

We recommend 1 unit represent 2% of your entire CFL bankroll.  What this means is that if you had $1,000 to bet on CFL football this season every 1 unit play would be bet to win $20, while our bigger 2 unit plays would be $40 bets.  This percentage is a conservative approach and you can decide to make 1 unit any percent you like of course, but I recommend that the maximum you rate 1 unit plays is 3% of your bankroll.  That would mean the biggest plays would be 6% of your bankroll.

A conservative approach with your bankroll will allow you slowly build it up, and should make it near impossible to lose all of your money set aside for betting on the Canadian Football League if a bad run were to happen while still giving you the opportunity to enjoy some nice profits.

We highly suggest you shop around for the best lines available, as getting an extra half point can really make a difference when betting on football (and even more so in Canadian football where we often see single points scored).

We will always be releasing picks and betting “to win”.  This means if we have a line set at -110 we would be risking 1.10 units to win 1 unit.  For $100 bettors this would mean risking $110 to win $100.

The CFL season opens with “Canada Day Kickoff” weekend starting on Friday June 29th and will run right up until the Grey Cup on November 25th.  There are 4 games each week and we will try and take advantage of some weak opening lines and sometimes weak lines in general.

If you have any questions regarding our CFL picks website please don’t hesitate contacting us via email at Ian@CFLPicks.org.


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© 2012 CFL Picks
Disclaimer: The information on this site is for entertainment purposes only. I am not liable for any losses that incurred as a result of the information on this website.

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