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Sports Training 101


Hi there,

My name is Lynden Gwartney, owner of “Mind Of A Champion Sports”
and if you’re an athlete, parent of an athlete, or a coach, then
I’ve got something that you need to hear RIGHT NOW.


There’s a problem facing athletes, coaches and parents today.  The
world of youth and college sports is becoming more and more
competitive.  Everyone is searching for the secret to help them
outperform the competition.

In fact, did you know that athletes, their parents, and their coaches
are spending over $23 BILLION dollars each year on sports instruction,
nutritional supplements and sports equipment?

I’m talking about_ private lessons_, _sports camps_, _protein
powders_, _weight gainers_, and the latest high tech _sports shoes_,
_uniforms_, and other kinds of _equipment_.


Edge Over Competition

And all of that money is being spent to discover the solution to this

This is a very REAL problem.

So real in fact that the reason you’re on this website right now is
because you are looking for the solution to this problem for yourself
or for an athlete that you care about.

Now, if you’re like me, you absolutely love to compete! And even
more than that, you love to WIN!

But with every athlete, coach and parent in the world striving to be
the best, the margin between being a Champion and being a ‘nobody’
is becoming_ razor thin._

The slightest edge over your competition can mean the difference
between being a starter or a bench warmer, between being first place
or the ‘first loser’, between being a state champion or a wannabe,
or between earning a college scholarship and having your college PAID
for, or not even being able to afford to go to college.

THAT EDGE OVER YOUR COMPETITION!  And if you can’t find a way to
compete out there, then you may as well ‘hang it up’ and go find a
seat in the stands…

But don’t worry, the edge you’ve been looking for is right
here!  If you’re looking for the_ Fastest, Easiest, and most
Effective way to improve your sports performance,_ then look no


  by Mind Of A Champion Sports, LLC!

The SPORTS TRAINING 101™ program is a online sports training
membership website.  Members pay a monthly fee to gain access to our
training materials.

We’ve titled this program “SPORTS TRAINING 101™” because,
like any entry level course, our program LAYS THE FOUNDATION for all
of the future ‘sport specific’ education that _you will build on
throughout your sports career_.

But before I get into telling you what the SPORTS TRAINING 101™
program is, I want to give you a clear picture of the 2 main ways
athletes can improve their sports performance.

_Sports improvement methods_ can be broken into 2 main_
categories_:  1) The PHYSICAL and 2) The MENTAL.


The PHYSICAL side is made up of all the physical ABILITIES an athlete
possesses. Improving these physical abilities is the part of sports
performance improvement that EVERYONE focuses on.  It consists of
increasing an athlete’s _SIZE_, _SPEED, STRENGTH, AGILITY, MOBILITY,
ENDURANCE, AND SPORT SPECIFIC SKILLS_ (skills such as shooting,
passing, dribbling, hitting, throwing, etc… ).

Almost _all of the products and programs on the market today _are
geared towards improving these ‘PHYSICAL’ elements of an athlete.

The MENTAL side is the part that determines HOW Athletes Use their
Physical abilities.

Although relatively few athletes, coaches and trainers focus on this
area, most know that 90% or more of an _athlete’s performance_ is
determined by the Mental component.  The Mental piece is made up of

The Mental component includes_ increasing an athlete’s
confidence_, _improving their attitudes_, developing an understanding
of _offensive and defensive strategy_, _positioning_, teaching
athletes how to_ increase the level of their team mates performance_,
_capturing game momentum_ and forcing it to work for your team, and_
much more_.

So the PHYSICAL and MENTAL sides come together to form the
“Complete Athlete”, and BOTH are equally important! 


INDIVIDUAL ATHLETES who learn the mental side of sports:

* Are more often STARTERS on their team
* Get the most interest from COLLEGE RECRUITERS
* Get the biggest SCHOLARSHIPS
* Many continue on to the PROS

  TEAMS who know the mental side of sports:

* Have more TEAM UNITY
* BEAT more talented teams
* Have more ALL-STATE and ALL-AMERICANS on their team
* Have more players who go on to ACHIEVE ATHLETIC GREATNESS


If you want to dramatically improve athletic performance in the
shortest time possible, it is vital that you get with someone who can
teach you the mental side of sports. IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT YOU LEARN TO
"THINK LIKE A CHAMPION!"  And the SPORTS TRAINING 101™ program will
do exactly that!  "After going through your program, my son
Michael is an entirely new athlete! He has used the Sports Training
101 lessons he learned to dramatically improve his game and his coach
has noticed. Shortly after going through your program, Mike earned a
starting position on his team and has just recently received his first
ever "All Tournament Team' award! We are all on Cloud 9! Thank you
Mind Of A Champion Sports for putting together such amazing training
videos!" Christine S. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Sarah is
absolutely loving soccer now! Before she went through your Sports
Training 101™ program she seemed like she was just wondering around
aimlessly on the field. Now Sarah is moving with purpose and
conviction. She's constantly in the right place at the right time and
is consistently making great plays! Due to the easy-to-understand,
step-by-step way you teach these concepts, for the first time she
'gets it'! We've got the rest of the girls on the team turned on to
Mind Of A Champion Sports and are already seeing results. I'm telling
everyone I know about you guys!" Mary B. "When I first learned these
simple lessons found in the Sports Training 101 program, it was like a
light came on in my head. For the first time I felt I truly understood
the purpose behind everything my coaches had been teaching me all
these years. My performance improved almost overnight. Don’t get me
wrong, it's not like I woke up one morning and all of a sudden was
able to dunk a basketball! But I am now more effective in working with
my team mates. I am constantly in the right position on both sides of
the ball and I am now finding ways to stop the other teams attacks and
score much easier by attacking their weaknesses. I'm so thankful to
have discovered Mind Of A Champion Sports!" Nate T.

You’re probably saying, “Lynden, I now see how important mental
training is, but how does the Sports Training 101 program work?”


The SPORTS TRAINING 101™ program is a _scientifically based
multi-media training platform_ that utilizes all three of the basic
human learning styles which are the VISUAL (seeing), AUDITORY
(hearing), and KINESTHETIC (doing).

Studies have shown that combining these three learning styles
dramatically increases a person’s retention over just one of these
forms alone.

Our VIDEO training lessons engage an athlete’s VISUAL learning
style. The MP3 training lessons of course activate an athlete’s
AUDIO learning style. And our “ACTION STEPS” reports engage the
athlete’s KINESTHETIC learning style.

When you combine all three, you just created the Ultimate Sports
Training program!

The information you will learn in the SPORTS TRAINING 101™ program
is the result of more than 26 YEARS of _study, research, testing,_
and_ observation_ of some of the SPORTS WORLD’S GREATEST CHAMPIONS!

By analyzing championship ATHLETES, COACHES, and TEAMS across a broad
spectrum of sports, we’ve been able to identify some _learnable_
CORE TRAITS that all of these Champions have in common. Studies have
shown that athletes who learn and apply these core traits see DRAMATIC


The Sports Training 101™ program is broken down into 4 CORE AREAS.

Each of the 4 CORE AREAS has 5 LESSONS for a TOTAL OF 20 LESSONS.
Each lesson is broke into 3 parts: 1) a SHORT VIDEO LESSON, 2) an
This way you can _see_, _hear_, and _do_ the lessons as you go through

Each lessons is short, compact, and POWERFUL!

I don’t believe in putting a lot of ‘fluff’ in just so it seems
that there’s more content. All of our lessons are boiled down to
their SIMPLEST COMPONENTS so that you can get the information that
gives you_ RESULTS_, FAST!


Sports Training 101™ Lessons:

Here are some of the lessons you will be learn from our SPORTS
TRAINING 101™ program:


* How to build unshakable confidence.
* How to create the “winning mentality”.
* How to outsmart your opponent and always be a step ahead.
* How to conduct the same mental practice professional athletes use
to dramatically improve their game even when they can’t step on the
* How to harness the power of focus.
* How to eliminate distractions.
* How to build team unity.
* How to create synergy on your team.
* How to get your team to communicate effectively.
* How to build team trust.
* How to understand and apply the concept of offense.
* How to create gaps in any defense that allow your team to score.
* How to open any passing lane you want.
* How to identify the defenses’ weakness and exploit it.
* How to create a team game plan.
* How to understand and apply the concept of defense.
* How to properly position yourself to guard more of the floor.
* How to shrink the other teams passing lanes.
* How to play strong team defense.
* How to identify the offenses' weakness and exploit it.
* How to identify and maximize the strengths of each player on your
* How to use your “Command Voice” to improve communication.
* How to divide and conquer your opponents.
* How to control the momentum of the game and use it to work for
* How to have “perfect practice”.
* How to become a “Super Defender”.
* How to create the “ideal offensive shot”.
* How to control where their defense goes.
* How to create space.
* How to use volume, tone of voice, clarity, specificity, and body
language to communicate effectively.
* How to get more steals and force your opponents to turn the ball
over more often.
* How to build a positive attitude that attracts positive results
like a magnet.
* How to take control of your emotions and harness them to improve
your performance.

And much, much more  


I am so confident that you will get the results you are looking for
using this program that I’m are going to give you a FULL 60 DAYS to
test it out for _FREE_!

That’s right, you can have access to all the training videos, all
the audios, all the reports for 60 days and, _if you aren’t
satisfied with the program for any reason at all_, let us know and
we’ll give you a full 100% refund.

That’s right, you have absolutely NO RISK here.

This 100% money-back guarantee allows you to check it all out and, if
you feel it’s not for you, then I’ll return – not some – but
every penny back to you.

You see, I believe that when you spend money on a program you should
EXPERIENCE THE RESULTS you were looking for when you bought it! If for
any reason you don’t see the value of the SPORTS TRAINING 101™
program and aren’t seeing real results, then I didn’t do my job
and, I don’t want to keep your money.

My biggest goal is for you to get results in your sports performance.
MONEY BACK. It’s that simple.


But that’s not all.

In order to make sure that you’re getting way more in value than
the money you’re investing, I’m going to throw in some FREE
Bonuses. These bonuses are so amazing that someone out there sell each
of them as standalone products by themselves!

10 Bonus Lessons ($365 value)

The 20 core lessons are very powerful. But we’ve also got 10 more
bonus lessons that are just as powerful and can have just as big an
impact on your performance as our core lessons.

Imagine the results you’ll get when you combine all 30 lessons
together! Your mental knowledge and understanding of your sport will
be OFF THE CHARTS turning you into a force to be reckoned with!  
4 Speed Learning CD’s ($280 value)

Beyond the normal teaching methods I told you about a minute ago…
we have also adopted a new technology that is producing amazing
results in the field of instruction. It’s called “Speed

This technology allows you to passively listen to an audio training
session in the background while you are driving your car, walking the
dog, working around the house, doing homework, or even while you’re
sleeping, etc… and automatically the information is “Downloaded”
into your brain!

Think of the movie ‘The Matrix’ when the character Trinity needs
to know how to fly a helicopter and the instructions are automatically
downloaded to her brain so she immediately knows how to fly the big

What Speed Learning technology does is sync up to your Alpha brain
waves which puts you in a ‘learning state’. It then utilizes
specific repetition rates conducive to learning, and integrates a
precise interval ratio for presenting the informationyou’re wanting
to learn. When you combine these elements in this specific formation,
you will increase retention 5-10TIMES more than standard teaching

This technology is now being used all over the world to teach foreign
languages in weeks and months instead of years, to train corporations
such as Hewlett-Packard, AT margin-left: 10px;"
alt="" />This is probably one of the most valuable resources in this
entire program, and we’re giving it away as a FREE BONUS! We’ve
created what is going to become the world’s largest Sports Training
group on Facebook where athletes, coaches, and parents can come
together, share ideas, give advice, offer tips, and be an
encouragement to each other. The sports community is a very friendly
community and you are invited to be a part of it!   Sport
Terminology Reports ($75 value)

Every sport has its own language. Athletes and Coaches create
terminology that they use for their sport so that they can communicate
a lot in a very short period of time. However, many of these sports
terms are only known by those players who have been in the sport for a
long time. There has never been a ‘master list’ of these terms
that players and coaches can study and memorize… until NOW! Now you
can be on the ‘inside’ and know exactly what coaches and fellow
players are saying.

More importantly, one of the most vital pieces to improving overall
team performance is to increase and improve communication. During the
course of a game, windows of opportunity to catch your opponent off
guard and strike a scoring blow are only open for mere moments.

In order to take advantage of these opportunities, everyone on the
team has to be looking for them and communicating to each other when
they find them. Getting all of the players on your team to use these
sports terms will allow players to quickly respond when their team
mates tell them of opportunities and greatly increase the number of
scoring chances.

This one bonus alone can create a HUGE jump in the number of points,
goals, or runs your team produces per game!

  Sports Skills Worksheet ($45 value)

No matter your skill level, every athlete has an area in which they
excel! Unfortunately, most people only focus on their Physical
strengths. They don’t even know that some of their greatest assets
may be in their Mental abilities.

For example, you may be one of those players (or have one on your
team) who’s physical performance is about average. But when you look
closer, you discover that you have incredible influence and leadership
among your team mates. Or you may find that you have a tremendous
understanding of positioning or an incredibly contagious positive
attitude. You may even have one of the most valuable things that an
athlete can possess: a WINNING MENTALITY! Whatever your strength may
be, this worksheet will help you identify it.

But what makes this worksheet truly amazing is that it helps you know
your strengths so you can then position yourself to use those
strengths to their MAXIMUM potential!

You don’t have to look very far down on the list of Championship
teams to discover that most of the names on that list didn’t have
the greatest Superstar athletes. These Championship teams had a bunch
of ‘no-name’ players who all knew what their greatest strengths
were and who were plugged into a position that allowed them to
maximize their strength!

  Weekly Webinar ($197 /mo value)

Do you know the one major thing that Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky,
Muhammad Ali, and Cal Ripken Jr all have in common? They all had
personal COACHES!

There’s just no substitute for having a wise coach to take you
under their wing and help you hone your skills! One of the most
valuable elements of coaching is the ability to have your specific
questions answered.

The 6th , and possibly THE most valuable, bonus is our weekly
Coaching Webinar!

Each week you will have an opportunity to submit your Sports Training
Questions. Then on the weekly webinar, you can get your questions
answered LIVE.

Also on our weekly webinar, I will from time to time be interviewing
some of the elite athletes and coaches from around the world and
picking their brains to get you some of the SECRETS they’ve used to
achieve such outstanding results!

And don’t worry if you can’t make it to the live webinar! All of
our webinars will be recorded and put into the archive vault so you
can view it anytime, anywhere.

Friends of mine have told me that I should be charging at least $197
per month ($47 per hour) for this weekly coaching program. But I keep
telling them that I am more interested in giving people WAY more than
they are paying for and delivering at least 10 TIMES more value than
the money they are investing.

  SO LET’S RECAP: You’re getting 24/7 ACCESS to

* The Sports Training 101 training video’s valued at $730+
* 10 bonus lessons valued at $365
* 4 Speed Learning Audios valued at $280
* Access to the Private Sports Training Facebook Group valued at
$137 /mo
* The Sport Specific Terminology Reports valued at $75 value
* The Sports Skills worksheet valued at $45
* Weekly Coaching Webinar valued at $197 /mo
* A 60 day 100% Money Back Guarantee – so you can try it out for
FREE at no risk


That’s a total value of $1,829 worth of training. And I could
easily ask people to pay $1,829 for this program because it’s worth
every penny and the people who purchase it do see real results!

But like I said before, I’m more interesting in over delivering and
giving them at least 10 times more value than the money my
members are paying for this program. That being said, my asking price
for this program is only $177 per month! That’s right, $1,829 worth
of training for only $177 per month. That’s a discount of more than
90% OFF the value of the program! This truly is an amazing deal and I
know this program is worth far more than I’m asking for it.

That’s right you get everything.  When you of the SPORTS TRAINING
101™ program you get INSTANT ACCESS to the _Members Only area_ which
contains: the core training lessons, the 10 bonus lessons, the 4 speed
learning audios, the private Facebook group, the sports terms reports,
the skills worksheet, and the weekly coaching webinar for only $177
PER MONTH for everyone who registers right now!

WARNING! _When you become a member right now – you will LOCK-IN the
low rate of $177/month (even when the price goes up and new members
pay more). But I have to warn you, as this program grows we will be
charging more for this program. So the only way to guarantee this low
price is to join NOW._

Try the SPORTS TRAINING 101™ program on me. If, after 60 days
you don’t feel this is the best investment in your sports
training you’ve ever made – you’ll get every penny back.

No questions. No weasel clauses. You get a full, prompt and friendly
refund – and we part as friends.

You will receive a full refund and will not be billed the remaining
payments. No questions asked. All the pressure and risk is on me.

You have absolutely nothing to lose.



  _Got questions?  Contact us by sending an to our support desk._

| | (c)2012 - All rights reserved.


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