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Adwords Themepacks - Professionally Writen Adwords Ads

"New Concept Allows You To Mindlessly Copy-And-Paste Your Way
To Fresh Sales And Profits Using Those Little Ads On The Right Side Of Google
Searches!...  So,
"If You Can Point And Click, Then You
Have What It Takes To Pump All The Cash You Want Out Of The Millions Of Google
Searches Taking Place Even As We Speak -- And With As Much As 95% Of The Work Done
For You!"
fact, It's So Drop Dead Brainless All You Have To Do Is Copy And Paste Your Nearly
Everything Done For You Campaign Containing Dozens Of Pre-Done Ads,
Hundreds Of Researched Terms, And Thousands Of Common Misspellings Right Into Your
$5 Dollar To Start Google Adwords Account... And Have Your Ads Appear Only 5
Short Minutes Later...
"...You Don't Even Need Your Own Product Because Along With
Your Pre-Done Campaign You Get Step-By-Step Instructions And A Detailed List Of Top
Money-Generating Affiliate Programs So You Can Start Earning Your First Sales With
Only 1 Hour Of Your Time!  But, Be Advised...
"...You Must Act Today! 
Because if You Wait, Your Competitors Will Beat You To The Punch And Steal
Your Sales!  So, Read This Very Important Letter Below Now And Take A
Few Minutes To...

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"How You Can Effortlessly Get New Red Hot Leads, Sales, And
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From:  Rod Beckwith and Jeff Alderson

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