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Important News For Men Who Swore They Will Date The Woman Of Their Dreams … And Have The Dating Life Of
The Rich And Famous

Dear Friend,

If you want a girlfriend, to date multiple “smoking hot” women or just to improve your current relationship, this is going to be the most important message you will ever read.

Here is why:

My name is David and I am what many people consider a “ladies man.” And they are right. Before I decided to get married I dated and slept with lots of women – so many in fact that you will probably not believe me. But before you make up your mind, please take a few minutes to make an informed decision.

The truth is I loved women and I still love them. Now I am married to a gorgeous woman – she looks a little like Julia Roberts – and I have two wonderful children with her. Two boys that I love a lot. And I must tell you that I am very happy in my marriage and my wife is happy too.

You see, before I got married I was constantly going out, dating women and living out all my fantasies.

I used to go to a bar, pick up a girl, bring her home, sleep with her, and then I would go back to the bar and pick up another one. I did that constantly. At that time, I was only satisfied if I had two women every night. After sleeping the first one, I would go to the bar and tell the next girl what I had done. I’d say something like, “You know, tonight I met a really nice girl, her name was Nancy. And the reason I’m still here is because she didn’t satisfy me.”

I lived on sex. And after I got tired of dating any particular woman, I’d say, “My friend Bruno is coming over, and I want you to make him happy today.” Why do you think women are with pimps? Think about it! A pimp makes her sleep with tons of guys and she is willing to do almost anything for him.

Now, I don’t consider pimps to be model citizens, but they do understand something about women. And not only is she sleeping with men for him, she is bringing him the money! Guys wouldn’t do that for a woman. As horny as we are, most of us wouldn’t do that, and if we did, we sure as hell wouldn’t give her the money! But they do it for security.

Anyway, that’s beside the point.

What I am trying to tell you is that … because I fulfilled all my fantasies and desires, now I can dedicate all my life and time to one woman – and to our children. I don’t have a straying eye, and even if I do look at other women – which I usually do because women are like walking pieces of art for me – I’m not thinking I’m missing out on something, because I did it all.

So what does this have to do with you?

Well after sleeping and dating with all those women, you can imagine I got plenty of tricks, tips and know-how about picking-up and dating women. If you want to learn everything there is to know on how to attract, pick-up, seduce and date as many women as you want, then you can’t find a better teacher than I am – at least that is what I believe … and all my students proved me right.

To get you started dating the kind of women you desire, I created “The Lazy Man’s Guide To Getting Women In Bed”. It contains some of the best advice available for men on how to pick-up women and date them without much effort. It’s easy … what I like to call “stupid proof” dating advice. And the best part is …

You’ll Have Women Chasing You

Here are just some of the things you’ll find out by reading  “The Lazy Man’s Guide To Getting Women In Bed”:
The one thing you must do the instant you see a sexy woman … if you want to stand a chance of sleeping with her; Why “pick-up lines” almost always never work … and … the ONE “almost magic” way to approach a woman which works nearly every time! A shift in mentality – nothing too big or complicated – that makes you 10 times more attractive to women almost overnight; The easy … and smart way of approaching groups of women; How to use the basic rule of “Treat a whore like a lady and a lady like a whore” to get any woman you want in bed. Sounds simple but … you need something to make it work like a charm; Can’t talk in a noisy club or bar … here is how you can pick-up women with a minimal exchange of words; How to tell if a woman has implants or “falsies” before you sleep with her (Hey if you are curious this one trick is amazing and it’s fool proof); Are you attracted by “slutty dressed” women – they are usually the hottest women around. Here is how you pick her up … and she will love it (not one man in a thousand has enough brains to do this … but if you do it she’ll be yours); The best pick-up lines to use if you are desperate to get a woman; How to tell what a woman thinks is her best sexual feature … and what to do with this “inside” knowledge to get her (you’ll be floored by this); How to get women to do what you want them to do without asking them (this turns on women like crazy and requires NO sneaky manipulation on your part); What to say to women and how to do it so you never run out of things to talk about; Why you should go only after the best looking women (they are the easiest to pick-up and date if you know how); A simple test you can give women to see if you can “manipulate” them or not – this is powerful … please use with care; Why you must stop masturbating if you want to sleep with lots of women (don’t worry you can start masturbating later, once you have women chasing you at each corner – if you still want to do it); How to get all the confidence you want around women really fast ( it will require some work but the results are worth the effort – plus it’s not that complicated); A simple test you can take to find out exactly if you like yourself or not (in fact I bet you’ve taken that test many times in your life without realizing it); Why you should always go after the women you desire the most (the best part is you’ll always get sexual satisfaction by doing it – regardless of the outcome); Why all women are hookers and why some men choose to go out only with hookers (I don’t mean it in a demeaning way but this is a fact of life and you should use it to your advantage when going out to meet women); A sneaky way of using the fear that is going through your mind to pick-up the best looking women out there; How most men talk themselves out of approaching the women they want and how you can avoid being one of them; What you should do if you catch your girlfriend in bed with another man (this is the smartest move you can make); What jealousy really is and how to use it to your advantage in an ethical way; The right way to be in control at all times (women love it when you are in control, especially if you do it like a real man); Why men go to prostitutes – especially married men … and the lesson you must learn to be happy with the women you are with; What to do when you lose control of the relationship (it might pain you to do it, but you must do it); What your mother probably thought you – without realizing it – that is repelling women away from you like the smell of a skunk (it’s not that hard to repair and you’ll still be a nice guy … but a nice guy women want); Be nice to this person and your love life will surpass your wildest dreams; What to do when a woman you are interested in isn’t over her ex (the solution takes just ten seconds and it works every time) ; The easiest thing you can do in a relationship that gives you immense power – you just have to be ready to do it whenever necessary; Why women give men a hard time in the beginning of a relationship … and what to do about it so you will enjoy only the kind of relationships you desire; The three strikes trick that will keep you in control of all your future relationships (and it also keeps you happy and satisfied); A natural and easy way of being a “bad boy” without risking any jail time or embarrassment; The one rule you must obey after a woman tells you “I love you” if you want to be happy, in control of the relationship and the master of your own house (break this rule at your own expense); The biggest reason why relationships fall apart and women dump their men (it is a “diseases” that most men have and suffer from it); A counter intuitive thing to tell a woman that gets her in your bed faster; What to do during Valentine’s Day when you are dating more than one woman; What to tell a woman that is still controlled by her parents to turn her on to you instantly; How to become a “bad boy” without actually being one (this turns women on like crazy); What to tell to the parents of a woman you are dating when you meet them; How to get women to do anything you want – whether sexual or anything at all; The right way to treat the really hot women you meet while going out (treat them any other way and you will lose them); How to learn a lesson that is more valuable than money and more valuable than any woman getting trick and tip … and the best part is: it doesn’t cost you a penny to learn it; What to do when a woman is teasing you constantly with no end in sight (unleashing this is like unleashing a nuclear weapon to kill a fly – it works every time); How to give gifts to women without giving her the impression of you trying to buy her (the right gifts get her in your bed faster while the wrong ones keep her away … and the best part is that the right gifts are way cheaper); The question you must ask every woman that gives you a gift (if you don’t do it you risk being taken for a fool); What to do when you take a woman to a fancy restaurant where she orders the most expensive meal and just plays with it without eating it; What to do when a woman asks you an uncomfortable question … and how to answer it the right way; What to do when a woman tells you “Oh, I can’t tell you that” … when she refuses to answer a question; How to make sure you will never argue with a woman again and why arguing is bad for you; Why it is better to sleep with a prostitute than a whining woman (I don’t recommend either, but if you have to choose between the two: go with the prostitute – you’ll be happier); A killer line you can tell a catty hateful woman that instantly turns her around; What to tell to men hating women to make them want you (you’ll need balls to do this but it is the only way to make bad-tempered women desire to pleasure you); What to do once you get a woman that is sexy and hot (it isn’t nice but it feels so good … it is almost addictive); How the only thing that matters when you are in bed opens up a world of possibilities to enrich your dating and sex life (it will also keep you happy and smiling most of the time); Why getting women is easy but keeping them is the real challenge (well it is a challenge for men who don’t know what to do and how to do it); Why you can’t afford to be lazy in a relationship … and a sneaky way of being lazy without appearing to be lazy; The right attitude to have so you can avoid begging women to be with you; Why how you look doesn’t matter (you can be a fat, sweaty, little bald man and still get laid more often than the most gorgeous man alive … as long as you make women feel the right way); The kind of men lesbians want; A sure way of crashing and burning any relationship (use it only if you want to get out of a relationship fast); How to get a woman back after a breakup (it’s easy to get your woman back if you really want her back that badly); How to get any woman to trust and love you (it’s counter intuitive, easy and works almost always); Women love challenges … and you can use this to your advantage if you are smart enough (real examples prove it); One business rule you must apply to all your relationships to keep your women happy and satisfied; Why you should never try to rekindle the flames of passion once they are gone … and the major obstacle that keeps most men trapped in unsatisfying relationships; What the statistics are telling you about the odds of getting all the women you desire; Why dating women with lots of single friends is a bad idea – especially if you want a long-term relationship; What to never do after you sleep with a woman if you want to have a long-term relationship with her (it won’t be too easy to pull off … but you must do it if you want to keep her); What to do when a woman starts talking about sex with you so you get her in your bed super fast (probably it’s not what you think it is); How to use a woman’s best weapons against her and make her chase you like a little puppy; Why sometimes it is better to tell a woman you might not want to sleep with her and that maybe you’ll just be friends (you’ll do it in a honest non manipulative way – you’ll see); How to use “communication” as leverage in your relationship (this one trick will prevent lots of women from breaking up with you); How to deal with a girlfriend that flirts with other guys (telling her to stop won’t work … but you can do something to put an end to her flirting almost instantly); How you can tell women that you are sleeping with other women and still get them to sleep with you (in fact women will want you more, you just have to know how to do it); The biggest weapon a woman has against you – it’s like a bazooka – and how you can disarm her and even use it against her if needed (this one weapon can make you dance like a puppet on a string so you’d better disarm her fast); Are you a puppy on a leash: how to tell if you are; Why women lie to themselves about the men they are with and how to use their natural tendency for self-delusion to your advantage (it is perfectly ethical and moral); Once you know what to do you can ask any woman “Wanna have fun at my place?” and you’ll be able to handle any response she gives you; How women like to punish men and why they do it (once you’ll know this no woman will be able to punish you ever again unless you let her do it); Why getting defensive is the worst thing you can do when a woman accuses you of anything. There is only one way to handle this kind of situations and it makes women want you more; What to do when the relationship starts to get too messed up (most men don’t have the balls to do it but you must do it if you want to be happy); What to do when a woman says no to you (this will keep you out of trouble and give you great leverage); One lesson you’ll have to learn the hard way if you want to be a “notorious” playboy – there is no escaping it so you’d better be prepared for it; The “True North Principle” of seduction (it is hard to understand at first because it appears to be supper simple and easy to do … but once you really get it you can have any woman you want as long as she is available); Why you must first apply the true principles of seduction on yourself before using them on women (these principles never change – they are natural laws in the human dimension as real as gravity and the changing of the seasons); Why you must tell all the women you are interested in what are the most important values in a relationship … but first you have to know and live them yourself. How to use what 90% of therapists and divorce lawyers hear women complaining about their men to make yourself “bullet proof”; How you can turn a woman on by having secrets, even if she suspects (or knows) the truth. They do the same thing  to you so you better do it to them too; How teaching a woman the importance of a “clean slate” will improve your relationship with her (I’ve actually learned this from a woman); The two rules you must obey if you want to be a “player” or enjoy good relationships with as many women as you want (regardless of what you want, if you don’t apply this two rules you will never be happy with a woman and you won’t stand a chance of dating several women at the same time); How to cut through all the crap women tell you (women BS you to test you and only real men are able to get to the core of the matter); What a woman is really telling you when she says “I won’t sleep with you if we don’t get married” … and how to handle that situation like a real man; Next time you go out to eat something there is one important lesson you can learn that will improve your dating life tremendously; Why you can only gain and have a positive outcome when going out to pick-up women (once you let this idea permeate your mind it will set you free to chat up any woman you desire and do it in a way that excites women); Whose rules you should follow and what to do if a woman has a boatload of rules for you; Why giving advice and trying to help women actually makes them resent you (I know you can’t help yourself but you must fight the urge to solve all their problems if you want to sweep them off their feet and carry them into your bed); A special way of listening to women that makes you irresistible; What it means to be strong in the eyes of a woman (all women want a strong guy but few men posses the kind of strength women want); What to tell a woman who accuses you of being a “player” and a “womanizer”; A simple paradox – it’s mind boggling – that makes women go crazy after you; The worst thing you can say to any woman (it turns you into her slave the instant you say it to her); How to use your natural curiosity to get all the women you please into your bed; How to find out everything you have to know to seduce the woman you are interested in (she will provide you with everything you need to get her into your bed, you just have to know how to get the info); How to make eye contact the right way so you let her know you are a real man and that you want her (the way you use your eyes is extremely important because women can tell a lot about you by looking into your eyes); How long should you wait before calling a woman you’ve just met … and what to talk with her on the phone to seduce her; Are ugly women better in bed than beautiful women and how does the answer affect you; How to read a woman like an open book by analyzing what she drinks – you’ll be amazed how much you can tell about a woman by what she’s drinking. Going to bars will never the same after you read this. You’ll know exactly which woman is looking for a man right now; What women really want from men (from you); What to tell a woman that is flirting with you while her boyfriend is close by so you know exactly what are your chances of sleeping with her; Should you or shouldn’t you spend money on a woman – especially on the first date; What to do if a woman starts complaining on the first date; One question you can ask a woman to make sure you are reading all her signals right; What to tell a woman if you don’t know how to get her into the bedroom (easy, simple and it always works); How fast should you tell a woman that you want a relationship with her and what to do if she isn’t ready for one; A special way of holding a woman’s hand while driving around that makes you super sexy, romantic and sensitive (most guys try to play all kind silly games and it always backfires); Why being focused on “closing the deal” is wrong and what to do instead; How to tell if you are genuinely attracted to a woman (it takes just a few seconds and it is a super honest test you can give yourself); How to use romance and humor to talk about anything you want with a woman – including very explicit sex; What to say to a woman when she tells you she has a boyfriend; What to tell a woman when she asks you “What are you thinking about?” – if you answer this one question right you will probably get to sleep with the woman that asked you the question; What to tell women when they ask you stuff about yourself (it is amazing how many guys mess it up on such an easy question); Why it is to your advantage to make a woman blush; What women really want (it’s not what most men think it is); The one trait you need to have to be able to date any type of woman you want – regardless of how beautiful she is; How much time you should spend with your girlfriend(s) to avoid losing her (or them); The top complaint women have about men and how to avoid being one of “them”; The easiest way to be different from all the other guys out there (nothing fancy required); What you can learn by reading Cosmopolitam about the type of men women want (this is why you should read Cosmopolitan from time to time – it will enlighten you); The number one key to getting laid as often as you want (most men have it in their hands but just don’t know how to use it); How to use a beautiful woman to get even more women to want you (this little psychological trick works every time); The “psychic challenge” you can give to a woman you’ve just met to make her sleep with you that night; What to tell a woman when she says: “Men are only interested in one thing!”; The kind of guy women really want; The three types of men women go after first … and what to do if you aren’t one of them; The real reason why women are attracted to men with lots of money – it’s biological; How to use a woman’s unfulfilled fantasy to get her into your bed faster; Why it is easier to pick-up women in macho infested cities; How to handle and manage sleeping with more than one woman; Why you should read a couple romance novels and watch some “chick flicks” (it’s punishment, it’s torture, but do it anyway); What to do when you strike-out with a woman and things don’t go your way anymore; How to be a nice confident guy and get all the women you desire – you don’t have to be a jerk to sleep with lots of women;
And this is just a tiny fraction – very tiny – of the wealth of woman getting tips and secrets you’ll learn today.

WARNING: This product contains adult language and situations
and is not meant for those under 18 years old.

It’s easy to get started. All you have to do is click the button below, fill in the standard order form and click the “Pay Now” button (note: for your added convenience you can also pay using your PayPal account after clicking the button below – it is up to you). Then you will get immediate access to The Lazy Man’s Guide To Getting Women In Bed in an ebook format(pdf). You will be taken to a special access page from where you can get it – it takes just a few seconds…


This is vital information for men. If you want to date sizzling hot women, you can’t afford to miss out on the wealth of information available in The Lazy Man’s Guide To Getting Women In Bed.

“It all sounds great David … But what if it doesn’t work for me?”

Then It’s All Free

I guarantee you will have more success with women after you read my guide or I will refund your money without hesitation.

In fact, I believe so much in the effectiveness of what I’ve shared in my guide, here is what I want you to do:

1) Right click on the guarantee below and choose “Save Image As…” and save the guarantee on your computer;

2) Print the guarantee (you can even print it black and white – it doesn’t matter – it is as valid as the color one);

3) Tape the guarantee to your fridge door or bathroom mirror;

4) If at any time during the 60 day money back guarantee you feel like the guide isn’t all I said it is … or it doesn’t work as I said it would, you can ask for a prompt – no questions asked – refund (and you will get it ASAP). Better yet … you can also keep the guide for free. Consider it a gift for taking a chance.

Ulterior Motive For Sharing
My Best Women Getting Tips And Tricks

After seeing the tremendous impact my advice had on my students, I decided to make available this vital information to as many men as possible at a fraction of the cost (I usually charge $150 for just a one hour consultation … and it takes me roughly 4-5 hours to cover all the information in this guide).

All of my students started dating the kind of women they desired. And the best part is … they were happy and totally satisfied by their relationships.

Not all of them wanted to date lots of women and fool around like crazy. In fact most of them just wanted to enjoy one woman … be involved in a long-term relationship. And they all got what they desired. And that is what you should want for yourself.

You see it doesn’t matter what I did in my life. You don’t have to measure yourself to me. What matters is living the kind of life you want and enjoying as many women as you please. Be it one or more. You are the one in charge of your life and you can choose what kind of dating life you want to have. I merely supply you with all the real life advice and know-how you need to reach your goals.

Here are some success stories from my students:

“Thanks for our consultation on Friday. I was really inspired and was laid within hours that night ” – Paulie, New York


I’m working on it every day. That is : not to listen what they say and think for myself.

If I’m not doing that nobody can help me, no amount of logic and arguing will help. It’s not hard per se when you already don’t think for them and think for yourself, but it’s not easy if all you’ve been doing all your life is thinking about them and not about yourself.

I wish I just stopped doing what I was doing all this time and start living anew within a second I appreciate all your help.

Thank you very much! I have no idea what would I be doing if I haven’t watched your videos..’” – Danil, Los Angeles, California

“Hey David, I want to thank you for all your insights. I feel that I came home a changed man (with a complete different attitude). I feel that I am ready to charm the girls that enter my path. Thanks!!!

My mom told me to tell you “Hello” and she wants to thank you for taking us around town on Thursday.” – Jean-Luc

“I’m very impressed about your humor and the way you talk it’s really honest and straightforward.” – Lars, Amsterdam

“I really think you are amazing. The concepts and the mindsets that you have are pretty powerful. I wish I could hang out with you but I live in Macedonia. It’s right above Greece.” -Trajko

“what you said about a man knowing what he wants and feeling absolutely great to go after that is wonderful. I believe that if a man has a goal in life (no matter what, how small it is), and during the process of pursuing the goal, woman will automatically be attracted to him. It’s not a question of doubt. It says all the right things to woman – territorial, confidence, protection, etc … thanks for your time to clear my thought!” – James A., Florida

“I think you come from a different perspective than most experts on dating and believe that attending one of your seminars would be more beneficial to me.

I live an Atlanta, GA but would consider flying up to Montreal for a couple of days.” – Frankie, Atlanta

What are you waiting for? Get the kind of women you want. Improve your dating life. Never again stay home alone on a Friday or Saturday night. Start reading “The Lazy Man’s Guide To Getting Women In Bed” and date a better class of women.

Click on the button below to get started:


Your dating life will never be the same once you read the pages of this guide. You will date more women. Not only that, you will date higher quality women. The kind of women that will make all your friends red with envy and ask you: “What’s your secret?”.

You will be treated like a rock star by women and by your friends. Heck, you might even get to have groupies if you want them – and you don’t have to spend all that time mastering an instrument. It all depends on what you want.

Figure out what you want and you will get it. I guarantee it.


PS: once you start getting results by following my advice, please email me at [david@easydatingsecrets.com](mailto:david@easydatingsecrets.com) or call me at +1 877 432 8439 to tell me all about it. I try to reply to everybody that contacts me and I love getting success stories. They keep me motivated to share more and more of what I know about having the time of your life with women.

PPS: you’d better hurry and snatch “The Lazy Man’s Guide To Getting Women In Bed”. I love doing one on one coaching and I don’t know for how long I can keep sharing my advice for such a discounted price. So snap it up while you still can and use the advice to get the kind of women you want and desire.

Thank you.

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