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Why ORGS - What is it?

ORGS (Orange Rock Guitar Syllabus) is a brand new Rock guitar syllabus and certification board that takes the dedicated learner from beginner to grade 8.


 It also forms part of the worldwide affordable education plan for music. This is where big musical companies come together aiming to reduce the costs of learning and giving more musicians the chance of being a success. The most important values being:
More Accessible Better Results Affordable Recognition

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More Accessible Better Results Affordable Education Recognition

The syllabus book is available to buy online and in shops.
It’s even available to download and to use on Kindle.
Assessments can be taken throughout the year – you are not just confined to 3 times a year, so you don’t get bored!
To reduce travel we will come to you! Your teacher can have the power to get us to come to you when and where they want. All form filling in has been minimised for teacher and student ease, because it’s boring. All your free backing tracks are available after you login to download – put them straight on your ipod if you like!


Within 5 pages of the ORGS syllabus book you will start learning power chords
....with no short cuts!
There are more exercises and techniques covered than any other rock guitar syllabus, and we make it fun.
We have made sure the rock guitar tracks you learn…..ARE ROCK GUITAR TRACKS, not elevator music.
You have a choice from an ever growing list of famous rock songs that you can perform for your assessment.
If you are dedicated to being a rock guitarist, this syllabus can still be completed in half the time it takes to do 8 guitar grades – Oh, and that means quicker access to 70 UCAS points!


Just 1 flip book for 8 grades including notation side and tab side – no more having to buy 8 syllabus books, scales books, sight reading books…
Just 3 assessments to take, that is, if you want to take them!
Free Online interactive support – practise videos made by pros, backing tracks and help. Not only helping you as a student but giving your teacher some more peace of mind!


Recognised by one of the world's leading guitar amp companies, Students’ progress gets acknowledged by Orange Music Education on our website The Orange Rock Syllabus is on its way to be acknowledged as a worldwide Rock guitar qualification
The Orange rock guitar syllabus is available in the UK, America, Brazil, Germany, China and Australia Successful Orange Rock guitar teachers will be recognised by Orange Music Education with awards.

It's as easy as...

[Get the book](/index.php/the-book) Buy online or at any good music book retailer

[Register](/index.php/login) Click on Login on the menu bar to sign up for your free account

[Download or Watch Online](/index.php/login) Get Free video tutorials, selected backing tracks and all the supporting material you will need!

Orange Micro Terror


[The smallest terror ever!](http://www.orangeamps.com/nam-2012-orange-amplification-launch-micro-terror-and-ppc108-cab/)

Read your ORGS book on your computer, plug into the micro terror which has inputs for headphones and your computer output speaker lead, and practise late into the night!

To discover more about this fearsome beast [click here](http://www.orangeamps.com/nam-2012-orange-amplification-launch-micro-terror-and-ppc108-cab/)

The Orange OPC


[A Computer and recording studio all in one!](http://www.orangeopc.com/)

To Find out how the OPC is changing music forever [click here](http://www.orangeopc.com/)

tell people about us!

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UK Headquarters:

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+44 (0) 208 502 2992


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