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Dear Friend,

Imagine what it would be like if you could create millions of unique
articles without writing an extra word?

Well you don’t have to keep wondering because the answer is in the
Super Spun Article Creation Software you’re about to learn in this
online report.

Super spun article creation software spins all articles together by
sentences and paragraphs thus at the end result youll have articles
that are COMPLETELY "readable".

You might be asking yourself do I really need Super Spun Article
Creation software after all ... I’ve been using articles that swap
out synonyms? ... Well there is some bad news .. Spinning the old
fashion way by mere exchanging words is fast becoming obsolete.

The time has come for Super Spun Article Creation Software!

Here Is Our Demo/Tutorial

Super spun article creation software leverages your investment and
turns a $50.00 PLR of articles into $2500 dollars worth of articles as
soon as you click on the “Create” button.

And this is with just a minimum of ten articles to start. With a
total of 100 articles, you can easily build unlimited spun articles by
allowing Super Spun article creation software to weave more articles
than you could ever used in all of your niches all without ever
writing a single extra word.

If you have any idea about this, you will know that this software can
crank out a super spun article format by just feeding it a seed
article template and ten to 100 additional articles.

URL: http://superspunsoftware.com/video

WARNING ... Use ten articles to start. Over-use may be absolutely

Super Spun Article creation software uses a single article which is
known as seed article. From that one seed it will create a new super
spun article using the same format. Each sentence and paragraph will
now be incorporated into the seed to produce a final article for your

In case this phrase is new to you, here is a common question ... What
is seed article and why do you need it?

Seed article is a new concept introduces by Super Spun Article
Creation Software.

The benefit of using a seed article as template is that you’ll
never have to change your stock articles nor your super spun article
to create many different types of contents-articles you want to use in
your niches.

If you would like to create 300 words super spun article all that you
have to do is to make sure your seed has 300 words. Like wise, if you
want to create 500 words or any amount of word count at all, you just
need to change the seed. It’s that simple.

And then ... let’s the power of “permutations” take over

Let say you use a 300 words article as a seed and about 100 articles
to be spun. The seed article may have about 25 total sentences. At 100
articles, you would have about about 2500 sentences in all. The
permutations between the sentences in any random order will produce
about 2500 to the power of 10 sentences . Which is about nine billion
articles plus! Which is more than you ever need for any niche that you
wish to dominate.

You might be wondering ... must these articles have the same number
of paragraphs and sentences to be spun?

Absolutely not!


Within 15 minutes after you complete your order, you will receive the
download link and start to unlock the power that will allow you to
create unstoppable traffic to your sites via articles that are
impressive to read as well as sales and back links to boost.

Super Spun articles concept has taken many businesses from unfit to
profit using its amazing qualities of being able to provide spun
articles with readable sentences and paragraphs. Now it has truly
surpassed its original intent by allowing you to create super spun
article for any niche in any number of times. The created spun
articles can be placed inside your back links campaign, your blogs,
your bookmark software, your comments and truly set it and forget it.
You now can just simply use articles in your possession at any time,
at any length or word count whenever you need more spun articles.

And of course because you get so much more out of every dollar you
spend, finally you can afford the kind of quality articles that make
you proud..

I dare you to try this software and prove to yourself what it can do
to your business after helping you get flooded

traffic and all of those sales to your site. Go ahead and consider
this challenge right now.

When you order here you will get following ...


Free upgrade and support value at $47.00

350 quality PLR articles to start - value at $27. Now you can create
your very own Super Spun Articles using existing PLR articles without
writing an extra word. Sweet!

Title Creation software is also included in the software. This
awesome piece of code allowing you to create new titles just by
inserting your own keywords into existing titles. The software is also
allowed you to add your own titles and keywords. Value at $17.00

100 proved to convert titles are also included in the software. Some
of these tittles are collections from the late legendary Gary Halbert
value at $17.00

2 licenses to install on two PC value at $67.00

$27.00 worth of training manual “How to write irresistible
headlines for your articles”

Article’s finder software is also included inside the software by
allowing you to dump all of your PLR articles in a folder and it will
find each one by keyword. You’re now no longer have to dig, find,
copy and paste them manually. What’s time saver! Value priceless!

Try it now, risk-free. If you are not satisfied, let me know within
the first 60 days, and I will issue

a no-hassle refund. Although it is highly unlikely that you would be
anything less than thrilled

with Super Spun Article software should you decide to request a
refund, the three free bonuses

are yours to keep and enjoy as my gift just for taking me up on this

System Requirements

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7

Internet access

Does not work with MAC

Wishing you the best,

Your Friends At

Super Spun Software

Email: Contact Us

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