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I lost 23 pounds in 8 weeks!!! Truly ground-breaking program from a psychological perspective. Thank you!

- Dr. Kathleene Derrig-Palumbo, psychologist

“MyMobileMinute helped get me back into my pre-pregnancy weight.”

- Niloofar P., Calabasas, CA

MyMobileMinute helps me to connect with my power, as I am a 69 year old lady living in Oslo, Norway. Here we experienced the terror on July 22,2011 of one man’s actions killing many, many people. My life partner almost died, but is now safe. The MyMobileMinutes are short enough to let me focus on just those few seconds to help in such a horrible time. Love from Norway !!!

Inger E.

Thank you so much for week 37. Powerful support. I really needed to hear that. I am applying that to my job situation. My responsibility is to remember who I am and how I want to be. I will be looking at that clip some more this week. Thanks again.

Lois C.

This program has reinforced my best eating habits and diminished my sometimes too frequent indulgences on cake and cookies.

Deborah F.

It’s no wonder Dr. Phill recommends your services. Thank you.
– Deborah W.

What can I say, I am so impressed by your program.
All the exercises are great fun and achievable, even for someone like myself.

Antoinette H, Christies Beach, Australia

One of my biggest problems was falling asleep, making my body feel like it was bogging down. But with the relaxation program I can go to sleep and stop my worrying. I feel refreshed and I think it is helping my body metabolize my food better.
– Judith (Weight Loss Challenger on the Dr. Phil Show)

My input about Mobile Minute is a good report. I have been faithful in all areas. I look better, and feel great. I have my husband doing this right along with me and we keep each other motivated. I like the variety of the work outs, and we get to laughing when we put on that big smile. The work outs fit into both our life styles. Yahoo!


I had a terrible accident that left me a quadriplegic. After regaining the use of my limbs, the metal in my neck and back left me extremely stiff. I’ve now been doing MyMobileMinute for about two months and my improvement in flexibility is astounding. I am completely certain that the metabolic boost that MyMobileMinute gives me is increasing the rate and quality of my recovery far beyond the doctors’ expectations. I cannot thank you enough. You must be very proud that you are changing lives.

Nick S., England

These programs are like retraining your mind and understanding life from a different prospective. You can see where you can control your mind and then everything else changes.
– Jim (Weight Loss Challenger on the Dr. Phil Show)

I have always hit a wall before I had the imagery program. But now I have broken through it like sliced warm butter. Everyone should know about this. It has broken the limitations I had about myself.
– Marilyn (Weight Loss Challenger on the Dr. Phil Show)


Be certain to consult with your physician before beginning this or any other fitness or weight-loss program. Opinions expressed are those of the reviewer(s). Reviewers are remunerated. Results not typical for any and all claims. Your results may vary significantly. Product is not affiliated in any way with Dr. Phil. All trademarks, logos, and service marks (collectively the "Trademarks") displayed are registered and/or unregistered Trademarks of their respective owners.
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