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Do You Have a New Invention Idea?
Get it Out of Your Head and Onto the Market
Where it Can Make You Money!

So, you have a great idea for a new invention. Something for the home, a handy gadget, a tool, a toy or game, or maybe new software.

You've been thinking about your idea for a while and you just know the world is ready to buy into it.

But what do you do next? Do you have any idea how to...

create a prototype to show potential buyers? make a compelling sales pitch? protect your invention idea from being stolen? patent an invention without paying the hefty patenting fees?
In other words... do you know how to begin getting your new invention onto the market?

If you are an inventor or would-be inventor with an idea, my new invention ebook will show you the fastest way to develop and get your invention on the market


How Am I Qualified to Offer
Invention Help and Advice?

My name is Frank Stapleton and I'm an inventor. The very first product my partner and I licensed sold over 35 million units. We now have five products on the market including:
A computer screen cleaning device (launched in '97, it generated $24,000 a month in royalties!) A CD holder, and various advertising specialty products.
I live comfortably off the royalties from these products and I don't have to work at all (unless I want to.)

Does that sound like a lifestyle you might enjoy?

My new ebook "Patent and Invention Know How" shows you how to start working at home as an inventor, set your own hours, escape the rat race, and achieve financial independence.

Here's what the book does in a nutshell:

"Patent and Invention Know How" teaches you how to get your product up and running on a shoestring budget so you can start making money as quickly as possible.

It does this by showing you how to keep your costs down to a minimum, get others to pay for most of the expenses involved, and avoid problems like knock-offs and lawsuits.

And the best part of all? When you're finished with this book, you'll know exactly how to develop an idea from scratch and license it to a manufacturer in a specific market.

So even if you don't currently have an invention idea, my book will help you develop one right from the ground up.

The Only Thing Stopping You from Becoming an Successful Inventor

The biggest obstacle holding you back is not a lack of invention ideas. Nor is it a lack of ambition or brains or business connections. Give up?

The reason most would-be inventors never get their products to market is...

... a lack of information.

That lack of knowledge can lead to a lack of confidence, which leads to a loss of passion to pursue your goals... and your brilliant idea goes nowhere.

For instance, most people with an invention idea get hung up on patents. "Do I really need to patent an invention?", "How do I get one?", and "How much does it cost?"

When they find out that patenting fees can run into thousands of dollars, they begin to get cold feet and start to doubt whether their invention is worth it. And before you know it, they've shelved their dreams of becoming an inventor and have gone back to punching a clock.

Don't let that happen to you. Just one ebook... "Patent and Invention Know How"... is all you need.

"Patent and Invention Know How" will teach you how to save money on a patent and fast-track it to market. This is a-z invention-ebook loaded with information you won't find anywehre else. Everything in this ebook is from my own personal experience. Very little if any came from other sources.

Here's what else you'll learn:

The very first thing you should do every time you get a new invention idea and WHY it's so important!

How to get others to pay for the patent while YOU retain all the rights and control over your product.

The exact procedure for conducting a patent search. Doing this right could mean the difference between success and failure.

How to save money on patent searches (this information alone is well worth the price of the book)!

How to completely protect yourself so companies, manufacturers, and other inventors can't rip you off or STEAL your invention idea!

The proper way to approach a potential buyer that practically guarantees you'll get a favorable response.

Things you should never do when presenting your invention idea to a potential licensee.

A sample script you can use when contacting a company or manufacturer - what to say and what NOT to say!

The only type of information you can safely reveal about your new invention BEFORE getting a signed contract.

The inside scoop on whether or not you should take on a partner.

How to get your product to market quickly WITHOUT wiping out your entire life savings or mortgaging your home.

What type of legal advice you should seek and when.

The EXACT sequence of events you need to follow to launch your invention idea. Just follow the simple step-by-step flow chart included in the ebook.

PLUS the whole ebook is filled with photographs, diagrams, and artistic renderings that make "Patent and Invention Know How" a pleasure to read.

The Difference Between
Inventors and Everyone Else

Have you ever seen a product in the store or on TV and kicked yourself because you thought of it earlier but never acted on your idea? The difference between the successful inventors and the dreamers is not intelligence or money or good looks...

The difference is that the inventors listened to the little voice inside that said, "This is a really good idea and the world deserves to have it." And they went out and took the necessary steps to give - or rather, sell - their new invention to the world.

Meanwhile, the dreamers (who didn't know the necessary steps) stayed home and hatched lots of good ideas, which they did nothing about. And didn't become rich. And didn't get to be their own boss. And didn't enjoy the satisfaction of creating new things that people use every day.


What Ms. Johnson had to say in a recent email after reading my e-book
Hello.  This is Ms. Johnson.  I ordered your Patent and Invention Know How cd back in October, 2006, and we had brief contact via e-mail in November, 2006, regarding it.  Now I guess you wonder why am I e-mailing again, huh?  Well, I would like to extend my appreciation to you on how this has helped me out tremendously.  I am now on my way to possibly getting my own idea licensed.  I was going through this company and come to find out, they were a big scam.  (The guy at the USPTO let me in on this.)  I have studied your cd over and over.  My lawyer was impressed at how much I knew about this (thanks to you!)  I now have everything I need to get this on the way.  Again, thank you!!!
Ms. Johnson
Note: I don't normally sell a cd of my e-book but Ms. Johnson's wasn't able to download my e-book to her computer. My e-book cannot be downloaded to a mac.

What Robert Hash Jr. had to say after reading my e-book (1/29/06).

"I would like to congratulate you on a wonderful job in writing your e-book, "Patent and Invention Know-how."  Without a doubt, it's been a tremendous resource to gain a deeper level of understanding for the process of new product development". 

What another person had to say after downloading my e-book (4/19/2006)

I just finished downloading your "Inventors Ebook".  I must say that I was extremely impressed with the ebook and its contents.  I never imagined it would be filled with this much information.  Must say, "job well done".  Thank you. The cost was well worth (to say the least) the purchase. Thanks again.


How To Re-invent Yourself as an Inventor

Only $39.99 stands between the dreamers and the inventors. That's the cost of my ebook, "Patent and Invention Know How". You have nothing to lose with my money-
back guarantee. If you're not satisified just drop me a line and I'll refund your money![CONTACT ME HERE](mailto:contact@inventionknowhow.com)

If you read it and then use its sound advice - which is based on my own years of experience as an inventor - you'll be on your way to graduating from dreamer to successful inventor and you can start enjoying:

...financial independence.
...being your own boss.
...the great satisfaction of creating new products that people will use in their homes, offices, classrooms, and workshops.

Are you ready to graduate? Then click the order button below and you'll receive the one and only information product you'll need to launch your new career as an inventor...

May ALL your ideas bring you great fortune!

Best regards,

[] P.S.When my first invention hit the market in '97, it earned me a six-figure income and I've been living on my invention royalties ever since. And I'm just an ordinary guy who had some ideas and knew what to do with them. You can too, if you follow the suggestions in my easy-to-read ebook. Don't let another great idea fizzle out or get patented by someone else. Order my ebook now and start and the forces in motion that could change your life forever!

The fastest and most inexpensive way
to get a new invention idea on market

Buy Now And Get Immediate Access To
Patent and Invention Know-How!

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