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"90% Of What You Learn In Martial Arts Dojos, MMA Gyms, Self Defense Seminars And DVD's Will Get You Killed In A Real Attack On The Street.."

Pro Muay Thai fighter, Shane "JUNO" Fazer Reveals A Simple And Effective Street Fighting System
For Reality Based Self Defense, Protecting You And The Ones You Love, Quickly And Easily In Any Violent Encounter..



Monday, Apr 23
From: Shane, Pro Muay Thai Fighter, Street-Defense Trainer

Dear Fighter,

When was the last time you got into a fight?

And when was the last time you walked away from a fight, scared to death?

Bullies aren't just in school. Have you ever been intimidated at a bar or club? On a bus or train? At the mall? Do you freeze up just because someone stared at you?

There are lots of websites out there with fake stories by some guy who claims to have trained in martial arts for years and years before going to prison and learning some ultra-secret fighting art that can beat 5 guys at once, blah, blah, blah.

My name's Shane Fazer, and I'm a Professional Fighter, trainer, and Certified Hand-to-Hand Self-Defense Instructor (CHSDI). You probably know me from the Fight Tips Website or forum -- or maybe you're one of the 9 million people who have viewed my self-defense videos on Youtube. I'm not proud to admit that I've been in a ton of street fights -- 1 on 1 fights, group fights with 30 people, fights in public places, and fights where people have used weapons. But I HAVE experienced that rush, the fear of being outnumbered and watching my friends get pounded bloody into the cement.


I've disproved just about every myth about what does or doesn't work in street fighting:
I've Used Jiu-jitsu Submissions on Guys on the Sidewalk I've Knocked Out Strangers with Head-Kicks (Literally) I've Crushed Guys' Midsections with Muay Thai Clinching And I've Boxed Against Boxers with Bare Fists

I've embarrassed guys twice my size, guys three times my size, and guys with reputations like they were UFC champs.

No, I'm not proud of all these things, but what I've learned is that EVERY TIME, the fight went down in an entirely different way from what I expected, and EVERY TIME I learned something INVALUBLE:

The Supposed "Tough Guys" Were Never That Tough Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai Moves DO Work On the Street...If You Know What You're Doing Most of the Training in Your Gym WON'T Help You You're Better Off Knowing a Handful of Moves Rather Than the Hundreds a Gym Will Try to Teach You Sometimes You Have to Fight Dirty -- or Else You'll Be Climbing Underneath a Car Trying to Save Your Life As A Gang of People Stomp on Your Calves Trying To Break Your Legs (this is a true story that happened to one of my best friends during a fight we got into)
These Are Things You CANNOT Learn From ANYBODY Else On This Planet.

But I Can Teach All Of This To YOU.

Let me introduce you to the Ultimate Collection of Human Weaponry: The Fight Bible.

Made by over 100 trainers, fighters, and athletes, the Fight Bible is the world's first street fighting manual.

This is NOT some “5 secret techniques” written by Mr. Nobody that claims to teach ancient ninja secrets.

This is REAL and POWERFUL information, crafted from YEARS of discussion, scientific testing, and experience (and many real fights!).

I consulted all the fighters I'd met over the years through our website to share their knowledge, and all of it is now jammed it into one complete book.

[>> Get Your Copy Now!](go.php)

Here Are A Few of the Secrets Locked Inside the Fight Bible, as Taught by a Seasoned Street Fighter AND Pro Muay Thai Fighter and Boxer...
How to Develop a Fighter's Physique -- Ripped Abs, Armored Shoulders, and Legs that Kick Like a Mule[ (pages 13-15)](go.php) How to Rip Apart a 300 lb. Rhino, No Matter How Big You Are Or How You're Built [(page 37)](go.php) How it's Possible to Win A Fight Without Even Being Hit [(page 16)](go.php) How to Beat a Trained MMA Fighter in the Street [(page 23)](go.php) CONFIDENCE. How to Develop it and Keep From Freezing up in a Fight[ (page 6)](go.php) How to Execute Bone-Breaking Muay Thai Techniques, as Taught by Thailand's Top-Ranked Fighters [(page 23)](go.php) Combinations that Have a 90% Chance of KO'ing Your Opponent Cold [(page 24)](go.php)

So Be Honest -- How Tough Are You RIGHT NOW?

If You Had to Fight an Athlete of ANY Sport On the Street Today, Just Someone in Good Shape With Some Muscle, Would You Even Stand a Chance?

** Because if You Don't Know These 5 Commandments Of Fighting, You Probably Won't Win ANY fight...


The 5 Secrets to Winning ANY Street Fight
Remember That Most Fights Last Less than a Minute (Learn Why You Should use this to your Advantage) The Aggressive Fighter Usually Wins (Learn Why This Works) Use the Attack 99.9% of people DON'T KNOW HOW TO DEFEND AGAINST ??? ???

Do you know the other two? If not, you'd better keep reading...

How MMA Gyms Steal Your Money

Maybe you've been to an MMA gym already. I've been to every one in my area, plus several boxing gyms.

Pro fighters -- the good ones, at least -- will often train at many different gyms to get experience with a variety of fighters.

Sounds like a great plan, right?

Wrong. Unfortunately, what I realized really quickly was that 99% of the lazy guys "training" at these gyms were just doing it as a hobby. Almost nobody competed, and none of them were very serious about it.

And when I talked to the owners of the gyms, they admitted it:

"This is why we try to lock people into a minimum 3 month contract," one told me. "Because half the guys who come in here try it for a week and suddenly decide this is too dangerous or too much work, and they never come back. But we get to keep their money. It's a business after all."

Apparently so. But that didn't help me any, and it's not gonna help you. So...

The Difference Between Classes At Your Local MMA Gym VS. Learning The Life-Transforming Secrets Locked Within The FIGHT BIBLE:   MMA Classes The Fight Bible Instructor Joe Schmo, could be an untrained teacher SHANE FAZER, Pro Fighter Striking Techniques X X Grappling Techniques X X Weight Loss and Fitness Training   X Lethal Techniques   X Detailed Videos   X Street Defense   X Banned-from-MMA Moves   X Confidence Training   X UNKNOWN Techniques   X How to Deal wth Injuries   X Price $150/month $75 $27 ( Monday, Apr 23 ONLY! )

[Click Here to Get Your Copy Of The Fight Bible ](go.php)

Why Should You Trust the Fight Bible?

Because it was made by over 100 trainers, fighters, and athletes.

This is NOT some “5 secret techniques” written by Mr. Nobody that claims to teach ancient ninja secrets.

This is REAL and POWERFUL information, crafted from YEARS of discussion, scientific testing, and experience (and many real fights!).

I consulted all the fighters I'd met over the years through my website to share their knowledge, and all of that is now jammed it into one complete book.


...Which Means YOU Can Absorb The Abilities Of Over 100 Fighters -- JUST Like These People...


"Shane, I received your copy of the the Fight Bible and I am literally changing our hand-to-hand combat training regimen thanks to you and this book [...]
Just please be careful about who gets their hands on this."

-Mike Fenting, U.S. Marine Corp. Hand-to-Hand Training

"After all the bogus ebooks out there made by scammers trying to make a buck, I wasn't expecting much more from the Fight Bible. But I'm only halfway through it now and I have to say THANK YOU, Shane, for giving the self-defense community some credibility again. This is the real deal."

-Ray "The Mangler" Manger, Manger & Lei's Martial Arts, CA

"Thank god I've read this book -- I would NOT wanna have to fight someone without this. Even with all the training we have, anybody who knows half the stuff in this book would DESTROY the average person in a fight, wow."

-Abobo Macmurry, training partner of Shane's
"I used to THINK I was tough, even though I didn't know sh*t. I used to watch UFC videos and just try to use that sh*t in fights at the pub.. I would feel bad admitting that except since I read the Bible I won 3 pub fights in like a month, haha."

-IrishXcha0s, some random dude who bought the book
"You are a phenomenon. This book is insane. People are going to be talking about your ideas for years to come, mark my words."

-Steve Borong, professional boxer (official record: 61/4/1)

The Fight Bible is Guaranteed
Or Your Money Back.

I know there are a lot of scams and snake-oil sales on the internet, and I want you to be confident that this is the real deal, that it's something I've made with my own hands, and that it's something I'm proud of and take responsibility for. I believe in it and I KNOW it works, so I'm backing it with an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee.  If for any reason you're dissatisfied with your purchase, contact me within 60 days and I will refund your money.

There is absolutely no risk to you.

When you continue to the next page, you get immediate VIP access to all the materials in this muscle-carving, no-limit regimen -- and you'll remember today as the day your life dramatically changed forever. And if that doesn't happen, you have literally nothing to lose.



The Fighter's Diet started as a series of notes I compiled during my time studying in dietary and fitness classes. I decided to organize it into a lean guidebook to help fighters double their body's power through a few simple nutrition rules -- so I'm including this FREE as part of the Fight Bible package!



I'm also including First Aid for Fighters, a guide for treatments of the most common injuries incurred in fighting and training!


You get all of this backed by a solid 60-day money-back guarantee:
The Fight Bible - The World's Only Street Combat Manual The Fighter's Diet - Nutrition For a Harder, Leaner Physique First-Aid For Fighters - Injury Prevention and Treatment The Complete Fight Tips Videos Collection - Step-By-Step Tutorial Videos
...Which Will EASILY Teach ANYONE How To...
Powerhouse Anyone Regardless of Size Develop a Killer Physique Dominate Any Confrontation Using Only Your Bare Hands Have Complete Confidence -- At Any Party, Bar, School or Public Place Be the Protector Of Your Friends, Your Family, and Yourself


Order The Fight Bible Right Now!

YES, I would like to learn the world's only certified street combat system for just  $127 $27.

I understand I may become a lethal threat after reading this book.

I understand that after ordering The Fight Bible, I'll gain instant access to the download page 24/7 FOR LIFE.

I understand this is a RISK-FREE OFFER as The Fight Bible is backed by a 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. This package will transform me -- or my money back!


* This is NOT a set of physical books you have to pay extra to have shipped to you or wait to arrive in the mail -- the whole package is available as a Digital E-book Download that you can access RIGHT NOW: Read it tonight, be transformed tomorrow.


Here's to a better life and health,

Pro Fighter, Instructor, Defender
Author of the FightBible


SECURE ORDER: We use Clickbank, a maximum-security server, so that all your personal and credit card information is safe and confidential (we also accept Paypal).
After payment, you will be directed to a download link, where you can INSTANTLY download the Fight Bible to your computer.
After supplying your credit card details to our secure server, you will be directed to a page with a download link, where you can instantly download the e-book to your hard drive. We also accept Paypal!



P.S. Hmm, so you still haven’t decided if this book is for you, huh? Okay, consider this:
Has there been a murder or assault in your neighborhood recently? Will you be prepared if YOU are the victim the next time around? The Fight Bible won't let you be a victim. Are you unhappy with your body? The Fight Bible has in-depth exercises, complete with pictures and examples to get you a six-pack and a vicious combat physique. How would you react if you were stabbed? You would probably panic, and fear for the worst. But did you know you can use a credit card to temporarily heal a wound? The Fight Bible shows you how.

[Access it Now and Be Reprogrammed into a Combat MACHINE](go.php)

And, if you're still skeptical for any reason, you can email me directly at and I'll answer any questions you have!


The Fight Bible cannot guarantee the results of any fight as this depends on the individual's performance. 
This program is provided for informational and educational purposes only.

This program is not associated with the United States Marines, the FBI, SWAT or any police, military, or news organization.

Copyright © 2012 Fighttips.com. All Rights Reserved.


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