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The MUST HAVE Guide for Christian Businesses

The Mind-Blowingly Simple Strategies Every Christian Business Owner Can Learn from Pinterest

Sick Man Reveals Amazing 7 Step Strategy

I have a disease.

I've had it for quite sometime now.

Doctors have given up on me ever living a "normal" life.

My symptoms were many:
I had chronic allergic reactions to cubicles I had difficulty swallowing what "normal" is I kept having changes in vision--I saw things no one else could. Every Monday morning constantly left a bad taste in my mouth People said I was hallucinating
Various doctors confirmed it: I had entrepreneuritis.

My mother cried when she heard the report. She put her head on my shoulder and wept, "Don't worry! You're sister's boyfriend had the same thing a few years ago. He got it cured and now he's a foreman down at the plant! We'll get through this."

But she was wrong.

We never did it get cured. 

From Early Stage to Full Blown

My entrepreneuritis took on a life of its own. It didn't stop. I never looked at a job the same way again. To me they were was just wastes of time.

I stayed on the lookout for niches I could exploit, opportunities others overlooked, products I could sell, consumers I could serve.

Many times it didn't work out: I fell flat on my face, lost lots of money, was embarassed, and distraught.

But by now my disease made me a junkie. I wouldn't stop.

I couldn't.

I took it a step further: I even studied great businesses and business leaders.

What did they do?

Were they just as crazy I was?

As obsessed?

I looked at everything from American Express to Facebook. But by this time I wanted to find companies who hadn't reached their full potential. This was harder.

I searched. And I searched. I battled the opinions of people and searched. Ignored their advice, glares, laughter and searched. 

And then I came across this new company: Pinterest

I studied their growth and trajectory. It was amazing.






Now here was a company I could sink my teeth into.

So What Did I Find? More Than I Bargained For...

I spent weeks combing through anything I could find. I thought I would find an easy 3 step process. But just like when I thought I could cure my entrepreneuritis and  just like when I thought I would have a normal life...

...I was wrong.

Dead wrong.

What I found was astounding: none of the major journalists picked up on it. I saw glimpses of it in Forbes, Fortune, Businessweek, Entrepreneur, and Inc.

But none of them put it all together.

I checked again. Yup...not one of them!

What was even crazier I saw that the strategies they used...were used successfully by others...who didn't know they were using them!!!!!!

Holy crap!

I discovered:

A chef who took himself and his restaurants to international prominence.
An author who took his ebooks to national prominence with no agent, PR company, and tradiotional publishing company...after wasting $25,000 of his own money
A Carpenter who won over an entire town with no money and ONE conversation An unknown female who used these strategies to become an international icon
  An entrepreneur who took his business from his parents garage to global dominance An online entrepreneur who took his business from 0 to profitable in the 1st year without the ability to sell
Why was nobody talking about this??

Which brings us to this point.

I decided to talk about it. Hence, the reason for this ebook.

Disclaimer: this is not a guide on how to use Pinterest for affiliate marketing.


 In this ebook:
You'll discover the "secrets" that took this startup from obscurity to rockstar status You'll learn how to work with customers you like and who rave about your products and services How to make more money with less effort and less strain You learn the secret art of being "childlike"  You learn how to out pace competitors and trip up imitators How to find niches no one else has targeted And much much more!
Act now and receive these bonuses

When you order today I'm also going to throw in these bonuses for FREE.

 Bonus 1: 75 Prosperity Scriptures "They" Don't Want You to Know
This is a comprehensive listing of resources of Scriptures that you can use and mediate on to your journey of entrepreneurship. Be warned: "they" will tell you not to believe any of  this. (Value: $20)

 Bonus 2: What the Immortal Steve Jobs Could Teach Christian Business Owners

Steve Jobs changed the world and revolutionized industries. Even though he's passed on his business life still serves as a blueprint. He life contains nuggets of wisdom for anybody...including Christian Business Owners (Value: $23)




Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Purchase this ebook and if for any reason you don't want it simply request a "no hassles" money back guarantee in 60 days. You don't even need a reason. Again, I’ll quickly refund every red cent - No Questions Asked!


So, here's the question: " What Do You Think?"



Alright! Alright!

I want it!!

I Want the "What Pinterst Could Teach Christian Business Owners" eBook + 75 Prosperity Scriptures They Don't Want Me to Know + I want to Learn How to Turn Customers and Prospects into Apostles and Evengelists + I need to know How to Biblically Bootstrap My Business   

 Now how much do you think all this is going for?















Not even close
























hold on...







it's coming...








wait for it...
















All this for only...







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To Your Long Overdue Success !

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