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From: Eamon Diamond

Dear Marketing Friend,

If someone could show you the “exact” steps you need to take for getting an eBook online in record time would you jump at the chance? Well keep reading, because I’m about to reveal how you can create a fully finished eBook in less than a few hours from now by following a simple…but yet very effective way of getting an eBook online fast.

Have you ever looked at and wondered how some people put those eBooks together so Professionally and Quickly and think to yourself…hmm, wish I could write and design my eBooks just like that! Well just like you, that’s the way it was for me in the beginning too. I was eager to find out…and that’s the reason which drove me to designing this eBook course which will show you how to do just that.

“Did you know that designing your own eBook is rather simple,” That’s right! But most marketers skim over this area when they mention things like…start creating your first eBook and get it online making you sales. They’ve certainly got that part right…but what happened to the part where they should be showing you Step by Step how to do this! Especially if it’s your first time approach to creating your first eBook.

Don’t beat yourself up to much if you’ve travelled down that road and had to try and put the pieces together yourself, where it didn’t turn out quite as you had planned…help is at hand. Heck! just thinking back myself I remember starting my first eBook thinking
(Oh No!) What a learning curve, where can I get all the answers…remember I told you that creating your first eBook isn’t difficult, well I meant it – it really isn’t. Which Is Why I’m Going to Set You Out…..


“This step by step system will not only teach you how to construct your own eBook,” it will also teach you where to go and research for all the content you will ever need to add to your eBook. Finding content online is easy…and with this step by step system showing you how to properly structure your eBook…so as it’s pleasing to the reader – you’ll have a real winner in your hands.

I briefly touched on above that when I was starting out with my first eBook…(and being upfront and truthfully honest with you here),
I was exactly the same as you…kind of lost at knowing which way to turn. “No Kidding!” I’d sit and flick through page after page online to try and get an answer on how to go about properly setting up my eBook, then I’d watch video after video to try and see how to use the proper tools to construct my eBook…does any of these things ring true to you…do you seem to have all these niggling problems where you need to find a solution?

Well I did…all these questions I’d keep asking myself over and over until I finally knuckled down and said RIGHT! I’m going to go and find out the best methods of how to properly construct an eBook, then complile it all in the one place and take out “ONLY” the best methods…and that’s excatly what I’ve done here. I’ve compiled all the best methods I’ve learned and put it all in the one place…and if anyone is looking to get online with their eBook FAST – (without the trial and error I had) – it’s sitting right here for them.

I’m glad now I created this Step by Step Video Course and I know you’ll get fantastic use out of it…because I started to see a dramatic increase in my sales as a result of sticking to this Step by Step System, it was all down to the result of having a really good layout. “Of course the content is highly above the rest by any means!” But answer me this? Would you rather have a returning customers come back and buy from you time and time again if they could easily navigate around your eBooks…or what would their answer be if it wasn’t very pleasing to the readers eye and difficult to navigate around…”Plain to be seen which answer I’d go for.”

What you’ll love about this course…is that it is all laid out in a manner that even a beginner couldn’t go wrong. I’ll show you (First-hand) in the 12 VIDEOS that are within this product, how to properly “Structure your eBook,” how to set up “Styles and Formatting,” how to create a “Table of contents,” how to set up “Page Numbering Correctly” so as it starts on the page you want it to…(NOTE!! Most people get this wrong), “how to gather content,” “how to Find Images” and much much more.

[](http://www.ebookcreationsimplified.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/john.png)“If you’re looking to know how to properly construct an eBook…
then Grab This Course.”

Eamon has laid everything out in a Step by Step Video Course and has left nothing out. There’s no question about it…when people purchase an eBook online, not only does its content have to be of top quality, but it also has to look its very best…it’s just what’s expected when someone decides to spend online.

When viewing the videos, Eamon covers the technical side of setting everything up correctly. Once that’s taken care of, it’s just a simple process of setting everything in its place…and you’re done.

I can honestly say that there’s no excuse for anyone now not being able to write their own ebook after they get their hands on a course like this.

Eamon! Fantastic Product and thanks for letting me check it out, I know it will help a lot of people create that perfect eBook.”


John Thornhill


Hi Eamon,

OMGoodness! These videos ROCK! This is probably the easiest way I have ever seen to eBook Creation.

Your videos leave nothing out. It’s a whole system! I am so impressed!

You have a wonderful way of going through everything very clearly, step by step. You even tell where to get great content!  And that little trick you showed on numbering had me stumped for weeks!! Wish I would have seen this a few months ago!

Thanks, Eamon, for another excellent product!!.

Awesome!! Yay!

Lisa Hernandez


[](http://www.ebookcreationsimplified.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/My_Pic.JPG.jpg)“WOW Eamon…*FANTASTIC* product…and I mean that in all sincerity, went through the videos last night and I have to say you simply CANNOT FAIL…it will teach any newbie HOW TO actually create their very own product successfully from the word go…I highly recommend this video series!

These how to tutorial products really should be created as Alex Jeffery’s once said…*Keep it Simple, Stupid*, so that the student can easily learn the process then succeed with greater success, and that’s exactly what (ebookcreationsimplified) does, I mean it’s all in the title isn’t it…and like I said I know first hand for a fact! That this video course WILL materialize success for anyone wanting to create income streams by creating their own products!

What else can I say accept…(ebookcreationsimplified) does it perfectly!

Well done Eamon…another video series created with the student in mind….”

John Edwards.


Hi Eamon

Thanks for giving me access to this superb product.

I cannot believe how easy this process is to follow.

Being a regular ebook creator I thought I had a handle on most aspects of product creation and writing ebooks but your product has taken my knowledge to a whole new level.

If anyone wanted to make money online in the quickest way possible they must buy your product today!

Your clear way of providing this vital information within easy to understand video tutorials ‘cannont fail’ to provide the spring board to successful money making online.

This is a must for any newbie!

Simply Brilliant Eamon






Look! I know this product will really be of great benefit to people that are looking to create a fantastic looking eBook. People do love to receive something online that looks every bit as good to look at as it is to read; having your eBook set up so that it has a well laid out fashion to it will pay you dividends in the long run.

Most times people will tell you it doesn’t matter as long as the content delivers what it promises – don’t let this fool you – of course the content is vital to get right, but so is the look and feel of your eBook…SO!! The price…

…if I was being truthfully honest here, I could charge an easy $97 for this course and I know I’d make sales easy. But I’m not going to do that, I’m not even going to charge $77 or even $47 dollars.



Keep in mind here that this isn’t an eBook…“It’s Way More Than That!“ This is a Step by Step Video Course where I’m going to show you how to properly structure your eBook within the 12 Accompanying Videos, so all you have to do is Watch, Implement and Follow through. You’ll also get checklists to keep you on the right track, where you can tick each task off once completed. There’s even the option where I’ve left this video course compatible to view on either an iPad, iPhone or iPod if you so wish, or simply download it to your computer if you so prefer.

If you’ve tried to figure out how to create an ebook that would appeal highly to your viewers (making them automatically want to return for more of your other products)…but failed, then it really isn’t your fault. I mean, I too couldn’t get to grips with it when I first started online and it’s no surprise when you consider the amount of wrong advice that’s out there…where it only shows you half of what needs to be covered.

Well, it’s finally time to forget all that you’ve heard and focus on what works…instead of wasting time looking around the Internet! Remember time is key in this business, “the longer you wait to get started, the longer it will be before you see results”. The more time you invest in having a system set in place…the quicker you’re going to see those paydays appear.


I’m So Sure That You Will Love My eBook Creation Simplified Course
That I’m Prepared to Shoulder 100% of the Risks. Which is Why
I’m Backing it with a No Risk…

A Step by Step System that walks me through the entire process Step by Step Video training for those who want to watch The TOP TIPS I must know in order to start out my eBook correctly How I can set Everything Up even if I’m not a technical ‘Whiz Kid’!!! I understand that I’ll be able to overcome my newbie barriers that will get me online with my eBook in record time Simple Techniques which will cut out my learning curve and have me online within days …and there’s much much more[](http://www.ebookcreationsimplified.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/10.jpg)[](http://1.ebookstudy.pay.clickbank.net/)

[    ](https://imtrustworthy.com/verifies/ebookcreationsimplified.com)    [   ](https://imtrustworthy.com/verifies/ebookcreationsimplified.com) [    ](https://imtrustworthy.com/verifies/ebookcreationsimplified.com)

If you think about it this way…you’re getting everything I know about creating a great looking eBook and which will deliver valuable content at the same time, boiled down into a step by step course for just one low price – $10.

In a few hours from now you’ll be able to literally begin creating that eBook you’ve always wanted to and start putting money in your pocket in as little as 7 days from NOW!

Download “eBook Creation simplified” now…and let me reveal to you some of the best ways to properly structure your eBook before you put it online for sale, without going through all of the headaches that are just unnecessary.

To You Success

Eamon Diamond

P.S. Most of you will know that when creating your eBook it has to appeal to the reader – so this is a no-brainier: (you’ll get what took me months of homeschooling research boiled down into a 12 Step by Step Video course with ‘no-fluff’ attached for only $27.”)

P.P.S. Don’t forget, if you really take action and start putting this course to work for you – in less than a few days from now…you could actually see your first orders coming through… (isn’t that exciting!?”)

P.P.P.S. Remember you’re also getting access to “Building Your First Website” which is a course I’ve created for FREE, for anyone looking to know how to get their products online FAST – (will be included on the inside).

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