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“Attract Just About Anything You Want In 30 Days Or Less”

New E-course Shows You How To Master Subconscious Mind Programming To Bring Abundance Into Your Life…

Even If You’re Programmed To Fail!

Are you happy with the way your life is? If not, have you tried to improve it? Have you read self help books or attended success seminars? Have you tried traditional therapy with Psychologists to try and find out what’s holding you back. Or have you just accepted your life for the way it is and believe you were destined for a life of unhappiness?

You may have heard this saying before, but it’s true: “You are a product of your thoughts”. Your life is the way it is only because of what you think…what you think about the world and what you think about yourself. Not just in your conscious mind, but what you think in your Subconscious Mind…thoughts of which you’re consciously unaware.

The good news is…if you don’t like the way your life is, you can change it by changing your thoughts. But those changes have to be made on the Subconscious level. It’s your Subconscious Mind — not your conscious mind — that houses your Mind Power.

It takes more than just a conscious effort to change your thoughts. It also requires having the right information so you can learn how to correctly use your Mind Power to give you the life you want.

And when you do, the rewards are tremendous. When you master Subconscious Mind Programming you can…
Unleash your full potential and become the real person you were intended to be Achieve success in just about anything you set out to accomplish. You’ll overcome those mental and emotional blocks that keep success at bay End procrastination forever as you blast your motivation and self confidence to levels you never knew were possible Increase your concentration level and get more things done in less time by being able to focus like a laser beam Bring peace and calmness into your life by naturally ridding yourself of stress, worry, tension and anxiety Understand new concepts and ideas faster than ever while at the same time boosting memory and creativity Attract wealth by replacing negative thoughts of… “I’ll never be wealthy”…with thoughts and feelings of…“I AM wealthy”. Greatly improve your relationships. Attract friends with the characteristics you want them to have. You’ll become the person others want to be around as they pick up on your positive “vibes” and feelings of love and happiness Rid yourself of addictions to smoking, alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling and others that destroy your self-image, injure your health and damage personal and family relationships. Cure yourself of disease and even prevent disease from occurring in the first place by making yourself immune to all disease And a lot more
So how do you accomplish all those things? First, by learning how the Subconscious Mind thinks. It does so differently than the conscious mind. And second, by putting what you learn into action on a consistent basis.

Finding a mentor or Mind Power coach can help you do that. And I would love to be the one who…“shows you the way”.


You don’t have to learn how to acquire Subconscious Mind Power. You were created with it. Everyone is. You just have to learn how to use it. All it takes is the right information and a willingness to put it into action.

Here’s a brief look at what you’ll learn from each weekly lesson of my Personal Development Course:
Is it the conscious mind or Subconscious Mind that determines what your life will be like? Most people answer this question incorrectly. You’ll immediately have a much greater understanding of the Subconscious Mind after reading this lesson (Lesson #1) When you learn “The 6 Key Points To Your Subconscious Mind Power”, you’ll know exactly how the Subconscious Mind thinks so you use it properly. Many Gurus don’t know some of these secrets. Learning them will make you an expert in the Subconscious Mind (Lessons 2-6). How to use your Subconscious Mind Power to get just about anything you want (Lesson 7). You’ll learn a very simple process that will take you deeply into your Subconscious Mind to get maximum results from your effort. No software or other equipment needed (Lesson 8). The Law of Attraction. At this point in the course, this will be nothing new for you. You’ll be mastering it all along without realizing it (Lesson 9). Self-Hypnosis. This is another technique you’ll be learning all along without realizing it (Lesson 10). Curing And Preventing Disease. Learn how to harness the tremendous healing power of your Subconscious Mind (Lesson 11). Rewriting History. Use your Mind Power to heal past relationships that are still bogging you down, even involving those who are deceased (Lesson 12). Supercharge Your Subconscious Mind Power Into Overdrive. When you master this, your Mind Power will work very easy…almost effortlessly (Lesson 13). Will This Work For Everyone? Even the “Gurus” don’t answer this question correctly (Lesson 14). Are You Programmed To Fail? You’ll know by the time this lesson reaches you or shortly thereafter. If so, you’ll learn what to do about it so you can have the life you want (Lesson 15). The Journey You’re On Without Knowing It. An introduction into the “world of the mysterious” that can give you "Super, Super Subconscious Mind Power", perhaps even... “Ultimate Subconscious Mind Power”. And get this: you’re already living in this world (Lesson 16).
Here’s what others say about the course (testimonials are used with people’s permission and are kept on file for inspection):

     “Written from the heart and easy to read, Wissler’s informative personal story sets forth why and how to improve your life. Well done ~ Michelle Beaudry, NBH Board Certified Hypnotist, Altamonte Springs, Florida www.BeaudryHypnosis.com

     “This course is a breath of fresh air… an easy to read, practical and user-friendly guide to living a more happy and fulfilled life. It looks at many meaningful questions and gives valuable answers. I like that Wissler walks the talk, giving tangible examples and exercises of his own experiences. Everyone should have a copy" ~ Dellaina van der Leer, Visionary Therapist and author, Christchurch, New Zealand www.Almora.co.nz

     “I had a small growth on my arm for several years and was concerned that it could have been a sign of something unhealthy. By using the Mind Power techniques Todd teaches in his course, it was almost completely gone in less than a month. And without doing the techniques since then, the growth and the dark spot around it continue to fade away on their own” ~Marianne Layng – Wilmington, Delaware

     “Your course is the best information I have read on programming your subconscious mind" ~ Kirk Mac – Morgan Hill, California

Take Mind Power To Another Level

You'll go beyond learning how to use your Mind Power just to be successful. I've used mine to lower my cholesterol, to dissolve a wart from my arm, to rid myself of a Poison Ivy infection and an allergy to it.

When I was a kid I could get it in early March just from it blowing in the wind. Several different years I had to stay in my bed with netting wrapped around it the outbreak was so bad. But now, I can touch Poison Ivy with my bare hands and have no reaction.

No Equipment Needed

There are many other courses out there that show you – with the help of some special software – how to harness your Subconscious Mind Power by getting to different stages of brain waves such as the Alpha level, Beta level and so on. While those courses probably do those things — and reaching those levels of brain waves have great benefits and would be worth the time to at least investigate to see if they can help you — it’s not necessary to get to those levels in order to take your Mind Power to the greatest heights possible.

Before I discovered how easy it is to harness my Mind Power, I thought you’d have to get “all the way down to the very depths of your psyche”. But you don’t. As I show you, it’s very easy to tap into your Mind Power. And the more you use it, the easier it will work for you.

The Best Self Help Books Really Aren’t Books

Each weekly lesson is emailed to you in PDF format and averages only 8 pages. So you won’t have to spend a lot of time reading. Then you’ll have an assignment to perform with each lesson…to put into play what I teach you.

Week by week you’ll learn each step in the process. You’ll have time for each step to fully “sink in” before you get the next lesson.

By getting one lesson a week, you won’t get bogged down with information overload as you would if this course were in one large e-book leaving you to wonder after reading it…“Well, where do I start?”

Can Your Spare A Few Minutes A Day?

If you can spend just 15-20 minutes a day after reading each lesson, you can learn to be a Master at Subconscious Mind Programming. You’ll put your destiny into your own hands.

You won’t have to make any changes to your daily routine except to carve out just one-quarter to one-third of one hour each day to develop your new skill.

The Only Course You’ll Need

There are several things that make my e-course different from other courses, books or e-books I’ve read. First, I teach you how to become an expert in the Subconscious Mind. And by doing so you’ll then know how to use it for any desire you have.

You won’t have to buy another book or course to learn how to use your Mind Power to break an addiction, then another to learn how to improve your self esteem, then another to learn how to attract wealth, then another to learn “The Law of Attraction”, then another to learn Self-Hypnosis, then another to learn how to cure or prevent disease, etc., etc. Once you learn how the Subconscious Mind thinks you’ll be able to acquire or get rid of or change almost anything about yourself you want.

When you use Subconscious Mind Programming to be successful, then use it to quit smoking, then use it to attract a soul mate and for everything else for which you can use it…the Subconscious Mind worked the same way…the one and only way it knows how to work. The only thing that was different was the desire your were trying to achieve.

Are You Programmed To Fail?

And here’s something else that makes my message different from the Mind Power Gurus’. I don’t sugar coat anything with “rah rah” speeches saying “come on…you can do it. We all have this power and we all can have anything we want by simply changing our thoughts”.

While in theory that’s correct, a very common experience many people have trying to program their Subconscious Mind to improve their lives is that it works for a while – perhaps for a month or two – then it stops working and their lives revert back to the way they were before they started. It’s like they’re back to square one and further efforts to program their mind for success won’t work. And for some, their lives then become even worse.

If that happens to you while studying my course it’s because you’re programmed to fail and you’ll know it before you’re finished with it. But I’ll tell why and what you’ll have to do to de-program your Subconscious Mind so you can have the life you want.

Has that happened to you in the past when you tried to harness your Subconscious Mind Power? If so, now’s a good time to try my course. If it happens again, you’ll know why and what to do about it.

I certainly haven’t read every book or heard every speaker on the topic of Self Improvement or Mind Power. But the ones I have don’t address this issue. They all say the same thing…“Everyone can harness the power of their mind”, or “This will work for everyone”. I know from my experience that those statements are only true IF you’re not programmed to fail. If you are, before you can use Subconscious Mind Programming successfully you’ll have to resolve that failure issue first. And I can also help you do that.

People All Over The World By The Millions And From All Walks Of Life Have Used Subconscious Mind Programming To Bring Happiness And Abundance Into Their Lives! So Why Not You?

You’ll find other sites that claim to have spent millions of dollars and many years researching what the power of the Subconscious Mind can do. And that it was only through that research that led them to their discovery of powerful techniques that people now use to harness their Mind Power. And I have no doubt that their claims are true and that they have helped a lot of people.

But I can’t make the same claim about spending a lot of money and years on scientific research. So why get my e-course? Because I’ve done something just as credible — if not more so — than conducting years of scientific research… I’ve lived it!

I’ve been a student of the Subconscious Mind and human psyche since my early 20’s. By learning how to harness my Mind Power I’ve discovered how the Subconscious Mind thinks and why standard Positive Thinking techniques fall short of their intended goal. I’ve proven to myself and others what works and what doesn’t. So I don’t need the findings of years of scientific research to know how it all works.

And by uncovering for myself how simple the process really is — and by being a professional writer for 16 years — I’m able to explain it in very simple terms. I don’t use super-scientific lingo or explain it all in terms of Quantum Physics mainly because…I don’t know anything about Quantum Physics!

And if you’ve had a pretty good life so far, you can still use your Mind Power to lead you to even greater greatness.

This Isn’t Some Off-The-Wall Rehashed Information Slapped Together E-course! You Won’t Find This Information Anywhere Else. It’s So Exclusive That You Can Only Get It Online Through This Website

So how much is it worth to learn how to have the life you’ve always wanted? I could say… “priceless” and I would be correct.

But before I talk about the price, I want to let you know about a few FREE bonuses I’ve thrown into mix.

Free Bonus #1

“Awaken Your Creative Genius! Creative Thinking Is For Everyone”

Creative thinking is not just for musicians, artists and authors. It’s for everyone. And developing your creative thinking skills will benefit you in numerous ways.

For example…it will increase your marketability in the business world. You’ll be viewed by companies as one who can make decisions and get things done. Companies will want to hire you.

Don’t think you’re a creative person? Have you ever found a solution to a problem? Have you ever overcome an obstacle? Have you ever come up with an idea and someone said…“Wow, I wish I’d thought of that”? If so, then you’re a creative person. You thought of something that others didn’t. Now all you have to do is expand your abilities by taking them to another level.

We’re all creative people. Most of us don’t know it and just need to learn how to awaken and unleash that creative spirit within. My 64-page e-book (a $20 value) will show you that with the right practice you can…
Bring creativity into your personal and professional lives Overcome the obstacles to creativity Put creativity on par with being a genius Learn how the super intelligent get their creative juices flowing And More
Developing your creative thinking skills will expand your horizons to incredible heights. You’ll see things as you’ve never seen them before. You’ll be able to think “outside the box” thereby expanding your mental capacity to levels you never knew you had.

You’ve never reached those levels before because you’ve never pushed the limits of your creative abilities before. This e-book will help you do that. You’ll be amazed when you harness the creative abilities you thought belonged to only a select few.

Free Bonus #2

“You And Your Attitude: Partners in Success and Happiness”

You’ve heard it before…a positive attitude is very important. It’s an old story for sure, but an important one.

I said at the top of this page that you’re a product of your thoughts and your attitude is one of the thought processes that makes you the person you are.

With the right practice, you can develop an attitude that will take you as far as you want to go in life…even farther than you thought was possible. Again, it simply requires having the right information to help you put it into action.

In my 23-page e-book (a $12 value) you’ll learn…
You choose your attitude How to make your attitude work for you Ways to make your attitude positive Why positive body language is important The quickest way to attain goals Elements of a positive attitude Positive living tips And more
Free Bonus #3

Unlimited E-mail Support

I don’t sell you my e-books then leave you hanging when you have questions. As I said on my site, I want to become your mentor, your Mind Power coach. You’ll be provided with an email address for which you can ask me questions.

But be forewarned. If I start to receive too many emails to respond to individually I’ll have to come up with another format…perhaps a weekly e-newsletter in which I answer the 5 or so most asked questions of the week.

Or maybe I’ll do a survey and ask you what format you’d prefer. We’ll continue to correspond because I don’t want to lose contact with you.

But for now at least, the Free Bonus of Unlimited Email Support is open.

How Much Do You Value Happiness?

Remember: with EVERTHING we want — that new car or job, that loving or lusty relationship, more money, to see that football game or new movie, to watch that TV show, to end our struggles, etc., etc., (I could go on and on) — there’s the same bottom line desire in all of it…to make us happy!

So how much would it be worth to you to have the life you desperately want, or to give yourself an even greater life if yours has been a good one so far…or to find out if you’re programmed to fail and learn what you’ll have to do to de-program your Subconscious Mind so you can finally have happiness?

"Super Subconscious Mind Power In 16 Weeks"

16 weekly lessons in PDF format (like an ebook), PLUS FREE Bonus #1, "Awaken Your Creative Genius: Creative Thinking Is For Everyone" (my 64-page ebook, a $20 value), PLUS FREE Bonus #2, "You And Your Attitude: Partners In Success And Happiness" (my 23-page ebook, a $12 value), PLUS FREE Bonus #3, Unlimited Email Support (priceless)...

$19 a month for 4 consecutive months

[CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE](http://1.4mindpower.pay.clickbank.net) 
Each lesson comes to you as a digital download in PDF format. You’ll need a copy of Adobe Reader, a free software that allows you to read PDF files. If you don’t have it, you can download your copy [here.](http://get.adobe.com/reader/)


As you can see, to handle your payment I use Clickbank…one of the most respected and trusted payment processors on the web.  Clickbank requires all merchants to provide consumers with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.  If for any reason during the first 60 days of your purchase you decide my information is not going to help you, simply ask for a refund.  And you won’t even have to deal with me.  Go to Clickbank’s website and fill out a refund request form.  Or call their customer service department and ask for one.  They won’t try to get you to reconsider.  So you have nothing to lose…but a life of happiness to gain.


If you have any questions before your purchase, you can email me at the [“Contact Me”](http://subconsciousmindprogramming.com/contact-me/) page.

It’s time to get on with your life.

Todd Wissler, The E-Mind Power Coach.

P.S.  Remember...you don't have to learn how to acquire Mind Power.  You already have it.  It's just sitting there waiting for you to call on it to give you the life you want.

P.P.S. Everyone who has learned how to harness their Subconscious Mind Power lives a happy and fulfilled life.  And so will you.

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