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Dating and Relationship Advice for Men by Kelly Kade
* Dating and Relationship Advice for Men by Kelly Kade. The simple
and effective Secrets all men need to know about women!


I’m serious. You can be on a date with a beautiful woman tomorrow

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Hey guys! This is Kelly. You’re probably thinking there’s no way
that you can be on a date with a beautiful woman tomorrow. You’re
just an average guy and rarely get gorgeous, smart, and amazing women.
Attractive women reject you nearly every time you get up the nerve to
talk to them.

It’s embarrassing. You feel hopeless, insecure, frustrated and
bitter. You end up lowering your standards and date only girls you can
get instead of the women you truly want. You’re miserable, unhappy,
and feeling unable to do anything about it.

I have a shocking secret!

You do NOT have to be good-looking, rich, oozing with charisma, or
brilliant to get the kind of women you have always dreamed of dating!!

It’s surprisingly easy to get a date from a beautiful and
intelligent woman, and I’m going to tell you how…

After 12 years of working as a dating coach for men, I created the
Online Dating Success System to help men become more successful with


* Online Dating: Get Gorgeous and Amazing Women
~The e-book that will tell you exactly how you can date gorgeous and
amazing women!
* The ULTIMATE Quick Guide to First Dates
~The guidebook that gives you the play-by-play on how to ace first
dates and seal the deal.
* The Secret Success Date
~The simple and inexpensive date that will blow her mind, and
you’ll never even have to leave the house. The 10-page manual you
can’t live without!

Don’t waste another day!

You’re probably thinking I’m completely full of it and am just
another random, self-proclaimed phony guru trying to sell you some
quickly written junk to make money off you (I’ve even fallen victim
to those purchases before and it sucks). I’m not going to do that to

I’m not an Internet marketer. I’m not a literary expert (which
you can probably tell by now). I’m not a phony guru.

Let me fully introduce myself. My name is Kelly Kade, and I am a
dating coach specifically for men. I wasn’t always a dating coach,
though... I was a business professional and worked with 95% males. I
quickly became my co-workers personal "dating coach" on anything
relating to women. Within a few months they were passing along my
phone number to their male friends who needed advice. In only a short
time I was getting calls from all over the country from all types of
men who needed advice about women, dating, and relationships. The rest
is history…

Who better to learn about women, and how to get women, than from a
woman herself?

For less than the cost of one bad date, you can purchase the entire
Online Dating Success System...

And never again waste your time or money on bad dates.

I have spent over a decade giving advice to men and helping them with
their women problems. In fact, several self-proclaimed "dating
failures" I worked with were famous celebrities and professional
athletes. See guys, it goes to show that being good-looking, rich,
and/or famous is NOT the recipe for getting amazing women.

Don’t worry!! I will tell you WHAT IS! I will give you the simple
and proven effective steps that lead to dating success!

I will help you every step of the way with my Online Dating Success



- _Online Dating: Get Gorgeous and Amazing Women_ - eBook ($22.97
- _The Secret Success Date_ - eManual ($15 value)
- _The Ultimate Quick Guide to First Dates_ - eBook ($15 value)

Regular Price: $52.97
Your Price: $22.97

Note: Products (.pdf) are bundled in a downloadable .zip format.

Have you ever tried online dating? And yes, that includes trying to
pick up women on Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, and other social media
sites. If you have not, wake up and welcome yourself to the 20th
century! Millions of people across the world use dating sites,
including many of your best friends (even though most of them would
probably never openly admit to it to you).

Online dating is one of fastest and most effective ways to meet
women—if done correctly.

When you tried online dating, were you successful? Did that drop dead
gorgeous woman you saw online end up wanting to meet you, date, and
have a lasting and deeply passionate relationship (or whatever you
want to call it) with you?

If you are like most men, your online dating experiences have been
quite the opposite.

Instead of it being fun and rewarding, it’s been frustrating,
time-consuming, and actually a painful experience. Getting
"e-rejected", dealing with games and meeting crazy women who look
nothing like their pictures sucks big time!

You can avoid all of this just by using the advice in my book.

Trust me — It’s Easier Than You Think!

I can confidently say that most guys ruin their chances right from
the start. Online dating requires knowledge of the game, strategy, and
the ability to conquer and make that gorgeous woman YOUR WOMAN!

You don’t have to be Brad Pitt to get gorgeous women online. It all
comes down to learning and using all the tricks in the book

If you’re like me, you don’t like to waste time or money.
Investing a small amount now will save you a ton of money and time in
the long run. Do the math.

Endless bad dates = wasted hours of time and a lot of money!

Additionally, recent stats show that most online daters spend between
$250-$300 per year on dating site subscriptions. You DON’T have to
fumble around online for a year or more, making mistake after mistake
and spending hundreds of dollars. The Online Dating Success System is
geared to help you quickly and skillfully find a great woman and be
DONE with the dating game forever!

If finding a great woman and saving money and time is important to
you, this will probably be the best purchase you’ve ever made.

If you want to Get Your Woman you MUST get the Online Dating Success


* Transform yourself into the man every woman wants.
* Select pictures that make her instantly interested.
* Create a profile that stands out from all others.
* Successfully flirt your way through emailing.
* Get her phone number without rejection.
* Find out if she actually looks like her pictures before meeting.
* Take her on the perfect first date for only a few dollars.
* Make her completely fall for you on the first date.
* Have her fantasizing of you before, during, and after the date.
* Use the “Turn-On-Touch Method” to build anticipation.
* Have all her friends secretly wishing they were dating you.
* “Woman-Proof” your house.
* Create physical and mental attraction that she can’t resist.



- _Online Dating: Get Gorgeous and Amazing Women_ - eBook ($22.97
- _The Secret Success Date_ - eManual ($15 value)
- _The Ultimate Quick Guide to First Dates_ - eBook ($15 value)

Regular Price: $52.97
Your Price: $22.97

Note: Products (.pdf) are bundled in a downloadable .zip format.


I really didn’t think I could “be on a date with a gorgeous and
amazing woman” the next day. I was sure it was just another gimmick
phrase to buy a product. After reading more about it, I finally
figured I’d buy the Online Dating Success System. I mean, it was
cheap, so no loss either way. I had been on Match.com for 8 months
with no success. However, I read the books and did everything Kelly
suggested, well, almost exactly. It turns out, I ended up on a date
(with an intelligent and sexy lady) the next night…and now she is my
girlfriend. We both thank you Kelly!
~Ron (and Karen)

I absolutely loved the Secret Success Date manual. I honestly used to
spend about $600 taking women on dates each month. The SS Date is
pretty much the only “date” I do now, and costs me a fraction of
what I used to spend. The crazy part is that the women love the SS
Date more than when I used to take them out to fancy places. You have
to try this!
~Johnny (Age 33)

My friend personally knows Kelly and told me to buy it. Gotta show
support ya know… I had no intention of reading it, since I am pretty
much referred to as the king of dating to my friends. So after my
friend asked me what I thought of the books, I finally read them.
Turns out, I took my dating game from an A to an A+ by using the
advice. Who would have thought. All I can say is there is some really
kickin material in these books. If you want to step up your game, you
should check these out!

I don’t go on dates. In fact, I think went only 5 total last year.
It sucked. I’m not exactly the guy who “gets the girl”; in fact,
most women treat me like I’m invisible. I got the Success System,
and while I wasn’t suddenly a hot chick magnet, something else
happened. The books helped me realize what kind of girl I actually
wanted to date (and it wasn’t the hot bimbo), how to get dates with
the girls I was interested in, and how to have a fun time no matter
what happened. I still haven’t found the love of my life but I’m
confident around women, am actually going on dates regularly and
having the time of my life.
~Charles (Age 27)

I’ve read other dating books and have to say that this one beats
out all the others. It was funny, written in “normal language”,
was concise, and was perfectly clear to understand.
~Mike (Age 41)

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