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RoHS, WEEE And China RoHS
* Helping business comply with RoHS, WEEE, China RoHS and more

RoHS, WEEE And China RoHS
Zero To Green In Six Months
An e-book by Ray Franklin, RoHSwell.com

When RoHS went into effect in the European Union, the electronics
industry was changed forever. But the changes are not finished. WEEE
implementation is ongoing and more regulations are on the way. The
first phase of China RoHS went into effect 1 March 2007. The big
corporations are well on the way to complying with the new
regulations. But without the resources of a Fortune 500 company, how
will you make sense of the chaos?

I wrote this book because I saw an urgent need for a practical
guide. I have spent months sifting through hundreds of information
sources, and I continue to uncover more. The other books out there are
mostly focused on lead-free soldering.

If you must convert a soldering process, then those books are
essential to your task. But lead-free soldering is only one small part
of the compliance process. I have found few other books that speak
directly to the strategies and tactics of reaching compliance. Most of
the readily available sources of information are vague or overly
general. Some are downright misleading. Real, useful facts are
scattered about, mixed in with platitudes and generalities.

RoHS, WEEE and China RoHS pulls together the important facts and
tactics into one place for you.

Though I call it a book, RoHS, WEEE and China RoHS is really much
more. First of all, it is an e-book. Delivered as a PDF file, you can
read it on your computer or print it on any ordinary printer. Reading
it on a computer, you can click on links in the text that will take
you to important, relevant web sites for more information.

Here's what the package delivers:

* A hands-on, nuts-and-bolts approach to compliance
* Step-by-step guidance through the process of creating and running
a compliance program
* Each book section is a line in the Gantt chart schedule
* Compliance process flow charts
* The PDF file contains selectable text for copy-and-paste
* Carefully selected links to useful information
* Personal login to the RoHSwell customer area:

* Access the book files at any time
* Free revisions as they are published
* Email notification of revisions and new features

* Glossary of acronyms and terms
* Entire chapter focused on China RoHS

Maybe your company has outsourced manufacturing. Why would you need
to worry about compliance? Even if you use a contract manufacturer
(CM) you need this book:

* Does your CM assemble and ship the final product? If not, you
still have compliance requirements.
* All shipping materials and your final assembly process must be
RoHS compliant. You still need to know what to do and how.
* Is your CM doing the right things? Learn how a full compliance
process works and what questions to ask your CM.
* What material declaration data did your CM collect?
* Which material declaration standard did your CM use? Is it
* Will your CM prepare a full compliance declaration report to meet
a regulatory challenge?
* Will your CM arrange WEEE collection and reverse logistics?
* Who will provide material content data to your WEEE recycler?
* Was your CM able to get compliance data on every single material
in your product? A product is compliant only if all parts and
processes are compliant.

China RoHS Compliance covers China RoHS, the latest environmental
law to emerge. Though it shares a name with EU RoHS, the differences
are great and critical to your success. Official versions of EU RoHS
were published in all the European languages. The official version of
China RoHS is in Mandarin Chinese. Where most of the information on EU
RoHS was free, information on China RoHS is often available only for a
fee. My guide to China RoHS delivers these items:

* An overview of the law and the best available articles about
China RoHS
* Sources and prices for critical documents you will need
* Lists of consultants and useful compliance tools
* A step-wise plan to achieve compliance based on material content
* A list of more than 40 links to all sources of useful information
on China RoHS
* List of test labs for pre-certification
* Sources for China RoHS labels

China RoHS Compliance is a companion to the earlier book, RoHS, WEEE
and Lead-Free. China RoHS builds on a compliance program based on
material content data collection. Content data is the only way to get
to China RoHS compliance. If you need to know about both programs,
RoHS, WEEE and China RoHS is the best way to go.

To help expand the set of China RoHS translations that are
available, I have arranged an unofficial translation of the China RoHS
Environmentally Friendly Use Period (EFUP) Guidelines. This document
explains how to calculate the EFUP and gives a list of suggested
values for common products. The guidelines are 10 pages long.

The original EFUP Guidelines document is marked 'Submit for
Approval.' This means it is the final draft version. To be sure that
you have the latest information, a second translation will be done on
the official, final release, when that is available. Once that
translation is completed, you will receive an email notice and then be
able to download it from your account for no additional charge. In
other words, you are buying the final version in advance. The
translation of the EFUP Guidelines is sold separately from the China
RoHS books.

What you have seen so far will already save you hours and hours of
research and investigation. That alone would pay for any of these
books many times over. But I couldn't leave well enough alone. I just
had to add more. Take a look at these five bonus items included with
each copy of RoHS, WEEE and China RoHS.

* Material Content Request form (MS Excel) - use this form to
request material content data from a part supplier
* Material Content Request sample (MS Excel) - refer to this
example as you read about the request process in the book
* Request Log (MS Excel) - track the requests you have sent out and
responses from suppliers
* Gantt chart schedule (MS Excel) - customize this 6-month schedule
as you convert your first product to a RoHS compliant model
* More than 100 useful RoHS/WEEE bookmarks, organized in folders,
in an HTML file ready to import into your browser

Information about RoHS and WEEE is constantly changing. To keep
RoHS, WEEE and China RoHS current, I continue to add updates. The most
recent, released 15 March 2007, added coverage of China RoHS. It
includes links to producer registration sites and directive
transposition status in each nation.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Try the book and all the bonus
items for 56 days. If you are not completely satisfied your money will
be refunded with no questions asked.

This isn't rocket science. You could discover everything in my book
by duplicating the hundreds of hours of research and years of work
experience I have accumulated. Or you could save some time and buy the

RoHS, WEEE and China RoHS is available immediately, at no risk to
you, for the low price of only $69. Includes all 5 bonuses.

The original RoHS, WEEE and Lead-Free, which excludes the chapter on
China RoHS, is only $49. Also includes all 5 bonuses.

And if you just want China RoHS Compliance, your cost is only $25.

No matter how you implement your own compliance program, RoHS, WEEE
and China RoHS will save you days of work. That alone is worth many
times the price of the book.


RoHS, WEEE and China RoHS $69 - Combines RoHS, WEEE and Lead-Free
with China RoHS Compliance into one book

RoHS, WEEE and Lead-Free $49 - the original compliance manual for EU

China RoHS Compliance $25

China RoHS EFUP Guidelines $59 - Unofficial Translation

Pay by credit card or PayPal, through ClickBank's secure processing,
for immediate access to all the files.

All publications are sold for informational purposes only.
Information provided is considered to be reliable, however, the
publisher is not responsible for errors or omissions, or for damages
resulting from the use of this information.

Get your own copy of
RoHS, WEEE and China RoHS

Not selling in China?
RoHS, WEEE and Lead-Free

Need China RoHS only?
China RoHS Compliance

Calculating EFUP?
China RoHS EFUP Guidelines,
Unofficial Translation



Schedule This simple Gantt chart is included, with text you
can copy and paste into your own scheduling tool.


Process Flowchart The compliance process is graphed in
several flow charts, from requests for material content data through
data compilation and reporting.


Bookmarks File Import this set of more than 100 bookmarks
into your browser - the web site links are all organized by topic into
different folders.


Request Log Use this log to track your material content
requests and supplier responses.


Request Log Metrics Predefined metrics let you easily track
progress of the material content data collection task. (c) 2007 Big
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