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    "Use these exact strategies to land the bartending job of your dreams...guranteed..."  
"Learn How Bartenders From Around The World Helped Hundreds of "Broke" and "Down-And-Out" Bartenders Boost Their Chances Of Landing A Bartending Job By 700% in Just 8 Short Days "   Listen to what Amanda has to say about my books!
Discover Insider Tips On How To Keep It..
From: The desktop of Theodore A. Watts Jr. (Teddy)
Written: 4:31 am, after-hours
Subject: Exactly what you need to do to land the bartending job of your dreams...

Dear Out of Work Bartender,

How would you like to finally get some up-front, unscripted advice on how to land a bartending job? I know when I was starting out, every freakin

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