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Mind Maps To Success(tm)

How To Laugh-Out-Loud When People
Around You Worry About The
Recession! - While You're Making
Heaps of Cash On the Internet!

Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Jack Sarlo. Chances are you haven't heard of me before.
But when you finish reading this, you'll be glad you finally did!

You care less whom am I or what I do for a living, all you want to
know is WHAT I CAN DO FOR YOU! Correct?

After nearly 8 years of long hours, late nights and weekends locked
in a room, I have collected over 23 of the biggest and best money
secrets for building an Info Marketing business online - and bound
them into one huge volume.

The first secret is revealed right here right now!

Before I tell you that first I want you to commit yourself to
achieving the goal, within 2 to 4 years time of making as much money
as you want while living the lifestyle you want!

If you're serious about achieving that goal you should commit
yourself 100%! You either make excuses or make money you can't make

You'll soon discover how can you achieve that goal on the Internet!

But why do I tell you that?

Statistics and reports have shown that up to 98% of all people who
a home-based online business will quit within 90 days!

Also I can almost bet what's been troubling you... because on the
Internet there are an endless supply of information, and you can
easily become a confused victim of information overload. Certainly no
one in your family probably understands you (or feel sorry for you).

That problem can only be fixed if you HAVE the right information and
KNOW how to use that information (what you do first, what you do
second, step by step) ...

But I'm telling you that it's not your fault! I've been there too!

A word of caution: If you do what most people do you'll fail like
most people! What do they do? They build a very simple website and
start doing SEO immediately to get traffic.

What you should do?

Use the rigtht strategy... You're going to discover how to build a
business the right way... only afterwards get the traffic. And MONEY
will roll in faster than a speeding bullet. I can guarantee that.

Here's the first secret you'll discover:

Build the Business using the right strategy
and then POUR in as much traffic as you CAN!

For the rest of the secrets keep reading, I'm about to reveal a
breakthrough, original program!


Mind Maps To Success(tm)
How To Succeed in Creating Your Internet Business and Getting RICH
By Looking at Mind Maps!

If I had to start from scratch, I would follow step-by-step the
Mind Maps To Success(tm) Program, in fact I still look at the
resources, strategies and techniques, it's like a "work book" as well.

This is NOT information overload, because you'll ONLY get to know
what you NEED to know to accomplish this goal: To create a successful
Internet business that makes you as much money as you desire, AND more
importanty living the lifestyle you dream of! This is THAT program.

This is NOT about traffic neiether! This is NOT about niche research.
It is NOT a mega course that contains all the articles on the Internet
about making money. This is NOT even an ebook or a book. This is

This is like giving you a GPS navigation system that clearly shows
you the path to take to achieve your financial goals whatever they
might be - whether it's an Internet Business build the right way and
"nourished" to keep multiplying its profits using the right strategies
is the solution.

Whether you want to know how to build a business from scratch the
right way, using the right strategy - or how to improve an existing
business! This program will "spoon feed" that, and it's not tons of
articles glued to a pdf file!

23 Mind Maps filled with exclusive, insider, pure-gold techniques,
strategies and secrets! It's a REAL mammoth course, powerful enough to
make anyone dangerous online!

Let me share with you a "preview" of the first mind map:

Preview Mind Map #1: Building and Growing an Internet Business

This step-by-step mind map reveals to you the right strategy to
follow when building your Info Marketing business!

Plus there it uncovers the four core "elements" every business making
6 or 7 figures each year online uses, you need to have those elements
too in your business!

Below you'll see a preview of all the 4 essential elements for
building an online Empire that is able to produce as much money as you

This will probably blow your mind, SO here's everything else that's
included in Mind Maps To Success(tm) program:

Preview Mind Maps #2,3 and 4:
Product Creation

3 Mind Maps will "bombard" your mind with idea after another on how
to create products or services online! Products are the feul of any
Info Marketing business, you want to know killer ways to create high
quality "best-selling" products or services!

You'll discover how to create all sorts of products for instance:
ecourses, newsletters, books, ebooks, Audio programs, Video programs,
CD & DVD's, bonuses, viral products, etc. There's an entire list of
products you can create, WITH boatloads of tips, tools and how to
actually do it step-by-step!

Plus probably the best one of all is how to create high priced
products, like home study courses, that you can sell for a lot of
money, we're talking about $695 courses! Every business needs high
ticket products to really make BIG money online!

Some of the "golden nuggets":

* Why being an inventor is dead-wrong!

* 7 undercover techniques for discovering what your
customers/prospects REALLY want - to create products that will sell
without resistance!

* How to easily create free products you can give as gifts to
subscribers or customers or give away as bonuses (they'll love you for
this and thank you by spending more money with you)

* How to create ">(products over $400) almost effortlessly - follow
this step-by-step proven method!

* Plenty of tools, resources, real examples and even exact
"templates" you can swipe... (These tools are the same tools being
used by the Big Guns)

* How to turn your digital products like ebooks or audio programs
into physical products like books or CD, and make a ton more money!

* Many secrets that best-seller authors have been using to create
their books... REVEALED!

* What are the products that sell the most online!

* The real reason you're in business and how it CAN and WILL put you
in the right direction to succeed!

* How you can increase prices without increasing refund rates or
lowering your conversion rates! Make more money by increasing your
prices the RIGHT way!

* The absolutely best way to deal with refunds! Two tactics to try
to "save" a refund!

* This ONE word unveils to you the ONLY surefire way to sell more of
your products and services!

Products make you rich - that pile of gold you'll discover and
possess is enough to revitalize a "second-rated" lousy business
transforming it into a cash producing machine!

You can start form scartch and building cash-producing products or
services, easily increase the price of existing products you're
selling - create new products or services - in other words this WILL
help you make MORE PROFITS with your business!

Wait, one more thing you'll discover...

The secret to create titles for your ebooks, software, newsletters,
ecourses, in fact for every product or service! Stop banging your wall
trying to come up with ideas! Effortlessly use this secret and create
a winner title every single time!
And now, ...

Preview Mind Maps #5,6 and 7:
Lead Generation

This is the second most important "system" every successful online
business must have in place - because it works! On autopilot you can
attract, a crowd of hungry buyers, then seduce them to buy from YOU!
This system is how you grab hold tight of them so they'll buy from you
INSTEAD of going to your competition.

You'll discover...

* How to seduce them into getting on your list!

* A ready-made system you can use to start building your list
starting now! Just follow step 1, then step 2, and then step 3... it's
plug and play, even tells you when to send your second email, your
third email - EVERYTHING!

* Another Real Example you can copy of a successful system to
capture leads, and follow up with them - it includes all detailed
specifics down to the last iota!

* A little-known secret that will tell you exactly at what time of
the day is the best to email your list, and why!

* How to move subcribers from the "free list" to the "customer list"
after they purchase one of your products! And then how to transform
them into lifetime customers!

* 3 More Ways to attract fresh, new leads routinely on autopilot
without lifting a finger! Do any of these 3 and people will be
magnetically attracted to subscribe -and they will kneel down and beg
you to keep them on your list!

* I'll tell you what to do and what NOT to do as well - plus with so
much templates and examples to swipe and use for yourself - it's
impossible not to fatten your list with HOT new leads!

In addition to that, you'll discover the ONLY way that really works
to transform your subscribers INTO raving fans! Plus many lesser-known
secrets to sell them products ">big bossy salesman!

People will love to buy from you and they'll go out and tell
everybody about you!

You'll discover many techniques to cash-in from your list insanely -
doing a favor to your subscribers at the same time!

How many times have you worried that you don't know what to tell your
list? How to capture their names and emails? What to give them? What
to write? How to sell to them? What the heck is list building?

That will be a thing of the past!

Before we go any further, I want to set something straight!

This isn't just...

PURE Information Worth it's Weight
in Gold - You'll know What to do as
well as How to do it!

It's not some senseless long boring uselss pile of papers filled with
information. This will uncover to you with examples what businesses
earning 6 and 7 figures each year are doing today! What is working
right now! What you can do that will increase your profits tenfold,
multiplying your revenues from each sale you make, systems to get
leads on autopilot...

Look I can go on and on but your probably understand that it's a
hefty motherload collection of strategies, techniques and methods that
can make you mega earnings from your Info Marketing business!

It's a full-to-bursting colossal course! It's not some whiny wanna be
know-it-all guru spraying out his two cents!

Ok, With that in mind, here's...

Preview Mind Maps #8 to #17:
Website Building, Website Conversion and Copywriting

* 8 different types of websites you can build! Discover how to
effectively use blogs, splash pages, content websites, salesletters
and much more, to make big stacks of money!

* The SECRET to create websites that CONVERT like crazy even if
you're not an expert in webdesign, your creativity sucks, or you have
absolutely no CLUE what to do!

* The MEANING of colours and how using the wrong one can lower down
your sales and profits - and the right one captivates your customers
hearts and wallets!

* Professional webmasters create beautiful websites that doen't
SELL!! You'll know how to create create websites that SELL using just
FREE tools with no HTML experience or skill! All secrets on ths mind

* Scientific proven time-tested techniques that boost conversions -
get them all on this mind map to increase your leads and sales!

Get as much traffic as you want if your conversions stink it's like
trying to fill a bucket with holes!

With real life case studies and multiple fold top-notch tools you can
use to build these websites - it will be a time bargain if you spend
it flipping through these mind maps - INSTEAD of doing something else!

But do that only if you want a mega succesful business!

WARNING: If you've always thought of
yourself as being a Copywriting Looser
You're About To Change That...

3 Mind Maps will reveal in astonshing detail one simple idea: How To
Create Copy that Sells!

I didn't leave anything out because this is a HUGE competitive
advantage to you, and with all honesty I want you to succeed!

If you thought copywriting is a natural born talent this mind map
will show you why it isn't and how you too can become the next high
paid copywriter...

OR write copy for yourself which is much more profitable!

Either way you'll discover the REAL power of words, how to use them
properly to sell whatever it is you want allmost too easy!

Not only that but you also get an entire salesletter template
complete from start to finish - you can 'plug and play' it into any
product you're selling!

This IS by far the easiest way to create KILLER copy on the planet!

So easy kids can start selling online, writing their own
salesletters... that's NOT only because it's a template that's been
proven, and triple time-tested to convert like crazy, but because
you'll get to know the real SECRETS to complete each "part" of the

For example...

The first part should be the headline, you'll get a doze of how to
write eyeball grabbing headlines in plain English! A multitude of
examples on how to write them, it will be inevitable that you'll start
writing killer headlines!

OK I know what you're thinking...

Copywriting is a skill, you don't become an expert overnight! But do
you also know that's how high paid copywriters started? PLUS they
still use templates, examples and swipe files to help them write the
copy! And you'll get all those too in Mind Maps To Success(tm) program

Do you also know that THIS is the only way to write order pulling
salesletters without paying $5,000 or $10,000 to hire an expert?

A step-by-step template you can use regarldess what product you're
selling, it works ALL the time like a CHARM!

Look there's EVERYTHING you need to be able to become a master of
your copywriting skill - NOT just to write salesletters but ANY
copy... whether it's a PPC ad, an article headline, an advertising ad,

Did you know... good copywriting can even be used in a restaurant
menu to convince the customer to buy the highest priced item!

You'll see real examples and I'll show you exactly how how to do it!

Warning though some of these techniques can be used improperly in the
wrong hands - so only use these if your intentions are on the right

I won't reveal all secrets in here... so you have to download Mind
Maps To Success(tm) to access everything!

Likewise the power to SELL without facing that "rejection" from your
prospects can be YOURS... because in the following mind maps you'll

Preview Mind Maps #18, 19:
Selling Systems

And what's that?

Well that's how you MAKE MORE MONEY from the existing products you're
selling! These are systems McDonalds and wealthy online businessuse
use! There are ways you can make MORE money from the products you're

You just have to know how to apply these techniques and INSTANTLY as
if by magic (without hardly doing anything) you make more money!

What about pricing strategies, every knew you can test prices? Have
you trouble figuring out what's the best price to use or you're maybe
worried about increasing the price? Well that's ALL about to change!

And I'm sure you've felt confused because you don't know how to sell
your products!

What's the best way and how do you sell a product once you create

How do you know which type of website suits you best for the product
you're selling? Do you salesletter, mini site or something else? How
to you build the perfect website to SELL the product like hotcakes!

A ton of overwhelming "issues" will fade away like footsteps in the
sand when you look at these Selling Systems mind maps!

A word of advice...

You don't have to go broke To Apply These
Strategies and Techniques! They're fit for anyone!

Preview Mind Map #20:
Content Generation

3 Questions you should ask yourself are:

What is content?
Why do you need content?
Where do you put/use content?

You've missed the boat if you can't answer those questions with
pinpoint accuracy! They're so fundamental to growing a successful
online business that you won't be amazed if I told you NO single
successful online business squeezing in 6 or 7 figures each year
doesn't know how to properly use CONTENT!

You'll discover why content is KING on the Internet and why ARTICLES
aren't the only content you can create - in fact I'll go into detail
on how to use audio as well as video!

The power to create ebooks, special reports, podcasts, blogs,
articles, audio and video plus much more... of superb quality CAN be
ALL YOURS when you download Mind Maps To Success(tm) program!

Remember those are just a PREVIEW, a small drop in a big ocean of
invaluable techniques and strategies!

And I'm not even over yet...

Preview Mind Map #21:
Competitors and Branding

You're going to discover unheard of techniques that your competitors
will probably start to hate you if they find out you know all of this.

I bet you want to know how to scare your competitors! Only when you
apply the techniques in this mind map you'll be able to become the
king or queen of your own niche!

Competition per se is NOT a bad thing!

But whether you have too many competitors or a little with these rare
competition-killing branding strategies ">giving YOU the money and
staying on YOUR list no theirs!

In other words you'll "magically" attract a crowd of eager to spend
buyers to you - constantly chasinging you and willingly spend more
money with YOU!

Branding can do that, when done right! You'll get all the secrets in
mind map #21!

But wait...

Now that you got a preview of the 4 elements that build an Internet
Busiiness, you want to know how to free up your time and pull in EVEN
more money out of it at the same time!

Preview Mind Map #22:
Tracking and Testing

Here's how to KNOW what's working and what's NOT in your business!

You ALWAYS want to know how well whatever it is you're doing is
performing, whether it's email marketing, copywriting, article
marketing everything you're DOING!

This is about increase the sales, leads and profits just by making
few simple adjustments to your business!

Do you like step by step details? If so you'll love this mind map
containg dozens of tracking and testing tools INCLUDING some advanced
tracking and analytics tactics you can use! PLUS how to use them as

Preview Mind Map #23:
Outsourcing and Employees

What's a business if you're NOT living the lifestyle you want - if
you constantly check your email worrying you might miss something! If
you constantly stay chained to your computer 8 hours a day?

Outsourcing and delegating your tasks properly will liberate you from
constantly having to lock yourself in the room! This is the part I
love most, because it's just amazing... imagine not ONE YOU but TWO or
THREE all working on your business.

Those other two or three can be your part time/full time employess!

Even if you're complete new to some terms like freelancer or
outsourcing small boxes contain the meaning of ALL of them!

Once again there's so many tools and resources you can use to find
employees and freelancers that it will be very HARD not to be able to
do this right!

* The secret location in the world where you can hire the BEST
possible employees, who know perfect English! This rare gem is
revealed as well...

* How to make sure you don't get ripped off!

* How to test your employee to KNOW if he's the right one!

* How to hire one time freelancers or part time/full time
employees... Plus how to train and work with them properly...

* How to outsource ">You'll discover even more answers to more
questions: Do you hire them part time or full time? What sort of
employee you hire, a webdesigner, webmaster, graphic designer,
programmer, or all of them? How do you pay them? How do you manage

Outsourcing is the big secret that businesses like yours earning 6 or
7 figure a year income use! That's how they're able to make so much
money, beacuse they don't do it all themselves... Not even terminator
can handle all that stress. Imagine you making 7 figures each year
online, do you think you'll enjoy it if you're in front of the screen
all day long?

It' like a chain around your neck!

Not to mention health problems, or worse relationship problems... and
that if you manage to handle voluminous quantity of to-do lists and

You'll be glad to know those secrets!

Also, ...

Even if you're already making money
Mind Maps To Success(tm) Program Will Show
You How To Triple and Quadriple Your Income!

Listen if you want to extract more money from your market like the
top gold miners during the gold rush - than you'll find enough NEW
techniques to swamp your website with orders... day-in-day-out...
whatever your reasons are you can increase that decimal point!

That's because these strategies are not mine only - they've been
collected from dozens of big online companies who managed to make it
REAL BIG online!

So you're getting what only a few know about!

And the best way to do anything is to swipe it - that's why Mind Maps
To Success(tm) is from top to bottom will examples, case studies,
tools and resources you can use as well as ideas and templates!

You NEVER want to re invent the wheel - you "copy" what already
works, you "copy" model and use what's inside Mind Maps To Success(tm)
program to lessen the time it takes to reach your financial goals!

What happens to a house that's built on sand?

It quickly falls!

This program gives you business machinery as well as the business
model you should apply to see RESULTS as fast as humanly possible!

This Program Won't
Answer All Your Problems!

If someone tells you they can fix all your problems it means they're
lying! With online businesses there is NO magic pill that cures
everything, that's why I'm not claiming you can look at these mind
maps and SOLVE every single problem you have!

What I'm claiming is that if you want to get rich beyond your wildest
dreams with your online business - if you want to bigger, fatter
cheques than you MUST have this gargantuan course!

It's as simple as that.

Saying NO to this program is like saying NO to what really works
online - I feel sorry for you if you will then be seduced by some
get-rich-quick scumbag!

For a brand new way to look at doing business online selling your own
products and/or services THIS is your opportunity to secure a place
amongst the winners!

If nothing was clear thus far - everything seems incomplete and
unclear now you'll have enough action taking strategies and techniques
to 'take home with you' and see newfound profits rapidly!

You'll be able to do what will make you REAL money with your business
instead of spending time in day-to-day ticky-tacky details of your

Let yourself go back and experience those times!

Now feel how it will be like to REALLY know how to truly build, grow
and operate an Info Marketing Business making MORE money from any new
or existing online businesses you have!

Best of all even if you're on a shoestring budget you can download
this program!

There's just one more thing!

My goal is to overdeliver so this YEAR will be your best year ever,
they one where you have accumulated a 'wealth of information' beyond
your wildest dreams!

These IS the program that can balloon up your profits!

But I still want to throw in another bonus, and since this is
extremely valuable I suggest you don't delay to - so you won't miss
out on this ONE! Cuz I don't know how long I will keep giving this

FREE Bonus Gift: (Value $197.00)
"10 Full to Bursting Hours of Money
Making Content That Booms a
Newbie to an Unstoppable
Pro Entrepreneur!"

10 'Pure Gold' Hours Revealing How To Build The Foundation of Your
Business to Breakthrough From A Newbie to a Pro In Days!

Truly: Unstoppable entrepreneurs are the ones that make the most
money while enjoy the freedom they want... They fear NO one! In fact
their competitors FEAR them!

This is a brand new program recorded by two marketing experts,
appeared numerous times in seminars and have their own coaching
business! People used to pay $497 for this same audio program! If you
act now you're going to get it at no cost!

You'll also get the mp3 version you can carry around you and listen
to wherever you may be, as well as all powerpoints (in pdf) inside the

This is NOT one of those low quality bonuses that you can get
somewhere else for free... you'll listen on video to technique after
another (and watch how they do it!!)... here's a few of what you can
discover from these videos:

* How to develop your winning mindset!
* How to develop the skills of writing your emails to get the
results you want!
* Back-end strategies, position your products, million dollar

* How to use other people's skills, reputation and time to leverage
yourself from zero to
hero in any niche market.. * How to use JV Giveaways, Webinars &
Teleseminars to build your list!
* How to use PLR, Webinars ">and much more...

It will be criminal NOT to watch or listen to this program at least 3

Seriously, put some thought into this!

You're probably going to agree with me that this program is good as
gold. I WISH, that when I got started the golden opportunity to just
sit and read EXACTLY from start to finish HOW it's done.

You can almost permanently retire once you put these systems into
place - there are maketeres who manage their business on a boat...
others work 2 hours a day (and Friday, Saturaday and Sunday off),
others take a one month vacation every 3 months.

They all use these SAME strategies and techniques that you'll

I even got you rid off the risk of information overload - because
there's no useless theories, or 15 pages telling you my story that
won't serve you nothing apart from wasting your time.

So what would you do with all the free time you'll have? Is that
playing golf, travel more often or buying new cars, invest profits in
your business?

With these mind maps that you can easily read and understand there's
no guesswork, research or "waiting for something to happen"! You
always know what needs to be done to build and grow your business...
You know what you should do first, second and third!

Here Are The Benefits of Looking At Mind Maps
Instead of Reading Ebooks!

-Mind maps help you organize unstructured or complex information and
present it in a rich visual format that's easier to understand, and
easier to explain to others.

-A recent study by the U.S. Federal Government suggested that up to
83% of human learning occurs visually. The study also indicated that
information which is communicated visually is retained up to six times
greater than information which is communicated by spoken word alone.


* PEOPLE REMEMBER 10% of what they hear;
* 20% of what they read; and
* 80% of what they see and do.

Sit so down, look at this program several times because that's the
way to adobt these ideas, techniques and strategies permanetly into
your thinking.

Let me ask you a question:

How much is this Gold Mine worth to you? Think about it. An
unstoppable avalanche of money pouring down in your bank account
sounds g-o-o-d!

Although I can put these mind maps on nice looking charts and sell
the entire package for $400 (which I may do btw) you won't have to
spend anything like that!

For just $97 you get EVERYTHING I told you, as well as your FREE

I warn you though I may decide to totally remove this offer anytime
and keep using these secrets for myself! This offer is NOT going to
last forever!

Now is the time to build your online empire, during the recession so
you have a "backup" system in place to make you money - and then fire
your boss and work for yourself at home... wake up whenever you want,
take a break whenever your like, wear whatever you want!

I seriously don't know if I should keep selling this mega-course
because it's very powerful... and can make anyone dangerous, but
either way YOU ARE backed up with a 2 month money back guarantee!

"60 Day Money-Back Guarantee!"

"You're fully protected by my iron-clad money-back guarantee: If
you decide that Mind Maps To Success(tm) program isn't for you, just
let us know at any time within 60 days. That's an entire 2 months!.
We'll send you a prompt 100% refund of every penny you paid. That's a
full refund, not partial or pro-rated. Could any offer be fairer than

Why is my guarantee so simple and so straight forward? Because I
know you'll NOT want to return this program - instead you'll literally
jump with joy because you'll finally have a program that can make you

That's why I urge you to take this golden opportunity and use this
program risk-free for 60 days, and see for yourself the dramatic
increases in profits can bring you.


Jack Sarlo

P.S. Remember with all honesty I don't know how long I will keep this
offer up - at anytime I can decide to "retire" and take this page
down! SO NOW is your opportunity to not later!

P.P.S. Don't forget it took me 8 years of long hours, late nights and
weekends locked in a room, to collect these 23 of the biggest and best
money secrets for building an Info Marketing business online!! And you

P.P.S. With a 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE you know what that means?
You have 2 entire months you can check EVERYTHING out and have as much
time as you need to decide whether they're worth your money, or not!
EVEN so if you decide to return everything you can keep the bonuses as
well, so you surely have nothing to loose!

P.P.P.S. If you have no clue what's a mind map

Instant Download! All Credit Cards Accepted including Paypal!

Jack Sarlo Straight Talk, Inc 2012 (c) All Rights Reserved


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