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Attention: A way to invest your money without losing your shirt has finally been discovered…

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Dear Investors:

As a business person, you are constantly working hard to make a steady paycheck. If you are not working for someone, you are probably working for yourself.

Either way, you are interested in saving not only for your retirement, but also so you can have a safe haven for your money to grow over time.

The problem is that there are too many shady people out there who know what you are trying to do and will take advantage of you in a hurry.

You will more than likely hear their pitch and like what they have to say. Then you get involved in it, only to find you wasted your money and time.

Once this realization has set in, you know you were taken for a ride. Does this sound all too familiar?

You just can’t seem to find a way to invest your hard earned money so it can grow for you.

Who do you trust? Where do you go?

So why do so many investors fail to invest?

Why do they end up losing their shirt?

The problem lies in several areas:
They find the wrong investments and end up losing a lot of money.   They are not educated enough to understand the market and how things work, so they go in blind. They take the wrong advice, make bad investments, and end up losing their shirt. They don’t take the time to learn so they rush through, thinking they can get rich quick, only to lose in the end. They end up investing in really risky stocks, only to find the stocks later become worthless.
If you find yourself in one of the above categories, don’t fault yourself. Maybe you weren’t trained in investing.

And even if you were trained, maybe you did not receive full training or you were just too impatient.

The biggest reason why investors fail is because of emotion. Investors are too emotional at times.

They see other investors pull out, when instead they should be patient and wait it out.

Keep in mind, investors normally base their purchasing on their present mood, what the market is doing at the time, and investor sentiment.

In fact, there have been many investors who looked at stocks without seeing the history of the stock. Or they invest in mutual funds without looking at the fund’s performance.

Study after study shows the average investor does much worse than the average mutual fund, as he switches from his poorly performing fund to the latest hot fund just as it turns down.

The best use of past performance is to determine how a manager behaved in a particular set of prior circumstances.

Yet investors read that past performance is not indicative of future results, and then promptly ignore it.

If you do, I have news for you. You are not alone….

There are probably thousands upon thousands of investors who make the same mistakes over and over again. It seems they just don’t learn.

You see this in the market daily. When a good stock crashes one day, the amateurs sell off fast.

Then the next day those same stocks rise again. What happens? The investor kicks himself for selling, when he should have been more patient.

Either that, there are investors who receive a hot tip, only to find out later that it did not work.

You may not believe this, but I was like you at one time. I studied investing in college. When I graduated, I thought I knew it all.

I began working with stocks. I would study the market to see what the best stock was. I would invest in that stock.

Two days later the stock crumbled. I was given wrong information about the stock and believed my sources instead of checking the stocks history.

I then went into mutual funds, thinking that would be easier. However, what I found out turned not to be easy at all.

I lost a lot of money in the stock market. I felt foolish and defeated. I vowed not to get involved in the stock market ever again.

I even felt sorry for others who did invest. I just thought how stupid they were to do that, knowing they would lose in the end.

It just seemed like a losing battle to me so I just gave up and decided to spend my money instead of investing it.

Well, a friend of mine brought me to my senses, and made me realize a couple of failures don’t mean future failures. My friend was right.

So I went on a long journey of self-discovery. I did a lot of research. I talked to experts in the field to learn better ways of investing.  

After talking to every expert I got my hands on, I began to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.  I tested certain things and re-tested.

After nearly 10 years of experiments and testing, and further research, I realized what it was I had to do.

I began to combine many methods and techniques. I took courses in college on investing. I went to Wall Street and took a course in the stock market so I would know how it ran.

I took this knowledge and used it for myself.

I found there were many methods to investing that overwhelmed me.

I kept hacking away. I wanted to know the best methods. I wanted to know what would work and not work.  

I asked those who were rich, and they told me they got rich by investing in real estate and stocks. These are only two ways that worked for them.

But there are other ways to get rich by investing. You can purchase bonds, mutual funds, and many other investment tools.

People who invest in real estate will normally buy property and flip it for a profit. If they do not sell it, they may place someone in the building and collect rent.

There are many ways real estate investors can make money investing. 
Then there are people who buy and sell stocks. They will buy the hottest selling stocks and hold on to them until they peak.

Then when the stock prices start to drop, they will sell off. If this investor buys many stocks from various companies, he can develop a huge portfolio.
Other ways to invest include mutual funds, bonds, savings account, and CDs.

I found so many ways to invest. But despite all these ways, what I did find that unless you know the right way to invest, you won’t make it no matter what investment tool you choose.

So what I did was find the secret method that worked and wrote it down in an e-book format.

["Smart Investing Made Easy"]

Within the pages of my book you will learn how to invest the proper way to a fortune.  


Here is a Summary of What You Get?
How to start investing Understanding stocks How to invest in stocks without a broker How to invest in stocks with a broker Understanding mutual funds How to invest in mutual funds Different types of mutual funds Learning about CDs as an investment vehicle How to get a CD How to get the best CD rates Learn about different retirement accounts How to invest in your 401(K) properly What is a Roth IRA? Roth IRA rules and regulations How to invest with little or no money How to build a portfolio


This ebook contains 38 pages in PDF format
which requires Adobe Reader to access.

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