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Limited Time Only Offer

For a very limited time only, order the complete Cerberus Guide package today and save up to 50% OFF the regular price. Get both the Power Leveling Blueprint and Weapon Build Mastery guides today and dominate the game as early as tonight! Securely download Cerberus Guide and get instant access now!

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Why Choose Cerberus Guide?

Cerberus Guide is a written by a team of professional players who master different aspects in the game, be it leveling, weapon builds, campaign mode, co-op, new game +, etc. It’s written by players, for players. So you can be sure that our guide will give you the best, most accurate and latest techniques.


We have done it all, the playing, the testing and share with you the results. This is a no-holds barred guide where we will share with you all the best leveling methods, best weapon builds and rotations, campaign mastery and everything else under the sun! Rest assured if it’s in the game, it’s going to be in Cerberus Guide.


Written By Pro Players, For Players

Cerberus guide is written by arguably the best players around. We play AND EXCEL in all the MMORPG and RPG games there are out there, be it Mass Effect 1&2, Starcraft 2 and even Star Wars – The Old Republic. Unlike others who may claim to be the best and have done it all, we’re the REAL DEAL and once you download our guide and see the techniques and walkthroughs, you’ll know that you’ve made the right choice.


We are competitive in what we do and nothing but perfection is good enough. We are a group of professional players, not a bunch of noobs who are out to make a quick buck with shoddy game play and fluff information. Literally thousands of hours have been put into this game, so rest assured, we know what we’re doing and what we’re talking about.


Step-by-Step Leveling

Throughout the game, you will be presented with massive numbers of choices as well as dozens of skills and weapon customization with little to no explanation of what they do, what they are, how or when to use them.


Our leveling guide covers everything in detail… all combat classes, all three campaign modes as well as new game +, so you’ll never need to worry about getting bored once you finish a campaign. We show you step by step of what you should be doing in the game, which weapons to equip and customize and which rotations cause the most damage. Why waste your time and effort on shoddy game play when we can show you what exactly to do to optimize your leveling speed and win the game?


Rocking Single Player and Co-op Builds

Single Player and Co-op builds are two very important aspects of Mass Effect 3. Let’s face it, who likes running around trying out rotations on their own and getting killed more often than not. Stop wasting your time, stop getting killed. It’s taken us thousands of playing hours to master the builds, so let us show you how you will save your time and play with the best builds and weapons that make up the perfect player.


At Cerberus Guide we will make you shorten your learning curve by holding your hand and teaching you our tried, tested and proven single player and co-op builds. No matter what campaign you’re on, no matter what level you’re at, we have the perfect build for you which will allow you total domination in the game.


Cerberus Guide Highlights

Covers All Campaigns

Our in-depth guide covers all campaigns as well as new game + and provides in-depth details and differences without the filler nonsense. Whichever your campaign and level, rest assured, we have it all.

Light Speed Power Leveling

Tried and tested by our successful in-house beta testers, our leveling builds and rotations are without a doubt the fastest way to go. Don’t waste your time, get it right the first time.


Detailed Single Player Builds

We spoon feed you the perfect builds and rotations that will put you practically invincible and keep you at the top of the game.

Awesome Co-op Builds

Getting your butt kicked? With our detailed co-op builds and specialized combat classes, have peace of mind that you’ll be doing your fair share of bullying with the ideal team!


Weapon Customization

So many customizations, so much confusion. But with our complete walkthroughs, we tell you exactly what to do with each weapon customization for every level, every step of the way!

Round the Clock Support

Stuck on a level at 2am? Your co-op isn’t performing to its optimum? Feel lonely? Whatever your question, you’ll have the answer. Wherever you are in the world. 24/7.


Top of the Range Quality

Fluff free, while packed with top techniques and details. Cerberus Guide conveys information, cleanly and effectively.

Step-by-Step Visuals

Too much words gives headaches. We know that so we strive to deliver information to you via effective visuals whenever possible.


The Latest and the Greatest

Our guide provides the best and most up-to-date information and techniques used in the game. Never get left behind in the game!

Regular Updates

Our gaming insider provides us with all information on patches and expansions. Be the first to know, and hit the rest before they realize it!


No Hacks or Cheats, 100% Legit!

Have peace of mind and never worry about getting banned. Our guide provides only 100% legitimate tips and techniques.

Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

We guarantee our guides will give you the information you want and need. Not happy? Check out our Unbeatable 100% Money Back Guarantee!


Cerberus Guide Packages


We never rest on our laurels. Our team constantly works on improving our packages to ensure that you’ll always have the best techniques at your fingertips. No matter how difficult it is, no matter how impossible the campaign looks, no matter how futile you think it is to get that perfect weapon customization, we’ll show you just how to get it, break it down to you, simple and straight forward. Currently we are offering three packages - the Power Leveling Blueprint, the Weapons Build Mastery and Cerberus Elite Guide.


Cerberus Guide Power Leveling Blueprint and Weapons Build Mastery Packages

These packages cover everything you need to master in the game, from leveling to weapon mastery… and for every campaign! Each package includes amazing bonus guides like: Co-op builds, Ultimate Followers Guide and so much more, making this the most complete, all-in-one guide around!


Power Leveling Blueprint

Order Cerberus Power Leveling Blueprint package and save 25% off the regular price. This package cover builds and rotations for optimum leveling in the game making it a complete leveling guide. Securely order Cerberus Power Leveling Blueprint and get instant access today!
$47  $37


Weapons Build Mastery

Order Cerberus Weapons Build Mastery package and save 25% off the regular price. This package covers everything on the best upgrades & customizations to your weapons & armor and how to unlock the best health & damage boosters as well as upgrading your kits. Securely order Cerberus Weapons Build Mastery and get access now!
$47 $37


Cerberus Guide Elite Package

The Cerberus Guide Elite Package is the collection of everything we have to offer in our members area. It includes the Power Leveling Blueprint and Weapons Build Mastery, and also includes FREE access to each and every guide new that will be released in future. The price of this elite package will be increased to $97, but for a limited time only, we are currently offering this for $47.


Special Launch Offer

Order the complete Cerberus Guide package today and save 50% off the regular price. This package includes each and every guide that we will ever have to offer and is only available for early birds. Securely order Cerberus Guide and get instant access now!

$97  $47 


Frequently Asked Questions?

No fear, its natural to be a little skeptical about a guide that’s going to increase your game play exponentially. So here’s a list of common questions, if it isn’t listed here, feel free to drop us a line!

Q. Are all the future updates free?

Yes. After subscribing to us, you’ll get a login and password to access our huge database of Mass Effect 3 strategies. Anytime there is an update, check back into the site and you’ll be able to access these updates absolutely FREE!

Q. Is it safe to purchase Cerberus Guide?

Yes. Our payment system managed by CLICKBANK.COM, one of the largest companies which ensures that your transactions are safe and secured.

Q. Does your guide involve hacks or cheats or using real money to buy stuff?

It most certainly DOES NOT. Our strategies work, plain and simple. We do not encourage nor do we support any illegal gaming activity such like any of the above.

Q. Do I get a hardcopy or a physical book?

You do not get a hardcopy or physical book. We have set up our guide online so it can be easily accessible, easily updated and can provide you 1-to-1 support for our elite community.

Q. Can I view your guide on iPhone, iPad or Android devices?

Definitely. We have ensured that you’ll be able to view it regardless of device… and with it being online, you can view it anywhere, anytime!


Special Launch Offer

Order the complete Cerberus Guide package today and save 50% off the regular price. This package includes each and every guide that we will ever have to offer and is only available for early birds. Securely order Cerberus Guide and get instant access now!

$97  $47[](http://1.cerguide.pay.clickbank.net)

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