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Congratulations! You have taken the very first step in making your
life better and conflict free. I want to say, your time has not been
wasted. You are feeling pain through conflict and want answers and
guess what? You can access the answers right here. Well done to you
for making that first move! You are now in a strong position to make a
positive change by bringing some balance into your relationship.

Balance in life is key to maintaining and striving for a happier you
within relationships. Without balance, the world to you will seem
unfair, and people, maybe even your partner will seem to be ganging up
on you without considering your thoughts and feelings and what does
your opinion count for anyway? I mean who are you to deserve some

Do you bow down to what everyone else wants from you?

* They want you to pick them up from the gym!
* They want you to make their tea!
* They want to switch over the TV channel as their favourite
programme is on!
* They expect you to do all the chores!
* Do people shout and moan at you for no apparent reason and do feel
belittled by their actions?
* Do you have a feeling of fear and intimidation when your partner is
close by?



I mean did they ever consider your needs or what you wanted to do?
Probably not! What if you had plans, what if there was something you
wanted to do at a certain time? Do you feel balanced or do you feel
you are being pulled in this and every other direction? Are you the
one who backs down to people leaving you with a feeling of emptiness?

And what about these following situations - sound familiar?

* You wanted to reward yourself with pizza but you are told to eat

* You wait for ages as your partner is getting ready which makes you

* Being dragged round the shops is not your idea of fun and the
experience is one you dislike!

* A social networking site is taking over your lives for the wrong


Do you know what conflict is? Do those feelings you have of anger and
frustration mean anything to you or are they just feelings?

What is conflict? In order to answer this we must first be able to
identify what we are dealing with.

The dictionary version offers these meanings:-

1. A state of open, often prolonged fighting; a battle or war.

2. A state of disharmony between incompatible or antithetical
persons, ideas, or interests; a clash.

3. _Psychology_ A psychic struggle, often unconscious, resulting from
the opposition or simultaneous functioning of mutually exclusive
impulses, desires, or tendencies.

4. Opposition between characters or forces in a work of drama or
fiction, especially opposition that motivates or shapes the action of
the plot.


1. to be in or come into opposition; to differ

2. _Archaic_ To engage in WARFARE.

Which words from these meanings stick out to you? Go back again and
read them through again, this time a little slower. If you can
identify at least one of the descriptions above then congratulations
for making the first step for making a positive change in your life.


* Leaves you depressed?

* Creates low self esteem?

* Creates a sense of being ignored?

* Angry at not getting your way?

* Frustrated at being told what to do?

* Stressed as you are unable to say what you want to say?

* An inability to never get things done!?

* A feeling of intimidation and fear?

All the above are common when it comes to conflict and take solace
that you are not alone. There are others like you who have yet to
discover the methods in which to deal with conflict. The difference
between you and them is that you have already made a positive step
forwards in resolving your conflict.


Take some time out, find a quiet place and think about a situation in
your relationship that causes you conflict. Did it appear because of a
misunderstanding? Was something you said or did get taken out of
context? Did you then become defensive and raise your voice? When you
have thought of a situation close your eyes and visualise the actions
of your partner. Are they animated and loud? Are their arms flailing
in all directions and are they invading your personal space? Do they
demand your attention and tell you not to walk away or else? Now
keeping your eyes closed imagine your feelings in this situation. Are
you feeling scared, intimidated, confused because they misunderstood
you? Are you thinking of the pain and frustration that conflict leaves
you with? If so then ask yourself do you want the solution? Do you
want to be able to deal with situations effectively and conflict free,
taking away the feeling of low self worth, frustration and feelings of
depression. There is a saying that goes like this "If you always do
what you have done, you will always get what you have got." Those
misunderstanding that turn to conflict are about to change.


In the general run of every day life misunderstandings go by without
a second thought and are easy to shrug off. However if they continue,
resentment can fester and internal barriers are established and mutual
understanding is lost. These misunderstandings manifest in various
negative ways such as:-

* Being unable to voice your opinion

* Counter-productive relations

* Low self esteem

* Divorce

* Poor communication

* Loss of confidence.

In extreme circumstances, and I mean extreme, It can also lead to
violence and on some even death or suicide. I'm sure there are
articles you have read in papers or news reports you have seen where
the victim was murdered due to misunderstandings turning to conflict.
Although extreme cases, there is no doubt that these occurred from a
misunderstanding or though a feeling of low self esteem and confidence
to be open. But there is a way for a misunderstanding to be resolved
before conflict rears its ugly head! There is a way to ensure these
misunderstandings become understandings rather than to become

Why believe me and spend money on this product? I mean, why invest
your money in me?
I am an expert in using a range of skills and techniques in helping
people work through conflict and have been doing so for many years as
a coach. I have guided people like you to better places where conflict
is eliminated.

In addition I find the topic of conflict interesting and feel
compassion for those involved in the turmoil it can bring. I want to
offer you my help as I have experienced the pain and negative feelings
that you are experiencing right now and know how you can change. I
know how conflict can eat away at your life and turn you into someone
you don't want to be. I know the answers to eliminate conflict and
want YOU to be able to do too because I know your pain and want to
help you through it.

My mentor is Ali Campbell, (google him if you wish) a successful life
coach to the stars, and is one of the world's leading life coaches and
NLP'ers. It is Ali who inspired me to put my experience together and
deliver this unique package for you. I want you to know this
information as I was able to find someone who was able to help me. I
hope now that you have been inspired by me and found someone who can
help you.

What you will realise is that you may have thought about changing or
even felt that something needs to be done, but not known how to go
about it. So what can stop us?

* Fear - through thinking about the consequences that might happen

* Frustration - clouding your mind to enable you to make a different

* Low confidence - You think you cannot do it so don't even try

What you will learn will allow you face your fears and challenge your
own thinking. What you will learn will enable you to clear your mind
and make a different decision.


when you have tried other methods and they have not worked, you need
to ask yourself why they didn't work. C'mon be honest with yourself.
Was it through laziness, through being comfortable with whom you are
and had concerns about changing or do you like conflict? Does conflict
get your adrenaline pumping and you enjoy the rush you get?

Conflict occurs because we are not taught how to deal with it. Where
in school did you take a class on "conflict" or "how to deal with
someone who dictates to you"? Maybe schools should change their
curriculum but hey, who am I to say? I'm NOT a teacher, I'm a coach.

Other people fail, as they are not willing to look outside the box.
They are not willing to challenge themselves to become a better
person. For whatever reason, they fail. Not only will you be able to
access a simple way to challenge yourself, you will also learn how to
be successful.

So can you still think and feel the effects of conflict in your
relationship? Is there something specific that you want to deal with?
The situation could involve a shopping trip, Facebook, what to eat or
chores around the house. Can you think of the same situation you
thought of earlier or are there other awful situations now filtering
into your mind? Think of the how the other person treats you. What
language do they use when there is conflict?

* • “You’re so stupid! You are not buying that”
* • “You’re so easy to read, I know you fancy her”
* • What the hell has it got to do with you?!”
* • “You are so ignorant!”
* • “You have no idea how hard I work!”
* • “Make a decision for f*ck’s sake! I’m tired of making all
the decisions”

Now think of how you respond to your partner. Do you shout back, do
you run away, do you sit down and take it? Do you try to brush those
feelings under the carpet or hope they will disappear in time?

Do you want to be able to see an immediate response of understanding,
to see for yourself the ways of dealing with conflict? You are not
alone when it comes to conflict and there are many people out there
just like you; wanting to resolve conflict but unsure of how to tackle
the challenges. There are answers that you will discover to find a
balance in your life which are available to you NOW!

You feel the pain and hurt conflict can bring. You internalise a lot
of it at some stages of your life and ran away from it in others.
These ways of dealing with conflict leave you with low self esteem, a
low confidence in your own abilities and also a feeling of being lost
and unappreciated. Did you forget who you were and your life became
one of going through the motions without any real sense of what you
wanted? Do you sacrifice your own feelings and wants for that of
another and you know what, it didn't work!? When you wake in the
morning do you feel dread, knowing you would have to be in an
environment that you were unable to resolve. Horrible isn't it.

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