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The Killer Product Launch :: Catapult Your Online Profits In Days!

FROM: Adrian Carter

Dear Friend,


ow many times have you seen a HUGE product launch, heard how much
money the marketer has made and wished that was you?

... wished it was you _accumulating sale after sale after sale..._

How many times have you wished you knew what they did that made their
product launches so successful?

How do they get so many people queued up -- SO DESPERATE TO BUY a
$1000 (or more) product, which sells thousands of copies in just a few
short hours?

We are all told by those in the know that we need to create our own
products. What we are not told is what to do after they have been

Most marketers launch a product to an empty auditorium and then
wonder what went wrong...

They wonder why the sales aren't _streaming in..._

secret which is just now being revealed for the first time.

Just imagine what could happen with **ONE SINGLE** successful product

Heck -- with this kind of cash you could do one launch a year and
TAKE THE REST OF THE YEAR OFF, doing whatever you want!


You could keep knocking out these successful launches and generating
a STAGGERING online income for yourself!

Would having **THIS** kind of financial safety net make you feel a
bit more secure... or at least give you the extra cash to pay for
THOSE NICE THINGS IN LIFE like a vacation, a new car, or whatever else
your heart desires?

You BET it would!

You'd be TRULY financially free!

Well, in the next few minutes I will show you how you can earn AS
MUCH EXTRA MONEY AS YOU WANT (and more) -- even if you have no
experience, no current product, no list, or no website of your own!

This brand new, 11 part step by step multi-media course reveals
everything you need to know to plan and execute a **HUGELY**
successful product launch, quickly and easily.

This information has been a closely guarded secret of the Internet
Marketing elite, but will now be revealed to a select few...

Discover the one thing over 80% of marketers ignore which could
completely destroy your launch if you are not careful

Find out what a REAL pre-launch is and how to manage it for maximum
profit with minimum effort

Uncover the secret to generating a virtual stampede of hungry
buyers to your site the moment you launch

The possibilities with product launches are **ENDLESS**. You could do
many small launches or go for the big one and join the million dollar
in a day club.

It's up to you. You can FINALLY write your own ticket and become the
master of your financial destiny!

The Killer Product Launch has been engineered to accelerate the
learning curve for you so that you can launch your own product
successfully, in ANY niche, even if you don't have a product, website,
or even a list of your own today.

This course reveals everything you need to know and could be the
catalyst that transforms your life, BEGINNING TODAY!

The Killer Product Launch will show you everything you need to know
(step by every single step) about successfully launching your
product(s), in ANY niche you please!

THE KILLER PRODUCT LAUNCH was engineered from the ground up to help
you quickly and easily launch your very own products in ANY niche you

Whether you have a product today or not... whether you have a web
site, list, or partners -- this course reveals EXACTLY what you need
to know to generate a massively profitable product launch of your own.

Imagine joining the million dollar in a day club, all thanks to a
server crushing load of targeted visitors that are frothing at the
mouth to buy what you're selling.

This course reveals everything in step by step, A-Z, MULTI-MEDIA
FORMAT. In fact, here's just a small sample of what you're about to

THE GROUNDWORK OF A SUCCESSFUL LAUNCH - Understand why you need to
plan your product launch carefully and uncover the basic outline for a
successful product launch (every time)!

INVALUABLE PRE-PLANNING - Discover what you need to do before you
even start planning your launch and get some VERY exclusive insider
secrets for making your launch a success.

SERVER CRUSHING TRAFFIC - Learn what you need to do to get massive
amounts of traffic to your launch and generate mind boggling amounts
of sales VERY quickly!

THE SECRET "LAIR" - Discover the best places to find people who can
make this happen for you and how to approach them so that they'll be
begging you to launch your product for you!

AVOID THIS AT ALL COSTS - Find out which days will cause your product
launch to crash and burn and which days are the best for releasing a
new product profitably!

THE PRE LAUNCH TSUNAMI - Discover how you can start earning and
creating a horde of desperate buyers before you have even launched
your product!

MAKE IT OR BREAK IT - Learn the single most important thing you must
do in a product launch - this will make or break your launch and will
be the difference between a huge payday or just another day!

CREATING A TRULY DESPERATE MARKET - Uncover the incredible secrets to
generating a stampede of desperate buyers the moment you launch your
new product - every single time!

THE REAL 80% RULE - Discover the one thing that 80% + of Internet
Marketers don't do... but that could completely destroy your entire
product launch if you ignore it!

LAUNCH DAY - Learn exactly what you need to do on the big day i order
to ensure that you continue generating sale after sale after sale --
and why not doing this could stop your launch before it even starts.

SECRET PROFIT BOOSTERS - Find out how to massively increase your
profits after the launch with these incredible secret profit boosters
that almost nobody knows about!

AND SO MUCH MORE - The Killer Product Launch reveals everything you
need to know to launch your product successfully -- all in step by
step, A-Z, multi-media format.

And because I want you to be able to digest all this powerful life
transforming information IMMEDIATELY, I'm also including...

Complete The Killer Product Launch Video Transcripts:

We all have different learning styles and some of us would prefer to
something in our hands to read.

I know firsthand what it's like to sometimes feel that you need to
read about something in order to really and truly "GET IT".

I'm the exact same way.

That's why, in addition to the step by step The Killer Product Launch
video tutorial series, I am also including these complete video
transcripts for you today, free of charge.

Print out the transcripts, read them, "dog ear" them, review them,
USE THEM TO FOLLOW ALONG WITH THE VIDEOS... and even take notes if you
would like!

But that's not all either... when you act today...

Along with the complete The Killer Product Launch video program, you
will get each of these exclusive bonus gifts, specially chosen to help
you earn more -- _FASTER._

Fast Action Bonus #1Master Reseller Licence to Web Traffic


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