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Do you...
want to learn HTML, but are not sure where to start? not want to spend hundreds of dollars on classes, textbooks or personal tuition? have limited time, and need to learn HTML quickly?

A revolutionary new course can teach you HTML very fast. Not in one week, not even in one day, but in one hour! If you don't think this is possible, then you've probably fallen for a great myth about the language.

The truth about HTML...

Despite what your $50-an-hour webmaster wants you to believe, the truth is that HTML is NOT difficult. In fact, right from the start it was designed to be very easy...

In the late 1980s, a scientist at the CERN laboratory on the French-Swiss border was looking for a way for colleagues to share information across the World. He knew that the main problem that stopped people sharing documents via their computers was that it was too complicated. He designed a simple way for people to create "web pages" which could then be viewed by anyone on the network with a "Web Browser".

This scientist's name was Tim Berners Lee, and he is the Father of the World Wide Web. If he hadn't made his "HTML" very simple, no-one would have added their own pages... and the Web would have never taken off. With over 10 billion web pages in existence today, it is fair to say it worked!

Why learn HTML?

Previously, the only reason you would need to learn HTML was if you were planning to start your own website. Most web users didn't need to know about HTML - as long as they could view the pages, they were happy. But nowadays, people are used to interacting with the Web - and adding their content. 

With many sites, such as MySpace and eBay, now allowing users to format their pages, people realize the difference knowing HTML can make. You can turn a dull block of plain text into a colorful, well-formatted and attractive page.

But HTML is not just a hobby. Just as Word Processing became the


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