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Becoming A Computer Expert in 7 Days | How to Buy A PC,
Troubleshoot Problems and Become and Expert

_Stop Being A Computer Idiot And_ Take Control Of Your PC.

�Who Else Wants To Become A Computer
Expert In 7 Days Or Less, And Be Able
To Install Software, Troubleshoot Problems
And Upgrade Their Own PC?�

No Neeed To Be Terrified When Your Computer Goes Wrong.
Learn How To Handle Problems Like A Professional.


Dear Friend,

Do you get terrified when your computer at home isn't working?

Worried that your computer crashes or doesn't print especially when
you're working on an important project for your company?

It's hard to believe that computers are so common in our society, yet
few users know what to do when they have problems with their ever-so
important PC.

Should you take a degree in computing or a part-time course on how to
troubleshoot computers?

Back in the working office, you have computer technicians solving all
your problems. With any questions you have, you'll just call the IT
department and someone will be there to help you.

The problem is, they won't spend time to teach you what they did or
explain in detail what caused the problem. They're just too busy with
work and so are you.

But if you're at home and you can't start up your PC, you're infected
with a virus, your computer is terribly slow or your files are missing
-- who do you turn to?

You may have friendly neighbours who'll help you and get your PC up
and running, but wouldn't it be embarrassing if you've asked them
several times already? Would your neighbours suddenly stop answering
the door when they see you ringing the bell at night? Being Technical
With Your PC Does Not
Require A Degree

Well you'll be glad to know that being an expert with your PC
doesn't require you to get a degree in Computer Studies. If you take
the time to learn some basic PC skills, you'll never have to call on
your friendly neighbour or close friends for advice.

The reason why so many people are afraid of computers, is because
they don't know what to do when the PC isn't working. They just sit
there and afraid to press any more keys.

There are no manuals that come with your PC to tell you how to
troubleshoot problems and how to upgrade your PC if needed.

So like the rest of the people, you'll just use your computer
carefully and pray that you won't have any problems. After all, it's
going to take time to wait for a friend to fix your PC. Especially
when they don't live near you.

Why Pay So Much For A One Hour Job?

What would you do if your PC was very slow all of a sudden, taking 5
minutes just to start up your computer?

What would you do if there's nothing shown on the monitor?

Is there anything you can do if you see advertisements popping up
continuously every time you surf the internet?

What if you suddenly found that you could no longer save photos from
your digital camera to your PC?

The solution many home users would take, is to carry the PC to their
local computer repair shop and pay hundreds of dollars for less than
an hour of service?

Yes...that is not a mistake. There are many times when a technician
only needs to take around 10 minutes to find out what the problem is
with the PC and fix it.

The crazy thing is, the owner of the PC doesn't know that. All they
care about is getting their PC fixed as quick as possible so that they
can get back to work again.

Wouldn't you be gutted that you've paid someone hundreds of dollars
for fixing a 10 minute problem, knowing that you could have saved that
money by doing it yourself?

But damn it. You know you have no choice. You haven't got a clue
about computers and your only option is to get it fixed by a

But You Can Be An Expert And
Save Hundreds Of Dollars

This is not hype. It's not a lie. You can become knowledgeable with
computers within 7 days -- enough to troubleshoot most problems and be
more confident working with your PC.

You just need to find a book that has no fluff, and gives you all the
specific details you need in order to do basic troubleshooting with
your PC.

A book that will only show you what you need to know, simple and
quick to read and enables you to understand computers much more than
the average user.

Introducing the book...

Becoming A Computer Expert In 7 Days

This guide is written for the average PC user, who is terrified of
computers and is a computer idiot.

It contains information which teaches you what a computer consists
of, how to upgrade different components, how to troubleshoot common
problems, how to protect your PC and how to effortlessly reinstall
your PC when needed.

If you think that you'll never understand computers and have no
chance in learning how to fix errors yourself, then think again.

The book, How To Become A Computer Expert In 7 Days, will change

You'll be confident when working on an important project with your PC
and will be over the moon once you start fixing problems by yourself.

After a while, you'll be receiving calls from other neighbours,
crying for help.

Inside the book, you'll discover:

* What kind of PC you really need for the tasks you're doing
* What are the essential components of a PC
* How each PC components work and if you need to replace them
* What to do if your PC is slow before deciding if you need an
* The type of software you must install on your PC
* How to re-install the whole of your PC in under 2 hours
* How to know if you're taken for a ride by a technician fixing your
* How to speak to a computer salesman
* Advanced techniques on troubleshooting your PC
* And much, much more�

So How Much Is It Going To Cost To
Become Your Own Computer Expert?

With the amount of stress, time and money that this book is going to
save a computer technician will charge you at least a $100 for fixing
a simple problem.

Calling a technician for a visit to your home, would cost much, much

However, I have decided to charge an affordable $39.99.

With the knowledge contained in the book, you'll have no problem
saving 2 hours of stress when your computer goes wrong. Those 2 hours
are worth at least $100.

To make this purchase a no-brainer for you, HERE'S MY MONEY BACK
GUARANTEE that comes with your order.

100% No Questions
Money Back Guarantee

Download and read the book "Becoming A Computer Expert In 7 Days".
Apply what you've learned and start protecting your PC from problems
and improve your productivity when working.

If you find that the information in the guide does not make you
become your own computer expert, and that you'll be able to
troubleshoot most of the problems yourself, then contact me within 60
days of downloading the book.

No explanation needed and no questions will be asked. Just email me
and ask for a refund.

I totally agree that if this book doesn't make you comfortable in
fixing your own computer problems, I shouldn't get any of your money.

I'll give a prompt and courteous refund if the guide doesn't meet
your expectation in any way.

Download �Becoming A Computer Expert
In 7 Days" To Troubleshoot Your Own PC,
Save Hundreds Of Dollars And Prevent
Losing Valuable Data.

To Your Technical Success,


P.S. if you have Any Questions You can contact me via Email

P.S. Download the guide and save yourself hundreds of dollars by
troubleshooting the PC yourself. Discover how easy computers are and
never be afraid when you see errors!

P.P.S. Don't delay in downloading the guide. Your computer could have
problems any time. Start taking action now and impress your peers with
your new discovered knowledge.


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