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Discover A Simple Way to…

End Wrist Pain Now!

Is relentless wrist, arm or hand pain ruining your life? It could be if…

You are kept awake at night by burning, numbness or throbbing ache in your fingers or arm You feel  feel pain radiating from your wrist to your elbow…pain that never goes away You have been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or repetitive stress injury in your wrist
Are you worried about not having insurance to pay for treatments?

If so, PLEASE Read This Message and Discover an Amazingly Effective, Proven Program of Simple Exercises and Self-Care that can Reduce or Eliminate the
Debilitating Effects of Wrist Pain
and Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

February 04, 2012

Dear Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Sufferer,

Are you tired of the constant, aching pain in your wrist and arm that keeps you from doing what you want or need to do?  Are you concerned about taking daily doses of pain relievers, just to get through your day?  Are you worried that the pain could get worse, maybe affecting your job?  Is your doctor offering you solutions that only involve wrist splints, drugs or even surgery?

I’m Gail Woodard and I used to suffer too.  I’m a writer and publisher and I used to love writing in my journal every morning, until I just couldn’t do it any longer because of the nerve damage in my wrist.  My wrist and forearm would throb and sometimes the pain would shoot all the way up to my shoulder.  I had to give up journaling for several years because of the pain.

Call it writer’s cramp, repetitive motion disorder or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – all I know is that it hurt!  And the weakness in my wrist was so bad that sometimes I couldn’t even lift a cup of coffee!

Then I found a treatment program that had a remarkable result – it worked!  My wrist pain went away!

It’s so simple that the medical establishment won’t talk about it, but I do – because it works!  It doesn’t cost much, you can do it yourself, and you can even do the maintenance program without a prescription! No insurance needed!
“I never would have believed something so simple could do so much to help my own chronic pain.” Charlotte Y.  Michigan
“I feel so empowered knowing that I have the resources to prevent these symptoms and to live my life fully without pain, medicines or surgery.” Vivian P.  Connecticut

Did you know that you and I are among millions of people who suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – which is a compression of the medial nerve in the wrist?

Did you know that more than 200,000 people undergo surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome every year?

And that up to 19% of those surgeries FAIL or cause COMPLICATIONS?

And that recovery time can be as long as TEN MONTHS?

Did you know that the standard approach to treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome involves just two things: splinting and anti-inflammation drugs?

After that, the treatment plan is…surgery!

Is There A Natural Way to End Wrist Pain?
Wouldn’t you prefer to learn about a technique – that your doctor won’t teach you – to reduce your wrist and arm pain in MINUTES? Would you like to learn how to keep the pain away…forever? Do you want to be able to knit again, or bike, or work at your computer without relying on drugs to make it tolerable? Do you want to be able to drive or play your favorite musical instrument without limitations? Do you want to improve the quality of your life and live free of pain…every day?
End Wrist Pain Now tells you how.  End Wrist Pain Now shows you the simple and EFFECTIVE exercises and self-care procedures that I learned and that I used to END my wrist pain and to keep it away.
“I was diagnosed by my neurologist in January 2006 with Bilateral Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and was recommended for surgery in both wrists to correct it.  Instead, I started using these techniques every day.  My symptoms have all but disappeared, and only flare up when I have not done my exercises and have over-stressed my body.  And even then, they are easily relieved within a matter of seconds.” Vivian P. Connecticut
“These tools are the most expedient way to relieve my pain. For me, the essence is the speed and simplicity.”   Megan G

Here’s One Thing You Could Try NOW!

Let me share with you a sample of the exercises you will learn about in End Wrist Pain Now.  Slacken the Thumb Exercise is one part of the treatment for alleviating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms.  When I first tried this exercise, following the instructions carefully, the ache in my wrist and arm lessened significantly within minutes!

Slacken the Thumb Exercise – Step 1

I did the complete exercise every day, several times a day, for a week along with a couple of other simple exercises for the whole arm.  I couldn’t believe the results!  After just a few times, the deep pain in my arm subsided and, after a few days, I found that I could write a whole page without any discomfort at all!

Within a couple of weeks of following the exercise and self-care program included in End Wrist Pain Now, all of my symptoms had disappeared and haven’t come back!

In fact, I wrote the drafts of this letter to you in longhand and after several pages of writing, I felt great!

When I discovered these easy to do exercises and self-care procedures and their amazing, almost instantaneous results, I partnered with Lee Albert, a master neuromuscular therapist at Kripalu Institute to create the End Wrist Pain Now  program for people like you and me – people searching for real relief from chronic wrist pain from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The End Wrist Pain Now program is different from other treatments for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms because:
This system recognizes the real problem and treats it at the source, rather than treating just the symptoms. This system is based on years of medical experience and the long-standing osteopathic practices of Muscle Energy Technique and Strain/Counter-strain. This system incorporates holistic knowledge of body care and includes practical, easy-to-incorporate changes to daily habits that cause muscle imbalances and pain in the first place. This system empowers you to take care of yourself rather than turning your body over to the medical/pharmaceutical/surgical establishment for costly treatments that often don’t work or have terrible side effects.
Thousands of people have found great relief from many neuromuscular disorders like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome using the exercises and techniques included in End Wrist Pain Now.

Here’s what you will find in End Wrist Pain Now:
Chapter 1 Rebalancing Muscles – The Key To Unlocking Pain Chapter 2 Carpal Tunnel Success Stories Chapter 3 Basic – and Free – Body Care – How to Use Oxygen, Water and Exercise to Live Longer and Live Better Chapter 4 Test for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Chapter 5 Understanding the Causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Chapter 6 Wellness Plan for Sufferers of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome including photographs and detailed instructions for the simple exercises and lifestyle changes that will help relieve your pain.
But that’s not all you will receive. Please your order now and I will include these special bonuses:
Bonus #1:  The highly regarded and easy to implement instructions (with photographs) for Proper Sitting, Driving and Computer Positions Bonus #2: An easy to use Chart for Monitoring Wellness Plan so that you can keep track of your progress Bonus #3: A special on-line link to access the videos for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain Relief Program. It’s like having a private session with a therapist who demonstrates how to do the simple exercises that will relieve your pain.
“I am so grateful to have these release valves for tension that builds up in my body.  I now practice these and other movements regularly at the first small sign of discomfort, so I no longer arrive at the point of emergency room panic.”   Jane R
“These techniques are powerful and offer a rapidly effective treatment modality. They should be taught to every medical student, and should become an important component of the practice of every primary care physician and every other medical specialist concerned with acute or chronic pain. Their use would yield vast savings in medical care costs, while at the same time sparing patients the additional burden of further injury caused by unnecessary medical treatment.”  Clifford S., M.D. Allentown, PA

The program revealed in this book is practical, easy for anyone to follow and provides almost instantaneous relief.

When I experienced first-hand how effective the approach to pain relief was, I wanted to share the information with the world. I created  End Wrist Pain Now to let thousands of people just like you learn the secrets of how to take better care of themselves and live pain-free lives.

I’ve put together the key information you need now to start on your own journey to a life that is pain-free and more satisfying than you can imagine.

Won’t you take the next step for yourself today?  Order End Wrist Pain Now at a discounted price of $29.95 and feel relief within minutes!

If you order right now I’ll send you
The e-book  End Wrist Pain Now including the Special Appendix for Proper Sitting, Driving and Computer Positions   (a $24.95 value) Plus the Chart for Monitoring Wellness Plan progress Plus the bonus video link (worth $9.95) Plus another, special bonus because I think it is so important – a free downloadable copy of Lee Alberts’s book, Live Pain Free Without Drugs or Surgery  (A $29.95 value)
Place your order right now to get this entire package worth $64.85 for only $29.95!  That’s a savings of almost $35.00!

That’s right!  If you place your order right now, you will receive the whole package at a special price of only $29.95.

Added Benefit!  Because this package is entirely downloadable, you can begin learning these techniques just a few minutes from now – and begin living pain-free again now!

It’s easy, even if you’ve never done it before.  Because the package is completely downloadable and we’re here to assist should you have any questions.

Here’s My…

***  You pay NO shipping costs  ***

***  You pay NO handling costs  ***

***  You have NO waiting time  ***

***  There is NO risk of lost or damaged materials  ***

***  If you are not completely delighted I will cheerfully
refund your entire purchase price  ***
YES, Gail!  I am eager to learn how to relieve pain now and to claim my copy of End Wrist Pain Now (value $29.95) Plus the special Appendix for Proper Sitting, Driving and Computer Positions Plus the Chart for Monitoring Wellness Plan Plus the link to demonstration Videos  (value $9.95) Plus a downloadable copy of Lee Albert’s book – Live Pain Free Without Drugs or Surgery (value $29.95)
…order now – all yours for only $29.95

Unfortunately I can’t guarantee how long this price will remain because it is a special introductory price for you.  So please [order now](http://www.e-junkie.com/ecom/gb.php?c=cart;i=001;cl=188055;ejc=2)!

[](http://www.e-junkie.com/ecom/gb.php?c=cart;i=001;cl=188055;ejc=2)[](http://www.e-junkie.com/ecom/gb.php?c=cart;i=001;cl=188055;ejc=2)I’ve devoted much of my life to helping people live healthier, happier lives.  I’ll feel like I’ve done my job when you are living pain-free so that you can be happier every day.  I sincerely want to help you change your life for the better.

Frankly, I’m thrilled to have found a way to be able to provide this information so quickly and easily to so many people like you who are suffering with chronic pain.

You can begin living with less pain within minutes. If your pain is intense right now, order this package and go directly to page 47 of the ebook.  Do the easy muscle rebalancing exercises for up to two minutes each.  If you are like most people who have tried this approach, you will begin to feel relief immediately.

“At a dinner recently, I met an executive of a big pharmaceutical company who suffered with CTS.  I showed him the exercises – his Carpal Tunnel pain went away after 60 seconds and so did his forearm pain.  I apologized, silently, for all the money his company is going to lose once people find out about these techniques!”     JD, recent graduate of Lee Albert’s training program.

I’ve already explained how easy it is to follow this program.  End Wrist Pain Now will show you how to address the causes of your pain, saving you from expensive drugs, unnecessary surgery and that unending pain that keeps you from doing the things you love, and feeling as good as you want to feel.

Now it’s time for you to make a decision, take action and avoid more pain!

Wishing you wellness and pain-free good health,

Gail Woodard,

P.S. Your search for pain relief is over.  End Wrist Pain Now can bring you immediate comfort. Remember to turn to page 47 of the ebook as soon as you complete the download and do those exercises NOW!

P.P. S.  Discounted price for the package – including a copy of Lee Albert’s ebook, Live Pain Free Without Drugs or Surgery may be available for only a short time.  Please act today!

P.P.P.S.  Remember that you have my unconditional 60-day guarantee so there’s no risk – only the opportunity to live pain-free from now on!
“These techniques bring us a gentle, noninvasive healing modality that offers a promising alternative approach to pain management.” Lisa O., MD  Cornville, AZ
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