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Changing Peoples Lives Everyday
Through Debt Settlement

An alternative to Credit Counselling, Debt Consolidation or Bankruptcy.

We negotiate a one-time settlement that is less than what you owe.

Have 50-80% of your debt forgiven!

End your financial stress

[](http://www.kgdebt.ca/contact.php#contactform)Leading Experts in Debt Settlement Canada

The Arbitrators at K&G Debt & Credit Professionals are the leading experts in debt settlement. Our team is dedicated to providing ethical and specialized assistance to those who are experiencing financial stress. Our team negotiates with your creditors to forgive a large portion of your debt based on your circumstances and their limitations!

Ask us how you can access the funds to settle with.




The Ideal client for our Program is:
An individual or family that owes at least $5,000 in unsecured debt (i.e. credit cards, loans, line of credit….) Someone who cannot make or continue to make their monthly minimum payments. Or anyone who does not want to claim bankruptcy.
Contact K & G Debt & Credit Professionals before you turn to debt consolidation, credit counselling, or bankruptcy.

K & G Debt & Credit Professionals can:
Negotiate a settlement that forgives 50%-80% of your debt Stop collectors from calling you Inform you of your legal rights Help you repair your credit report
Call Now 1-866-354-8854

[Contact K & G Debt & Credit Professionals](http://www.kgdebt.ca/contact-us) for a free consultation. We want to help!

[Credit Card Debt Settlement](http://www.kgdebt.ca/debt-settlement-program) is one of many services we provide!

A+ Rating
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Tip of the Month

A major bank settled for 20% of what our client owed within two days based on our clients hardship and medical circumstances.  Upon finalizing the offer, the bank wished our client well in the future.  Debt settlement works for those who need it.

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[Click for review](http://www.bbb.org/vancouver-island/business-reviews/debt-settlement-companies/k-and-g-debt-and-credit-professionals-in-courtenay-bc-90004238#sealclick)


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