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Step 1. Whatch a video training

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Step 5. Happy together

Step 1. Saw a beautiful girl

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Step 3. A new girl next time…

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Step 5. Complete loneliness

Step 1. Conflicts in a relationship

Step 2. She left

Step 3. Watch a video training

Step 4. Right words
to save love
Step 5. A romantic date

Step 6. Happy together

Step 1. Conflicts in a relationship

Step 2. She left

Step 3. Try to get her back

Step 4. ...but not successful

Step 5. Fail to meet
a new girl

Step 6. Complete loneliness

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How to Date Wiki

The matter of relationship is unique and boundless. Relationships are not static. They can change for the worse or for the better. You have to constantly developed Relationship with a woman and if you want to have a great relationship with your girlfriend, so you need to work on it constantly. Especially for you I launch the existing active rubric WiKi, which will be updated regularly. I'll publish my new articles there, in which very interesting and useful topics for you will be touched. So, my next article will be soon and it will be called "How well do you know your girlfriend?".

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7 Reasons to order a video training

According to experience of holding my training I have identified 7 main problems faced by men attending my course. Now I will tell you about all these problems and you will understand which of the problems you have personally faced.

1. Fears

The very first problem is a fear. A man is afraid to approach a woman he likes to get acquainted with her. This is a very common problem and, of course, it needs to be solved. Fears stop you from living a full and comfortable life. They eat up your energy, take away your self-confidence, forcing you into a depression, and leave to you only a state of complete frustration of life. You need to fight your fears and in my training I give a clear algorithm of overcoming fear. And it works 100%. Get rid of your fears once and for all and live a bright life filled with positive emotions only.

2. How to get acquainted? What to say?

During acquaintance with a woman he's doing everything wrong. He approaches her with wrong attitude, does not say what is needed and his entire speech hasn't a clear structure, which would provide a positive outcome of his approach. And this is very important - to say right words in the correct order and a correct stress! Without Їdoing all these he'll get only negative result: she doesn't want to communicate with him, doesn't give him a phone number and just walks away. He is disappointed by such outcome and very depressed. I know that every man was in such a situation, and had similar feelings. I will teach you how to do everything step by step so you can easily get acquainted with the girl, even if she's super pretty, it doesn't matter. And no matter where you meet her - on the street, in cafes, in the store. It doesn't matter! I'll give you the necessary knowledge and you will succeed!

3. Dating mistakes

It happens in most cases that the first date is the last one. Because this date is nothing but stress for him. He does not know what to say or how to maintain a conversation, struggling to make a good impression, but he fails. He tells her some ridiculous stories in hope that it will interest her. He tries to make her laugh, but from the side it looks pathetic. After such a date a girl does not want to have anything to do with this man. And if he had made everything right ' things would go in a different way. She would be waiting for each new meeting with him, and love and romance would accompany their relationship. Not having the right knowledge, you'll have to keep on holding your head above water, constantly making the same mistakes by inviting more and more girls for a date, and getting a stable negative result each time. My advice to you - do not waste your time and nerves. Get the necessary knowledge to do everything right from the first try and enjoy life.

4. Tests

While being on the first level of relationship a girl is always happy to test a man. Absolutely every woman tests her man! No exceptions! She creates a certain situation and watches your behavior. And depending on how you pass these tests she will treat you kindly or badly. In case you pass it successfully - she will appreciate, love and respect you. If you fail - she will lose interest to you and, sooner or later, will leave you. Even if she is with you, she will look for your replacement. And you will stay behind. Women's tests are a search of male power. Woman arranges them to be sure whether she is with a right man. So this is the nature of women and you don't have to wonder why they are so organized. You just need to pass all her tests in a right way and she will be incredibly happy to be with such a man like you. In my training I pay a lot of attention to this topic. I classify and describe in detail all tests that a woman can palm off you. And I also explain in detail how to find way out such situation.

5. Conflicts

It doesn't matter, whether a man and a woman are just starting to meet, or they are already in a long-term relationship or already live in a marriage - sooner or later conflict and conflict situations interfere in their lives. It may be small, domestic conflicts or violent emotional showdown. In any case, it's very harmful to a relationship. And if you do nothing with it, in time people gradually drift apart, and it leads to a complete rupture of relations. And when this will happen ' just a matter of time. And if you want to save a relationship with someone you love you should be able to anticipate conflicts and solve them well if it turned out that you are already in them! In my training I will teach you both of them. You won't have to waste more time and nerves on quarrels, sorting out relationships. These unpleasant situations will leave your life and you, spending time with your beloved, will experience positive emotions enjoying every minute of it.

6. Love fades

When a man and woman are in a relationship or married for a long time, they often lose interest in their feelings and love dies. You aren't already paying much attention to her as you used to pay, cease making some pleasant surprises to each other. Instead of romance a routine and a sense of duty come in a relationship. And eventually you stop feeling that you need to spend some time with your live's companion, and vice versa increasingly want to stay alone. This is the beginning of the end! If nothing is done - it methodically takes you to the rupture of relations. If you care about the person and you don't want her to be gone from your life I will tell you how to get back sharpness of feelings. You will be able to fill life with your beloved one with new bright emotions and your feelings will become deep like a giant refreshed!

7. Self-doubt

A man isn't popular among women, suffers repeated failures when trying to start a relationship, and eventually his self-esteem and self-confidence drops to zero. In fact, success among women is directly related to success in life! If you enjoy success with women - in your life, too, everything will be fine! So the most important advantage of my training I can see is that watching it a man learns how to raise his self-appraisal and gives him such confidence that he hadn't experienced ever before. It shows up in everything! Both in communication with women and, in general, in life. You feel like riding the wave. This is a heady feeling of 100% confidence in yourself. I tell you this because I've experienced personally all of that by myself. And I am glad that all my efforts and time spent worthwhile. I was able to create video training, "Advices for Relationships", which will help many guys and change their lives forever!

Advices for Relatioships. Video training for MEN

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Causes of fears and ability to overcome them. Social criteria for choosing a sex partner. How to make an acquaintance quick and easy. A to Z dating structure with live video examples for each stage. Rules of getting a phone number and a first call with video examples. Choosing a place for a date. Analysis of the common mistakes during choosing a place for a date. Analysis of the common mistakes during the date. Touching a girl during the date. Ways to find out the ratio of girls to you with illustrative video examples. Women's tests. Or how to test a man against he's the right one and what she can get from him. How to overcome tests in a right way and put her in her place. The long-term relationship. Reasons for relationship breakups. Conflicts in a relationship. Ways of their overcoming and preventing. Woman's secret. Women's tricks and ploys used by women to attach a man and control a man. Resistance Methods against them. The emotional shake for refreshment and sharpening of past feelings. Bonus part - "Hidden sexual signals" section. Video examples how woman shows she is interested in you as a sex partner and is ready to get closer to you.


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