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 Attention hobbyists: If you've ever considered turning your hobby into a business, read this important

"Discover How One Guy Took $37
Plus A Nerdy Hobby And Turned It Into
A Massive $502,786.41 Business...
 And How You Can Too!"

The Answer Will Shock You...But Once You Discover The
Secret, You'll Instantly Be Able To Do The Exact Same Thing And Turn
Your Fun Little Hobby Into An Automatic Money-Making Machine!
(and you'll never have to "work" another day in your life!)


Dear fellow hobbyist:

Have you ever asked yourself: "I wish I knew how to turn my hobby into a real business?"

Well, if you were like me, it's quite often.

But the problem I ran into was - "HOW DO I DO IT?"   I tried and I tried, but nothing seemed to work.  I was always told,  "Do what you love and the money will follow..."  Well, I gotta tell you, the money didn't follow.  And, I found out a secret that no one has probably ever told you -  the money WON'T follow.   Not unless you have a specific, clear cut plan that's guaranteed to make money follow.

I knew of other people who'd started businesses doing what they loved and they bombed - horribly.  So what was the missing link? 

I finally found it.

Let me ask you...

Do you have a skill, or hobby that you absolutely love and want to earn money from it, but don't know how?

Are you so good at your hobby or job, that your friends and family tell you, "You should go into business doing that!"

Have you seen other people making money from the same thing you do but you know you're 10 times better at it than them?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you must read this letter...

Hi,  My name is Antonio Thornton and I want to share with you how my partner, Dave Harber and I were able to turn our hobbies into full-fledged business.  Yes, two everyday, average guys were able to turn what we love to do (and would be doing for free otherwise) into businesses producing as much as $500,000.00 in one year.   Once you see how easily were able to do this, you'll be able to use these same ideas and turn your fun pastime into whatever income you desire.

$37 to $64,352.41

Since I was a kid, I loved working on computers... I even remember back to Christmas 1982,  I was 9 years old when I got my first Tandy2000...I was in heaven!!  From that very day, my mom, my dad and my brother all knew I was destined for a career in computers. As I got older, my love grew and grew, I was the guy helping other people with their computer problems...Actually, I was the neighborhood geek!

I had jobs and contracted as a computer tech...But as much as I loved computers, I felt like something was missing.  I felt unappreciated, undervalued and most of all - underpaid!  All my friends kept telling me I should go into business for myself, but I didn't know how.  Until one day a friend of mine recommended me to a lady that was having problems with her CD-ROM.

She explained to me what the problem was over the phone and I knew I had to replace it.  So, I took $37 to a local computer store and bought a new CD-ROM, went to her house and installed it...and charged her a whopping $50!  Whoopee...I made a whole 13 bucks! 

It may not sound like much but I grew that $13 sale into  $64,357.00 that year!  And I went on to grow that business to $500,000.00 per year in the next 7 years!  Hobby For Profit will show you the exact same thing for your hobby.

Now, let's be honest here...I can't guarantee you'll be able to grow a business to a half-million dollars...  You may not even be interested in that amount of money. But, who knows what's possible for you?   

No matter what type of income your looking for...whether it's to bring in a few extra dollars every week or $10, $20 even $50,ooo per month, Hobby For Profit will show you how to get started shoveling in cash - now!

Imagine being able to wake up in the morning, and not have to schlep down the road to a miserable job, but walk down the hallway to your 'office' and start off your day doing what you absolutely love to do... You'll never have to 'work' another day in your life. 

Just imagine for a minute...the feeling of being able to do what you love to do all day long - or how ever long you want and make a great living from it...
"...simple to follow formula..."
Click play to hear what
Devon Brown has to say

"...If you're considering purchasing this ebook, I suggest you do...I have never seen such a well laid out simple to follow formula that will allow anyone to take the things they love doing and turn it into cash in their pocket. Everybody's got a hobby...and it's always so much more fun to make money when you're doing things that you enjoy doing...it gives you a simple step by step formula - almost like a recipe, and if you just follow the directions you be able to reach your dreams...doing what you already enjoy doing..."
Devon Brown
Atlanta, GA


Did you know that Yahoo started as a hobby? Jerry Yang and David Filo started Yahoo as a hobby while pursuing a PhD at Stanford University. The concept became so famous that it forced a changed of plans that resulted in the creation of the web's most visited website. Neither of them have earned their PhDs yet. Wonder whether their parents give them a hard time about that!?

David Green of Hobby Lobby grew his business to a 1.3 BILLION dollar empire.  He talks about it in his book More Than A Hobby.

Other People You Know That
Started Their Business As A Hobby

Debbie Fields (Ms. Fields Cookies)
Michael Dell (Dell Computers)
Charles Schulz (Peanuts Cartoon)
Martha Stuart (Jailbird, oops - Home decor)
Richard Pryor (Famous Comedian)
Wally Amos (Famous Amos Cookies)
Paul Newman (Actor, Newman's Own- Food Products)
Dave Thomas (Wendy's)
Oprah Winfrey (duh...)

And believe it or not...eBay started out as a hobby!


You Decide if You Want A Full-Time "Gated Community" Income or Extra Cash "On The Side"

Whether you want a part-time income or you want to turn your hobby into a full-time business, Hobby For Profit is perfect for you...


Let's look at my partner in "Hobby For Profit". Eleven years ago Dave built a web site for a college class project and decided to feature his hobby, Casino Chip Collecting. Now this is a rather obscure hobby that you have probably never heard of. But over the next nine years Dave sold over 2.2 million dollars worth of products to his fellow chip collectors.
This hobby numbers less than 5,000 enthusiasts but Dave was still able to make a full time income. He quit his job, his wife quit hers. Dave and Debbie worked together from their home and figured out a way for their love of casino chips to support their family.

Dave will be the first to say that it wasn't always easy and it was a lot of hard work. But keep in mind Dave started back in 1995 when the Internet was still a wild frontier.

By trial and error, studying direct marketing principles and listening to a few key Internet experts he was able over time to increase his sales, automate more of his marketing and make more money (he's had many months where his sales actually exceeded $40,000!).

Despite dozens of competitors that had been in business for a whole lot longer, within two short years Dave had grown his business into the largest and one of the most respected in the chip collecting & gaming memorabilia industry.

Dave sold his Chip Collecting web site for a nice profit back in May of 2004 and has since moved on to other Internet related ventures. But this is good news for you... no longer worried about letting his competitors in on his business secrets he lets loose in this book.

He reveals tons of tricks, concepts and ideas in "Hobby For Profit" that propelled his site from a class project to one that put money into his family's bank account each and every single day for years and years.

This just goes to show that NO hobby is too small to take advantage of the Internet and the business models that we present. If Dave can take a strange, small & rarely heard of hobby like Casino Chip Collecting and turn it into a full time business just imagine what you can do with YOUR more mainstream hobby?

Dave took the arrows in the back, he's been in the trenches figuring things out by trial and error... "Hobby For Profit" will cut your learning curve tremendously as he shares what worked and what didn't work for him and his web sites.

I know you're probably saying to yourself, "I'll never make that much with my crocheting hobby or I don't want to spend 80 hours per week in my model airplane hobby."  Well, you don't have to.  Our course is designed to allow you to choose how much (or how little) you want to earn.


Febury Hassan-Freeman is a wife and a mother of 4. She worked at BP for quite some time until she got pregnant with her last child. She and her husband Dexter decided she wouldn't go back to work, but since then, it's been a struggle.
Needing extra money, their question was:

"What can a mother of 4 do to bring in some additional money, AND still be able to maintain the household?"

Trying to start a "regular" business was out of the question. They didn't have the money for a storefront... and working in a store all day would keep her from being with the kids.

After a few minutes of conversation, she shared with me her love for cooking...and how people are always ranting and raving about her food.

I showed Febury how to put together a personal chef business by contacting people who were sick and needed to have their meals prepared for them.

Within a few days, she had 2 clients. One of her clients had surgery and needed meals prepared for her family. She hired Febury to cook for her family everyday for 5 weeks...at $400 per week!

Febury was able to prepare the meals over the weekend at home then deliver the week's meals on Monday.

Her other client hired her at $675 per month..

Imagine being able to stay at home with your kids and make 'good money' just for COOKING.

Here's what she has to say:

"$2,000 Per Month And Time With The Kids..."

Click Play To Hear What
Febury Hassan Has To Say

"...As a mother of 4 and a wife, my primary function is running the house and that's  enough for anybody. Trying to start a "regular" business was out of the question.  Your program showed me how in just a few hours per day, I can earn money from home.  Now, I'm making about *$2,000 per month doing what I really love - cooking.  And, I'm even able to stay home with my children.  I couldn't ask for more."

*Febury's results are atypical - if you get the system and do nothing your results will vary

Febury Hassan
Douglassville, GA
Mom & Personal Chef

Now before I go any further, I want to make it clear that I am not talking about shady "get rich quick" schemes or questionable business opportunities you see in those cheesy magazines or low-paying "work at home" deals like envelope stuffing.  I'm talking about you doing the thing you love, and getting paid huge sums of cash for it.  

I'm talking about you creating and selling your own products (if you want to), or selling other people's products, or not even selling products at all. That's right you heard me correctly!  I'm going to show you several ways to earn a significant income doing nothing more than what you're doing now - the hobby you love! 

I'm talking about a real business, with real products that you can be proud of...And a real potential for significant long-term income.

Order Your Copy Of Hobby For Profit Today!

Imagine Getting Paid To
Do What You Love Doing!

I've said it once, and I'll say it again.  There's no better feeling than to get paid for doing what you love to do.  It almost like a crime - I feel guilty sometimes that people actually give me money to do what I'd be doing anyway - for FREE!  Listen to this. . .

In 2001, I took up Salsa dancing.   Right from the start I absolutely loved it!  I would go out to the Salsa clubs in Atlanta 3 or 4 times per week I love it so much.    One day in my favorite Salsa clubs, Tongue and Grove, I met a guy named Gordon Neil...he was like, THE best dancer in the city.  He came up to me said, "Hey Mon (he's Jamaican) I like ya style! I'm forming a Salsa group and I want you to dance..."  Whoa!  I was blown away!  The famous Gordon Neil, who had danced around the world wanted little ole' me to dance in his group!!

Anyway, to make a long story short, I joined the group and we took Atlanta by storm!  With Gordon's amazing dancing ability and my business savvy, we were able to get gigs all over the city.  Imagine that!  Getting paid to dance!  What more can you ask for?  People were actually paying money to see me do what I was doing in the clubs for FREE!  Amazing....

In Hobby For profit You Will Discover:
24 Totally Unique And Amazing Business Models to turn ANY hobby into a business (Pages 24- 88) One powerful secret that can dump as much as $2,000 in your bank account immediately. (page 14) A fun way to get your friends and family to "happily" fund your hobby (page 62) How the casinos in Las Vegas showed me a simple little trick to making massive amounts of cash. (page 76) How sending one simple email could get you making serious money in less than 30 days!

Here's one example:


"Never Thought It Would
Be This Easy..."

"I've been building computers for myself for years because I enjoy it so much.  I never thought it would be this easy to make money building computers.  I just buy the parts from a wholesaler, build the computer and charge people double what I paid!  I even got a job with Miami-Dade working with computers now!"

Scott Battick
Orlando, FL
Computer Hobbyist


Tired Of "Working For "Tha Man?" You Can Even Turn Your Job Knowledge Into A Business

Almost everybody has had a job at sometime or another.  And if you've worked at a job for 3 or more years, then you're probably really good at what you do.  You can take the same skill you've learned at your job and start your own business.  Now, I'm not suggesting you rip-off your boss, but if you aren't happy about your job, you probably aren't doing the best you can.  But even if you like your job, and are worried about job security, we've got the answer for you...


Stanley Thornton was a technician at Sears, but was laid off due to downsizing and the typical corporate "restructuring.
Here's what Stanley Thornton says about his old job at Sears,

"Sears changed after 9/11.  They became more profit driven and started pushing the technicians to do 12-14 jobs per day, when we used to do 8.  We literally had to be in and out of a house in an hour.  We couldn't service the customers properly and the techs started getting frustrated...eventually they started quitting because Sears was working us to the bone.  Then Sears closed down that repair center and laid us all off."

Here's the good news...After Sears laid Stan off, he went on to start doing tech repairs in his neighborhood - the exact same thing he did for Sears. . .

"...Making More Than I Was At Sears..."

"After I left Sears, I was looking for another job as an appliance technician. Not anymore.  Now I'm doing repairs around the neighborhood and I'm making more doing two jobs per day than I was working 12-14 hours at Sears doing 10 jobs a day. "

Stan Thornton
Montgomery, AL
Community Repair Network

Other great stories of people who've taken their job knowledge and turned it into a business:

"...$51,000.00 Last Month"

"After the carpet cleaning company I worked for started having problems, I had to leave because I needed consistent income. The company almost ended up going out of business and all the customers started calling me.  We've been building the business using your methods ever since and last month we did $51,000!"

Eric White
Suwannee, GA


 "...The Same Skills...Started My Own Business..."

"I've been teaching technicians how to become Microsoft Certified for years.  In fact, I was the top trainer at the company I worked for.  Antonio showed me how to take the same skills I've been practically giving away at [company name] and start my own business."

*company name removed intentionally

Victor Hodges
Computer Hobbyist

24 Totally Unique Business Models To
"Pick And Choose" From

Not only have we packed this book with rock-solid business principles, we've included 24 specific ideas that you can use to immediately start making money. 

Some of these methods are free and won't cost you a single penny to implement, some are inexpensive that cost anywhere from $5 -$50 to implement, Only a couple cost more than that, so literally anyone can get started immediately because you don't need to have a bunch of money to start your hobby business.

And, get this:  in Hobby For Profit we show you both online and offline methods of making money.  A lot of our methods are Internet based because on the Internet, it's so easy to start a business quickly and with little to no money. But we understand everyone isn't familiar with using the Internet, so we've included some methods you can use without having a website or even using a computer! So, no matter what your skill level is, we can practically guarantee you'll find something in our 24 business models that you can quickly and easily start making money with.

And Hobby For Profit is not your typical "how to" book.  We've designed it with a new learning technology style we call "modular learning".  Which means, you can literally open the book to any page and learn a specific piece of information that you can easy and immediately use.   Most books, you have to start at chapter one, then read chapter two and so on...Each chapter builds on the last.  So if you didn't understand something in chapter one, you're screwed for chapter two and sometimes, for the rest of the book.   

But we've 'fixed' that problem.  The book is designed to help you gain as much as possible by allowing you to read it on your terms.  So if you only have 5 or 10 minutes to spare, you can open it to any of the chapters and get 5-10 minutes of ideas that you can go out and use to make your some money immediately.

We've made it as easy as humanly possible for you to start making some cash, so

Now, I know you may be asking,

If It's So Simple, Why Aren't More People Doing It?

Many people don't make money with a hobby because they don't know they can.

But you'll make money with your hobby just like a good friend of mine Bert Ingley.  He tells the story about how he started his business...playing video games!  Who would have thought you could make a living...a good living, playing video games?!?  Well, Bert is on track to earn about $200,000 this year in his video game business.  With the secrets in "Hobby For Profit" you can too...

Other reasons why people don't get started are because they think it's too complicated, or it will take too long, or it will be too expensive to get started or they don't know enough about business. . . There are many, many other reasons why people don't get started making money in their hobby, but hobby For Profit covers it all.

Starting your own business can be scary, especially if you've never owned a business before.

Just short of doing it all for you, Hobby For Profit gives you everything you need to start raking in cash from your hobby - today.

This course shows you . . .

2 Amazing techniques to turn your hobby into cash immediately.  You could be making money by the time you finish reading this letter! (page 53 and 61) One powerful secret that can dump as much as $3,000 in your bank account immediately. (page 14) How to get your 'nagging' spouse excited about your hobby! (page 20)  Yes, you read that correctly!!  The 3 things you must avoid when deciding to take your hobby to the next level. (page 17 & 23) The secret to getting your tools, supplies, and other gear for your hobby for FREE!  (page 14) The 4-Step process you must follow to quickly get a product done so you can start making money - even for the "non-creative" types. (page 50) How to get other people to sell tons of your product for you - and thank you for the opportunity. (page 61) Little-known resources to help you start, run and automate your business for maximum profit and fun. (page 101)


"...Went From Drinking Coffee
To Selling It"

"Dude, I went from drinking coffee to selling coffee.  Man this is great.  But your ideas worked too good.  We got so many orders we had to temporarily shut the site down to catch up.  But I guess that's not a bad problem to have!"

Kevin Fuller

Order Your Copy Of Hobby For Profit Today!

Hobby For Profit gives you concrete information that you can use in your hobby to start making money immediately. 

These are the jealously-guarded secrets that both Dave and I have learned through years of blood, sweat and tears and we're finally sharing these secrets with you.  These are the strategies you need to know to turn your hobby into a business - virtually overnight! 

Instantly Get Your Spouse Excited  About Your Hobby!

Is your spouse always on your back about your hobby?  Are you constantly hearing,  "You spend too much money...." or "You spend too much time..."?  Well, we're going to show you how to turn that around and have your spouse practically begging to get involved and encouraging you!   This one thing is worth many, many times the price of this course!  I've heard from HUNDREDS of people that their biggest challenge with their hobby is their 'nagging' spouse.

Even if Hobby For Profit only shows you how to "break even" with your hobby, your spouse will be ecstatic!

A good buddy of mine, Jerry's woodworking hobby was costing over $4,000 per year and Dianne, his wife, couldn't stand it!  She would always complain that he was spending too much on his hobby, but when he was able to start MAKING money, she became his best sales person.  No wonder she has extra shopping money now...

"...Taught Me Tons Of Information."

Click play to hear what Charlie  has to say

"Rarely in life do you get the chance to meet someone so strong in marketing... Antonio has taught me tons and tons of information about marketing.  You're interested in taking your products or services to the next level, there's no better person."
Charlie Bass
Las Vegas, NV

Imagine what your life could be like once you discover these secrets that took us over 15 years of hard knocks to learn! What will you do when you have your very own money-machine making profits for you, day-in and day-out, running on full auto-pilot... and you never have to work another day at your job again?

Will you travel the world, like you always dreamed?



Will you buy that dream car that just makes everyone else green with envy every time you cruise down the street?



Will you buy that dream home with that breathtaking view most people only see in movies?



How much more FUN will you have in your life? After all, making obscene piles of cash 100% morally, legally, ethically and lazily won


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