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Entrepreneurs, Would You Like to Make MORE and Work LESS?

The Small Business Accelerator™

Entrepreneur Boot Camp

Will Help You:
Make MORE and Work LESS

Work ON not IN your Small Business and

Increase Your SALES, PROFITS and INCOME…

Why am I Offering a Small Business Accelerator
Entrepreneur Boot Camp?
Because I want to invest in your business and help you get a raise in 2012!

Click the arrow on the video below for a FREE Sample…

This is an incredible opportunity! For a limited time we’re offering 30 lessons from The Small Business Accelerator, Entrepreneur Boot Camp for $47! Take advantage of this Special Offer on the Entrepreneur Boot Camp until 1/31/12.

Please read these quotes from some of our recent Clients: “Dave Westfall’s The Small Business Accelerator Course is Awesome!! It’s jam -packed full of valuable business content given in an easy to follow format. Dave is charming and sincere and knows how to get right to the heart of the matter. I was able to crystallize my Unique Selling Position and Mission Statement in a way that is concise, cohesive, and coherent. The Small Business Accelerator Course is a Must for anyone starting out . It saves you time and energy.” Christine Marie and Julie Peters, Mother/Daughter Certified Law of Attraction Coaches www.ChristineMarieandjulie.com

Top qualities: Expert , Good Value , High Integrity “Dave Westfall has helped us significantly improve our website traffic, the look and feel of our new website and our new customer acquisition strategies and results. We at Parker Automotive, greatly appreciate the business coaching and internet marketing consulting that Dave has provided to help us grow our business. His help has been invaluable. I am pleased to write this recommendation. Dave has become a good friend and professional mentor.” Gary Hansen, Owner, Parker Automotive, Inc.

“Dave Westfall shares daily wisdom and food for thought in his “The Small Business Accelerator 30 day Home Study Course. Not only do you get the course content, you get valuable, relationship time with the man behind the course content, Dave Westfall. Dave has a deep, wide-ranging record of success and accomplishment in a variety of high level, CXO, executive roles. The sections on business planning and marketing really stood out.” Greg Smith, IT Consultant and Small Business Owner
“I chose Dave as a Consultant to help me expand my business after interviewing multiple alternative suppliers. His “real world” business leadership and management experience impressed me pre-hire and now. He’s consistently met and exceeded my expectations and more importantly, my business goals for the project are being met.”

Robert White, Executive Success Coach and Motivational Speaker

Top qualities:Great Results, Expert, Good Value

ABOUT THE INSTR[](http://online.wsj.com/article/SB124025160159735869.html)UCTOR:[](http://www.dewpointe.com/utility/showPage/index.cfm?objectID=public,38)
Dave Westfall, MBA is “The Small Business Accelerator“, with over 30 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience. He has helped both traditional Brick and Mortar and Internet businesses grow and improve even in this economy. Dave will use his multifunctional insights learned at Ford’s Finance & Insurance Operations, VideoConcepts (Tandy Radio Shack) Retail Store Chain, and RE/MAX Headquarters, plus several Start-up and Growth oriented client companies and his own Serial Entrepreneurial ventures. He will help you build a better business in just 30 days. Dave was quoted in this [Wall Street Journal “New and Improved”](http://online.wsj.com/article/SB124025160159735869.html) Small Business Turnaround Article. He’s also featured in the new eBook [The Tipping Point of Success](http://www.tippingpointofsuccess.com/DaveWestfall). [Dave Westfall](https://plus.google.com/111640111620481259400/about) Speaker, Coach, Author and Trainer


The Entrepreneur Boot Camp
is only $47
We’re offering the Boot Camp now
to small business owners for the incredibly
low investment of $47 and this offer
will automatically close at midnight on 1/31/12.
Can You Afford to Take That Risk?


From the desk of Dave Westfall
January 2012
Denver, Colorado

Why am I offering you a Entrepreneur Boot Camp for only $47? Simple, because I want to help you by investing in your business so that you can get a pay raise in 2012 and help lead America out of this recession! I know from working with my business coaching clients that many of you are still hurting, sales are still down or flat at best, and your sales haven’t recovered to where you were before the 2008 financial meltdown. I also know that if you’ll stop using the “economy” as an excuse and just take 15 minutes a day to work ON not IN your business using my unique online Entrepreneur Boot Camp process that it will result in more sales and profits for you, now, in 2012, not “next year”.

So, now, today is the time to take action, and that’s why I am “paying it forward” by offering you the Entrepreneur Boot Camp for such a low investment. I feel certain that with some help, Entrepreneurs, just like you, can lead America out of this recession plus give yourself a pay raise in 2012.

But, you may be saying “I don’t have time”? I understand how you feel, I felt that way myself and I found that despite how busy I was, I had to make the time to invest in the future of my business. So, I started working a few minutes a day ON my business, looking at the bigger picture, where I wanted to be in 3-5 years, and that helped me focus and double my practice in 2009 during the depths of this recession.

The Small Business Accelerator online Entrepreneur Boot Camp is the result of one of those working “ON My Business” (OMB) efforts. I asked a lot of questions, listened to what Entrepreneurs were saying, then developed a practical, economic and useful way to deliver business coaching services to busy small business owners on their schedules, not mine.

Your actual results may vary for a lot of reasons, and this online course isn’t for everyone, but I want to share that same OMB experience with you. If you’ll just make the time, only 15 minutes a day, this online Entrepreneur Boot Camp will help you: discover how to grow your small business, become a more successful Entrepreneur and get things back on track.

Now, it’s your turn to take action! The Small Business Accelerator is my 30 day Entrepreneur Boot Camp, it’s “basic training” for Small Business Owners in an online “On Demand Home Study Course” that will transform your small business and it is guaranteed* to give you a pay raise this year. It’s an 8 hour course delivered via daily emails in 15 minute “bite-sized” segments over 30 days. You can do as much or as little at one sitting as you have time for, on your schedule, in the morning, at noon, at night, on the weekend, or anytime that works for you. Working ON not IN your business will give you the boost you need in this economy to accelerate it and start producing results!

You also may be asking, “Aren’t Boot Camps for Start-Ups?” No, your business stage doesn’t really matter. I’ve seen the content in this Boot Camp produce extraordinary results for start ups, high growth and mature businesses. Plus I’ve also successfully used these strategies on turnarounds.

I’m confident the Entrepreneur Boot Camp will work for you, because these are the same steps I’ve used with my business coaching clients. These are also the same breakthrough small business strategies and tactics that some private business coaching clients pay $997 a month for. So, isn’t your small business worth investing in? Don’t worry about your busy schedule, we’ll leave the Boot Camp open for 90 days after you register, so you’ll have plenty of time to complete it.

SPECIAL OFFER: I want you to get a pay raise this year, so I’m making a very special limited time offer. The Entrepreneurs who order the [Entrepreneur Boot Camp](http://1.dewpointe.pay.clickbank.net) before 1/31/12 get Home Study Course for only $47! Yes, you read that correctly, I’m practically giving away the 30 day Entrepreneur Boot Camp for only $47! But I can only offer it on a first come first served basis for $47 until 1/31/12. This is the “stuff that works” to transform your business and that’s guaranteed*!

*See for yourself with our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:
The Small Business Accelerator course is a program you need to experience, not think about. To taste the full power of the Boot Camp [order it now](http://1.dewpointe.pay.clickbank.net)… If you’re not completely satisfied just let us know within 60 days.
So, what do you have to lose?

Please hurry, since I’ve never offered it at this price before, I don’t know how long it will last![

The Small Business Accelerator™
Entrepreneur Boot Camp
Table of Contents

Day 1 What can you do right now to improve your Sales and lower your Costs?

Day 2 The 6 most important questions you can ask

Day 3 How and why to create a compelling Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Day 4 What is your Market Niche?

Day 5 How unique is your Product or Service?[](http://www.dewpointe.com/utility/showProduct?objectID=491)

Day 6 What is your Vision?

Day 7 What is your Mission?

Day 8 Do you have a Plan for your Business?

Day 9 Planning is a Process

Day 10 What are your Objectives?

Day 11 What are your Strategies?

Day 12 What are your Action Plans?

Day 13 What are your Assumptions?

Day 14 Employee Recruiting and Retention

Day 15 Protecting What You’ve Built

Day 16 Finding the Money to Grow Your Business

Day 17 Is your Website Helping or Hurting your Business?

Day 18 Search Engine Optimization Basics for Small Business Owners

Day 19 Viral Marketing for Small Businesses

Day 20 Why Doesn’t Traditional Marketing Work Anymore?

Day 21 The Average Website Visitor Returns 7 Times Before They Buy

Day 22 Sales Strategies that Work

Day 23 Ask Questions Instead of Selling

Day 24 Purpose of Asking Questions

Day 25 Got Referrals?

Day 26 Customer Service and Retention

Day 27 Time Management for Entrepreneurs

Day 28 Profit Improvement Programs and Turnarounds

Day 29 What is your Exit Plan?

Day 30 What are the Next Steps?

Ready to get started?
Yes, Dave, I want a 2012 Pay Raise GUARANTEED!
I understand that I’m going to get:
8 hour Entrepreneur Boot Camp Home Study Course 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!


[](http://1.dewpointe.pay.clickbank.net)Entrepreneur Boot Camp for $47*


Your payment is processed on our secure servers.

*Offer valid only until midnight on 1/31/12!
So, act now…

Remember, you can get a pay raise in 2012 and help create new jobs n America!

Thanks for your trust and confidence,




P.S. Start growing your small business today by [clicking here](http://1.dewpointe.pay.clickbank.net) to order the Entrepreneur Boot Camp.


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