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Are You Looking for a Solution to Life's Worries?

I've been confused and lost for most of my life. If I hadn't been,
this book wouldn't exist. This piece is a direct reflection on my
feeling of enlightenment and contentedness, in contrast to 20 years of
depression. My goal with this effort is to help you find meaning and
purpose in your life, to share with you the insights that helped me to
live a truly happy life and enjoyable career. I see myself now as
a SUITED MONK - someone who has integrated both a worldly and a
spiritual life. My newly found self didn't require me to meditate in
a cave for years on end, I still hold a professional job, the only
difference is that I'm not weighed down by any sort of frugalities in
the world.

In The SUITED MONK I will bring together two worlds for you: the
inner world of happiness, love, purpose, and meaning and the external
world of success and achievement. I'd like to share with you my
insights and how you too can live a truly happy life with love,
meaning and purpose and enjoy a satisfying and fulfilling career.

ONLY $ 47 Do You Need a Little More Facts to Help you Decide?

I've developed THE LIFE JOURNEY MODEL for over 2 years to help you
understand and integrate the external world of success and achievement
and the internal world of happiness and love. It is a culmination of
the collective wisdom of humankind’s greatest spiritual traditions
and teachers but applied in a contemporary and practical way and
provides a ground-breaking roadmap to our external and internal worlds
with practical applications, to lead to life fulfillment, happiness
and a sense of purpose in work and life (copy of the model below).
Here Are the Chapter Outlines: Chapter 1: In Search of Meaning,
Purpose, and Happiness

* Learn where to seek lasting happiness and how develop the
awareness of looking within. Discover the internal state of being_
_that holds the key to happiness.
* Find happiness in your life as it is right now
* How to use this book for your greatest benefit

Chapter 2: How It All Began

* See from my personal story that even someone leading an ordinary
life can develop an expanded state of awareness and find lasting peace
and happiness.
* My world falls apart
* The stress builds
* A fresh start
* True Love
* The universe provides
* Awakening
* You can have it too

Chapter 3: The Life Journey Model

* Create clarity about your life journey through The Life Journey
Model. Use this visual representation to identify where you are in
your life today and where you would like to be. 
* Origin of the model
* Overview of the model
* The Model describes your life

Chapter 4: The External Journey

* Understand the influence of the external world. Learn to avoid
being caught in the cycle of pleasure and pain, to overcome the
feeling of separation, and to loosen the clutches of ego.
* The external world
* The ego
* Separation
* Wants and needs to satisfy externally
* The cycle of pleasure and pain
* Now what?

Chapter 5: The Gap

* Bridge the gap between the external and internal worlds. The GAP
model shows you how to reduce stress, live with acceptance instead of
rejection, embrace change, forgive yourself and others, and transform
negative into positive emotions.
* External focus = emptiness
* The law of rejection
* The law of acceptance
* Bridging the Gap

Chapter 6: Discovering Your Inner World

* Reconnect with your wholeness and learn to live in the present
moment, even while working in the business world. Come into alignment
your inner passion, highest talents, and expression thereof in the
external world.
* The internal world
* Are you on your internal journey?
* Becoming more conscious and aware
* Living consciously
* Wants and needs to support a purpose
*  Acquiring knowledge versus learning through awareness
* Past, present and future

Chapter 7: Challenges

* Discover how to treat challenges as opportunities for growth.
Learn to overcome fear, develop trust, and follow your intuition.
* Acceptance of challenges
* Challenges in the internal world
* Face your fears
* Develop trust
* Follow your intuition
* Living in the flow

Chapter 8: Transforming Your Experience

* Learn to consciously cultivate happiness. Learn to eliminate
suffering and discover a life without problems.
* Eliminate suffering
* Negative emotions
* Positive emotions

Chapter 9: The Relationship Journey

* Discover the meaning of true love and distinguish it from false
love. Learn how and where to find love that is qualitatively different
from the ordinary love of the mundane world.
* Internal divinity
* False love
* True love
* Finding love

Chapter 10: Your Life’s Purpose

* Identify your true mission, which is in harmony with the larger
universe. Learn to follow this mission and transform your professional
life, as well as moment-to-moment experience in the world.
* The three missions
* Discovering your true mission
* Awakening
* Internal life rewards

Chapter 11: Conclusion

* Review how to implement The Life Journey model and teachings in
your live.

Here are Just a Few of the Benefits Of the Life Journey Model


… goes to the core and foundation of evey human being highlighting
the source of emptiness comes from and how to transfer emptiness into

… is a culmination of the collective wisdom of humankind’s
greatest spiritual traditions and teachers but applied in a
contemporary and practical way

… provides a ground-breaking roadmap to our external and internal
worlds with practical applications, to lead to life fulfillment,
happiness and a sense of purpose in work and life.

The Life Journey Model will help you achieve a raised state of
awareness and perception and lead a balanced life to avoid burnout. It
will help you to develop a strong sense of purpose and meaning in work
and life.

The Life Journey Model will help you GAIN CLARITY

_What is the duality between the internal and external worlds, and
what does it mean for people such as you and me?_

* Understand the difference between the physical world (the world of
the ego) and the unseen world (the world of spirit)
* Discover the difference between separation and being one with
yourself and the world
* Understand your physical birth and the spiritual birth that
follows the dissolution of the ego


_Which world do you live in, and where is your perspective/focus? How
can you move from the external to the internal?_

* Understand how the past and future control your life and how to
live in the present moment
* Move from unconscious living to conscious living
* Learn how to transform emptiness into fulfilment
* Understand why you experience false love and how to create truly
loving relationships


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_"The Suited Monk is a book for NOW.  Raf‘s distinctive, easy to
read narrative captures the essence of “the truth" contained in the
ancient spiritual traditions in a way that’s relevant for today. 
This is a must read for all Suited Monks and Nuns on “Life’s


_Senior Vice President - Greater China, Mead Johnson Nutrition_

At some stage of our lives, we inevitably reach certain crossroads
– whether in our careers and personal lives - and this can present
huge challenges and uncertainty.  Raf’s book gives clarity,
guidance and certainty when confronted with such challenges and is a
“must-read” for anyone seeking direction, fulfillment and
enrichment during their life journey.


_Chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong_

How to manage life is the challenge. Raf Adams demonstrates that
happiness in life is attainable every day by understanding how we
respond to the inner and external journies. This is a book that can
liberate the soul.


_China Europe International Business School, Shanghai_

"Everyone who wants to enjoy life to the fulliest should read The
Suited Monk. Raf's Life Journey Model is a simple yet brilliant
framework to help us understand why joy is not deducted from material
wealth and we should strive for inner peace and happiness. Reading The
Suited Monk, I rapidly identified my own journey to bridge the gap
between the inner and external world, which I will now accelerate to
the fulliest. Raf is a hero who will continue to affect positively the
lives of his readers"


_Founder, Shanghai China Global Leaders (CGL) Management Consulting_

_Former President Asia at Agfa (Graphics)_

Raf Adams's book The Suited Monk, has been, and remains, one of the
most useful tools helping  me to understand, locate and orient
myself  in the various situations, challenges and circumstances my
family and I face. Raf and his works are a constant
point-of-reference  and source of guidance, insights and inspiration
in my life. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a more
meaningful and happy life to read The Suited Monk.


_Professor of International Marketing/Management. __Guangzhou,

Original and in honest, this book captures the Life Journey workshop
perfectly and is highly recommended as separate reading or as
complimentary follow up to one of Raf’s workshops. I found this
book so helpful (Simple language and model, to a complex topic, easy
to read,  truly a knowledgeable book) that I have already recommended
numerous to both read the book and participate the workshop.


_Chairman of the Danish Chamber of Commerce South China_

The suited monk "speaks" to you. Written in an engaging,
conversational style, the weighty matter of finding your life's
purpose has been decoded and broken down into some simple, easy to
practice steps. Raf's life journey model has been drawn from his and
his workshop participants’s rich (and real) experiences and this is
what makes it powerful and convincing.


_HR Director, R border-width: 5px!important;">

We live in times of great uncertainty but Raf provides us with great
possibilities through his Life Journey Model. This model helps you to
see where you are in your life and what is the best journey for you to
take. Raf's model will challenge you and take you to a new place of
self awakening. Raf's ability to tell his story and to then use the
model to build a greater life for himself is truly inspirational and
will motivate readers to do the same. A great read.


_Former CEO, International Coach Academy_

Why wait?  Make the best decision now  and acquire the most
enlightening book out there!  Note: We can't do it for this cheap for
so long. So be sure to hurry while copies remain! ONLY $47

If You have Any Questions or Need Support Contact Us at 
Copyright (c) The Suited Monk


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