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Would You Know How To Make A Comfortable Living Online If You Lost Your Job Today?

  Introducing A “Simple” System That Literally Puts FAST Cash In Your Pocket Week After Week…Just Like Clockwork!


How many times have you witnessed these so-called “Internet Gurus” showing you their inflated affiliate screenshots or maybe pictures of their expensive cars or their luxurious vacation trips?

Then when you go ahead and purchase one of their “latest and greatest” info products, you can’t even make enough money to break even, let alone make the kind of earnings they have promised you. 

And what’s even worse than that is YOU KNOW there is a boatload of money to be made on the Internet through affiliate marketing but it’s slipping through your hands like the sand from a tropical beach, leaving you with nothing but headaches, frustration, and empty promises.


Dear Aspiring Affiliate,

My name is Karlheinz Hennings and I could show you pictures from my latest tropical vacations to Hawaii or Cancun, or pictures of the German sports car I drive, or screenshots of huge earnings from my dozens of affiliate accounts and it would all be real and legit.

But I have to let you in on a little secret.  I’ve been doing this for a long time.

I’m pretty much a dinasour in Internet Marketing years so I know some things most of the so-called “Gurus” have never even heard of. 

But how do YOU know that I’m any different from the slew of other guys out there hocking their products on the web? 

How do you know I’m not just some guy who is just lucky? 

How do you know that you can copy my system and make your own affiliate profits no matter where you are at right now?

I get this question all the time. 

After helping thousands of individuals make money online, I’ve heard just about everything. 

But the question I’m asked most often is Karlheinz Hennings, “How can I start making money online FAST – LIKE YESTERDAY – even if I’ve never made a dime on the Internet before?”

This is real life here. 

The world economy is in the toilet and many people don’t know if they are going to have a job next year, next week, or even tomorrow!

I Don’t Want You To DREAM Of Making Money Online... 

I’ve coached hundreds of students through the maze of Internet Marketing. 

For most of them, it was just like flipping the switch and turning on a light. 

They were getting caught up in all the details – web hosting, blogs, PPC, CPA, SEO, Twitter, Facebook, etc. – and missing the big picture. 

These are the same old tricks and tactics that you’ve seen hundreds of times.   

But where do they get you other than scratching your head, spinning in circles. 

You wind up more in debt and more behind the curve each time you try them.

But Let’s Take A Step Back…

I was once right where you are today. 

When I started out with affiliate marketing, I needed to make money fast. 

I had just lost my house, was living with my in-laws, and my wife and I had just had a baby.

My wife wasn’t working so she could stay home and take care of our newborn son. 

I was working full time but my job didn’t pay enough to support my family. 

With diapers, formula, doctor’s bills, and everything else that comes with having a young family, WE WERE COMPLETELY UPSIDE-DOWN. 

My biggest fear was not being able to provide for my son. 

Not being able to give him everything he needed. 

Forcing him to have to live a mediocre life and not have the opportunities he deserved.

There were so many sleepless nights as I lay awake and worried. 

It was beginning to take a toll on my health and on our marriage. 

I worried that I wouldn’t even be able to provide the most basic necessities for my family. 

What kind of man would that make me?

To put it quite plainly...


And that’s when it happened. 

That’s when I discovered this little thing called affiliate marketing and making money online. 

It happened so fast I didn’t have time to get caught up with all the latest “Guru” products and their latest and greatest tips and tactics.

Heck, at that point our credit was so bad we didn’t even have a checking account. 

I had to cash my affiliate checks at the bank and then would bring the money home and store it in my closet. 

And the checks were coming in fast! 

I was going to the bank once or twice a week and the tellers were starting to get to know me. 

I’m sure they wanted to know where I was getting this kind of money but I just grinned!

You could say…


I literally stumbled on this method to make money with the Internet and didn’t have time to “learn” anything from the Gurus!

I wasn’t some sort of computer genius or Harvard MBA. 

Honestly, I’d have to chalk up all my initial success to just one big “accident.”

I’m sure you’re saying to yourself, “that doesn’t sound anything like what I’ve read from other marketers.” 

But it’s just the SIMPLE TRUTH!

I was making these checks, week after week, right from my in-laws spare bedroom, perfecting the strategies as I went along, and eventually coming up with the exact system that I use today.

And Now I Want To Make The Same Thing Happen For You!

I didn’t write this letter and develop this product so I could brag about how much money I make. 

In fact, I try to keep my earnings as private as possible the majority of the time.

I wrote this letter because I know there are people out there just like you…just like I was…who NEED to make money today.

I know your time is precious. 

You don’t have time to sift through page after page and video after video of complicated coursework. 

I was just like you.

And I know times are tight.  You don’t have thousands of dollars just lying around to spend on elaborate traffic methods or complicated link building campaigns. 

Neither did I.

I know exactly what you are going through. 

I know what it’s like to have the weight of the world on your shoulders and not know which direction to turn. 

And that’s exactly why I created this product. 

I needed to start making money right away…

...LIKE YESTERDAY…and so do you. 

That is why this letter you are reading right now is so important.  

Simplicity is the key to making money online in 2012 and beyond for two reasons:

1)    The pace at which things can happen on the Internet is unprecedented.  A simple, but effective system is one that can be implemented in hours or days, not weeks or months.

2)    New Marketers who don’t start making money fast usually get frustrated and quit before they’ve had a chance to reap the rewards of their labor. 

So, What’s The SECRET?


It’s exactly what I’ve explained in this letter today.  No magic. Nothing hidden. 

And, I’ve taught this exact same system to countless other new marketers just like you.

I get emails from individuals almost every week thanking me for showing them the SIMPLICITY of this system. 

They’ve never met me in person or even talked to me. 

But, I have shown them how truly simple it can be to make money online.

Most of them were completely “green” when it came to Internet Marketing, yet they still saw the same kinds of commissions.

Have you ever been so excited about any product that you’ve purchased online that you felt compelled to sit down and type an email thanking the creator of product? 

If you are reading this letter today, my guess is that is probably not you…


Perhaps you can’t understand how someone would be that fired up about Internet Marketing that they would do that.   

But that’s only because you’ve never found such a simple system THAT TRULY WORKS!  

You’ve never been in the position where you know you will never have to buy another product from any of the “Gurus” ever again. 

Imagine finally making REAL money online…and being so excited about it, you’re one of those people sending in your success story!


The rules of Internet Marketing are changing fast. 

If you don’t have the RIGHT SYSTEM that truly works, you will be left behind.

And if you want to finally get started making real money, you’re running out of time.

I’m not saying this to scare you…it’s the simple truth.

If you have ever struggled to make any REAL MONEY online but keep hitting the proverbial brick wall…it’s not your fault. 

This is happening to 99% of marketers out there. 

But, it’s the same reason why my checks and the checks of my students keep increasing week after week, month after month. 

The amount of information on the web today is astounding... 

...And if you don’t know how to stand out from the crowd, you’ll end up like the 99%.


I just can’t sit back and watch people like you, people who need to make real money TODAY, continue to struggle.

It’s time for you to start experiencing the kind of success that you deserve

You can finally stop spinning your wheels and start generating real, consistent profits today. 

So let me show you amazingly simple this system is and how effective it is in virtually guaranteeing your success online.

Introducing Simple Affiliate Profits!

Simple Affiliate Profits will take you from novice to guru practically overnight without being overloaded with outdated information like other systems out there today.

The secret to the Simple Affiliate Profits system is the information I’ve spent over half a decade perfecting. 

This is not some outdated system. 

This is the stuff that works today, next month, and next year.

You see, I’m very proud of Simple Affiliate Profits. 

In fact, I know it’s so powerful that you can forget about all the other systems out there. 

This is your one-stop system for making money FAST! 

And Best Of All...
You DON'T Need Anything Else To Start Making Money From It TODAY!

Simple Affiliate Profits replaces all the other systems on the market today that do nothing but take money out of your pocket and leave you more frustrated in the end.

You see, you would have to spend thousands of dollars and go through hours and hours of training to compile this system on your own. 

Not to mention all of the time trying to stay up with all the latest “trends” in Internet marketing.

Believe me, I know exactly what you’re going through. 

I’ve met students who have spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to get their hands on this kind of system. 

But I don’t want you to pay thousands or even hundreds so you can start making REAL affiliate commissions TODAY! 

You’ve already been at this long enough not to have had your breakthrough.

You deserve to see results NOW!

Starting today, you can get everything you need to start earning REAL affiliate commissions right away and begin giving yourself and your family the life that you know you deserve for the low price of $ 27.

You see $ 27 is a drop in the bucket compared to the money you are leaving on the table by not taking advantage of my system right now.

You’ve probably wasted that amount ten times over on worthless “Guru” products. 

Why not invest that money in a simple system that really works.

[  ](http://1.CharlyHH.pay.clickbank.net)

Here’s What’s Included In My Simple Affiliate Profits System

  Module One – The exact methods I use to generate ASTRONOMICAL affiliate commissions from just about every method available on the web today.  Plus, sneaky ways to get paid without your traffic ever having to buy a thing.  I use these exact methods on a daily basis.

Module Two – Marketing methods that really work!  Sophisticated but ethical marketing techniques that are already proven to work.  99% of marketers have no idea about these but the 1% that do are cleaning up.

Module Three – Building a long term business.  Let’s face it, you’re not looking to build another J-O-B here.  You want a business that you can truly walk away from for weeks or even months at a time without ever missing an affiliate check.  These are strategies that the elite are using to build an empire.

But here’s what you’ll like most about Simple Affiliate Profits. 

I’ve set it up so that even if you’ve never made a dollar online in the past, you’ll be ready to start making REAL CASH right away. 

It’s just that simple.

For the first time, you’re going to feel like the veil has been lifted. 

In fact, as soon as you see Simple Affiliate Profits for yourself, you’re going to completely understand how I was able to literally change my life almost overnight.

But you have to take action to get results. 

I’ve made this system SO SIMPLE but even I can’t help you if you don’t take action. 

But if you do, the sky’s the limit.  And profits you make are YOURS!

So what’s the catch? 

Why am I practically giving my system away?

Well, it’s really quite simple. 

I was in your shoes before.  I was right where you are today.  And I want to give you the opportunity to change your life and your family’s life just like I did.

  I know I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today without this system.

Sure, I Know You May Be Skeptical But I’m Taking All The Risk!

That’s right, it’s completely ON ME to deliver on the promises I’ve made in this letter so you are totally covered from day one by my 100% Risk Free Guarantee For A Full 60 Days.

I am so confident that Simple Affiliate Profits will work for you just as well as it did for me that I am personally giving you my 60 Day Iron Clad Guarantee.

Go ahead and take 60 days to review the material, implement the strategies, and see if they work as well as I say they do. 

If at any point you are not satisfied then let me know and I’ll issue a prompt and courteous 100% refund.

NO Questions, NO Quibbles... Just A Straight REFUND!


I feel this is as fair as I can be! 

That means that you can try out Simple Affiliate Profits completely risk free. 

Put everything I’ve told you to the test right from your own home at ZERO RISK!

And if it doesn’t produce for you just as I said it will, I honestly want you to ask for your money back. 

This offer is not available anywhere else and it’s SO EASY to get started.

You Really Can’t Afford NOT To Invest In Simple Affiliate Profits !

Right now, you have two choices: 

You can either continuing going to the same path to nowhere that you’ve been going down for so long. 

Or, you can take action today, right now, by investing in Simple Affiliate Profits and finally achieve the success online you know both you and your family deserve. 

But the choice is yours.  

You have to want this and the ball is in your court. 

Simple Affiliate Profits can unlock all the mysteries of making money online and get you started earning big affiliate commission for yourself and your family.

So order today, right now, while it’s still fresh in your mind. 

Every moment that you wait, real affiliate profits are slipping through your fingers and going to someone else. 

Let this be the moment you finally start earning the money you deserve!



Karlheinz Hennings


[ ](http://1.CharlyHH.pay.clickbank.net)


P.S. One more thing, it’s important:  I reserve the right to raise the price of Simple Affiliate Profits based on demand. 

So invest in Simple Affiliate Profits while this offer is still up!


P.P.S. Imagine the life that you could provide for yourself and your family if you had passive income coming in every month like clockwork. 

Imagine not having to worry about losing your job or where the economy was going to go next. 

Simple Affiliate Profits was created so you could realize that dream and remove all worry in your life. 

And the best part is that it is backed by my 60 Day Iron Clad Guarantee! 

So order today!


[ ](http://1.CharlyHH.pay.clickbank.net)

[ Contact E-mail: Karlheinz.Hennings@gmail.com](mailto:Karlheinz.Hennings@gmail.com)

Date January 2012

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