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Discover over 347 eMarketing Software Jewels that 's been Packed and Stuffed inside the eMarketing Royal Treasure Chest....

Date: ")
From: Randy G. Hutchings How many software memberships sites you belong to?
How many times have you look for software that you downloaded months ago and can't find them on your computer? 
How many times have you purchased products with Resale Right  just to find out that everyone else is selling it and cheaper?
How many times have you purchased one of those eMarketing software products just  to find out that your Software membership site already had it ? You could have gotten it FREE....
Never again will you every look for software on you computer or pay for another membership software site or let your competitors under sale your product to beat you out. Well Friend you do not have to worry anymore because your time has arrived......Yaaaaaaaa!

Hello Friend, my name [ Randy G. Hutchings of LordDATA Online Marketing](http://www.LordDATA.com)[.](http://www.LordDATA.com) I want to share with you the frustration that I've experience the last couple of years as I've tried to grow my own online business using different software I found on the Internet.

You see I've joined just about every software membership site on the Internet just to find out that the really only difference is only one or two Resale products.

Now I pay between $19.95 - $39.95 per month for all  these software membership websites. Do not get me wrong I'm not complaining because it is this monthly fee that has started me to really  thinking about.....................

How can I provide a way to put all this software together for you with ONE LOW price and ELIMINATE your monthly fees and still be able offer you Resale Rights to these products and future products without canceling my own memberships? 

Introducing The eMarketing Royal Treasure Chest.... 

This package is here and it will solve all your challenges with online marketing software and membership software sites and you can own it all right now!

eMarketing Royal Treasure Chest sets right on your desktop waiting for you to use one of over 347 online marketing software products in 24 different eMarketing categories.

Hi Randy,

I got in on eMRTC when you First opened it. What an incredible bargain! I mean that sincerely, especially today with sooo many "membership sites" (which charge a monthly fee) and "giveaways" that just want to entice you with a 'freebie' and then collect your email address to sell you on the 'back end'. My only problem with your HUGE collection of software, tools and ebooks is that I oftentimes buy a product only to find that you've added it to eMRTC already!

It truly is RARE in today's world that a person like you exists, who gives away so much so that others (like myself) can benefit and profit. Thank you for coming up with this concept. I will always be a loyal customer.

God Bless You. -Hal Weinshank  [http://www.tradetoprofits.com ](http://www.tradetoprofits.com)

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TOP 24 eMarketing Software Categories

You Have Resale Rights to all 347 Products..!

Go Ahead an see the Software Jewels inside....

CLICK ON Each Category Below!


[ eMarketing Videos (Step-by-Step](videos.html))
 [Website Development](website_development.html)

  [News Letter & AutoResponder Development](news&autorep_development.html)

    [Website Promotion](website_promotions_products.html)

    [Affiliate Marketing](affiliate_products.html)

    [ eBay Marketing](eBay_products.html)

    [eMarketing Software Products](Software_products.html) 

    [eMarketing TurnKey Packages](turnkey_packages.html)

    [eMarketing Expert Interviews](expert_interview.html) 

   [ Public Domain & Article Publishing](public_domain.html)

    [Website Membership and Software](membership_software.html)

    [ Niche Marketing Products](niche_products.html)

    [ClickBank Scripts](clickbank_products.html)

    [Audio For Your Website](audio_products.html)

    [Joint Ventures eMarketing Product](jv_products.html)

    [Google Adwords & Adsense Products](google_adwords_products.html)

    [Internet Marketing Training](internetMarketing_training.html)

    [eMarketing with Blogs and RSS](Blog&RSS_products.html) 

    [ Online Forum Software](forums_products.html)

    [eMarketing Script Packages](emarketingScripts_packages.html)

    [Premium eBook Products](ebooks_products.html) 

    [Search Engines Resources](seo_products.html)

    [ Private Label Rights (PLR) Products](plr_products.html)

    [Social Networking](Social_Networking.html)

    [ [Monthly Product Updates](archive.html)](plr_products.html) 


There you have it

TOP 24 eMarketing Software Categories
Hi Randy,
It's about time you came out with a new product package. I purchase your eMarketing Software Collection I and II and this package is the best I've seen on the Internet. I've seen all those Fire Sales and their time limits to buy stuff and that just turns me off. 

Randy, besides knowing your good reputation for delivering quality products what really caught my attention is the fact that you are really selling an on-going Membership Software Package without the Monthly fees. 

You're right Randy about all these software membership sites selling the same thing because most of them buy what's offer on the Internet as Resale Rights. 

Now you'll be doing this and giving people like me an opportunity to send you my idea's in on new Resale Rights software so that you'll purchase them and add them to this package. With that said I'm going to keep my eyes open for software with Resale Rights that you can look into for me and the members who will download this great package and have all these products and the ones to be added without charging any monthly fees. 

Thanks Randy once again for looking after the little guys 

Benjamin A De Mers  http://www.freeleadswarehouse.com
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  You will download just ONE FILE (eBook) that will have all the download links inside separate by the categories that's listed above. Place on your Desktop and Download a product when you need it.

Every product comes with it's own ready to use web site - Simply modify the payment links and upload it to your server and you're ready to take orders.

Many titles include original source files, you get the raw material to re-edit and recompile into brand new products - creation possibilities are endless.

You get Full Master Rights/Resale Rights to all of these individual products - Create new best selling collections of themed products and new packages that you can re-brand with your own name.

You could choose to sell the products retail or you can offer the resell or master resell licenses to other resellers for quick and easy profits.

You can use many of these products within this collection as valuable bonuses

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Listen friend I know how it feels to see a product and then turn around an see another product that does the same thing with just a couple of minor features added. How many Software Membership site are out there selling the same or similar products? You do not have to join any more Online Marketing or Website Promotion Software Sites. Let me provide you with all these software package at your convenience .

With the eMarketing Royal Treasure Chest you will never have to pay for eMarketing Software again, WHY! I'll tell you why, once you download this Amazing Package with just ONE File you will have access to my Private and Special Download Page where you will be able to download all products and  future products that I am able to offer you with Resale Rights every time, that's FREE of Charge....!

That's right! Your own Private Software Membership Site on your own Desktop. I will purchase all the software for you hey I'm paying for it anyway. All you have to do to get these new software products with their Resale Rights is to click on that ONE File

Remember once you download the eMarketing Royal Treasure Chest You will be provided with ONE File (eBook) that will have all download links inside to over 347 products and Sales Website in 24 Online Marketing and Promotional Categories.
Hi Randy,
Frankly, I'm stunned - in the best sense of the word. When I originally bought eMRTC, I wasn't expecting a whole lot, just another version of the same old "what-a-deal" collection of e-books and old software everybody is hawking. But I bought it anyway because the price was good and there were a couple of things in there I didn't already have and wanted that would have cost me more to buy individually.

Then you kept adding things! New things. Things I had just put on my "to be ordered" list. Even some things I had already just ordered - a mistake I quickly learned not to repeat. By the third month, it was obvious this was absolutely not the "same old" anything, but an amazing cornucopia of ever-more-valuable products. How you do this for a flat lifetime fee - and an amazingly low one, at that - is beyond me.

In the past year I have signed up for probably two dozen membership sites, each charging from $10 to more than $100 a month. Today I have cut that down to three, each covering a unique area. But if I had to drop everything else, the unending flow of top quality products from that little gray treasure chest on my desktop would still be there.
Your design evokes an old pirate's treasure - but your process makes me think you may, instead, be a leprechaun, whose pot of gold is said to be bottomless.

However you manage it, keep up the great work.

J.R. Wilson
[ http://Money-Meltdown.com](http://Money-Meltdown.com)
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OK lets make sure you understand what you will be getting inside the 

eMarketing Royal Treasure Chest


One eBook with all 24 Categories and links
  All Downloaded from my Personal Website

    A Software Membership site no Monthly Fee

   Desktop program With over 347 products

    Submit Resale Rights Product so I can buy

   Upgrade each week Known Resale Product

    Discount on Non Resale Rights Products

   Special Bonus Products Personal use only

    Immediate Dnload of small eBook 710KB

    Un-Advertise Bonus Section

             All within your eMarketing Royal Treasure Chest


lower = better; 1 = best

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