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At IDEAS FG, we are not just an online TV channel. We also want to help do some good in the world.

The End of Road Fatalities      { A Short E Book}

About the book: Motor vehicle crashes are one of the leading causes of death in the world and cost the global economy over 400 billion dollars a year, but death-proof cars can be made. So no matter the accident, people will survive, but do car companies care enough about safety and if they are not going to roll-out death-proof cars sooner. How can the rest of us make it happen?

Chapter 1: Do car companies actually care enough about safety {Examples that would suggest no}

Chapter 2: Safe Getaway Car, { a short story about two bank robbers trying to find a safe getaway car}.

Chapter 3: Bad Highways, Bad Drivers or Bad Cars {Why the primary focus should be on building death-proof cars instead of fixing roads, improving driver training and road safety ads}

Chapter 4: Can Cars Really Be Made Death-Proof?

Chapter 5: Making it Happen

Price: 12 Dollars {part of the revenue will be used to help make death-proof cars a reality, by helping to fund the creation of a small car design company that will introduce the world's first death-proof car for everyday motorists}

If you buy, The End of Road Fatalities, you won’t have to download anything or wait by the mail box for the book. We provide you with a password and the next time you visit this website. You just click on the tab, E Book at the top of the page, type in the password and read the book, just like you would any other web page. You will recieve the password within 24 hours of purchase.

Please also note that if you pay via your credit card, the transaction will come up as, “Click *Bank Com”, not the title of the actual book because Clink Bank is handling the sale for us.   

Contact us:  If you have an questions or issues at: [Rideas.fg@gmail.com](mailto:Rideas.fg@gmail.com)

About the Author: David Hale is the founder of Ideas FG {For Good} An online tv channel that makes films about social issues, like global poverty. He also wants to help end road fatalities which is one of the leading causes of the death in the world. So, if you can, please buy, The End of Road Fatalities.

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