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How To to Make Money Every Month Selling Ebooks, Video and Audio Files and Software.

Turbocharge Your Income with Unlimited Reprint Rights to over 60 Top-Quality eBooks, Videos, Audio Files and Software. You get over $1000 worth of Master Resale Rights for one absurdly low price.

The "Reseller's Dream Profit Pack" contains Master Resale Rights to all these popular products
Product Author Priced Elsewhere "Free To Sell" Brand New Version 6 (contains over 50 ebooks) Tom Hua $49.97 "Killer Mini Sites Platinum Package" Alpha del Bosque $249.77 "Internet Profits the Quickway" Version 2 Andy Broklehurst $19.00 "Get Inside the Minds of Winners" Charles Burke $27.00 "Popup Generator Software" Armand Morin $34.95 "Proven Pricing Secrets" Kunle Olomofe $67.00 "The 7 Power Steps To Making Money On The Internet!" Kunle Olomofe $37.00 "How To Get Reprint Rights To Products Without Paying A Dime!" Kunle Olomofe $37.00 "How to Outsell Other Affiliates and Become A Super Affiliate!" Jimmy D Brown $17.00 "How to Win the War of Internet Marketing" Lawrence Pryor $17.00 "Black Belt Web Marketing" Earn More Publishing $49.00   "Building Wealth With Licensing" Audio Seminar Paul Hartunian $49.00   "Ebook Authors Interviewed" Ebooks Made Easy $24.95   "Auction Explosion" Maria Vowell $17.00   "101 Auction Secrets Revealed" Dirk Dupon $27.00   Instant Web Master Video Set (12 downloadable Windows Media Player audio/video files) Frank Kern $39.99   "Website and Ezine Promotion Made Easy" Dirk Dupon $29.99   "218 Free and Low Cost Resources for Ezine Publishers" Jimmy Brown $14.99   "Auction Explosion" Maria Vowell $17.99   "Ebay Marketing Secrets" Cash-in.net $17.00   "Ebay Marketing Secrets 2001" Cash-in.net $17.00   "Using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) on Ebay" Cash-in.net $34.95   ""2000 Reports Package" This is the "Money Making Reports Package" you see sold everywhere on the net for $19 - $99 Huge 10 Meg Download Various Authors $19.00   "Java Magic" BizNetStation $27.00   "Web Design Magic" Michael Monrean $27.00   "Alex Mandossian's Secrets" Louis Allport $17.00   "Gary Shawkey's Secrets" Gary Shawkey $17.00   "The Book of Enoch" (Religious) InfoKing $17.00       Total if Purchased Elsewhere $1018.55

Here at your original online source for top quality resellable products you pay only $69.97 total for MASTER RIGHTS to everything listed above!

Order today and receive as a bonus master resale rights to "Instant Internet Empires" the program that made one 29 year old college dropout a whopping $55,274.25 in 31 days this last January!

"What exactly are MASTER reprint rights?"

Let me explain. Ordinary reprint rights give you the right to copy and resell a product. You cannot sell the reprint rights to the product, only the product itself.

With MASTER reprint rights, not only can you sell copies of the product, you can sell the reprint rights to the product as well. See how master resale/reprint rights can be MUCH more profitable?

If you've shopped around at all you already know this is the  best deal on the Internet.

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If you prefer to Order by Phone
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For more details, read on.

The "Reseller's Dream Profit Pack" is the best deal out there, period. It is available here exclusively.

You'll receive resale rights to all the best resale products available ( over 60 products ) for only $69.97.  For a detailed list of the all the included products see the bottom of this page.

Are you looking for an extremely profitable, honest and ethical way to bring in a new source of steady revenue?

Would you like a sure-fire way to increase sales of your products, visitors to your web site and subscribers to your ezine?

Give Me 5 Minutes and I'll explain how a tiny investment in resale rights can do both for you.

Selling eBooks can easily create thousands of dollars in additional revenue every month.

Here at ResaleRights.com you won't be hammered with hype filled ad copy and "you are gonna get-rich-quick with no effort" claims so common out there. Instead I'll simply tell you the truth based on my personal experience.
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Your Guide's Track Record

Ed Osworth
This is not a nameless, faceless web site. My name is Ed Osworth. I've been making a nice living on the web since 1995. I have an excellent reputation online and a verifiable track record. 

I don't hide behind email addresses and mail drops. My street address is at the bottom of my pages. My business "A Better Life" is registered with the state of Oregon.

You may well have heard of me already. My first electronic publishing project "Real Estate Secrets" has been featured on hundreds of For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Real Estate Web Sites. I recently sold my "Real Estate Secrets" business so I could concentrate exclusively on ResaleRights.com.
My "how to" web marketing articles are widely published on the internet. In a minute, I'll explain how I created an information selling business I love.

What I offer here at ResaleRights.com is simply the best value resale package on the market. It is available nowhere else. It contains unique and desirable eBooks, videos and audio files specifically targeted to folks looking to make money on the internet.

The eBooks are perfect to sell to entrepreneurs and any other person looking to supplement their incomes.

Many of the products in your new package come with pre-made tested web sites and ad copy, so you can immediately create a brand new stream of income.

I'm not about to claim that that selling these eBooks will make you rich. I don't yet know you personally and each person's ability to make any business succeed is different.

I can honestly tell you that these products have the potential to bring you in a sweet and steady extra income stream. For example, I personally have made over $80,000 from eBooks sales.
Thank You for your immediate response and only hope that e commerce as it is growing will grow with people like yourself who have the "Right Stuff" as far as pleasing the customer. I hope that we may be able to meet again....

Thanks Again,
Bill Cendales

How Resale eBooks Will Empower You

Reprint rights are what I call the "great equalizer" in Internet Marketing. They empower anyone, big or small, to easily multiply their money.

Sure, you can create your own products, as I have. Even if you create your own products, it is a good idea to have reprint rights to other products. It gives you additional variety to sell and to use as "bonuses" with your own products.

[Click Here to Order Now!](http://www.clickbank.net/sell.cgi?freetips/18/Reseller's_Dream_Profit_Pack)

The BIG problem with creating your own products to sell

It takes a lot of time, effort and testing, to create your own infoproduct, believe me. No matter how you look at it, it is a major project.

It is much easier to simply purchase reprint rights and duplicate and sell a product. Going that route, you can get a new product up on your site and out to your subscribers in HOURS instead of MONTHS .

Resale rights have made a bunch of money for me and the market is unlimited. I locate the best stuff and empower you by offering eBooks that anyone can resell with a little effort.

After looking at a ton of products, good and bad I obtained licenses to sell the "master" reprint rights to you. For a small investment you will have products that appeal to virtually everyone on the web. With some of the products as soon as you have sold one or two copies you will have your investment back. Every sale from then on is money in your pocket.
In case this reaches you (and not some autoresponder) - thank you very much for
the superb service and web site !


Cari Jordaan
Linx Africa

Warning:  Lots of Reprint Rights Packages are Already Out of Date

You may have heard "horror stories" about buying reprint rights to products that failed to sell. I have bought dozens myself and although all have made me money, some were very poor performers.

Why? Because many folks who sell resale/reprint rights are selling old and outdated products that are being given away for free on thousands of web sites. It doesn't take a genius to figure out how that affects your ability to make any money. Basically, the product loses its value and becomes a "freebie" in the public's mind.

Your Solution

I am on the Internet 7 days a week for many hours per day. As one of the first marketers to sell an eBook online, I watch the resale/reprint rights eBook market like a hawk. Since I run 8 domains, I constantly seek out the best new products to offer my customers. Those that do well end up on this site. Those that don't get put into the "circular file". I've done your homework for you.
"It is not often that I feel that I got more for my money. In this case, I think I made out like a bandit. The information is worth 100 times what you are selling it for."

James Lane
CW Mortgage

On Your Mark, Get Set....

Like many things in business, resale rights products change value over time. In general, the sooner you sell a product after it is released, the more money you can make. I offer you products with FREE UPDATES so that you can make more money.

How You Can Use These eBooks To Generate Leads and/or Subscribers

If you are a web site or ezine owner, or involved in MLM providing one or more of these product can get you more visitors and/or subscribers like magic! As an example, I myself have used reprint rights products as give-aways to gain subscribers to my TipSheet Newsletter for over 2 years. They increased sign-ups by over 300%. There is no way I would NOT use give-away eBooks.

I'm sold on giving away eBooks myself. I regularly change the eBook I give away and tell my old subscribers. They then send me new subscribers.

Ed's 100% Rock-Solid No Questions Asked, Certified by Clickbank and Fair Trade, Money Back Guarantee

The Reseller's Dream Profit Pack is covered by a money back guarantee. If you don't think the product is worth it, let me know within 60 days. I'll give you every cent of your money back. I have over 1800 happy customers and I won't stand for an unhappy one.

SECURITY and GUARANTEE ASSURANCE: I use Clickbank to process all orders. This assures you of the highest level of security. I never see your credit card number and Clickbank does not store your number on their servers. Clickbank (and my affiliation with Square Trade) also guarantees that I will honor my money back guarantee. If you were to have any problem reaching me to get your refund (no way that would happen), you could go directly to Clickbank and/or Square Trade.

[Click Here to Order Now!](http://www.clickbank.net/sell.cgi?freetips/18/Reseller's_Dream_Profit_Pack)

Your Comparison Shopping

I offer the best bang for the buck of any seller of resale rights. Please don't compare me with the hundreds of sites selling the infamous "1001 resellable reports" for $39 - $99. Those tired text reports have been around forever and have virtually no value. No comparison there.

Next up the ladder is the sites selling the "giant eBook collections" for $49 - $99. Fair enough. But look at the titles you get. Is it new stuff? With my "Reseller's Dream Profit Pack" you will receive FREE UPDATES and NEW PRODUCTS with the "Free To Sell" package In the last year alone the "Free to Sell" package has had over 4 updates with new products added each time.

Do your homework.Check out all my competition. None include as many products as I do.

So, as you can see, what I offer you here blows away any competition. With some of the products, after you sell 1 copy, you are in pure profit heaven..

Why so cheap?

I know the best long-term marketing plan is to accumulate as many happy long-term customers as I can manage. I am in this business for the long-haul. I have learned that if I give my customers excellent value, they give back to me.
I was very impressed that you processed my order so
quickly. Since I ordered on New Year's Eve, I didn't
think I would get a response for a least a couple of
days - but I received my email confirmation and
password the very next morning! I had no problem
downloading the file and opening the documents.

Once I started reading the information, I couldn't put
it down!  Have a happy and prosperous New Year!"

Brooks McCrackin

Sharing The Fun with You

There is something else I want to share with you. Something that must be personally experienced to be fully appreciated.

That is the feeling you'll get waking up in the morning with orders sitting on the computer and/or in the mailbox.

I just love the wonderful feeling of opening my emails. Seeing those sales still brings a huge grin to my face after all these years of selling online.

I think back to my "dark days" of driving a bread truck many years ago. I still remember the queasy feeling of getting up at 2AM in the rain to race through San Francisco city traffic. The anxiety of running like a maniac to beat the deadlines. It was brutal. Several times I got "walking pneumonia" and my doctor would tell me I was killing myself with my job.

I risked my health, relationship, and sanity for $88 per day!

Is it any wonder I smile when I open my emails as I gaze at the deer and wild turkeys in the dense cedar and pine forest out my window?

Your ticket to true freedom.

Want to share in that feeling? Now is your chance to get started.

I am not going to fill this page with the typical hype about how you can make thousands a week. Let's go go the other way.

Let's be conservative. Say you only sold 2 copies of a $49.95 eBook package a week. You would still bring in $5196 over the next 12 months.

Is that worth investing under $70? Well, that's up to you. But I know how I'd go.

Especially if I was still driving that bread truck.

[Click Here to Order Now!](http://www.clickbank.net/sell.cgi?freetips/18/Reseller's_Dream_Profit_Pack)

All the Best in Your Success

Ed Osworth

PS: The first resellable product I invested in brought me back 177 times what I paid for it (not including back end sales). I had no experience at all with reselling downloadable products when I purchased it. Low cost resale eBooks are the perfect product for any entrepreneur to get started with. Order now and start making money tomorrow.

Best Way to Get Started? After you complete your purchase and download your products read "Internet Profits the Quickway" first. It is the fastest way to get all the details of setting up and promoting your new business. After that eBook read "Working with Clickbank" second. It will explain in detail how to begin accepting credit cards and processing your orders immediately for very low cost.

Then watch the step by step business setup videos included in the Instant Webmaster Downloadable Video Collection package and see every mouse click necessary to get your business going!

[Click Here to Order Now!](http://www.clickbank.net/sell.cgi?freetips/18/Reseller's_Dream_Profit_Pack)

Osworth Consulting / A Better Life has been doing business online since 1995 with over 1800 happy customers. We have been certified as a "Safer Shopping Site"  by ePublic Eye since 1998 

Some of the below links to the products are active websites selling the individual products. Do not purchase from the linked pages (they will open in new windows). Come back here to this page to purchase the full package for the super discounted price.
I wrote to  thank you for going the extra mile with your info you sell.

Edward N

Here are the resale books included with the Free To Sell package

To see an example of the included sales web site [click here](freetosell/index.htm)
(The sales site that will open is for an older version of free to sell. The version you will receive is the newest version, 6, which has just been released.)

eBay Marketing Secrets 2002 Reseller Package
Classified Ad Secrets 2002 Reseller Package
Credit Secrets 2002 Reseller Package
Wholesale sources 2002 Reseller Package
Self-publish at the Speed of Thought
A Cheap and Easy Guide To Self-publishing eBooks
Your eBook Daily Marketing Plan
How to be a Mystery Shopper
UK-Traders UK Wholesale guide
Living off the Net
Working with ClickBank
Million Dollar emails
Professional Cover Creation Tutorial
Internet Cash Machines
E-Mail Marketing Strategies
1001 Newbie-Friendly Tips
AutoResponder Magic
eBay Marketing eCourse
The Internet Marketers Secret Guide
The Ultimate eLibrary
iNet Success
The eBook Cover Templates
The Cash Flow e-Business
The Complete Guide to Building Your Own Web Site
Free eZine Ad System
Pay-Per-Click Commando
Millionaire Marketing

Here are the "free to give away as bonuses" eBooks included with the "Free to Sell" package.

How to write, create and sell E-book
Discover How To Write Killer Ads
61Sales-Boosting, Stealable Articles
Shop Safely and Save
The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Starting a Web Site
Totally Free Web Resources
Practical DotCom Business
eBook Submitter
Unlimited Profits
Increase Auction Profits
7 Secrets To Unlimited Traffic
The Magic Story
Scientific Advertising
Magic Letters
How to Start Your Own Traffic Virus
101 Businesses You Can Start Online For Little or NO Money
The Best of Web Gold
On Line Stealth Marketing
The Best Of Dr Kevin Nunley
Aesop Award Submitter
Marketing Warriors Tips
How to Write a Business Plan
A Basic Guide to Exporting *
U.S. Constitution *
Online Business Primer
Greatest Internet Secrets
Magnetic Internet Power Marketing

[Click Here to Order Now!](http://www.clickbank.net/sell.cgi?freetips/18/Reseller's_Dream_Profit_Pack)

Wow! ... I'm speechless! ... Not only was your response incredibly fast, but your commitment to customer service is unparalleled! And you can quote me on that.

Thanks a million,
Donald K. Holland

Special Quick Action Bonus for Ordering Today

The 5 complete web businesses (including web sites) included with the "Instant Internet Empires" package

To see an example of the included sales web site[ ](empires/index.htm)[click here](empires/index.htm)
FIVE DIFFERENT hot selling royalty free information products! You keep ALL the profit! FIVE DIFFERENT professionally made order-pulling websites! You don't need even a little bit of web design skills...it's all done for you already. Just plug your web sites in and go! FIVE DIFFERENT sets of proven marketing materials! Step by step VIDEO tutorials! You won't be left wondering how to get started. Walk through each step of getting set up in these awesome downloadable videos! A FREE order processing system so you can take credit cards at your web sites! No monthly fees and BETTER than a merchant account! It even includes a video tutorial to show you how to get set up and taking orders in under four minutes!

[Click Here to Order Now!](http://www.clickbank.net/sell.cgi?freetips/18/Reseller's_Dream_Profit_Pack)

But that's not all - not by a longshot.

With the "Reseller's Dream Profit Pack, you also receive

Customizable Platinum Version of "Killer Mini Sites" ([click here for full details](killerminisites/index.htm)) with full master resell rights.

Master resale rights to the fantastic eBook "Internet Profits the Quickway" ([click here for full details](quickway/index.htm)).

Master resale rights to Armand Morin's Incredible "Popup Generator Software" ([click here for full details](popupgenerator/index.htm))

Master resell rights to the great eBook "Get Inside the Minds of Winners" with exclusive interviews with  Joe Vitale, Yanik Silver, Don McAvinchey, Rick Beneteau, Clay Cotton Robert Scheinfeld Stacey Hall, Jan Brogniez, John Harricharan, Linda Clemons, and more. Includes web site. ([Click here for full details](inside/index.htm))

Plus all the other products listed at the top of the page.

Over $1000 if purchased elsewhere, only $69.97 here.

[Click Here to Order The Complete "Reseller's Dream Profit Pack" ](http://www.clickbank.net/sell.cgi?freetips/18/Reseller's_Dream_Profit_Pack)which includes ALL of the above packages now for the unbelievable price of $69.97

I am not going to give you some phony deadline that changes everyday here like you have seen at other sites. I don't ever try to "trick" folks.  I don't need to. The value of this package speaks for itself.

I will honestly tell you that I may change the price and remove the bonus at anytime. The price of this package was just raised as of June 2002 and I just added over $200 worth of products in July, 2002. The ONLY way the price can go is UP.

[Click Here to Order Now!](http://www.clickbank.net/sell.cgi?freetips/18/Reseller's_Dream_Profit_Pack)

SECURITY and GUARANTEE ASSURANCE: I use Clickbank to process all orders. This assures you of the highest level of security. I never see your credit card number and Clickbank does not store your number on their servers. Clickbank (and my affiliation with Square Trade) also guarantees that I will honor my money back guarantee. If you were to have any problem reaching me to get your refund (no way that would happen), you could go directly to Clickbank and/or Square Trade.

DOWNLOAD SUCCESS GUARANTEE: We guarantee that you will successfully download your products or your money back.

Having trouble ordering?  Just don't want to order online? No problem. Call our toll free order line at 800-810-0998 and we will gladly take your order. If we can't answer when you call, leave a message and we will call you back.

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