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Finally... find the best career for you and transform your life.

"Find A New Career That You Will Enjoy,
Be Good at and Pay You What You Deserve... GUARANTEED."

"Featured on ABC, CBS, Fox, Wall Street Journal and More"

Dear Career Changer,

      Are you frustrated with your career?

      Do you feel like you're wasting your skills and time?

      Is your unhappiness at work spilling over to your personal life? 
      Do you want to know the BEST CAREER for you?

If you answered "Yes" to one or more of these questions and...

You are ready to put an end to your endless searching for your ideal career...

... give me five minutes of your time right now.

I'm going to show you how to find the best career for you in as few as seven days.

What Your Life Will Be Like
When You Have The Right Career for You

Imagine going to work everyday and...

    * Using your best skills 
    * Working in a field that you like

    * Earning good money and achieving your financial goals

    * Getting promotions and growing in your career

    * Being proud of your career

    * Feeling good about yourself and your life
Wouldn't that be amazing?

Well, that's exactly what can happen for you when you finally discover the best career for you...

... The exact information I am going to give you access to on this page.

Instead of struggling for months... or even years... to identify the right career for you...

Instead of staying stuck in a dead-end position...

Now you can find the best career for you and transform your life with a proven fast-track solution.

How does it work?

Before I explain, let me introduce myself... 

Why Should You Listen To Me?

I'm Jeff Neil.  I've helped more than 1,680 people find the best careers for them.

I've helped everyone from young professionals out of college for a number of years... to new college graduates just starting their careers... to professionals who are in mid-career... to people who are returning to the workforce.

You'll find me quoted in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The New York Times and on the major networks like NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox... to name a few.

I don't tell you this to boast or brag...

... I just want to offer some proof that when it comes to the topic of helping people find the right career for them, I am a trusted and respected expert.

Still, since you've probably been struggling to find the right career for you... you might be skeptical that my strategies can help YOU.

So don't take my word for it... 

Here's What People Are Saying About Me and
My Strategies That Help People Find Their Best Career Choices

Excerpts from user reviews posted on Google Reviews (http://tiny.cc/8aa79) include:

"After struggling on her own for six months to discover her best career options, she quickly found exciting career choices."

I've been looking for a full-time job in a new field for the past six months.  After reading every career guide I could get my hands on, I find myself well informed but still confused!  Enter Jeff Neil.  He helped me discover three great career choices.  Now I'm feeling focused, confident and energized for my career change.  

Jennifer L.

"He got clear on a great new career direction and gained self-confidence."

I would highly recommend Jeff if you are looking to make a career change or if like me, you need help figuring out what it is you want to do in life.  I went to Jeff knowing that I did not want to continue in my current career direction, but lacking the clarity as to what I truly wanted to do for a different career.  Jeff's step by step process literally walks you through the process of figuring out what you enjoy doing and what you are good at doing.  I only wish I had found Jeff sooner.  I now feel fully ready to go out and achieve my career goals.  

David A.

"She felt trapped in her industry but easily discovered new careers that would be a great fit for her skills and interests."

I was leaving a very specific job sector and was concerned about changing to new fields.  Jeff help me see that my skill-set could be used in many interesting positions and I discovered many career options.  I would recommend Jeff to everyone.

Pam C.

You might be thinking, "That's great for them, but how can you help me?"

Here's your answer...

Over the past seven years, I developed and perfected a proven method that anyone can use to find the best careers for them.


"Career Choice Clarity Program"

Now, available for the first time ever, you can easily and quickly find the best careers for you... 

... thanks to this one-of-a-kind program that teaches the exact strategies I have used to help more than 1,680 people find their best career choices.

It's a simple, step-by-step program led by me that gives you everything you need to find the right career for you.

Check out everything that is included in the Career Choice Clarity program!

Module 1: Career Choice Mindset Secrets  

This is the perfect place to start because...

You won't find the best career for you if you have any self-limiting thoughts or beliefs that hold you back.

In this audio recording you'll discover the common beliefs that keep people stuck in bad jobs for years.

Do you recognize any of these self-limiting beliefs that can keep you stuck in your career?

      *  You think you'll have to start your career over when you change careers

      *  You think you'll have to take a big pay cut when you change careers

      *  You believe you don't have the right skills, experience or education to change careers

      *  You don't think it's possible to change careers in this economy

The thing is, these self-limiting beliefs and doubts are untrue. 

In this training module led by me, you'll recognize and breakthrough fears, doubts and negative beliefs that may be holding you back...

... so you can get unstuck and finally have a career that will make you happy.

Module 2: Know What You Want

I've helped more than 1,680 people find the best career choices for them... after they completed this workbook. 

When you complete this simple and fast 47 page workbook, you lay the foundation for your success.  You will:

* Know your best skills - so you choose a new career you'll be good at

* Have a list of career fields that appeal to you - so you can have a career that you enjoy and are proud of

The best part - after you complete this simple workbook, you're now ready to find the best career for you!

Module 3: Discover Your Best Career Options

In this 20 minute video and accompanying guide, I'll show you the method to find the best career choices for you.

I reveal for the first time the exact strategies I used to help almost 2,000 people find the right new career for them.

After you use the proven and effective strategies in this video, you'll solve your dilema and finally know the best career choices for you.

Sound good?

It gets even better.... 

"Plus... I'm Giving You 3 Free Bonuses"

Bonus #1:  Self-Confidence Booster ($17 value)

If you're in a bad career situation, your self-confidence has probably taken a hit. 

When your self-confidence is low, it's nearly impossible to find the best career options for you.

In this special report, I show you a simple way you can boost your confidence... so you can move forward confidently! 
Bonus #2: Look Before You Leap Special Report ($27 Value)

Are you concerned that you might choose the wrong new career?

I understand - you don't want to go from a bad career situation to another bad career situation.

That's why I'm including this 22 page special report called Look Before You Leap.

This report shows you the sure-fire way to be 100% confident that your new career choice is the right one for you.  

End your doubt and uncertainty.  Don't change careers without using the strategies in this report first!


Bonus #3: Career Change Breakthrough Action Plan ($10 Value)

Stop feeling stuck and frustrated...

On this handy checklist you'll discover the essential steps you can take to get out of you current career situation... and land the new career of your dreams.  

It's an invaluable blueprint that will keep you moving forward to your new career and your new future.

Finding The Best Career For You
Is Much Easier Than You Think!

It's easy to get stuck in the wrong career.

If you're like many people, you probably fell into your career because it was 'the first opportunity to come along.'  

Or maybe you choose your career for the wrong reasons when you were too young to make such a big choice.

     Now you feel trapped.

You want to do something different.  But you have no idea what the right career is for you.

And you might be afraid that you'll choose the wrong career again.

     I understand.  And I want you to know... 

The Career Choice Clarity program has been used with great success by professionals in the same situation as you...

.. from recent college graduates... to people who have several years of work experience... to people who are in the middle of their careers... to people who are returning to the workforce.
Here are more excerpts of thrilled people who used my methods to find the best career for them and transform their life (from user reviews posted on Google Reviews http://tiny.cc/8aa79):

"She was completely lost but now knows the right career choice for her."

I was looking to make a career change but had no idea what that change should be and needed some expert guidance to make that decision.  Jeff's strategies have been an extremely valuable resource in deciding what career is right for me.  I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone who is looking for a new job or a complete career change.

Karen L.

"He was desperate to find a new career."

I was in desperate need to find a new direction for myself.  Jeff really is as good as everyone says he is, if not better.  He quickly helped me sort out what I really wanted to do with my career.  I honestly can't thank him enough.

Sim L. 

"He wanted to know what careers are out there that would be a good fit for him."

For more than one year I have been trying to figure out the right career for me.  I decided to see if Jeff could help me get clear about the best career options for me.  Jeff delivered.  Jeff helped me identify several new careers that I will really enjoy and that pay more money than I earn now. 

Mike T.

"She wanted a new career without taking a pay cut or starting over again."

For months I have known that I need to find a new career, but I had no idea what my career options were.  I knew that I didn't want to "start-over" again, and I knew that I didn't want to take a pay cut when I made a change.  Thank goodness for Jeff.  Jeff helped me figure out 3 great career choices for me.  I spent miserable months not knowing what I wanted to do next in my career, and I kick myself for not using Jeff sooner to figure it out. 

Roberta B. 

The Career Choice Clarity Program is Fast, Easy & Inexpensive.
Make A Wise Investment In Your Future.

What's the cost for this incredible, life-changing resource?

...  Not much compared with the benefits of finding a career that you enjoy, are good at and that pays you what you deserve.  

Your whole life will improve when you have the right career for you.  You'll feel better about yourself.  You'll have more energy and be happier.  Your family and social life will improve.  

My private clients normally pay me about $500 to find the right career for them... and they tell me it's worth every penny because they can put an end to their endless earching and finally start enjoying life.

But I know most people can't afford my private career coaching services... and I only have time to see about 20 people a month.

So here's what I decided to do...

Because I have a personal mission to help as many people as I can to have a satisfying, rewarding and fulfillling career and life...

I decided to share my techniques in a complete home study program... so I am able to lower the cost for you by 90%.

If you purchase Career Choice Clarity program today your total investment is a risk-free $47.

That amount is a huge discount.  It's really a painless drop in the bucket compared to the time and money you could waste struggling to find the best career choice for you.

... Most people have no idea how to find the right career for them.

They see months or years fly by... sometimes even their lifetime... stuck in the same emotionally draining career.

Many people never figure it out.. and they stay stuck in miserable job situations that ony get worse over time.

Worse, their frustration at work spills over into their personal life.  They are tired, they lack energy, their relationships are strained.  Their whole life suffers.

Sad and typical...

... but it doesn't have to be this way for you.

Are You Ready To... 
Take Control of Your Career,
Have A Career That You Are Good At and Enjoy,
And Greatly Improve The Quality of Your Life

[Click here to find the best career for you using my Career Choice Clarity program today](#buynow)

Your Success And Satisfaction Are Guaranteed

I want you to have complete confidence and peace of mind about your investment in Career Choice Clarity program.

So I am going to give you an iron-clad, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Use my Career Choice Clarity program.  Listen to the incredible recordings.  Watch the new strategies I teach in the video.  Test my proven method.

If you decide for any reason that my program will not help you find the best career choices for you, simply ask me for a 100% prompt and courteous refund.  No questions asked.  No hassles or hard feelings either.

You literally have ZERO risk and nothing to lose... and so much to gain! 

Sound fair?

You might be wondering why I would make an offer like this to you?

The answer is simple...

... I know Career Choice Clarity program is a fast, easy and effective way for you to find the right career for you.

... and I want to make sure there is no reason for you not to try it.

Please try Career Choice Clarity program today, risk free... and see for yourself just how remarkable and invaluable it is. 

Frankly, at this price, the Career Choice Clarity program requires such a small investment of time and money, it would be crazy not to use it.  

Stop Struggling.
End the Career Frustration
Improve Your Life.

Find The Best Career For You
As Soon As Next Week...

Your Investment Is...

Just $47

It's easy to get started using all major credit cards, debit cards or Pay Plan.

When you click the Buy Now button, you'll be taken to my 100% risk free trial order page. 
When you decide "yes", you will be taken to a secure order page for your credit card, debit card or
Pay Pal information.

Your order is processed immediately and you'll get a receipt for your $47 investment. 
You will then be take automatically to a page where you can instantly download the complete Career Choice Clarity program and bonuses... so you can get started immediately. (Even if it's 2:00 am)

Try Career Choice Clarity program for risk free for 8 weeks.
Ifyou decide it's not for you, you get all of your money back.


P.S.  Please do not be surprised if you return to this page and find the price of th program has doubled.  I will raise the price of Career Choice Clarity program to $97 or more when I finish and release the printed version of this program.  This is the lowest price  you will ever see for the Career Choice Clarity program.

P.P.S. Order today and you'll the complate program AND you will also get all 3 Free Bonuses... Self-Confidence Booster, Look Before You Leap Special Report, and Career Change Breakthrough Action Plan. These bonuses guarantee that nothing holds you back from finding the best new career for you.
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