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Adult Education. Simplified. 100% Guaranteed.

Going back to school as an adult learner?  We’ve been there, done that.  We know what you’re going through and can save you lots of time and tons of money!

That’s why AdultsLearn.com put together the "Survive and Thrive as an Adult Student" package.

Learn this information BEFORE you spend too much hard-earned cash and valuable time.

We'll show you how to:
Reduce your school costs drastically when it counts...before you even step foot on campus or into your first adult classCut down stress and paperwork by optimizing money and time
Navigate administrative hassles, and potential pitfalls in your personal life, so you have the time and energy to succeedAnd much, much more...with our 100% Money Back Guarantee.


[ ](http://1.clickfun3.pay.clickbank.net)

A Goldmine For All Adult Learning, Everywhere

For only $50.00, fully refundable within 60 days, you'll immediately receive an email link to your package which includes online access to:
Ebook (.docx and .pdf files) and booklet, available to download and print
Audio version (mp3.zip and .wav files) of the ebook, perfect for commuters, ready to download
Our exclusive research and customizable, downloadable spreadsheets for adult students to help budget cash and time
Access to our blog for valuable updates, mentoring, job leads, career ideas, networking with other adult students and much moreWe would have saved many times our purchase price within the first 60 days if we had known then what we know now!

If you have any questions pre- or post-purchase, first check out our [FAQ's](/faq.html), then please feel free to [Contact Us](/contact.html).

An Adult Student Advice Center Just For You

Let's face it, in order to succeed most "mature" students need some guidance.  Unlike younger scholars fresh out of high school, we often have jobs, families and responsibilities to juggle along with surviving a classroom!  As a result, it can be complicated being an adult student.

We're here for you.  Not only has AdultsLearn.com organized vital, adult-focused information, we've added some stress relief you can depend on: a 100% guarantee (see our [FAQ](/faq.html) for details).  We're not kidding around because we know the value of this information.

Whether you’re attending a cooking school in California, an Ivy League university, or adult classes at your local community college, our guaranteed essentials for adult students can be applied many times over at any post-secondary level, anywhere on the planet.

The trip back to school is so worth the effort.  Make it easier with our guaranteed adult student advice.

[ ](http://1.clickfun3.pay.clickbank.net)

AdultsLearn.com employees are members of the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education and the Texas Association for Literacy and Adult Education.

We're also lifetime members of Alpha Sigma Lambda, the national adult student honor society, and Delta Mu Delta, the national business student honor society.

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