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Looking to get out there in the world and explore?

Discover your adventurous side and take on the challenge of Backpacking Europe! 

Introducing Nothing But Adventure’s latest eBook...

Backpacker Europe

Everything a backpacker needs to know!

Want to backpack Europe but unsure how or where to start?

Sick of the same old daily routine?

Have you got the travel bug?

Need to get out of your nest and explore?

My name is Daniel Hardie, author of this eBook and its websites.

I was originally in the banking industry until a boredom and restlessness grew inside me.

I just knew I had to travel and do something different, so I packed my bags and decided to backpack Europe.

I am a former travel agent & since became a travel/adventure writer, with eBooks such as Backpacker Europe, [Why Sailing ](http://www.whysailing.com)& [Nothing But Adventure](http://www.nothingbutadventure.com.au).

I personally know exactly how daunting planning a trip like this can be, I’ve been there myself. There are visas to consider, finding work, getting flights to and around Europe, planning accommodation and whether or not you can actually afford to make the trip.

I’ve been through all of this before and had the exact same questions... so I’m here to help.

This eBook will cover everything you need to know about backpacking Europe.

Download a pdf copy of Backpacker Europe Instantly – Only $12

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How Backpacker Europe will benefit you...

Piece of mind! We cover all your preparations before you travel as well as while you’re travelling around

Accomplish your travel goals – Let’s cross it of your list bucket list

Discovery of a new experiences  – New people, new cultures, new worlds & life changing experiences

Find your independence – The world is your oyster take charge and live it!

What Goals Do You Want  To Accomplish?

For me, backpacking felt like a rite of passage; I was living at home, I had just turned 21 and I needed to get out of my daily routine before having a very early mid-life crisis.

I wanted to get out there on my own and discover something new, renew my passion for travel & culture but most importantly of all find my independence. Everyone will have their own reasons for backpacking Europe but whatever it is, you can achieve it.

Life is a constant learning experience and when we get stuck in the same routine we get comfortable, it is when we leave this comfort zone that we feel a sense of accomplishment that was earned.

The fact that you are here on this site proves that you are in this right frame of mind and you are almost ready for the challenge.

‘I wanted to visit my families origin in the UK but I also wanted to visit places like Holland, France and Italy’.

Adam D.

What This Guide Covers:

Backpacker Europe

Everything a backpacker needs to know!



Sailor Jargon/Glossary Skills of Sailing Sailing in Sports Top Sailing Destinations The History of Sailing Types of Sailboats General Boating Safety Preventing Sea Sickness Other Water Activities Plus MORE...[]

‘Great information! Can’t wait to go now, I’m so excited!!!’ - Renee T.

‘This is exactly the info I needed’ – Matt W.

Grab Your PDF Copy of Backpacker Europe Instantly
& Start planning within minutes...

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Destinations Guide

Delve into other cultures and discover what there is to see, do and experience in Europe.

What countries do you want to visit?


In this section  we cover places such as;
Austria Belgium Croatia Czech Republic Denmark England Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Italy The Netherlands Norway Portugal Republic of Ireland Romania Scotland Spain Sweden Switzerland

Now it’s time to explore and live your dreams.

Start Your Backpacker Europe Experience Here...

[CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE](http://1.dan85j.pay.clickbank.net)

If you are having any troubles accessing the eBook please [contact me here](mailto:info@nothingbutadventure.com).

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Who am I?

Hi there, my name is Daniel Hardie and you've just heard some of my story about backpacking in Europe.

I am a former travel agent who still has a passion and enthuisasm for travel & adventure, which I like to share with the world through my websites.

Backpacker Europe is one of my newest editions alongside [Why Sailing](http://www.whysailing.com) and [Nothing But Adventure](http://www.nothingbutadventure.com.au).

I also partner with Chris Farrell to bring you [Lounge Room Income!](http://www.loungeroomincome.com) For those interested in creating, marketing and making money from their own website.

Happy Travels,

Daniel Hardie


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